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Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup 2023 Highlights:

SL defeats AFG and advanced to Super Four Level

Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan match was played on 5th September. Hence it was Match 6, Group B.

Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan, a knockout was played. Actually it was Super 4 Stage selection match. Yet it was an exhilarating cricket in history. Hence it resulted in Sri Lanka win to advance. Only with the minor score. Both teams have a lot riding on the game. However, Afghanistan must improve its efficiency because it needs a certain run rate to overcome Bangladesh as well.

It should be mentioned that only two of the group’s three members were able to advance to the super four, and the third had to quit the fold. Unfortunately, this was Afghanistan.

The breathtaking match held on 5th September 2023 in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Sri Lankan won the toss and chose to bat first. They gave the target of 291 runs on the loss of 8 wickets. The later has to chase the score. Their performance depicted that they would win, but at the end they lost all the wickets and could do only 289. Loss with 2 runs only.

Match Briefing of Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan

VenueGaddafi Stadium Lahore
TossSri Lanka won the toss and chose to bat first
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchKushal Mendis
UmpiresChris Gaffaney Asif Yaqoob
Third UmpireLangton Rusere
Reserve UmpireMasudur Rahman
PointsSri Lanka 2 Afghanistan 0
Match Summary
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023

First Innings: Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan, SL scored 292/8 in 50 Overs

Nissanka and Karunaratne

Pathum Nissanka and Dimuth Karunaratne were on the opening pitch against attacking bowler Fazalhaq Farooqi. The Lankans got off to a fast start, scoring nine runs in the first over. The captain introduced the spinner, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, in the second over. Again, a boundary it’s not a helpful idea to have the spinner in so early. But good over by Farooqi this time with all dots in his over. But in the next over, Farooqi faced three boundaries. The batters kept on scoring against three bowlers in the bowling squad and went for 62 runs in 10overs. But, what? They lost their first wicket in the 10th over.

Gulbadin Naib threw the ball. Perhaps Karunaratne was in a hurry. He played it early and was caught behind. He could score only 32 in 35 balls. The next player, Kushal Mendis, was on the crease. He did doubles in his first over.

Mendis and Nissanka

The pitch seems to be batter-friendly. Mohammad Nabi did his first over, and it sounds not so good for Off-spinner too. There was not much increase in score, as it was only 75 until the 14th over. Another wicket loss in the 15th over as it was a four after four overs! It was not a good ball from the bowler, but the batter performed much poorer, and the ball was caught. The second wicket for Naib. Samarawickrama was on the crease.

Mendis and Smarawickrama

Here, the Lankans find it difficult to score on such tight bowling. In the 17th over, Naib got his third wicket. This time, Samarawickrama was his prey. To the Wicket Keeper, amused! With such celebrations, Naib was actually in a celebratory mood. He angled the ball in his right hand while bowling over length around the sixth stump. Despite being slanted in, the ball only hinted at straightening out as Sadeera poked away from his body. A very slight outside edge was seen, and the keeper instantly moved up.

Asalanka and Mendis

Mendis was getting efficient, not an effective over for Naib now. The bowler faced two boundaries. Rashid Khan came to attack in the 21st over. But not a good start. Mendis shot him. Sri Lankans were satisfied with just singles. In the 25th over, the Lankans could only manage 125 runs with the loss of three wickets. Good control of Afghan bowlers in the match.

The score was controlled until the 26th over. But in the 27th over, facing Rashid, Mendis palpably stuns. He made a four by stepping out of the field. Again, he made a four. The batters could sustain 15 runs in this over.

It was Farooqi on the 28th into the over; Mendis smashed the ball beyond third man on his opening delivery, scoring two runs. Beaten! Tries to connect but was unable to pursue a broader distribution. Mendis, on driven cover, made a boundary and reached his 50, giving the Lankan team 150 points! a flick to the square leg to avoid being struck. CHANCE! Asalanka smacked into deep cover and signaled a brief return. At the striker’s end, a dive ultimately saved him.

The AFG introduced the new bowling attack, Karim Janat. Despite a good over, the batting lineup could only manage four runs. The 30th over was again played by Farooqi. Asalanka punched the sweep cover to have a sixer. It was 10 in his book.

There was not much scoring in the next two overs. In the 33rd over, Mendis made a boundary against Janat. It was a full-length delivery but ended up with four. But Asalanka was not satisfied with only a boundary, so he made a six. The partnership of Mendis and Asalanka reached 100 runs.

In the 34th over, Rashid Khan got a wicket. The batter was quite simple in the shot, but the bowler threw a googly. Thus, he failed to play properly, and the bowler caught the ball. Dhananjaya de Silva was on the crease now. Batters could manage only two runs on the over.

