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SA vs AUS 3rd (ODI) Highlights

South Africa won, SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI, 2023

The first One-Day International (ODI) between Australia and South Africa took place on September 7, 2023, at Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein. The visiting team won by three wickets. Furthermore, the second One-Day International (ODI) between Australia and South Africa was won by Australia by 123 runs.

A third One-Day International (ODI) was also played between Australia and South Africa .Senwes Park in Potchefstroom hosted this match. As a result, the host team triumphed by 111 runs.

SA vs AUS, Match Features

TossAustralia, elected to field first
VenueSenwes Park, Potchefstroom  
SeriesAustralia tour of South Africa  
Player Of The MatchAiden Markram  
Series resultAustralia was 2-1 up in the five-match series.
Match number  ODI no. 4642  
Hours of playStart 13.00, First Session 16.30, Interval 17.15, Second Session 20.45
Match days     12 September 2023 – daynight (50-over match)  
ODI debutTanveer Sangha  
UmpiresRichard Kettle borough Bongani Jele  
TV Umpire        Nitin Menon  
Reserve Umpire       Allahudien Paleker
Match RefereeRichie Richardson  
Match Details
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023

First innings, SA vs AUS

South Africa 338 runs in 50 overs

Quinton de Kock and Temba Bavuma (SA vs AUS)

Kock and Bavuma began their careers as South Africa’s opening batters. Furthermore, both performed admirably. Similarly, Kock scored 3 runs from 77 balls. In addition, he hit 10 boundaries and two sixes. As a result, the strike rate was 106.49 percent. Unfortunately, Kock lost his first wicket in the 23rd over against Travis Head. As a result, Reeza Hendricks was called to the crease.

Reeza Hendricks and Temba Bavuma

Temba performed admirably, scoring 57 points on 62 balls. He actually shot six boundaries and no sixes, Reeza, on the other hand, collected 39 points on 45 balls. He attempted to play well. He also hit three free a result, Temba lost his second wicket in the 24th over. As a result, Aiden Markram arrived to the crease.

Aiden Markram and Reeza Hendricks

Aiden played quite well, as seen by his excellence score in this match. He also played until the match was over. On 74 balls, he scored 102 runs. he also hit nine boundaries and four sixes. The strike rate was 137.83 percent. Reeza also played effectively, but he lost his third wicket in the 36th over. Heinrich Klaasen has now entered the crease.

Heinrich Klaasen and Aiden Markram

Heinrich had no points on two balls. Aiden performed admirably in this match in comparison. Heinrich therefore lost his fourth wicket in the 36th over, David miller has now entered the crease.

David Miller and Aiden Markram

Miller scored eight points on 17 balls. He did not shoot any boundaries. The strike rate was 47.05 percent. As a result, Miller fell for his sixth wicket in 41 overs against Stoinis. Finally, Marco Jansen entered the crease.

Marco Jansen and Aiden Markram

Marco’s performance was outstanding. He scored 32 points on 16 balls. He also hit four boundaries and one six. He has a 200-strike rate. Unfortunately, he lost his sixth wicket to Ellis in the 46th over. Sisanda Magala has now entered the crease.

Sisanda Magala and Aiden Markram

Sisanda and Aiden battled till the match was over .Sisanda scored 6 on 7 balls with and 85.71 strike rate. Hence, both players finish this inning with a score of 338 in the 50th over. As a result, the host squad outscored the visiting team by 338 runs.

SA vs AUS, Batting summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Quinton de Kockc Warner b Head82/77106.49
Temba Bavuma (c)c Marsh b Sangha57/6291.93
Reeza Hendricksrun out (Labuschagne)39/4586.66
Aiden Markramnot out102/74137.83
Heinrich Klaasenlbw b Head0/20.00
David Millerc Marsh b Stoinis8/1747.05
Marco Jansenc Abbott b Ellis32/16200.00
Sisanda Magalanot out6/785.71
Extras(lb 3, w 9)12 
TOTAL50 Ov  (RR: 6.76)338 
Batting team of South Africa Briefing

Gerald Coetzee, Keshav Maharaj, Tabraiz Shamsi did not bat.

