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SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium is a Cricket ground in the South African town of Centurion, Gauteng. Hence, it is Also Known as SuperSport Park because the stadium was purchased by the television corporation SuperSport. The stadium has capacity of 22,000 people.

Since 2004, the Titans cricket team has played the majority of its home games here. Since 1986, the Northern have played at the stadium. Thus, it is also the Pretoria capitals ‘home ground.

At the end of apartheid, the town of Verwoerdburg was renamed Centurion, with the politically neutral new name derived from the cricket stadium.

History of SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

One of South Africa’s newer stadium and Test venues. Hence, it has been characterized as “one of the grounds with the best players ‘facilities in the world “by numerous International Captains.

Moreover, the grass embankments that makeup a big portion of the seating area add to the stadium’s charm, making it perfect for family cricket watching. For enhanced corporate viewing enjoyment, Beach Cabana-style hospitality bungalows have been constructed high on the grass banks. However, the 22,000-spectator capacity is completed by a pavilion at the north end of the stadium.

On the other hand, known for being one of South Africa’s faster surfaces, it also provides ample of opportunities for hitters, with the ball often coming into the bat. Moreover, it has never been regarded as a spinner’s haven. The outfield is level, lush, and fast, with a drainage system that is second to none in the world.

SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium
SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium
Known asSuperSport Centurion; Centurion Park
EndsHennops River End,  Pavilion End,
LocationSouth Africa , Centurion
Time ZoneUTC +02:00
Home toNorthern Transvaal, Northerns
Stadium Details

International Cricket in SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

Test matches

The first test match at centurion was contested in November 1995, as the opening match of England’s first post-apartheid tour of South Africa. Nevertheless, the match was drawn due to excessive rain.

Indeed, centurion hosted the infamous fifth test match of the following England tour in 2000, when South African captain Hansie Cronje

Sacrificed his team’s second innings to allow for a result on the final day of the match, which England won. Furthermore, Cronje had done so after being approached by a bookmaker and promised money to prevent the match from finishing in a tie.

In 2001, the scheduled third Test between South Africa and India at Centurion was declared an “unofficial” Test. Hence, the board of control for cricket in India refused to accept the international cricket councils match referee, mike Dennes. Who had disciplined many Indian players in the last match at Port Elizabeth.

Moreover, Sachin Tendulkar of India achieved his 50th test century in the first test of the 2010-11 Indian tour to South Africa in December 2010. Hence, the ground normally hosts a Boxing Day test beginning in the summer of 2018/19.

SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium
SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

One-Day Internationals

Centurion hosted the 2003 cricket world cup, which was held in South Africa. In fact, it was also chosen as the location for the 2009ICC champion’s trophy, with the final taking place on October 5, 2009.

Cricket competitions

Centurion was one of eight venues utilized for the 2009 Indian premier league, which was held in South Africa. However, it played host to twelve games, including one of the semi-finals.

Additionally, Supersport park also hosted a domestic and continental sixes event, with the titans winning the domestic championship and South Africa defeating Kenya in the continental final.

In 2008, centurion hosted an Australian Rules football practice game between Carlton and Fremantle.


Total matches28
Matches won batting first13
Matches won bowling first11
Average 1st Inns scores329
Average 2nd Inns scores316
Average 3rd Inns scores230
Average 4th Inns scores162
Highest total recorded621/10 in 142.1 Overs (SL vs RSA)
Lowest total recorded101/10 in 34.4 Overs (RSA vs ENG)
Test Stats


Total matches65
Matches won batting first26
Matches won bowling first35
Average 1st Inns scores246
Average 2nd Inns scores207
Highest total recorded416/5 in 50 Overs (AUS vs RSA)
Lowest total recorded117/10 in 46 Overs (AUSW vs INDW)
Highest score chased319/3 in 46.2 Overs (ENG vs RSA)
Lowest score defended198/10 in 44.3 Overs (ASIAXI vs AFRICAXI)
ODI Stats


Total matches16
Matches won batting first8
Matches won bowling first7
Average 1st Inns scores175
Average 2nd Inns scores157
Highest total recorded259/4 in 18.5 Overs (WI vs RSA)
Lowest total recorded100/10 in 12.2 Overs (PAK vs RSA)
Highest score chased259/4 in 18.5 Overs (WI vs RSA)
Lowest score defended126/5 in 10 Overs (SL vs RSA)
T20I Stats
SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium
SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

FAQS About SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium

What is Centurion’s SuperSport Park record?

At SuperSport Park in centurion, 64 ODI matches have been played, with the team bowling first winning 35 times.

How does Centurion pitch look?

The surface at centurions SuperSport Park is suitable for batting, and bowlers will also be involved with spinners coming into play later.

Centurion is what kind of pitch is it?

The centurion pitch is regarded as one of the fastest in the world.

Centurion Cricket Ground is located in which city?

Centurion is a cricket ground in the South African town of centurion.

What is the meaning of centurion in cricket?

A player who has scored a century.

What is the definition of pitch type in cricket?

The three most common types of pitches observed around the world can be broadly grouped into three categories: green pitch, dusty pitch, and dead pitch.

Is SuperSport Park used for batting or bowling?

Batting first teams have won 25 of the 64 ODIs played at this venue. Teams bowling first, on the other hand, have a slightly better record at SuperSport Park, winning 35 games.

Is Centurion a small ground?

The cricket stadium is tiny but accommodates over 22,000 people.

What is the highest score ever recorded at T20 Centurion Stadium?

Highest score is 259/4.

What is hard pitch in cricket?

When the moisture component of a pitch is low, it is referred to as a hard pitch.

How many cricketers are on the field?

1.1 total number of participants

A match may be played between teams of less or more than eleven players by agreement, although no more than eleven players may field at any time.

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