Mendis and Dhanajaya de Silva

Again, a six by Batters showed Mendis in his full form. Not letting Afghans take any relief. Then in Rashid’s over, he made a googly to Mendis, but he understood the ball and made a six. He reached 89 runs.

Again, Rashid’s over. The ball hit the batter’s pad. The bowling squad made an appeal but was denied, so they took the review. Decision was in favor of Lankans. The bowler faced the boundary due to poor fielding. Silva smacked the ball deeply, and the fielder allowed it to slide through his fingers. Again, misfielding gave the team the chance to over score.

In the next over against Mujeeb, DDS lost his wicket. It was thrown up with minimal momentum and landed around the off stump while moving towards the batsman. At the moment, the ball seemed to be turning away. The batter couldn’t play it better. He scored 14 runs on 19 balls. Dasun Shanaka was on the crease now.

Shanaka and Mendis

He was quickly pressured into a side shot. The partner tried to have a single, although the defender had already grabbed the ball. Shanaka made a four.

In his over, Rashid achieved two wickets, including a major wicket of Mendis by running him out. Shanaka played the ball, and Rashid missed the catch, but he threw it towards the wickets. Mendis, who was rushing for his century, ran out. It could be seen in the replay that the ball touched the wicket before he could reach his position. Hard luck to Mendis! He scored 92.

In the same over, Shanaka was bowled. He struck the ball between his knees. He fumbled the sweep shot and noticed the rattling stumps. He could score only five runs. Lanka were at 227 for 7 wickets. Maheesh Theekshana and Dunith Wellalage were on the crease now. The batsman made a boundary against Rashid.

Theekshana and Wellalage

In the next over, it was a final over for Mujeeb. But he faced four batters. The score reached 238. In the next over, again, Rashid faced a boundary. Hence, in the 45th over, Lanka reached 252 runs with 7 wickets. They didn’t lose any wickets until the 49th over. And could manage their score until 277 runs. Including a boundary, a six, and singles.

In the last over, Naib made an attempt to draw the ball to Wellalage, but Theekshana’s pull shot was unsuccessful. He made one run; Wellalage called him for this, and then he played over the fence. Theekshana anticipated a gradual delivery, and upon getting the last innings, Naib fortified.

AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023

Batting Summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Pathum Nissankac Najibullah Zardan b Gulbadin Naib41/40102.50
Dimuth Karunaratnec Mohammad Nabi b Gulbadin Naib32/3591.42
Kusal MendisRun out (Rashid Khan)92/84109.52
Sadeera Samarawickramac Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Gulbadin Naib3/837.50
Charith Asalankac and b Rashid Khan36/4383.72
Dhananjaya de Silvab Mujeeb Ur Rahman14/1973.68
Dasun Shanakab Rashid Khan5/862.50
Dunith WellalageNot Out33/3984.61
Maheesh Theekshanab Gulbadin Naib28/24116.66
Extras(lb 1, w 6)7 
Total50 Overs (RR: 5.82)291/8 
Sri Lanka Batting Briefing

Bowling Summary

Fazalhaq Farooqi07
Mujeeb Ur Rahman110
Gulbadin Naib410
Mohammad Nabi010
Rashid Khan210
Karim Janat03
Afghanistan Bowling Briefing
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023

The Lankan batters played it fine, Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan

The sum was not near what was initially expected from the Lankans. However, they would be happy with this following Rashid’s over, a disaster. Mendis started strong right away. His 92 runs included six boundaries and three sixes. For the squad, Pathum Nissanka, Charith Asalanka, and Dimuth Karunaratne all made important contributions. But in the final overs, Wellalage and Theekshana guided the team to 300 runs. The Lankan bowlers were confident enough to defend.

Second Innings: Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan, AFG failed to chase; scored only 289/10

Gurbaz and Zardan

Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran were on the opening pitch against the attack bowler. The batters scored four in the first over. Then they faced Theekshana in the second over. Hence, he could score 6 in the over for a total of 10 in two overs. In the third over by Rajitha, he got Gurbaz’s wicket.

He made an attempt to smash a good-length ball towards the outside. However, it reached Mendis for a straightforward catch behind the stumps. Gurbaz could only score four runs on eight balls. The Lankans, with their tight bowling, did not allow the batters to score much.

Ibrahim and Naib

Second wicket in the 5th over, again by Rajitha. Ibrahim managed to achieve a thicker inside edge because the stumps were disturbed. He drove down the incorrect path since he was searching for an out-wing that was not as noticeable as predicted.

Naib and Rahmat Shah

However, AFG started to play confidently, with at least one boundary in each over. They reached 50 runs in 8 overs. In the 9th over, AFG lost another wicket as the balls touched Naib’s pad and the umpire flew the finger up. Now Hashmatullah Shahidi came to a crease.

