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Wanderers Stadium


Wanderers Stadium is something different from Old Wanderers, situated in Johannesburg, and Wanderers Cricket Ground in Namibia. Wanderers Stadium is also called Bullring. Due to its threatening environment. Moreover, it is called the Imperial Wanderers due to its sponsorship. Hence, it is situated in IIIovo, Johannesburg. It is thus located in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Moreover, it is located south of Santon.

Furthermore, it is to be mentioned that test matches, ODI matches, and first-class matches have been played here. However, the Highveld Lions, previously known as Gauteng (Transvaal), and Joburg Super Kings. However, the Joburg Super Kings started in 2023. Yet it was home ground for that.

Wanderers Stadium Brief

The stadium is located in Illovo, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Moreover, it coordinates 26° 7 ’52”S and 28° 3′ 27”E. The stadium has a capacity of 34,000 spectators. Corlett Drive End and Golf Course End are the two ends of this ground. The stadium has floodlights too.

Situated in1956
Known asKent Park
EndsCorlett Drive EndGolf Course End
LocationJohannesburg, South Africa.
Ground Brief

Sponsors (Wanderers Stadium)

Imperial Logistics got the sponsorship rights in 2020. Moreover, it is named Imperial Wanderers Stadium until the end of the agreement in 2025.

Wanderers Stadium

History of Wanderers Stadium

As a replacement for Old Wanderers Stadium, it was founded in 1956. Moreover, after South Africa’s reinstatement in international cricket in 1991, It went through a total revamp. However, day-night limited-over matches were made possible in 1996. Through five brand new 65-meter lighting masts. Thus, it replaced the four 30-meter amsts that had previously been there.

Moreover, the horrifying environment and appearance of this venue made it “The Bullring.”

In a fire attack on October 1, 2004, the Wanderers Clubhouse was destroyed almost completely. Moreover, it was also known as Liberty Life Wanderers. Yet in season 2008–09, Bidvest Group sponsored the stadium. Consequently, it was renamed Bidvest Wanderers Stadium. Hence, the name remained the same until September 2019.

Moreover, Imperial Logistics and Wanderers Stadium signed a new agreement about rights on October 4, 2019. Hence, Imperial Wanderers Stadium was the new name for this stadium.

International Information

Match FormatTeam 1Team 2Date
First TestSouth AfricaEnglandDecember 1956
Last TestSouth AfricaWest IndiesMarch 2023
First ODISouth AfricaIndiaDecember 1992
Last ODISouth AfricaAustraliaSeptember 2023
First T20ISouth AfricaNew ZealandOctober 2005
Last T20ISouth AfricaWest IndiesMarch 2023
First Women’s TestSouth AfricaEnglandDecember 1960
Last Women’s TestSouth AfricaNew ZealandMarch 1972
FIrst WODISouth AfricaBangladeshSeptember 2013
Last WODISouth AfricaEnglandFebruary 2016
First WT20ISouth AfricaEnglandFebruary 2016
Last WT20ISouth AfricaSri LankaFebruary 2019
International Information

The stadium has been the home ground for Transvaal, also known as the Highveld Lions, since 1956. Moreover, the Jozi Stars have been its home team for 2018–19. Yet the Joburg Super Kings have been the home team at this stadium since 2023.

Domestic Cricket

It is noteworthy that the stadium has been the host for domestic cricket too. While major events of PSL 2009 have also been planned here, Yet the second semi-final and final of IPL 2009 were played here. However, the Deccan Chargers beat the Royal Challengers in the final. Yet they got the champions’ title.

Furthermore, the stadium hosted the Champions League T20 Finals in the 2010 and 2012 editions.

Wanderers Stadium

Trivia (Wanderers Stadium)

Since the ground is significantly historical, A huge number of grand series have been played here. Moreover, it has been the most important of the grounds in the twentieth century. It has witnessed a number of outstanding world performances.

It is to be noted that the stadium was the venue for the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Yet the finals of the T20 World Cup 2007 were also held in Wanderers Stadium. Moreover, it was the host of the most memorable ODI between Australia and South Africa. In that match, Australia gave up the target of 434 runs. Thus, South Africa chased the huge score.

However, huge history has been buried in this stadium. Yet in January 2015, South Africa’s proud AB de Villiers broke the 19-year-old record for the fastest century. Thus doing 50 runs against 16 balls. Moreover, he broke the record of Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka. . Moreover, he scored it against the West Indies.

However, he broke the fastest-century record of Corey Anderson. By making it over 31 balls. It is noteworthy that he lost his wicket at 149. Yet he played with a strike rate of 338.63.

Moreover, AB de Villiers played a fast half century for T20I in February 2016. Yet he scored it again on 21 balls.

Furthermore, Faf du Plessis made centuries in this stadium with all three formats. Moreover, the ground hosted the former President of the United States in July 2018. At Nelson Mandela’s lecture.



Total Matches39
First Batting Win18
First Bowling Win11
Average Score in First Innings311
Average Score in Second Innings278
Average Score in Third Innings254
Average Score in Fourth Innings204
Highest Total652/7
Lowest Total49/10
Highest Chased 310/8
Lowest Defended72/10
Tests Stats

A total of 39 test matches have been played here. Yet among them, the first batting team won 18 matches. However, the first bowling team won 11 matches.

Moreover, it is to be discussed that 311 is the average score in the first inning. Yet 278 is the average score in the second inning. However, 254 is the average score in the third inning. Moreover, 204 is the average score in the last inning.

Australia made the highest total score here (652/7 against South Africa). Yet Pakistan made the lowest total of 49/10 against South Africa. However, Australia chased the highest total score, 310/8, against South Africa. Furthermore, South Africa defended the lowest score of 72/10 against England.

Wanderers Stadium


Total Matches51
First Batting Win21
First Bowling Win28
Average Score in First Innings240
Average Score in Second Innings204
Highest Total438/9
Lowest Total109/10
Highest Chased 438/9
Lowest Defended149/10
ODI Stats

A total of 51 ODI matches have been played here. Among them, the first-batting teams won 21 matches. Yet the first bowling team won 28 matches. Moreover, the first bowling team won 28 matches. Yet 240 was the average score in the first inning. However, 204 was the average score in the second inning.

However, South Africa made the highest total (438/9) against Australia. Yet Sri Lanka scored the lowest total, 109/10, against India. However, South Africa scored the highest score (438/9) against Australia. Yet South Africa defended the lowest total, 149/10, against England.


Total Matches26
First Batting Win13
First Bowling Win13
Average Score in First Innings171
Average Score in Second Innings145
Highest Total260/6
Lowest Total83/10
Highest Chased 208/2
Lowest Defended118/7
T20I Stats

A total of 26 T20 matches have been played here. Among them, the first-batting team won 13 matches. Yet the first bowling team won 13 matches. However, 171 was the average score in the first inning. Moreover, 145 was the average score in the second inning. Yet Sri Lanka made the highest total of 260/6 against Kenya. However, Bangladesh made the lowest total of 83/10 against Sri Lanka.

It is to be noted that South Africa chased the highest total, 208/2, against the West Indies. Thus, South Africa defended the lowest total of 118/7 against Bangladesh.

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