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South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4, Highlights

South Africa VS Australia ODI 4 was played on September 15, 2023. The venue was Centurion, South Africa’s Super Sport Park. Before that, the first One-Day International (ODI) was played on September 7th, which was held at Mangaung Oval, situated in Bloemfontein, South Africa. AUS won the match.

The second ODI was played on September 9 in the same stadium as the first. However, Australia won that match. Then the third ODI was held on September 12. The host team won this match.

In this match, the series was evenly balanced. South Africa won the corresponding game by 164 runs. Both teams won two matches. Consequently, making decisions comes in fifth. The astounding performances of South African players were the reason for this enormous winning strike. Heinrich Klaasen was also given the winning credit. On 83 balls, he scored 174 runs.

Toss Update, South Africa VS Australia

Australia won the toss in the subsequent game. Furthermore, they decided to ball first. It turned out to be a terrible decision. It was simpler for the other team to hit an elevated target. Consequently, there is increasing pressure on the bowling team. In 50 overs, they managed to reach the target of 416 runs. The Australian team was under psychological strain as a result of this enormous goal. It ultimately culminated in their defeat.

Match Briefing, South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4

StadiumSuper Sport Park, Centurion
TossAustralia won the toss.Choose the bowl first.
SeriesAustralia tour to South Africa
Man of the MatchHeinrich Klaasen
Series Result5 ODI series, 2-2
UmpiresAllahudien PalekerNitin Menon
TV UmpireRichard Kettleborough
Reserve UmpireBongani Jele
Match RefereeRichie Richardson
Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4 brief

First Innings: South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4

RSA made 416/5 on 50 overs. (South Africa VS Australia)

Quinton de Kock and Reeza Hendricks

The wonderful innings started with the stunning batting of Kock and Hendricks. They both started play against attack bowler Josh Hazlewood. However, the score was not that high in the beginning, and they could achieve 64 until the 13th over. Then they lost their first wicket. Moreover, sometimes the wicket loss favors the batting team.

Reeza Hendricks, after scoring 28 on 34 balls, ultimately left the crease on Ellis’ ball. In his innings, he made five boundaries. But the flawless bowling of Ellis bowled him. He threw a 133-kph cracker. It was an excellent-length ball that angled into the off and middle. Thus curving away slightly to beat the outside edge. Consequently, it crashed into the top. hence the off stumps flattened.

Quinton de Kock and Rassie van der Dussen

Dussen was on the crease now. Dussen and Kock played much slower. The score hardly reached 95 in the 21st over. Then Kock lost his wicket. On the ball of Hazlewood, he shot higher, which was ultimately caught by Marsh. Actually, Hazlewood hit the opening pitch upon his return. Thus, Kock attempted to hoick it beyond the line. Its lengthening just outside off, hence reaching an outer edge. However, he immediately revealed that he had misspelt it.

Hazelwood hit the opening pitch upon his return. QDK attempted to hoick it beyond the line with length. This was just outside off and obtained an outer edge. Thus, he immediately realized he had misspelt it. Following a costly last over, it appeared that QDK wanted to continue but suffered for it.

Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4
Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4

Rassie van der Dussen and Aiden Markram

Markram came to a crease now. Thus, he could not play well. Just after a few overs, he lost his wicket. On the ball from Neser, the batter failed to review his shot. Hence, Stoinis captured it on the cover. After it flew low in the air The first wicket for Neser.

Additionally, the batter shoved at the length of the ball again. While it poured on the fielders’ left side. Markram scored only 8 on 11 balls with no boundary or six. Heinrich Klaasen came to the crease.

Rassie van der Dussen and Heinrich Klaasen

The bad time for Australia hence started. What a stunning performance they both portrayed! Dussen gained the confidence of a flawless performance while playing with Klaasen. Thus, he reached 62 runs on 65 balls. He shot 7 boundaries and 2 sixes. Henceforth, Hazlewood took his wicket in the 35th. Dussen was caught behind. It was a length ball, which was outside off. Thus, he set his base to smash the over midwicket. Yet got a thin bottom edge through to Carey. The score reached 194 with four wickets lost in 34.4 overs.

