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Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

Introduction of Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is different from Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground. The stadium is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Moreover, in terms of area, it’s the second-largest cricket stadium in India.

However, the largest field area is the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium. Yet the ICC admired the qualities of this stadium.

The stadium was formed in 2008. However, it is the home ground for Central Zone and Vidarbha. However, the important fact about the stadium is that it has hosted 12 T20I matches. Much higher than other stadiums till January 2020. Furthermore, until November of 2019, it hosted 9 ODIs and 6 Tests.

The stadium has a capacity of 45,000 spectators. Moreover, Secretary End and Pavilion End are two ends of the stadium.

Location of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

The stadium is situated at Jamtha on the southern outskirts of Nagpur. However, it coordinates at 21° 00 ‘48.86’’N and 79°02”22.57”E. Vidarbha Cricket Association is the owner of Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium. However, they also operate the stadium.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

Notable Features of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium (VCAS)

It has 39 corporate boxes with a capacity of 15 each. Moreover, the members have a capacity of 2715 each. Furthermore, the press boxes have a capacity of 187 with high-tech facilities and advanced technology.

Moreover, the stadium has 13 gates to assist the spectators with an easy approach from all four stands. The East Stand has six bays with a capacity of 16347. However, West Stand contains 5 bays with a total capacity of 13608. Moreover, the North Stand contains 3 bays with a total capacity of 3777. While the South Stand contains 8 bays with a total capacity of 11172,

General Features of Stadium

LocationNagpur, Maharashtra
Established in2008
OwnerVidarbha Cricket Association
ArchitectShashi Prabhu
OperatorVidarbha Cricket Association
TenantsVidarbha Cricket Team
End NamesSecretary EndPavilion End


Tests Stats

Total Matches7
First Batting Win3
First Bowling WIn3
Average Score in First Innings302
Average Score in Second Innings367
Average Score inThird Innings224
Average Score in Fourth Innings197
Highest Score Recorded610/6 by India against Sri Lanka
Lowest Score Recorded79/10 by South Africa against India
Test Stats

A total of seven test matches have been played here. Among these 7, three were won by the first-batting team. Moreover, the second-batting team won three matches. Yet one was drawn. However, one match was drawn.

It is to be noted that the average score in a first inning is 302. Moreover, the average score in the second inning was 367. Yet the average score in the third inning was 224. Moreover, the average score in the fourth inning was 197.

India shot the highest score of 610 against Sri Lanka. Moreover, South Africa made the lowest score of 79/10 against India.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

ODI Stats

Total Matches11
Matches won by first batting team3
Matches won by first bowling8
Average score in first innings260
Average score in second innings236
Highest Score recorded354/7 by India against Australia
Lowest Score recorded113/10 by INDW against ENGW
Highest Chased Score351/4 by India against Australia
Lowest Defended Score250/10 by India against Australia
ODI Stats

11 total ODI matches were played here in this stadium. However, three of them were won by the first-batting teams. On the other hand, the first bowling team won 8 matches. Yet 260 was the average score in the first inning. While 236 was the average score in the second inning, Moreover, India made the highest total of 354/7 here against Australia.

The Indian women’s team made the lowest total of 113/10 against the England women’s team. However, India chased the highest total here against Australia, which is 351/4. Furthermore, India defends the lowest total of 250/10 here against Australia.

T20I Stats

Total Matches12
Matches won by first batting team8
Matches won by first bowling4
Average score in first innings146
Average score in second innings125
Highest Score recorded215/5 by Sri Lanka against India
Lowest Score recorded79/10 by India against New Zealand
Highest Chased Score123/7 by West Indies against South Africa
Lowest Defended Score123/7 by Afghanistan against West Indies
T20I Stats

A total of 12 T20I matches have been played in this stadium. Moreover, eight of them were won by the first-batting teams. Yet four were won by second-batting teams. However, 146 was the average score in the first inning. Yet 125 was the average score in the second inning. However, Sri Lanka made the highest total here, which is 215/5 against India. Furthermore, India made the lowest total against New Zealand, i.e., 79/10.

Moreover, the West Indies chased the highest score of 123/7 against South Africa. Yet Afghanistan defended the lowest score of 123/7 against the West Indies.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium



RecordsRecorded FeatureByAgainstYear
Highest Team Score610IndiaSri Lanka2017-18
Lowest Team Score79South AfricaIndia2015-16
Highest Individual Score253Hashim Amla(RSA)India2010-11
Best Bowling in an innings8/215Jason Krejza(AUS)India2008-09
Most Runs by single player357Virendar Sehwag
Most Wickets Taken27Ravichandran Ashwin

One Day Internationals (ODI)

RecordsRecorded FeatureByAgainstYear
Highest Team Score354/7IndiaAustralia2009-10
Lowest Team Score123CanadaZimbabwe2011
Highest Individual Score156George BaileyIndia2013-14
Best Bowling in an innings4/33Mitchell JohnsonNew Zealand2011
Most Runs by single player325Virat Kohli
Most Wickets Taken9Mitchell Johnson


RecordsRecorded FeatureByAgainstYear
Highest Team Score219/5Sri LankaIndia2009-10
Lowest Team Score79/10IndiaNew Zealand2016-17
Highest Individual Score81Mohammad NaimIndia2019-20
Best Bowling in an innings6/7Deepak ChaharBangladesh2019-20

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