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R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium

R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium (previously known as Khettarama Stadium due to the name of the road it stands on). Moreover, it was built after the Creative thought and innovation of late Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa on the Marshland. Whereas the land was previously used by the monks by sending them to the temple opposite the Khettarama road.

The location is in the exact center of the city, surrounded by the city’s main bus terminal and Railway Station. It is included in the list of three biggest Stadiums in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium had a capacity of 35,000 spectators at the beginning. The opening of this Stadium happened on February 2, 1986, with a thrilling match between Sri Lanka and England.

However, the inauguration of the ODI match was done on April 5, 1986, with a match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium puts on its first ever Test match on August 28, 1992, between Sri Lanka and Australia. Moreover, it also hosts more than 100 international matches till now.

R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium
R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium

Facts about R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium

Ground nameR.Premadasa Cricket Stadium
Previous nameKhettarama Stadium (before June 1994)
Titled afterRanasinghe Premadasa (late president of Sri Lanka)
HometeamSri lanka
Accommodation35,000 onlookers
Stadium Details

History of Stadium

The place was best known for possessing the world record for the highest Test total, 952/6, by Sri Lanka against the Indian Cricket Team in 1997–98. Furthermore, R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium also hosted many other sporting events, for which the Commonwealth Games of 1998 and the Asian Games of 2018 are well known. In 2003, a new training center was established at the back of the stadium, with 16 pitches for practice sessions and dormitories for the academy.

The venue hosted more than 100 ODIs. The 2012 ICC World T20 final was also held in this stadium between Sri Lanka and the West Indies. The ICC Champions Trophy, 2002 final between Sri Lanka and India, and the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011 first semi-final between New Zealand and India, were also hosted by the stadium.

Ground Restoration:

The Refurbishment of the large size of this ground started in 2009 in preparation for the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2011. It cost approximately $8 million. As a result of the restoration, the ground got enlarged, and the volume increased from 35,000 to 40,000. And the media box with capacity of 200 journalists.

On July 2010, Andy Atkinson who was the pitch expert of ICC, initiates a report about the slow improvement of pitch of the stadium, but the Officials of stadium defended by saying that the slow pitch is very favorable for the bowlers and spinners.

Pitch Report:

The pitch of the stadium,generally has an amazing surface for batting,and give benefit to the batters to some extent. But,later as the game goes on,the pitch also gives benefits to the bowlers and spinners. Overall, it contains small bounce,and moderate tempo. An important factor which affects the pitch is presence of dew, due to Colombo,s climate.

Stadium Enclosure:

There are four stands for the public in the stadium, having 2 tier arrangement of seating, one higher and other lower. Furthermore, upper tiers are made up of block seats due to the high price of ticket, while the lower tiers are made up of concrete. The lower block contains C and D blocks. Whereas A and B blocks are included in the upper block. Also, there is a block present for families of players which is named as the H block. At the adjacent of H block Media box is present.

Sri Lanka Premier League

After hosting nearly 7 World Cup matches( including quarterfinals and Semifinals too). Sri Lanka Cricket Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga announced the first edition of the Sri Lanka Premier League, 2011. But it was later delayed until 2012 due to the financial crisis and regime change in Sri Lanka.

The first season of SLPL was held in 2012. In 2013 and 2014, the seasons were canceled due to some issues. Later, the news of Sri Lanka hosting 15 ICC T20 matches (finals and semifinals) was announced. Also the news paved the way for international cricket in Sri Lanka.

International Matches Played in the R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium

Test Matches

R. Premadasa Stadium arranged many international matches over the span of time. Almost 8 Matches were hosted here, with the highest total of 952/6 between Sri Lanka and India. However, the lowest total was 86/10 between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The team that bats first wins the match twice.

while the first bowling team wins three times. During the overall test series, the average first-inning score was 319. The average 2nd inning score was 385; the average 3rd inning score was 288; and the average 4th inning score was 246.

Total Test Series8
Average 1st innings score319
Average 2nd innings score385
Average 3rd innings score288
Average 4th innings score246
Highest total score952/6(271 overs)
Lowest total score86/10(27.4 overs)
Teams won bowling first3
Teams won batting first2
Test Match Stats

ODI Series

About 154 one-day international matches were held at this venue. Among which the highest totals recorded were 375/5 between India and Sri Lanka and the lowest totals were 78/10.

The highest chased scores were 292/4 in 48.3 overs between Sri Lanka and Australia. In addition, the lowest defended scores were 170/10 in 49.2 overs. 83 matches were won by batting first, and 61 matches were won by bowling first. In the ODI statistics, average first-inning scores are 231 and average second-inning scores are 191.

Total Matches154
Highest total scores375/5 in 50 overs
Lowest total recorded78/10 in 33.1 overs
Average 1st inning scores231
Average 2nd inning scores191
Matches won by batting first83
Matches won by bowling first61
Lowest defended scores170/10 in 49.2 overs
Highest chased scores292/4 in 49.2 overs
ODI Stats

T20I Series

According to statistics, a total of 55 matches were held at the Stadium. The highest total scores recorded were 215/5 in 19.4 overs. As Compared to the lowest total scores recorded were 80/10 in 17.2 overs.

Average 1st inning scores were 143, while average 2nd inning scores were 128. In this venue, the T20 matches won by bowling first are 31. Whereas the matches won by batting first are 23. A Total of 215/5 scores in 19.4 overs are the highest chased scores. However, 115/6 scores in 20 overs are the lowest ever chased scores.

Total T2055
Highest total scores Recorded215/5 in 19.4 overs
Lowest scores recorded80/10 in 17.2 overs
Average 1st inning scores143
Average 2nd inning scores128
Matches won by batting first23
Matches won by bowling first31
Lowest defended scores115/6 in 20 overs
Highest chased scores215/5 in 19.4 overs
T20 Stats

Asia Cups 2023

R. Premadasa Stadium is also included among the venues for the Asia Cup 2023. According to the sources, four matches of the Asia Cup are scheduled for this stadium. The first match in this stadium will take place on September 9, 2023. Whereas, with the remaining three matches taking place on September 10, 12, and 14. This series is going to be wonderful for the fans of Cricket all around the world, especially the Asians.

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