David Miller and Heinrich Klaasen

David Miller has come to the crease now. He and Klaasen made perfect innings. He did not go out till the end. Meanwhile, he made 82 runs on 45 balls. His astonishing innings included six boundaries and five sixes. Thus, he played with a striking rate of 182.22.

Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4
Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4

The stunning performance of Klaasen came to an end; hence, he made 174 runs. The credit for 416 runs goes straight to his batting. Furthermore, he played with a 209.63 strike rate. On 83 balls, he made this score. His innings included 13 boundaries and 13 sixes. What a performer, man!

Stoinis got the most worthy wicket, but until then, it all ended; it was the last ball of the inning. Ellis made an incredible catch while facing the sun. Accordingly, he tugged a short ball onto the cord in the air. Nevertheless, it did not go. The fielder almost fell, but he managed to hold on.

Batting summary of RSA: South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Quinton de Kockc Marsh
b Hazlewood
Reeza Hendricksb Ellis28/3482.35
Rassie van der Dussenc Carey
b Hazlewood
Aiden Markramc Stoinis
b Neser
Heinrich Klaasenc Ellis
b Stoinis
David MillerNot out82/45182.22
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 2, w 10)17 
Total50 Overs(RR:8.32)416/5 
South Africa Batting Brief

Bowling Summary, South Africa VS Australia

Josh Hazlewood210
Marcus Stoinis110
Michael Neser110
Nathan Ellis110
Adam Zampa010
Australia Bowling Brief

Second Innings: South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4

AUS defeated by scoring 252/10 in 34.5 overs.

David Warner and Travis Head                                              

Warner and Head started the opening inning. Alex Carey from RSA started the first bowling over. But the huge pressure of high targets negatively influenced the performance of Australian batters. Meanwhile, Warner lost his wicket in the 3rd over just by doing 12 runs. He played 13 balls, and thus Ngidi dismissed him.

Warner spotted the chamber he sought. Yet he entered it directly to make a point. He got on one. Thus, he chopped down, but the fielder was also on. Hence, it was really of wide length. Mitchell Marsh was on the crease now.

Travis Head and Mitchell Marsh

Another setback for Australia Marsh, the skipper, could not play well. Furthermore, he scored six runs on nine balls, including one boundary. He was lbw out on Ngidi’s ball.

However, when the ball hit the pad, it seemed to be dead. Marsh evaluated a ball with a scrambled-seam length. His front foot was struck just beneath the length after that flick was beat. Moreover, the line of impact clipped the leg stump. Ngidi received his second point, and thus the umpire made the right decision. Marnus came to the crease.

Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne

Head got injured and hence left the wicket. In the seventh over, he was retired and injured. Meanwhile, he played 11 balls and scored 17 runs. He had one boundary and one six in his inning. Maybe if he stood longer on the pitch, he could manage to cross the target. Hence, Alex Carey came to the crease.

Alex Carey and Marnus Labuschagne

He scored 20 runs on 22 balls. His innings included three boundaries. Hence, in 12th over, he was dismissed. Jansen threw him the ball and took the major wicket. Although he was man of the match in previous matches, he could not perform.

Marnus gave the keeper his gloved hand when it fell off. Thus, he declined to review. Marnus was designed to draw from the back. The ball along the leg went under his arms. However, the ball was too swift. Hence, it briefly touched the bottom hand before bouncing away. ultra-edged, which explained why it appeared to be rejected. Despite the fact that it’s less obvious from the side,

Alex Carey and Marcus Stoinis

Stoinis are coming to a crease now. Moreover, he scored 18 runs on 13 balls. He made two boundaries and one six. On the ball of Rabada, Stoinis left the crease. On this ball, the keeper had been gloved by yet another bouncer.