SA vs AUS, Bowling summary

Josh Hazlewood09
Marcus Stoinis110
Sean Abbott03
Nathan Ellis110
Tanveer Sangha18
Travis Head210
Australia team Bowling Briefing
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023

SA vs AUS, Second innings: Australia 227 runs in 34 overs

David Warner and Travis Head (SA vs AUS)

Warner and Head began their careers as Australia’s opening batters. However, both of them performed admirably, with Warner scoring the most points during the game. He scored 78 points on 56 balls. He also hit ten boundaries and three sixes. He had a strike rate of 139.28 percent. Likewise, head scored 38 points on 24 balls. He hit six boundaries and one six-pointer. Strike rate increased by 158.33. thus, in the sixth over, Head lost his first wicket by against Magala. Hence, Mitchell Marsh has now appeared on the crease.

Mitchell Marsh and David Warner

Mitchell got 29 points on 26 balls, hitting four boundaries and one six. The strike rate was 111.53 percent. Warmer, on the other hand, performed admirably throughout the team. Similarly, Mitchell lost his second wicket to Shamsi in the 14th over. Marnus Labuschagne has now entered the crease.

Marnus Labuschangne and David Warner

He scored 15 from 16 balls, despite hitting one boundary and one six. His strike rate was 93.75. David played extremely well. But he lost his third wicket in the 18th over. Alex Carey came on immediately.

Alex Carey and Marnus Labuschangne

Alex scored 12 points on 23 balls. Further, he also crossed one boundary. On the other hand, the strike rate is 52.17. In the 20th over, Marnus was bowled for the fourth time by Shamsi, and as a result Marcus Stoinis entered the game at this point.

Marcus Stionis and Alex Carey

Both players worked hard, and Marcus scored 10 runs off 12 balls. Alex, on the other hand, scored 12 points on 23 balls. They both shot one boundary. The strike rate for Marcus was 83.33. Unfortunately, he lost his fifth wicket to Maharaj in the 23rd over. Tim David entered on crease.

Tim David and Alex Carey

Tim scored 8 points on 18 balls. He just fired one boundary. He has a strike rate of 44.44. Alex, on the other side, plays and scores 12 points on 23 balls. As a result, Tim lost his sixth wicket in the 28th over to Coetzee. Sean Abbott has now entered the crease.

Sean Abbot and Alex Carey

Sean only scored two points on three balls. He has no boundaries and no six. He had a strike rate of 66.66. Meanwhile, Sean lost his seventh wicket to Coetzee. Nathan Ellis entered the game.

Nathan Ellis and Alex Carey

Nathan scored 16 points on 20 balls. As a result, he shot three boundaries and no sixes. Also increase the strike rate by 80.00. Alex, on the other hand, scores 12 runs off 23 balls. Unless he loses his 18th wicket to Coetzee. Tanveer Sangha followed on the crease.

Tanveer Sangha and Nathan Ellis

Tanveer scored 0 on three balls with a strike rate of 0.00. He lost his ninth wicket in the 32nd over due to his batting. Josh Hazzlewood has now been creased.

Josh Hazzlewood and Nathan Ellis

Josh scored 12 points on 7 balls. He hit three home runs. He played to the end of the match. Nathan, on the other hand, lost his 10th wicket to Coetzee in the 34th over. As a result, Australia only completed 227 runs and failed to complete goal assigned by South Africa. Finally, South Africa won by 111 runs.

SA vs AUS, Batting summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
David Warnerrun out (Maharaj)78/56139.28
Travis Headc Coetzee b Magala38/24158.33
Mitchell Marsh (c)c Miller b Shamsi29/26111.53
Marnus LabuschagneKock b Shamsi15/1693.75
Alex Carey  b Coetzee12/2352.17
Marcus Stoinisst †de Kock b Maharaj10/1283.33
Tim Davidc sub (BC Fortuin) b Coetzee8/1844.44
Sean Abbottb Maharaj2/366.66
Nathan Ellisc Hendricks b Coetzee16/2080.00
Tanveer Sanghab Coetzee0/30.00
Josh Hazlewoodnot out12/7171.42
Extras(nB 1, Ib 2, w 4)7 
TOTAL34.3 Ov  (RR: 6.57)  
Australia team Batting briefing
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023
SA vs AUS, 3rd ODI of 5, 2023

Bowling summary

Aiden Markram04
Marco Jansen03
Sisanda Magala14
Gerald Coetzee46.3
Tabraiz Shamsi27
Keshav Maharaj210
South Africa Bowling Briefing

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