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Pakistan vs. Bangladesh: Highlights

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh played the 31st match of the 2023 World Cup. It was played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. `The marvelous victory of Pakistan was against their lovable neighbors. Moreover, Bangladesh chose the first batting position after winning the toss. Yet the Pakistani batting ended with the spectacular triumph of the Green Shirts.

Bangladesh made the low target of 204 runs after playing only 45.1 overs. Furthermore, they played with a 4.51 run rate. On the contrary, Pakistan played 32.2 overs with a run rate of 6.30 and won the game.

Match Briefing of Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Match dateOctober, 31, 2023
ODI No.4688
Match No.31
VenueEden Gardens Cricket Stadium, kolkata
TeamsPakistan Vs Bangladesh
TossBangladesh decided to bat first after winning the toss
Match ResultPakistan defeated Bangladesh with 7 wickets and 105 balls remaining
Man of the MatchFakhar Zaman 81/74
UmpiresRichard Kettleborough, Nitin Menon
Reserve UmpirePaul Reiffel
TV UmpireAdrian Holdstock
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Match Brief

First Innings: Pakistan vs. Bangladesh; BAN scored 204/10 in 45.1 overs.

Tanzid Hasan and Litton Das

Tanzid Hasan and Litton Das started as the opening batsmen for Bangladesh. Moreover, Shaheen was the attacking bowler for Pakistan. Yet the Pakistani Shaheen took the prey in his first over. He dismissed Tanzid Hasan on the fifth ball. The batsman could score nothing but a duck. Yet he played all five balls.

It is to be noted that through this wicket, Shaheen made his 100th ODI wicket. However Tanzid took the review, it was all in vein. Everything was in favour of Pakistan. So he lost his wicket. Actually, the review showed that the 135k ball was directly into the leg stumps. Bangladesh was 0/1.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

Najmul Hussain Shanto and Litton Das

Najmul Hussain Shanto was on the crease now. The match, however, started as the score moved somehow. But it was not a good time for Bangladesh, as they lost another wicket so early. On the ball from Shaheen, Usama grabbed his catch.

Moreover, it was tender! Shanto clipped it off his pad. So he grabbed it at the front square leg. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the he leaped forward to retrieve the ball as Shanto made it lower. That is right in front of the fielder. Even the shot was full on the side. Thus, Shaheen rejoiced like a celebrity after taking two wickets. Moreover, it was temporal at 135 km/h.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Litton Das

Mushfiqur Rahim was on the pitch now. The score could crawl to 23 in the 6th over. Then it was so unfortunate for Bangladesh that they lost another gem. Mushfiqur Rahim was caught on the ball by Rauf. On the ball, Rauf, Rizwan caught the ball directly.

Moreover, the umpire raised his finger just after the appeal. Rahim scored 5 runs on 8 balls with one boundary. He could prove so dangerous for team Pakistan, so his dismissal was enjoyed so highly by team Pakistan.

Litton Das and Mamudullah

Mahmudullah was on the crease now. Moreover, the score has been rising smoothly for now. However, the score reached 102 runs in the 21st over. Litton Das scored 45 runs on 64 balls. Moreover, his score included six boundaries. Yet he played a ball for Iftikhar Ahmed. But due to his hard luck, Agha Slaman caught it. At first, he was unable to believe.

Thus, he soon accepted the major loss. However, it was in the favour of Pakistan as they took the major. It was an off-break lengthy ball with a speed of 83 ks. The score thus reached 102/4.

Mahmudullah and Shakib al-Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan was on the crease now. Shakib and Mahmullah secured the wicket. However, they were playing slowly due to fear of losing another wicket. However, the score remained at 130 until the 31st over. But another prey for Shaheen Shah Afridi. Mahmudullah was dismissed. Due to his magical bowling. He hit the middle stump.

In his pretty good innings, Mahmudullah made 56 runs on 70 balls. Moreover, his score included six boundaries and one six.

Shakib Al Hasan and Towhid Hridoy

Hridoy was on the crease now. So unfortunate to his batting, he could not play much and lost his wicket just after scoring 7. It is to be noted that he made one boundary too. On the ball of Usama Mir, the ball nicked off towards the first slip. Towhid played it casually. But the Iftikhar moved straight and thus caught it at first slip. Bangladesh was 140/6.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Shakib Al Hasan

Mehidy Hasan Miraz was on the crease now. Both players boosted the score. Hence, it reached 185 runs in the 40th over. Moreover, Shakib lost his wicket on the ball of Haris. Agha Salman nestled beneath to grab a straightforward catch at midwicket. Soon he top-edged the pull shot. Babar’s offensive strategy worked effectively.

Moreover Shakib ultimately skydived since he was unable to stay on top. Bangladesh lost their perfect hitter even before he warmed up.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Taskin Ahmed

Taskin Ahmed was on the crease now. Finally, the score reached 200 runs in 43.1 overs. Mehidy, after scoring 25 runs on 30 balls, lost his wicket. Mohammad Wasim dismissed him. Moreover, his score included one boundary and one six.