This additional bounce defeated Stoinis as it angled into the pitch. Furthermore, as he attempted to assist it, However, his hands were quite close to his shoulders. While he did not fully stretch. When it popped off the glove. QDK dashed forward. He dove and grabbed the ball.

Alex Carey and Tim David

Alex Carey and David moved the score somehow. Thus, Tim made 35 runs on 25 balls. He scored two boundaries and three sixes. On the ball of Ngidi, he was dismissed. Markram snagged the bait at cover after it straightened up. The fielder rushed from midfield to the cover side. Thus, he made an outstanding catch and dove across the ground. Soon the bowler attempted to launch straight. Yet cut it off the outer half of the bat.

Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4
Australia vs. South Africa ODI 4

Michael Neser and Alex Carey

Neser couldn’t manage to stand much on the crease. He played 11 balls and scored 3. Meanwhile, the bowler, Maharaj, bowled him. The batter had a poor selection of shots. Hence, he tried to offer room to cut. But the middle was well-lengthened. Consequently, it dragged on. While he gained an outside edge. Which ultimately fell away before it crashed into the middle and off-side. Till then, the total score reached 200. Still, they had to score 216 to reach the target.

Nathan Ellis and Alex Carey

Nathan came to the crease. He scored 18 runs on 16 balls, including two sixes. Thus, he lost his wicket on the ball of Ngidi. He shot the ball and, hence, caught it. Rabada made a brilliant catch, and Ngidi did an outclass bowl. He made a clever slow ball, which deceived Ellis. He chipped that in the air just over the Rabada. The fielder jumped and dove in full stretch to catch it. Thus, he grasped the ball in his palm. Another setback for Australia They were 233/7.

Adam Zampa and Alex Carey

Zampa came to the crease. But he could not perform well. So he lost his wicket after playing only 11 balls. He made nine runs with one boundary. On the ball of Rabada, he shot blindly, and consequently, it was caught behind. Zampa threw a hot swing. But the appeal was not entertained at first. Resulting in a review from South Africa’s side. It showed that the ball was outside.

Zampa cleared space and cut as forcefully as he might. Thus, the ball could barely be outside the edge of the bat. While Ultra Edge displayed a tiny spike, The decision was in favour of RSA. Australia lost nine wickets. Nevertheless, Carey was maintaining the wicket with 97*.

Josh Hazlewood and Carey

Hazlewood came to a crease. Yet he played only one ball and scored 1. Suddenly, Alex Carey played a poor shot. To his hard luck, he lost it on 99*.

Carey attempted the pull after a short ball within the wing. As the wrist turned, the ball struck his glove. It became larger and moved behind the empty first-slip area. To prevent Carey the century and ending the game, QDK threw himself backwards and made a fantastic grab with his left hand extended.

South Africa VS Australia, ODI 4

 Both teams scored 2-2 victories. The series winner would now be determined by the last game. 

Batting Summary of AUS, South Africa VS Australia

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
David Warnerc Miller
b Ngidi
Tranis HeadRetired hurt17/11154.54
Mitchell Marshlbw
b Ngidi
Marnus Labuschagnec de kock
b Jansen
Alex Careyc de Kock
b Rabada
Marcus Stoinisc de Kock
b Rabada
Tim Davidc Markram
b Ngidi
Michael Neserb Maharaj3/1127.27
Nathan Ellisc Rabadab Ngidi18/16112.50
Adam Zampac de Kock
b Rabada
Josh HazlewoodNot Out1/1100.00
Extras(b 2, lb 3, w 9)14 
Total34.5 Overs(RR: 7.23)252 
Australia Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

Lungi Ngidi48
Kagiso Rabada37.5
Gerald Coetzee08
Marco Jansen16
Keshav Maharaj15
South Africa Bowling Brief

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