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Pakistan vs Afghanistan, ODI Series August 2023(1-0)

Pakistan vs Afghanistan, 1st ODI, August 2023

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan in the first of a three-match ODI series by 142 runs. A stunning match between the two neighboring nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Green Shirts triumphed over the Afghans. The Pakistanis merely set a 210-run goal and lost every wicket by the 48th over. However, after losing all of their wickets in just 20 overs, Afghanistan could only manage 59 runs. Thus, Shaheen achieved the illustrious triumph.

Pakistan vs Afghanistan Match Details

AddressMahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Ground, Sooriyawewa, Hambantota
Toss Pak, elected to bat first
Series resultPakistan led the 3 match series 1-0
SeriesPAK vs AFG
Match day22 August,2023
Match numberODI NO. 4625
UmpiresNitin Menon Ahmed Shah Durrani
TV umpireSharfuoddoula
Reserve umpireBismillah Jan Shinvari
Details of the Match

Pakistan vs Afghanistan, Pakistan: 201 runs by 50 overs; with loss of all wickets

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, for the first ODI of a 3-match series, Pakistan’s captain won the toss. Chose to bat first. With the loss of all ten wickets, Pakistan could achieve the target of 201 runs. Only Imam Ul Haq made the remarkable score and crossed the half-century mark.

It was so unfortunate that the Pakistani captain, who had the fame of being the King of Cricket, did only duck. Imam ul Haq scored 61 points on 94 balls with a strike rate of 64.89. Meanwhile, Shadab performed well and scored the second highest score for the team, i.e., 39 on the 50 balls with a strike rate of 78. Iftikhar Ahmad scored 30 runs on 41 balls with a strike rate of 73.17. Mohammad Rizwan and Naseem Shah were then limited to 21 and 18 runs, respectively.

Furthermore, Fakhar, Babar, Agha, Usama, Shaheen, and Haris could not even reach a two-digit score. However, Naseem Shah was the only one who went not out.

BatsmenWicketRunsStrike Rate
Fakhar Zamanc Mohmmad Nabi B Fazal Haq Farooqi2/450.0
Imam ul Haqc Rashid Khan b Mohammad Nabi61/9464.89
Babar Azamlbw b Mujeeb Ur Rehman0/30.00
Mohammad Rizwanlbw b Rashid Khan21/2295.45
Agha Salmanlbw b Rashid Khan7/2924.13
Iftikhar Ahmedc Hashmatullah Shahidi b Mohammad Nabi30/4173.17
Shadab KhanRun out (Mujeeb Ur Rahman)39/5078.00
Usama Mirb Mujeeb Ur Rahman2/366.66
Shaheen Shah Afridib Rashid Khan2/825.00
Naseem ShahNot out18/2766.66
Haris Rauflbw b Rahmat Shah1/250.00
Extras(w 18)18 
Total47.1 overs (R.R: 4.26)201 
Pakistan Team Batting

Afghanistan Bowling Squad (Pakistan vs Afghanistan)

Fazal Haq Farooqi

Fazal Haq Farooqi took the wicket of Fakhar Zaman in the first over. The ball bounced off the wicket. He fell for the trap and didn’t move his feet. The ball edged on second slip, and hence he lost by getting caught.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Mujeeb Ur Rahman conceded the three wickets, including two majors from Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. Early on in the innings, Afghanistan took a huge, gigantic wicket. Babar went out of bounds and had to leave the pitch.

He attempted to secure his wicket against an outside stump full throw but was smacked in the front pad by the ball because of his incorrect line. For Rizwan’s wicket, he delivered a full-length delivery on the back, and the batsman tried to secure its legside and moved away from the bowler.

His rear thigh was struck by the ball, and he lost his wicket on 21. Mujeeb took Osama Mir too. He hit an ignorant ball with no clue of taking a wicket, but to his good luck, the batsman tried to hold off to his leg and failed. The ball moved to the center and off the wicket. Finally, he lost the wicket.

Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi took the wickets of Iftikhar Ahmed and Imam Ul Haq, both running players in the match. It was thrown up, bowled slowly, and then landed in an ideal-length area between off and center, causing it to whirl in. Iftikhar began his effort to flip early, chipping Shahidi over the entire face, yet the ball touched slightly on the ground.

Rashid Khan

Rashid made a great catch while rushing! Nabi took the significant Imam. The batsman slipped along on the line to knock that over midline during the center stump, but instead Rashid was swift to swing in reverse and accomplished this catch. Rashid’s wizardry was on display. He spun savagely and fast bowled to Salman. He pulled off his leg pad with the intention of moving it backward after noticing the ball, but to his hard luck, the ball smacked his front pad. He was rendered helpless. For Shaheen’s wicket, he played nasty! Rashid bowled it high as it moved in the air more quickly, and Shaheen attempted to run back and swipe but overlooked the ball since it easily cleared off stump’s front.

Rahmat Shah

Pakistan was wiped out in 2001. Haris attempted a backfoot swipe with full- bowled stumps, but he didn’t succeed. Rahmat requested LBW. The umpire couldn’t decide. The third umpire verified the absence of the bat, but the Green Shirts still wanted to review. But the inning concluded as it was an out.

