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Pakistan VS Netherlands, Match 2, ICC ODI Men’s CWC2023

2nd Match, Pakistan VS Netherlands, October 6, CWC2023

The 2nd Match of ICC ODI Men’s CWC2023 held at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on October 6, 2023. Moreover, this Match was between Pakistan vs Netherlands. The Netherland Captain decided to go bowling first after winning the toss. 

This Match was won by the Pakistan team due to the fantastic bowling of their pacers. Although the Match was very Close. Both teams played very well in this Match. The Player of the Match was awarded to Saud Shakeel from team Pakistan due to his excellent batting.

Pakistan VS Netherlands
Pakistan VS Netherlands

Match Details

SeriesICC ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup
Match DayOctober 6, 2023
TeamsPakistan VS Netherlands
Match Number2
ODI No.4659
VenueRajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
TossNetherlands won the toss and decided field first
Match ResultPakistan team won by 81 runs
Man of the MatchSaud Shakeel
UmpiresAdrian HoldstockChris Brown
Reserve UmpirePaul Reiffel
TV UmpireRod Tucker
Match RefereeJeff Crowe
Match Summary

1st Innings of Pakistan VS Netherlands

Pakistan on 286 runs on the loss of 10 Wickets in 49 Overs

Fakhar Zaman and Imam Ul Haq

Fakhar and Imam are the opening Batsman of Pakistan Squad. Whereas the Bowler from Netherland Squad is Aryan Dutt. However, there is no run from Zaman on the first 5 balls but there is a 4 on the 6th ball of the over. Next, on Van Beeks ball Fakhar hit two more 4s one after the other. The flow of score in the first 3 overs is quite slow. Later, in the End of 3rd over Fakhar lost his Wicket on the ball of Van Beek by making 12/11.

Imam Ul Haq and Babar Azam

After the loss of 1st Wicket, Babar Azam (Captain) appeared on the Pitch. The Match again Starts with slow Pace. Imam hits 2 more crisp 4s on the 8.3 Overs Babar lost his Wicket on the ball of Ackermann. Here, the total scores of Babar are 5/15.

Imam Ul Haq and Mohammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan came on the Crease. However, Imam after making 15/18 lost his Wicket on the ball of Van Meekeren at 9.1 Overs. Pakistan is on the loss of 3 Wickets Now.

Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel

Saud Shakeel, Pakistan’s middle order batsman hits an amazing 4 on the 2nd ball by Meekeren.

At the end of 10 overs Pakistan is on 43/3. Rizwan and Saud shared a good partnership as the match flowed smoothly. Before the start of the 21st over, Saud hit four 4s, whereas Rizwan hit five 4s and the total scores for Pakistan at this stage were 101/3. Both players lifted the scores for team Pakistan but Unfortunately at 28.1 over Saud’s Wicket was lost on the ball of Softie Deluxe. Saud made a total of 68/51. However, total 158/3 for Pakistan.

Mohammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmed is the next Middle-order batsman for Pakistan. In between 29 to 31.2 overs, Rizwan hit two more 4s before losing his Wicket on the ball of de Leede at 31.3 overs. Rizwan’s total scores were 53/65.

Iftikhar Ahmed and Mohammad Nawaz

Mohammad Nawaz hits a fantastic 4 on the first ball he got by de Leede. But Unfortunately, Iftikhar got after 2 more balls. Iftikhar scored 8 runs on 9 balls.

Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan

After the End of 32 overs and loss of 6 Wickets for Pakistan, Shadab Khan appeared on the Pitch. And once again the game goes smoothly and slowly. Shadab hits a pair of 4s and one 6, whereas Nawaz hits three 4s. Later Shadab got out on the ball of De Leede with his 31/31 runs.

With that another Wicket down for Pakistan.

Mohammad Nawaz and Hasan Ali

As soon as Hasan Ali got his First ball, he tried to nudge the ball and lost his Wicket on the ball of de Leede.

Mohammad Nawaz and Shaheen Shah Afridi

Pakistan is on 252 in 44 overs after the loss of 8th Wicket. Shaheen along with Nawaz is on the Crease. Shaheen hits a crisp 4 on the 2nd ball he got by Dutt. Next, he hit one more 4 to de Leede, before the Wicket loss of Nawaz by Ackermann. The total runs for Nawaz 38/42.

Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf

Haris Rauf played on the pitch with Shaheen until 48.6 overs. In between these overs he hit two 4s and a fantastic 6. After that Haris also got out by Ackermann. Shaheen scored 13/12 and Haris scored 16/14.

 And with this the 1st innings of this Pakistan VS Netherlands came to an End.

The total Scores for Pakistan are 286/10 in 49 Overs.

Pakistan VS Netherlands
Pakistan VS Netherlands

Pakistan Squad Batting Brief

Fakhar Zaman12/15 (b/van Beek)3/080.00
Imam Ul Haq15/19 (b/Meekeren, c/Dutt)2/078.94
Babar Azam (captain)5/18 (b/Ackermann, c/Saqib)0/027.77
Mohammad Rizwan68/75 (b/de Leede)8/090.66
Saud Shakeel68/52 (b/Dutt, c/Saqib)9/1130.76
Iftikhar Ahmed9/11 (b/De Leede,c/Edwards)1/081.81
Mohammad Nawaz39/43 (run out, Meekeren/Ackermann)4/090.69
Shadab Khan32/34 (b/de Leede)2/194.11
Hasan Ali0/1 (b/ de Leede)0/00.00
Shaheen Shah Afridi13/12 (not out)2/0108.33
Haris Rauf16/14 (b/Ackermann)2/1114.28
Batting Summary of Pakistan
Netherlands Team
Netherlands Team

