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Pakistan VS Sri Lanka, Highlights, Match 8, CWC2023

October 10, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Match 8th, CWC2023

The eighth match of the ICC ODI Men’s CWC2023 took place on October 10, 2023, at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad. In addition, this match paired Pakistan vs Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has elected to bat first.

Hence, Pakistan won this match. As they scored 345 runs in 48 over. Pakistan triumphed by six wickets. Moreover, both teams played really well in this Match. Mohammad Rizwan of team Pakistan was named Player of the Match for his outstanding batting.

Pak vs Sri Lanka, Match Features

VenueRajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad
TossSri Lanka, elected to bat first
SeriesICC Cricket World Cup
Player Of The MatchMohammad Rizwan
Match numberODI no. 4665
Match daysOct 10, 2023 – daynight (50-over match)
UmpiresChris Gaffaney Alex Wharf
TV UmpireNitin Menon
Reserve UmpireRod Tucker
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Points Pakistan 2, Sri Lanka 0
Match Features
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

First innings

Pakistan VS Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 344 runs in 50 overs

Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Perera

Pathum and Kusal kicked off the eighth ODI. Kusal, on the other hand, loses his first wicket in the first over. Hasan Ali bowled him out for a duck. He also played four balls and received no points. His score includes a zero-point boundary. 00.00 is the strike rate.

His teammate, on the other hand, scored 51 points on 61 balls with an 83.60 strike rate. He also has seven home runs and one six. As a result, Pathum performed admirably and scored brilliantly in this ODI. Following the fall of the first wicket, Kusal Mendis took the crease.

Kusal Mendis and Pathum Nissanka

Kusal played well and finished with a score of 122 on 77 balls. He also shot fourteen boundaries with 6 sixes. He played extremely well in this ODI. he scored very high runs in this match. Pathum, on the other hand, scored 51 points on 61 balls. In addition, he shot seven boundaries with one six. Pathum, unfortunately, lost his second wicket in the seventeenth over. As a result, Sadeera Samarawickrama is currently on the crease.

Sadeera Samarawickrama and Kusal Mendis

Moreover, both players performed admirably in this encounter. Hence, both of them scored high runs. Sadeera has 108 runs on 89 balls. He had a strike rate of 121.34. While he also shot eleven boundaries and two sixes. Despite the fact that his partner’s score was truly high, and he played brilliantly to score more points in this match. Congratulations for your outstanding performance. However, he is unable to continue. As a result, he was out for his third wicket in the 28th over. Charith Asalanka was now on the crease.

Charith Asalanka and Sadeera Samarawickrama

Charith scored was 1 on 3 balls. Also, he shot zero boundary. Strike rate of 33.33. Regretfully, Charith lost his fourth wicket in 30th over. Dhananjaya de Silva has arrived on crease.

Dhananjaya de Silva and Sadeera Samarawickrama

Dhananjaya scored 25 on 34 balls. Strike rate of 73.52. Hence, he also shot three boundaries. While he was playing very well. Regretfully, he lost his fifth wicket by the bowler Mohammad Nawaz in 41st over. Hence, Dasun Shanaka on crease now.

Dasun Shanaka and Sadeera Samarawickrama

Moreover, Dasun scored 12 on 18 balls. He shot 0 boundary with no six. Hence, He had a strike rate of 66.66. On the other side, Sadeera scored 108 on 89 balls. Unfortunately, Dasun lost his six wickets in 46th over. Dunith Wellalage came on crease now.

Dunith Wellalage and Sadeera Samarawickrama

Dunith scored 10 on 8 balls. Moreover, He shot one boundary with zero six. Also, he had a strike rate of 125.00. On the other hand, sadeera lost his seventh wicket in 47th over against Hasan Ali. Maheesh Theekshana was on crease now.

Maheesh Theekshana and Dunith Wellalage

Maheesh scored 0 point on 4 balls. Hence, Strike rate of 00.00. In the 49th over, Maheesh lost his eight wickets. Hence, Matheesha Pathirana arrived on crease.