Fazalhaq Farooqi8511
Mujeeb Ur Rahman10333
Azmatullah Omarzai4.4120
Mohammad Nabi10342
Rashid Khan10422
Abdul Rahman3.2230
Rahmat Shah1.161
Afghanistan team Bowling

Afghanistan Lost: did 55 run over 9 wickets in 19.2 overs

The team, after securing all the wickets of Pakistan in the first inning, went to bat in the second inning with openers Rahman Ullah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran. But to their hard luck, both couldn’t stand more and did only 18 runs by 47 balls and 0 runs by 6 balls, respectively. Rahman Ullah did the highest of the inning, which are only 18. Moreover, Azmat Ullah Omarzai retired due to being hurt, and he hit 16 runs on 12 balls. Rahmat Shah, Hashmat Ullah Shahidi, and Rashid Khan ran out of ducks. Mohammad Nabi did 7 on 19 balls, while all the others couldn’t even reach a double-digit score. And all out on a 59 score. Hence, they lost the match.

BatsmenWicketRunsStrike Rate
Rahmanullah Gurbazc Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Rauf18/4738.29
Ibrahim Zadranc Agha Salman b Shaheen Shah Afridi0/60.00
Rahmat Shahc Agha Salman b Shaheen Shah Afridi0/10.000
Hashmatullah Shahidic Shadab Khan b Naseem Shah0/30.00
Ikram Alikhilc Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Rauf4/944.44
Mohammad Nabic Agha Salman b Haris Rauf7/1936.84
Azmatullah OmarzaiRetired Hurt16/12133.33
Rashid Khanb Haris Rauf0/20.00
Abdul Rahmanc Fakhar Zaman b Shadab khan2/1315.38
Mujeeb ur Rahmanc Naseem Shah b Haris Rauf4/3133.33
Fazal Haq FarooqiNot out0/10.00
Extraslb 2, w 68 
Total19.2 overs (R.R: 3.05)59 
Afghanistan team Batting

Haris Rauf, Man of the Match

Haris Rauf with his thrilling performance could attain the title of Man of the Match. As he could achieve 5 wickets of the opponents against 18 runs in his 6.2 overs.

Haris took the major wicket of Ikram Alikhil, who just edged the ball and unfortunately lost his wicket. He was obviously outpaced; so consequently, he thought he hadn’t made it. Rauf runs in and bowls over a length, making it nip back slightly. Alikhil leapt and tried to preserve his wicket, but he was pricked. Rizwan snags the ball by diving fully to his right. Accordingly, Rauf got off to the best start.

Then he took Gubaz’s wicket in 13.3 overs. He spoke in a dense way that sounded outstretched. The ball length was off the mark. Gurbaz was under pressure to play; therefore, the keeper caught the ball. The umpire raised his finger after the loud appeal because Nabi and Grubaz had a discussion and decided against a review. Pakistan therefore claimed five wickets while only conceding 35.

Mohammad Nabi was out by Rauf in the 15.5th over. Nabi received an outside-off, short ball, which he flicked with minor force towards short range and hence caught by Agha Salman. Rauf’s third wicket came in his fifth over.

In the same over, Rauf defeated Rashid with his speed. He was completely oblivious to Rauf’s outstanding delivery. Before Rashid could compete, the long ball hit the off stump after bouncing around the stump.

Rauf caught his fifth wicket by extinct Mujeeb Ur Rahman! He put on an impressive bowling performance. By doing a long ball surrounding the offside. The batter missed his timing and ultimately handed an untroubled catch to Naseem Shah at midfield. However, Rauf prostrated on the ground.

Pakistan vs Afghanistan, 1st ODI
Pakistan vs Afghanistan, 1st ODI

Overall Bowling of Pakistan

Shaheen Shah Afridi492
Naseem Shah5121
Haris Rauf6.2185
Usama Mir3180
Shadab Khan101
Pakistan team Bowling

Shaheen Shah Afridi

Ibrahim tried to pull it off after Afridi smacked one in, and it swelled up on him. Barely managed a top margin on one side. Salman arrived from the middle and managed to hold on, although he could see square legs from the distance. The typical Afridi celebration followed next.

The next wicket for Afridi was Rahmat Shah. On the next ball, he took off Shah. The mildest of layoffs, that Pakistan had a huge celebration. Rahmat mishandled his stroke after a delectable full ball on the center and on the side leg and sent it into Salman’s knee at near midfield. Afghanistan was casually captured with little fanfare and crushed shortly thereafter.

Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah took the wicket of Hashmat Ullah. Shadab deserved praise for ultimately flying to capture He put all of his energy into catching while standing ahead with straight legs. Afghanistan’s skipper went off. Shahidi picked up the grab after Naseem crashed it short. The fast pace and lifting, though, made him feel out of control. just about managed to clear the opposite wicket after leaping to his left, throwing the ball up with his right hand, and grabbing it as he landed.

Shadab Khan Shadab took the eight wickets, Abdul Rehman.  He tried to get high beyond the boundaries but was unable to do so since the ball bowled full on, off, and center. Fakhar, at midwicket, entered and grabbed the catch. Shadab was jubilant.

So, in this Pakistan vs Afghanistan 1st ODI of the series, Pakistan achieved a brilliant history.

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