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Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Introduction of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is located in the most populated province of Pakistan. However, it is located in DKS Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Moreover, it is near Pir Meher Ali Shah University and the Art Council, Rawalpindi.

Furthermore, the first match was played on January 19, 1992, between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It was an ODI. However, the first test match was played here in 1993. That was between Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

It is to be noted that the Pakistan Cricket Board owned the stadium. Yet the Northern Cricket Association is the operator of this stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 15,000 spectators. Moreover, Pavilion End and Shell End are its two ends.

Stadium’s Features

LocationRawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Established inJanuary 19, 1992
OwnerPakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
Flood LightsYes
OperatorNorthern Cricket Association
TenantsNorthern Cricket TeamPakistan National Cricket TeamIslamabad United
End NamesPavilion EndShell End
Ground Features

History of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was founded in 1992. However, it was established by replacing Pindi Club Grounds as an international stadium. Moreover, it is the home ground of Northern and Islamabad United.

However, prior to the construction of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium and Rawalpindi Club Cricket Ground, they had been used as venues for international matches, including the Test match against New Zealand, which was held in March 1965.

However, Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was the major spot for the Cricket World Cup in 1995–96. Moreover, during the Cricket World Cup of 1995–96, this was the major location. Yet it revealed a new test venue in Rawalpindi for Test II against Zimbabwe, with a view to the 1996 World Cup.

However, the first test was held in Karachi. Yet the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was stated as the nation’s 14th Test site. Moreover, the Australian team was scheduled to tour the stadium in late 2001, and then the floodlights were added.

Furthermore, the stadium was the sole international cricket stadium in the Islamabad Capital Area. Thus, it is only 20 minutes away from the city.

The interesting fact about the stadium is that Shoaib Akhtar made his debut for international cricket here. However, he is also known as Rawalpindi Express.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Return of Cricket in Pakistan

PCB declared the venue will undergo renovations in April 2018, along with the number of other venues. Moreover, prepare it for upcoming PSL and international matches.

Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan Test Series in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

It was so soothing to know for cricket fans in Pakistan that in October 2019, PCB announced to host Test matches in Pakistan rather than UAE. Moreover, those matches were played in Karachi and Rawalpindi. However, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board supported Pakistan in this matter. They gave positive regards to Pakistan for their progress. Yet they were all ready to play in Pakistan.

However, PCB confirmed the fixtures and venues for test matches in November 2019. Yet the first test was in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium from December 11–15. It is noteworthy to know that this was the first test match after 15 years. yet another international match after 13 years.

Stats of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium


Total Matches13
First Batting Win3
First Bowling Win6
Average Score in First Innings338
Average Score in Second Innings401
Average Score in Third Innings253
Average Score in Fourth Innings192
Highest Total657/10
Lowest Total139/10
Highest Chased 220/8
Lowest Defended187/10
Test Stats

A total of 13 test matches have been played at Rawalpindi International Cricket Stadium. Moreover, the first batting team won three matches. Yet six were won by second-batting teams.

Moreover, 338 runs were the average score in the first inning. Yet 401 was the average score in the second inning. However, in the third inning, 253 was the average score. Furthermore, 192 was the average score in the fourth inning.

Hence, the highest total was by England (657/10) against Pakistan. However, the West Indies made the lowest total of 139 against Pakistan here. It is to be noted that Sri Lanka chased the highest score (220/8) against Pakistan. However, Zimbabwe defended the lowest score of 187/10 against Pakistan.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium


Total Matches26
First Batting Win11
First Bowling Win14
Average Score in First Innings242
Average Score in Second Innings213
Highest Total337/3
Lowest Total104/10
Highest Chased 337/3
Lowest Defended206/9
ODI Stats

A total of 26 ODI matches have been played here. Moreover, 11 of them were won by the first-batting teams. Yet 14 were won by first-bowling teams. However, the total score on average in the first inning was 242. Yet 213 was the average score in second innings.

Moreover, Pakistan made the highest total of 337/3 against New Zealand. Yet Zimbabwe scored the lowest total, 104/10, against Sri Lanka. Yet Paksitan chased the highest total of 337/3 against New Zealand. It is to be noted that England defended the lowest score, 206/9, against Pakistan.


Total Matches5
First Batting Win0
First Bowling Win4
Average Score in First Innings155
Average Score in Second Innings154
Highest Total194/4
Lowest Total0/0
Highest Chased 194/4
Lowest Defended0/0
T20I stats

Only five T20Is have been played here. Among them, four were won by first-bowling teams. Moreover, none was won by the first batting squad. It is to be noted that 155 was the average score in the first inning.

Yet 154 was the average score in the second inning. However, New Zealand made the highest total of 194/4 against Pakistan. The same was the highest chased score here.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Cricket World Cup

The stadium hosted three matches during the 1996 Cricket World Cup.

South Africa UAESouth Africa won by 169 runs
South AfricaEnglandSouth Africa won by 78 runs
South AfricaNetherlandsSouth Africa won by 160 runs
World Cup Records

Records in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

First TestZimbabwe vs. PakistanDec 9-14 1993
First ODISri Lanka vs. PakistanJan 19, 1992
First T20IZimbabwe vs. PakistanJan 7, 2020

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