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PAK vs SL: Highlights

PAK vs SL, 11th Match, Super Four-Round, September 14, Asia Cup 2023

Sri Lanka won the match through the DLS Method

The PAK vs SL knockout match of the Asia Cup 2023 was played on September 14, 2023. The 11th match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan was held in Colombo. The match was significant for both teams, as only the winning team could play in the final against India.

Toss Briefing of Pak vs SL

Pakistan chose to bat first after winning the toss. The Sri Lankan team changed two players. while the Pakistani team also had certain amendments. As two players got injured in the last match. However, some players were replaced due to poor performances.

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka Highlights

As usual, rain affected the match. If it was not stopped, Sri Lanka would obviously win by the DLS method. Nevertheless, the match overs were reduced to 42. Moreover, Pakistan scored 252 runs with 7 wickets lost. Thus, Sri Lanka could also score 252 in 42 overs. But they had more points than Pakistan when the ball went into their court.

PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023
PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

Match Briefing

VenueR Premadasa Stadium in Colombo
seriesAsia Cup 2023
TossPakistan won the toss and chose to bat first
Man of the MatchKusal Mendis
ODI debutZaman Khan
UmpiresAhmed Shah Pakteen Langton Rusere
Third UmpireChris Gaffaney
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madangopal
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
PointsSri Lanka 2 Pakistan 0
Match Summary

First Innings: PAK vs SL, Pakistan scored 252/7 in 42 Overs.

Abdullah Shafique and Fakhar Zaman

The Pakistani opening batsmen, Abdullah and Fakhar, came to the crease. Sri Lankan bowler Pramod Madushan had a good start. The first over with all dots built the bowling squad’s confidence. In the fifth over, the score was 9, and hence Pakistan lost its first wicket. Fakhar Zaman!

On a Madushan ball, the ball hit the stumps. While it was a full late-swing ball, the batter tried to hit it but unfortunately misjudged. Actually, Fakhar tried to defend and clip the stumps. So the Yorkie snuck in and sank straight to his toes.

Good luck to Sri Lanka. A major wicket down. Fakhar could score only four on 11 balls. In brief, it was not a good inning.

Babar Azam and Abdullah Shafique

Babar Azam was on the crease now. He shot a four in his first over. Ultimately, the score moved and reached 13. The skipper worked hard to rebuild his rapport. He played fast in the beginning to boost the run rate. Thus, the score average lessens again in Wellalage’s over. The Green Shirts could only manage 40 in the first 10 overs.

 It was an alarming situation for them. While it was a DO or DIE match for both teams.In the 11th over, against Abdullah, the ball flew slightly closer to his pad. The Lankans wasted their review on the OUT appeal.

Abdullah counter attacked the bowler with a six. Wonderful shot! Not a good over for previous match star Wellalage. Finally, Pakistan reached 50 runs in the 12th over. Babar’s boundary shot again failed, but they got three runs.

In the 14th over, against Pathirana, the batters shot excellently. He faced boundaries and two singles, thus facing 10 runs, and it reached 68 with only one wicket loss. The Green Shirts played well in the 15th over too, but the score reached 72. In the 73rd over, Babar lost his wicket against Wellalage.

The Sri Lankans were certain that they would get the major wicket. They were right. On an astounding delivery. Identical to the opening ball of the over. Off stump. Wellalage threw it in all directions. Babar moved forward.

Meanwhile, the batter’s ball was approaching. The ball pitches and veers off. Yet Mendis quickly flicked off the bails. The stumps lit up when the batter’s rear foot was raised in the air.He scored a total of 29 runs on 35 balls. This included three boundaries.

Abdullah Shafique and Mohammad Rizwan

Rizwan came to a crease now. Pakistan seemed to be in trouble until the 20th over, as the score could hardly crawl. But in the 21st over, Sri Lanka changed the bowling style. DDS was on the attack now. Hence, Rizwan shot him six times.

Abdullah ultimately lost his wicket in the 22nd over. As he took Pakistan to a 100 score. Then, against Pathirana, Abdullah tried to pull the ball. Yet it got only the top edge straight at the deep square leg. The fielder was probably waiting for it. He buried himself in shorts. Hard luck to the green shirts! Abdullah played 69 balls and scored 52. His score included 3 boundaries and 2 sixes.