Shahidi and Rahmat

Pathirana threw a short length towards him, but they couldn’t score much in his over. Shanaka came to attack and got a six. The AFG scored 92 runs with three wickets. Rahmat made a six on a good-length delivery. Batters did 100 until the 16th over.

Lost its fourth wicket in the 19th over. Rahmat foxed by 113 kph. He failed to perceive the ball’s slowness because he tried to loft the ball so early. The ball eventually spooned to Pathirana, who grabbed it low as it dipped. Mohammad Nabi came to the crease.

Nabi and Shahidi

Theekshana faced two boundaries set by Nabi. The score eventually reached 141 in the 22nd over. Pathirana was backed on attack. But unfortunately, he faced a six and a four in his over, and ultimately the score reached 180 with a loss of four wickets in 24 overs.

Afghanistan needed 112 runs on 79 balls to reach the Super Four. In over 25 overs, the Mohammad Nabi score reached half a century. On the whole, the score reached 186. In the 26th over, the AFG completed 200 runs. The bowler faced a six from Nabi.

To AFG’s hard luck, Nabi lost his wicket in the 27th over. He attempted to pull this short-length ball but was unable to do it in time. Despite the fact that it remained between the long and deep wickets, DDS went around and took this shot pretty effectively while running. Karim Janat came to the crease.

Karim and Shahidi

 In the 28th over against Pathirana, Shahidi also completed his half century. Shahidi did a boundary, and Karim played a six against Rajitha. Karim made six against Pathirana. Now the score has reached 234 against 5 wickets in the 31st over. Bad luck for AFG and a good stroke of luck! Karim was caught. He threw it outside. He attempted to heave the overlong on. However, he got a massive edge, which looped to the short third. Najibullah Zadran came to a crease.

Najibullah and Shahidi

Within one over, Wellalage changed the course of the game. It was a poor ball, and Shahidi was unable to take advantage. It was pitched on the leg stump, brief, and slanted in from the area surrounding the wicket. He attempted the slog-pull, but he caught the fielder.

Rashid Khan and Najibullah Zadran

AFG was 247/7 with only 3 wickets left. Rashid made a six. The viewers were anxious about the result. Afghanistan needed 45 runs on 25 balls to reach the Super Four. Zadran played six. Hence, the score reached 259 in the 34th over. Zadran, in the next over, made a boundary.

But again, Lankans dominate over Afghanis. Rashid Khan made a boundary, and then Zardan made a six. Zardan was captivated by a late twist in a game with backup outfielder Hemantha present. Rajitha pitched a slanted-length ball, and Zadran’s powerful swing ended up in his hands.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan

Mujeeb Ur Rahman came to the crease. He was about to run out, but Rashid helped him secure his wicket. The score reached 289 by eight wickets. Three scores left by one ball DDS bowled to Mujeeb, and what? Mujeeb lofted directly to the long side. Farooqi came to a crease. Still, Afghanistan had a chance to win by giving up 295 on the next three balls.

They just needed a six. Farooqi was facing the ball. But he caught the leg before the wicket, and he was lbw. He took the review ball and barely retreated to beat his defenses since it was loopy, full-on middle, and off. No bat was used, and ball tracking reveals that the ball struck the center of the middle stump. Thus, Sri Lanka’s two-run victory qualifies them for the Super Fours.

AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023
AFG vs Sri Lanka,6th Match, Asia Cup 2023

A record for AFG: Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan

Mohammad Nabi recorded the fastest ODI fifty for Afghanistan.

Batting Summary Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rahmanullah Gurbazc Mendis b Rajitha4/850.00
Ibrahim Zadranb Rajitha7/1450.00
Gulbadin Naiblbw b Pathirana22/16137.50
Rahmat Shahc Pathirana b Rajitha45/40112.50
Hashmatullah Shahidic Rajitha b Wellalage59/6689.39
Mohammad Nabic de Silva b Theekshana65/32203.12
Karim Janatc Karunaratne b Wellalage22/13169.23
Najibullah Zadranc sub (MADI Hemantha) b Rajitha23/15153.33
Rashid KhanNot out27/16168.75
Mujeeb Ur Rahmanc Samarawickrama b de Silva0/30.00
Fazalhaq Farooqilbw b de Silva0/30.00
Extras(lb 5, w 10)15 
Total37.4 Overs (RR:7.67)289 
Afghanistan Batting Briefing

Bowling Summary

Kasun Rajitha410
Maheesh Theekshana110
Dunith Wellalage24
Matheesha pathirana110
Dhananjaya de Silva21.4
Sri Lanka Bowling briefing

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