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UAE Victory over New Zealand in T20I

UAE stunned the spectators with their incredible T20I performance.  New Zealand suffered the worst loss from UAE in the second game of a three-match series. On Saturday, August 19, 2023, the UAE trounced New Zealand in the second game with just three wickets lost. With 26 balls left, U.A.E. scored 144/3 to win by seven wickets. On August 17, a thrilling contest between New Zealand and the UAE ends with New Zealand winning. The UAE players leveled the series in the following game, forcing a decisive match to be played.

Historical Day in International Cricket

For the first time ever, New Zealand lost an international cricket match against an ICC Associate team, and it was not solely the first but additionally the worst defeat. Afghanistan and Ireland have already experienced such devastation, though. New Zealand is now the third full member of the ICC to lose to the UAE.

Match Briefing

The second game of the three-match series between New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates was played on Saturday, August 19, 2023, in the stadium there. After winning the toss, U.A.E decided to field first. According to local time, the game began at 18:00 and ended at 21:20. Shiju Sam and Aasif Iqbal worked as the ground umpires. While Suneej K Thotahil was the backup umpire and Akbar Ali was the third umpire. Match Referee was Andy Pyrocft.

New Zealand: 142/8 in 20 overs; Mark Chapman’s valiant effort was eclipsed by Aayan Afzal Khan

On Saturday, UAE captain Muhammad Waseem, who had won the toss, decided to bat first. With the loss of five wickets, the New Zealanders were stuck at 65 runs. Only opener Bowes was the only one of the top four batsmen at that point who could score in double digits.
The tough total for New Zealand was eventually reached after Mark Chapman contributed sufficiently. Thanks to the former member of the Hong Kong International squad, who amassed 63 runs over 46 balls, including 3 sixes and 3 fours. With the loss of eight wickets overall in 20 overs, New Zealand totaled 142 runs. Furthermore, James Neesham, who scored 21 runs with two boundaries in 17 balls, also had a huge impact. Tim Southee had a score of 4, while Kyle Jamieson had an 8 as they both remained in the game till the end.

BatsmanWicket byRuns over ballsStrike Rate
Chad BowesSharma b Aayan Afzal khan21(21)100.0
Tim Seifertb Muhammad Jawadullah7 (6)116.66
Mitchell Santnerb Aayan Afzal Khan1(4)25.0
Dane Cleaverb Aayan Afzal Khan0(1).00
Mark Chapmanc Sub (EC D’Souza) b Zahoor khan63(46)136.95
Cole McConchieC Ansh Tandon b Mohammed Faraazuddin9(14)64.28
James Neeshamc Muhammad Waseem b Ali Naseer21(17)123.52
Rachin Ravindralbw b Muhammad Jawadullah2(4)50.0
Kyle JamiesonNot out8(6)133.3
Tim SoutheeNot out4(2)200.0
Extras(lb 2, nb 1. w 3)6 
Total20overs (RR. 7.10)142/8 
Aayan Afzal Khan, a left-arm spinner who is 17 years old and a newcomer to the UAE bowling team, shone by capturing three wickets. A 24-year-old left-arm bowler named Muhammad Jawad Ullah grabbed two wickets (4-0-16-2).

Aayan Afzal Khan’s Stunning Performance (Man of the Match)
Aayan’s performance made him the man of the match. He took three wickets; for the first, Bowes may have shaped for the opposite direction too early since he settled up effectively on a length out off. Only interacts with fresh air and needs to gently fetch it. Furthermore, he extends his rear foot out of his crease during that procedure, and the wicketkeeper finishes up beneath the stumps!
Another prey of Aayan Afzal was Santner whose experiment fails miserably! Yet another stroke of the same lengths that grasps, pitches little off center, and spins fiercely. Santner tries to clear a path to the other edge by paving the way for himself. But since the ball was spinning so wildly, he is unable to hit it with his bat shortly after heard the final rattles.
Aayan had now won twice in a row! length delivery with an angle toward the off stump. That keeps incredibly low, and Cleaver, who is trying to reduce it (maybe too squarely), doesn’t even come close. Stealthily enters off-stump beneath his bat!

Muhammad Jawadullah’s Astonishing Performance
Jawadullah did a delivery that pitched between the center and leg and slipped through at the back of the length. Seifert expands his position in an attempt to block it, but the increased speed and angle render him ineffective. The ball whizzes through the twisting blade and lands on top of the off stump!
Ravindra’s wicket has tremendous appeal, and granted! Full and hurled off toward the center. He attempts to pinch the ball finely through the keeper by walking over his stumps. nevertheless, plays throughout it and is pinned to the rear pad. Before lifting his finger, the umpire considers it. Except Ravindra struck it, which appeared to be close by!
Muhammad Jawadullah4162
Aayan Afzal Khan4203
Ali Naseer3251
Zahoor Khan4351
Mohammaed Faraazuddin4371
Basil Hameed170
UAE: 144/3 in 15.4 overs; Asif Khan and Muhammad Waseem propelled the hosts to a spectacular victory.
Aryansh Sharma, the UAE’s opening batsman, was out in the first over due to some excellent bowling from New Zealand. Arynash Sharma played three balls, scoring nothing. However, the other opener and captain Muhammad Waseem battled to give their nation a great victory over the renowned New Zealand team.
Waseem scored 55 runs on 29 balls, including three sixes and four boundaries. While playing 21 balls, Vritya Aravind scored 25 runs, including two sixes and three boundaries. Additionally, Asif Khan put on an incredible display, scoring 48 runs (not out) on 29 balls, including one six-yarder and five boundaries. With 12 runs, Basil Hameed stayed in the field to the very end. The UAE made history by chasing the goal of 143 runs in just 15.4 overs due to this incredible performance.
BatsmanWicket byRuns over ballsStrike Rate
Aryansh Sharmac Neesham b Southee0(3)0.00
Muhammad WaseemC Southee b Santner55(29)189.65
Vriitya Aravindb Jamieson25(21)119.04
Asif KhanNot Out48(29)165.51
Basil HameedNot out12(12)100.00
Extras(lb 1, w 3)4 
Total15.4Overs (R.R: 9.19)144/3 
Match DetailsNew Zealand InningsUnited Arab Emirates Innings
Power Play0.1-6.0 overs (37/3)0.1-6.0 overs (44/2)
Completed 50 runs in8.6 overs with extras 46.4 overs with extras 2
Completed 100 runs in15.3 overs11.4overs
Last wicket lost6th wicket3rd wicket
50’sMS Chapman 50runs on 35ballsMuhammad Waseem 50 runs on 27 balls
And just like that, UAE won’s an incredible Battle.

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