Mohammad Haris and Rizwan

Mohammad Haris was on the crease now. Yet he couldn’t play well. While he lost his wicket just for 3 runs on 9 balls. Taken on the way back! The Pathirana was still on the rise. Sending Haris off course early in the drive-off. He threw a decent length since it was somewhat off-tempo. The bowler promptly chipped it back to about hip height. While holding on with two hands throughout his follow-through. Mohammad Nawaz was on the crease now.

Mohammad Nawaz and Rizwan

Nawaz and Rizwan had a good mutual start. The score moved. Nawaz hit two boundaries. Hereafter, the rain started, and the match was paused. Regrettably, Nawaz also lost his wicket. Pakistan was 130/5 until the 28th over. It seemed very disastrous. The ball went off the stump. It deceived Nawaz and crashed the wicket. Iftikhar was on the crease now.

Iftikhar and Rizwan

Hereafter, due to rain, the overs were reduced to 42. Both batters tried to boost the score. They hit harder shots and ultimately reached 238. What fantastic innings by Iftikhar and Rizwan! They started together at 130. Rizwan played heavy shots and had put sixes in every over by now. The 150 reached 168 in 33 overs. Thanks to two sixes by this duo

Again, 10 runs were scored in the next over; henceforth, it reached 178. Now against Theekshana, Iftikhar played a four. Furthermore, the score crossed 200 in the 38th over. Again, two boundaries by duo Both batters hit two boundaries again in the next over. Thus, the score reached 221 in the 39th over.

In the 40th, Iftikhar shot six against Madushan. Consequently, building pressure on the bowling squad Before that, they took it so easy. But now they felt it was not an easy task.

The score slows down in the next over, when Iftikhar loses his wicket. He tried to shoot the ball, but to his hard luck The ball touched his bat through his toes and was ultimately caught by the mid-off fielder. He played 40 balls and made 47 runs. Furthermore, Shadab Khan was on the crease now.

Shadab Khan and Rizwan

Same as his previous performance in the Asia Cup. He could not play well, and just after playing three balls, he lost his wicket. Mendis caught the ball. He sprang to his right and made an incredible catch after being edged! Outside is fuller off. Shadab took a huge swing at it and got a thick edge. But Mendis was perfectly timing his leap. Took hold of the ball and, most crucially, held it as it descended. Shaheen Shah Afridi came to the crease now.

Rizwan and Shaheen

Shaheen took the lead and let Rizwan be the front man. He made a boundary, and ultimately the score reached 257 with 7 wickets lost. It could not be projected from the initial performance. Thus, the credit goes to the stunning innings of Rizwan and Iftikhar. Rizwan made 86 runs on 73 balls. What a fantastic play.

PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023
PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

Batting Summary of Pakistan

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Abdullah Shafiquec Pramod Madushan b Pathirana52/6975.36
Fakhar Zamanb Pramod Madushan4/1136.36
Babar Azamst Mendis b Wellalage29/3582.85
Mohammad RizwanNot out86/73117.80
Mohammad Harisc and b Pathirana3/933.33
Mohammad Nawazb Theekshana12/12100.00
Iftikhar Ahmedc Shanaka b Pathirana47/40117.50
Shadab Khanc Mendis b Pramod Madushan3/3100.00
Shaheen Shah AfridiNot Out1/1100.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 1, w 13)15 
Total42 Overs (RR: 6.00)252/7 
Pakistan team Batting brief

Bowling Summary

Pramod Madushan27
Maheesh Theekshana19
Dasun Shanaka03
Dunith Wellalage19
Matheesha Pathirana38
Dhananjaya de Silva06
Sri Lanka team Bowling brief

Second Innings: PAK vs SL: Sri Lanka chased the target in 42 overs by doing 257/8.

Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Perera

Nissanka and Perera came to the crease to initiate the second inning against Shaheen Shah Afridi. Not a good over by pacer. As he faced 11 runs in the first over. Zaman Khan came to attack in the second over, thus not letting the counter team play.

The score reached 28 in the fourth over. But Sri Lanka lost its first wicket. Perara ran to take a single, and what a shot by Shadab Khan! Kusal Mendis was on the crease.