Netherland Team Bowling Brief

BowlerOversMaiden OversRunsWickets
Aryan Dutt100481
Logan van Beek60301
Colin Ackermann81392
Paul van Meekeren60401
Bas de Leede90624
Roelof van der Merwe60360
Vikramjit Singh 20160
Saqib Zulfiqar20150
Bowling Summary of Netherlands

2nd Innings, Pakistan VS Netherlands

Netherlands on 205 runs on the loss of 10 Wickets in 41 Overs

Vikramjit Singh and Max O’ Dowd

Vikramjit and O’Dowd are the opening batsmen of Netherland. Whereas the bowler from Pakistan is their eagle Shaheen Shah Afridi. At the Start the game was a little bit slow but on 1.3 over Vikramjit hits a 4 on the ball of Hasan Ali. Along with Vikramjit, O’Dowd also hit a 4 on 3.2 over. During the end of the 4th over, Vikramjit also throws two 4s on Shaheen. But later on, the ball of Hasan Ali in 5.5 over, O’Dowd lost his Wicket by making only 5/12.

Vikramjit Singh and CN Ackermann

On the loss of 1st Wicket and the end of 6 overs, the score of Netherlands is 28/1. Hasan Ali stopped the runs to some extent from the Netherland batsmen Until the end of 7th over. Here, he got a 4 from Ackermann. Ackermann hits another pair of 4s to Haris Rauf and Hasan Ali. and just like these 10 overs are up for Netherlands with 47/1. Later on, the ball of Iftikhar Ahmed in 11th over Ackermann lost his Wicket by making 17/21.

Vikramjit Singh and BFW de Leede

At the 2nd Wicket loss, the next batsman for Netherlands was de Leede. Once de Leede became stable on the pitch, then during the 16th over a phenomenal 6 was hit by him on the ball of Nawaz. The match started with stable flow during the partnership of Vikramjit Singh and de Leede. After one more 6 from Vikramjit, and at the end of the 23rd over, Vikramjit lost his Wicket by Shadab Khan. To this point, his scores were 52/67.

De Leede and AT Nidamanuru

With another major wicket down, Nidamanuru is up on the crease. As Nidamanuru Proceeds the flow of the score and later hits a classical 4 on the ball of Haris and becomes more stable, his wicket is brought down by Haris on 5/9.

De Leede and Scott Edwards

After Nidamanuru, Edwards takes the place of 2nd batsman with de Leede. But on the 2nd ball thrown to him by Pakistani Tiger Haris Rauf, he got out without making any runs on Lbw.

De Leede and Saqib Zulfiqar

On the loss of 5 Wickets, Netherlands is at 133 in 27 overs. Next batsman Saqib Zulfiqar is on the Pitch. However, de Leede plays fantastic as he throws one more 6 to Haris and 4 to Shadab. Saqib also becomes stable on the pitch slowly and throws a beautiful 4 on the ball of Nawaz. But as soon as Shaheen’s turn of bowling started, Saqib had to lose his wicket at the start of 32 over with 10/18 scores.

De Leede and Van der Merwe

After Saqib, van Der is in the position. Shaheen throws a ball to de Leede, and de Leede hits a sizzling 4 to Shaheen. However, very next in the 33rd over, de Leede lost his Wicket in trying to hit a 6 on the ball of Nawaz at 67/68 runs.

Van der Merwe and Van Beek

The downfall of Wickets caused Netherlands a great loss despite their all efforts in the fielding.

Van Beek hits a great 4 on the ball of Shaheen. After some more runs, at 36th over, the Wicket of Merwe is down with the ball of Nawaz on 4/7.

Van Beek and Aryan Dutt

At the end of 36 overs, Netherlands were on 176/8. Dutt appears with Van Beek. In the 36th over, Beek hits a classical 6 to Shadab. After 3 more balls, Dutt’s wicket goes down on the ball of Hasan Ali on ½ runs.

Van Beek and Van Meekeren

Van Meekeren is the next batsman for Netherlands. Both Meekeren and Beek tried to drag the game a little far for Netherlands giving some 4s and slow runs. And at 40 overs, the scores of Netherlands were 202/9. However, the next over is the end for their game. As Meekeren lost his Wicket on the ball of the tiger Haris Rauf.

So, the Netherlands team was defeated in this Match with 81 runs.

Pakistan VS Netherlands
Pakistan VS Netherlands

Netherland Squad Batting brief

Vikramjit Singh52/67 (b/Shadab, c/Fakhar)4/177.61
Max O’Dowd5/12 (b/Hasan, c/Shaheen)1/041.6
Colin Ackermann17/21 (b/Iftikhar Ahmed)3/080.95
Bas de Leede67/68 (b/M.Nawaz)6/298.52
Teja Nidamanuru5/9 (b/Haris, c/Fakhar)1/055.55
Scott Edwards0/2 (b/Haris lbw)0/00.00
Saqib Zulfiqar10/18 ( lbw, b/Shaheen)1/055.55
Roelof van der Merwe4/7 (run out, babar/Rizwan)0/057.14
Logan van Beek28/28 (not out)3/1100.00
Aryan Dutt1 on 2 (b/Hasan Ali)0/050.00
Paul van Meekeren7/12 (b/Haris)1/058.33
Batting Summary of Netherlands

Pakistan Team Bowling brief

BowlerOversMaiden OversRunsWickets
Shaheen Shah Afridi70371
Hasan Ali71332
Haris Rauf90433
Iftikhar Ahmed30161
Shadab Khan80451
Bowling Summary of Pakistan

With this, the 2nd innings came to an End. Pakistan Squad Achieved a Sensational Victory in the 2nd Match of ICC ODI CWC2023.

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