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Singhalese Sports Club

The Singhalese Sports Club (SSC) is a cricket first-class club based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Singhalese is the most famous club in Sri Lankan cricket at home. Hence, having won the Premier Trophy a record 32 times before 2017.

Although, the title is spelled correctly with the traditional spelling Singhalese. However, it is occasionally misspelled with the current spelling “Sinhalese.” Three previous Sri Lankan Prime Ministers have served as presidents of the club.


In 1899, a united school cricket team consisting primarily of cricketers from Royal College, St. Moreover, Thomas’ College, and Wesley College defeated Colts Cricket Club by one run. The SSC was founded the same year as a cricket club by a collection of prominent lawyers, politicians, businesspeople, and civil society leaders.

On the other hand, in 1900, the club leased land in Victoria Park with sandy soil and cinnamon trees. Hence, this land was progressively developed into a cricket pitch, and the first match was held the following year.

Singhalese Sports Club
Singhalese Sports Club

Singhalese Sports Club information

Full NameSinghalese Sports Club
LocationColombo, Sri Lanka
Established On1899
Home toSri Lanka
End namesTennis Courts End, South End
Also known asMaitland Place

The Singhalese Sports Club (SSC) was founded in 1899 and has been in existence for 125 years. However, the SSC was founded as a cricket club by a group of notable Ceylonese, proprietary planters, and leaders at the time. Hence, cricket is the Club’s primary activity to this day.

Furthermore, Cricket clubs in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, were created based on ethnicity back then. The Europeans, Malays, Burghers, Tamils, Moors, and Parsees appeared in the following order. Hence, the Singhalese Club was created a few months before the Tamil Union C&AC. Further, these ethnic clubs did not represent the vast disarray of today.

The Club’s First Match

The Handbook of Ceylon Cricket – Other Field Sports (1902) includes the results of the Club’s inaugural match. According to the Ceylon Annual, B. Tennakoon took 10 wickets in the match between SSC and Galle.

Furthermore, in 1902, the SSC lost to the Colts CC by an innings and 19 runs. The Colombo Cricket Club / Colts CC or NCC/Colts CC match dominated local First Class Club Cricket. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the SSC, the Colts CC/SSC match gained popularity.

Hence, The Club’s first president was Sir Harry Dias. While, the first honorary secretary was H.J.V.I. Ekanayake. Hence, the first treasurer was Philip de Silva, and the first cricket captain was O.G. de Alwis. However, The Club recruited the best schoolboy players from Royal, S. Thomas’, Wesley, St. Joseph’s, and Trinity.

Furthermore, According to S.P. Foenander, who wrote the history of the Colombo Colts Cricket Club in 1941. Hence, powerful though the SSC were in that first decade of their history. They were never able to impose a defeat on the Colts who were almost unbeatable in those days.

Hence, SSC’s first victory over the Colts CC came in 1913. SSC triumphed by four runs at the Racquet Court grounds, making for an incredible finish. Played on Galle Face on July 14, 1901, the SSC won by 189 runs in the first innings.

Singhalese Sports Club
Singhalese Sports Club

Singhalese Sports Club Test matches

Total matches44
Matches won batting first16
Matches won bowling first14
Average 1st Inns scores328
Average 2nd Inns scores349
Average 3rd Inns scores276
Average 4th Inns scores186
Highest total recorded756/5 (185.1 Overs) By RSA vs SL
Lowest total recorded81/10 (28.1 Overs) By ENG vs SL
Highest score chased326/5 (113.5 Overs) By ZIM vs SL
Lowest score defended164/10 (51.1 Overs) By AUS vs SL
Test Match

Singhalese Sports Club ODI matches

Total matches75
Matches won batting first30
Matches won bowling first37
Average 1st Inns scores200
Average 2nd Inns scores174
Highest total recorded343/5 (50 Overs) By HK vs PAK
Lowest total recorded38/10 (15.4 Overs) By SL vs ZIM
Highest score chased290/9 (49.1 Overs) By WI vs SL
Lowest score defended132/9 (45 Overs) By SLW vs NEDW
ODI Matches

Singhalese Sports Club T20 matches

Total matches9
Matches won batting first3
Matches won bowling first5
Average 1st Inns scores118
Average 2nd Inns scores106
Highest total recorded176/3 (20 Overs) By IRE vs CAN
Lowest total recorded100/10 (18.3 Overs) By SLW vs BANW
Highest score chased146/4 (19.5 Overs) By SLW vs BANW
Lowest score defended113/6 (20 Overs) By SLW vs PAKW
T20 Matches
Singhalese Sports Club
Singhalese Sports Club


  1. What is the definition of SSC ground?

Sinhalese Sports Club – Cricket Ground, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

  • What is the weather forecast of Sinhalese Sports Club?

Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka the forecast climate for the next 10 days shows a high temperature of 31°C / 88°F on Tuesday 23. On Saturday 27th, the minimum temperature will be 22°C / 72°F.

  • What is the background of the Sinhalese sports club?

In 1899, a united school cricket team consisting primarily of cricketers from Royal College, St. Thomas’ College, and Wesley College defeated Colts Cricket Club by one run. The decision was made to organize an all-Sinhalese club, and thus Singhalese Sports Club was established.


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