Matheesha Pathirana and Dunith Wellalage

Matheesha scored 1 run on 3 balls. Hence, he had a strike rate of 33.33. he played at the end of the match. On the other side, Dunith lost his ninth wicket by Haris Rauf in 50th over. Hence, the over now concluded with a total of 344.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Batting Summary of Team Sri Lanka

BatsmenWicket ByrunsStrike rate
Pathum Nissankac Abdullah Shafique b Shadab Khan51/6183.60
Kusal Pererac †Mohammad Rizwan b Hasan Ali0/40.00
Kusal Mendisc Imam-ul-Haq b Hasan Ali122/77158.44
Sadeera Samarawickramac Mohammad Rizwan b Hasan Ali108/89121.34
Charith Asalankac †Mohammad Rizwan b Hasan Ali  1/333.33
Dhananjaya de Silvac Shaheen Shah Afridi b Mohammad Nawaz25/3473.52
Dasun Shanakac Babar Azam b Shaheen Shah Afridi12/1866.66
Dunith Wellalagec Abdullah Shafique b Haris Rauf10/8125.00
Maheesh Theekshana  b Haris Rauf0/40.00
Matheesha Pathirananot out1/333.33
Extras(Ib 2, b 2, nb 1, w 9)14 
TOTAL50 Over (RR: 6.88)344/9 
Batting Summary of SL

Bowling Summary of Pakistan

Shaheen Shah Afridi19
Hasan Ali410
Mohammad Nawaz19
Haris Rauf210
Shadab Khan18
Iftikhar Ahmed04
Bowling Summary of Pak

Second innings

Pakistan VS Sri Lanka

Pakistan 345 in 48 overs

Abdullah Shafique and Imam-ul-Haq

Abdullah and Imam were the first two batters on the mound. Imam scored 12 points on 12 balls. Furthermore, the strike rate is 100.00. He also hit one boundary shot. Abdullah, on the other side, played exceptionally well and scored more goals to win this game.

As a result, Abdullah scored 113 runs off 103 balls. He also hit 11 boundaries, including three sixes. His performance was, indeed, outstanding. As a result, in the third over, Imam lost his maiden wicket to Madushanka. Babar Azam has now entered the crease.

Babar Azam and Abdullah Shafique

Now comes Babar, he scored 10 runs in 15 balls. In addition, he hit one boundary. He had a strike rate of 66.66 percent. His partner, on the other hand, was performing excellent. Although, Babar lost his second wicket in the seventh over. Hence, Mohammad Rizwan has taken his place on the crease.

Mohammad Rizwan and Abdullah Shafique

Rizwan scored 131 on 121 balls. Undoubtedly, he scored high and gain more runs in this match. Along with the Strike rate of 108.26. Moreover, he also shot eight boundaries and 3 sixes. On the other side, Abdullah scored 113 on 103 balls. Regretfully, he lost his third wicket in 33thover. Saud Shakeel on crease now.

Saud Shakeel and Mohammad Rizwan

Furthermore, both players performed admirably. Rizwan scored 131 runs off 121 balls. Besides, He was also called by the Man of the Match. He hit 8 boundaries and 3 sixes. He also had a strike rate of 108.26. He played until the overs end. Saud, on the other hand, did admirably.

He contributed to the team’s victory by scoring 31 runs on 30 balls. However, in the 44th over, he was bowled out for the fourth time by Theekshana. Iftikhar Ahmed entered the crease now.

Iftikhar Ahmed and Mohammad Rizwan

Both of them played until the match end. Hence, Iftikhar scored 22 on 10 balls. He also shot four boundaries. He had a strike rate of 220.00. Hence, the innings of Iftikhar and rizwan ended the match in the 48th over. As a result, Pakistan won by 345 runs in 48th overs.

Batting Summary of Pakistan

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Abdullah Shafiquec sub (MADI Hemantha) b Pathirana113/103109.70
Imam-ul-Haqc Perera b Madushanka12/12100.00
Babar Azamc †Samarawickrama b Madushanka10/1566.66
Mohammad RizwanNot out131/121108.26
Saud Shakeelc Wellalage b Theekshana31/30103.33
Iftikhar AhmedNot out22/10220.00
Extras(w 25 , nb 1)26 
TOTAL48.2 Over  (RR: 7.13)345/4 
Batting Summary of PAK
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

At the end, Pakistan won a match by 6 wickets.

Bowling Summary of Sri Lanka

Maheesh Theekshana110
Dilshan Madushanka29.2
Dasun Shanaka05
Matheesha Pathirana19
Dunith Wellalage010
Dhananjaya de Silva04
Charith Asalanka01
Bowling summary of SL

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