Taskin Ahmed and Mustafizur Rahman

Muztafizur Rahman was on the crease now. Again, another wicket was dismissed. Taskin was dismissed at the same time. The ball swung away and rattled in the middle and offside. Furthermore, the ball was full and swung away. Moreover, he tried to push it straight by playing the line. However, it was later in reverse swing.

Mutafizur Rahman and Shoriful Islam

Shoriful Islam is on the rise now. But it was such a hard day for Bangladesh. They lost their last wicket too. In the 46th over, he was dismissed. On the ball of M. Wasim, the Yorker trickled off his boot onto the stumps. Furthermore, it was towards the outside leg. Yet it was a reverse swing, which brought it closer to the stumps.

Reflexively, Fizz’s feet followed the line. Yet he attempted to tuck it in. Moreover, it slapped against his pads. Thus causing the ball to bounce erratically off them. So it was into the struck wood.

Mustafizur Rahman was dismissed for 45.1 overs. Yet Shoriful Islam was not out. He played four balls and scored one. The inning ended with 204 runs.

Batting Summary of BAN, Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

Tanzid Hasan0/5 (Lbw b Shaheen)0/00.00
Litton Das45/64 (b/Iftikhar, c/Agha Salman)6/070.31
Najmul Hossain Shanto4/3 (b/Shaheen, c/Usama Mir)1/0133.33
Mushfiqur Rahim⅝ (b/Haris, c/Rizwan)1/062.50
Mahmudullah56/70 (b by Shaheen)6/180.00
Shakib Al Hasan (c)43/64 (b/Haris, c/Agha Salman)4/067.18
Towhid Hridoy7/3 (b/Usama, c/Iftikhar)0/1233.33
Mehidy Hasan Miraz25/30 (b/Mohammad Wasim)1/183.33
Taskin Ahmed6/13 ( b/Mohammad Wasim)0/046.15
Mustafizur Rahman3/7 (b/Mohammad Wasim)0/042.85
Shoriful Islam¼ not out0/025.00
Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Shaheen Shah Afridi91233
Iftikhar Ahmes100441
Haris Rauf80362
Mohammad Wasim8.11313
Usama Mir100661
Bowling Brief

Second inning: Pakistan vs. Bangladesh, PAK scored 205/3 in 32.3 overs.

Abdullah Shafique and Fakhar Zaman

The second inning started with the opening batting of Fakhar Zaman and Abdullah Shafique. Taskin Ahmed was the attacking bowler from Bangladesh. Abdullah Shafique scored 68 runs on 69 balls. The perfect innings he played

However, his innings included nine boundaries and two sixes. But in 22nd overs, he was dismissed on the ball of Hasan Miraz. Actually, it was a sweep ball that caught plumb on the front side.

Shafique looked at it right away. Yet he appeared to be in trouble because there was no edge. Moreover, Hawkeye verified three reds. It seemed absurd. Yet he was dismissed.

Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman

Babar Azam was on the crease now. Babar’s hard luck He could not play much. Yet he lost his wicket just after scoring nine runs. Hasan Miraz dismissed him. He tried to pump it down towards the ground, but it holed out too long on.

However, it was full of floated up. Thus, he spun in a bit, which meant that the skipper hit it off the inner half of the bat. Moreover, he went through with the shot. Thus, the ball floated up high yet did not go far. Mahmudullah made an easy catch.

Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman

Mohammad Rizwan was on the crease now. Moreover, Fakhar played so well. Yet he scored 81 runs on 74 balls. Hence, his innings included 3 boundaries and 7 sixes. Yet the fastest inning he played Finally, Mehidy Hasan grabbed his wicket.

Slog flatterned and swept, thus discovering Hridoy’s cow nook. Moreover, Fakhar was unable to make a century. As it was packed, an outdoor ball was thrown up. Fakhar took a swing over it. For a while, he would make it successful. Yet it was not in time. It was 169/3 in 28 overs.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

Mohammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmed was on the crease now. Both batters played much faster. So they chased the target much faster. Moreover, he played 21 balls, so he scored 26 runs. On the other hand, Iftikhar Ahmed scored 17 runs on 15 balls. So they both ended with a marvelous win for Pakistan.

Batting Summary of PAK, Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

BatsmenWicket by4’s/6’sStrike Rate
Abdullah Shafiquelbw
b Mehidy Hasan MIraz
Fakhar Zamanc Towhid Hridoy
b Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Babar Azamc Mahmudullah
b Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Mohammad RizwanNot Out4/0123.80
Iftikhar AhmedNot Out2/0113.33
Extras(lb 2, w 2)
Total32.3 Overs
(RR: 6.30)
Batting Summary

Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Taskin Ahmed61360
Shoriful Islam41250
Mehidy Hasan Miraz90603
Mustafizur Rahman70470
Shakib Al Hasan5.30300
Najmul Hossain Shanto1050
Bowling Summary

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