Mendis and Nissanka

They scored 12 in the previous over. Again, boundary in next over. Lanka reached 50 in just 8 overs. As the skipper changed the bowler, putting Wasim Jr. in proved to be the wrong decision. He faced 13 runs in his over, including three boundaries. Nawaz did the next over and, hence, faced only one run. Sri Lanka reached 62 in the 10th over. Subsequently, Pakistan controlled the score.

Shadab Khan took the wicket in the 14th over. Nissanka was out for 29 runs. He mistimed the bat in his hand. Ultimately he sent it back to the bowler’s right. Subsequently, he caught perfection. Nissanka played 44 balls and shot four boundaries. Sadeera Samarawickrama was on the crease now.

Mendis and Samarawickrama

Samarawickrama made four in his first over. The pitch was friendly for swing bowlers. Nawaz faced only 6 runs on 6 balls. Now it was Shadab’s turn again. The score reached 96 in the 16th over. Hence, it was controlled somehow. Lanka finally reached 100 in the 18th over. Not a good over for Pakistan. The score increased by 14 runs, including 3 boundaries.

Furthermore, the score reached 132 in the 212th over. Sri Lanka needed 120 more on 126 balls. Thus Mendis did his fifty. Sri Lanka reached 150 runs in the 26th over. Only 100 are left in 16 overs. The amazing fact was that the balls and runs were parallel. In the 30th over, the partnership reached 100 runs. Simultaneously, another wicket was lost.

Samarwickrama lost his wicket on the ball of Iftikhar. He came down the track. Yet it doesn’t Favour him and edges into the past. He could score 48 runs on 51 balls, including four boundaries.

Charith Asalanka and Mendis

Asalanka was on the crease now. Mendis shot a four and then six in the next over. Thus, the score reached 194 in 32 overs. Iftikhar again faced six in his next over, and thus the score reached 208 in 34 overs. Mendis is in his 90s now. However, Shadab did the tight bowling and controlled the score in his over.

Mendis lost his wicket for 91 runs. Haris jumps at the covers to catch the ball. Pakistan did such terrific fielding. A major loss for Lankans and an achievement for Pakistan. Dasun Shanka was on the crease now.

Shanaka and Asalanka

Both batters could not understand the pitch. Then they faced another loss. Again in the over of Iftikhar, the Shanaka tried to slog and handed a catch to long on. Nawaz caught him. The ball was far from Shanaka’s arc. So he intended to go over the fielder’s head. Yet instead, he got it off the bottom part. Fielder dived in front of the ball to make a stunned catch. Ultimately, he succeeded. He could make only two on four balls. Dhananjaya de Silva was on the crease now.

Asalanka and DDS

On the ball of Shaheen, DDS was out. Subsequently, the match got a twist. Crowd screamed. Received a knee-high full throw right down the neck. The umpires reviewed it and found it acceptable. It could be played easily. DDS didn’t receive the entire force of the bats’ swing in his favor. Wellalage was on the crease now.

Asalanka and Wellalage

Again OUT. Afridi made an outside edge. Rizwan caught it. Afridi was on the hat trick now. Hence Paramod Madushan came to the crease.

Madushan and Asalanka

Zaman did the last over. So much pressure on the bowler and batsmen. Couldn’t score much in the first four balls. They needed six runs on two balls. Asalanka was on strike. He set a boundary. On the next ball, they made two runs.

Consequently, Sri Lanka won on the last ball. Pakistan had been knocked out. Sri Lanka qualified for the final.

PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023
PAK vs SL, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

 Batting Summary of Sri Lanka

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Pathum Nissankac and b Shadab Khan29/4465.90
Kusal PereraRun out (Shadab Khan)17/8212.50
Kusal Mendisc Mohammad Haris b Iftikhar Ahmed31/87104.59
Sadeera Samarawickramast Mohammad Rizwan b Iftikhar Ahmed48/5194.11
Charith AsalankaNot out49/47104.25
Dasun Shanakac Mohammad Nawaz b Iftikhar Ahmed2/450.00
Dhananjaya de Silvac Mohammad Wasim b Shaheen Shah Afridi5/771.42
Dunith Wellalagec Mohammad Rizwan b Shaheen Shah Afridi0/10.00
Pramod MadushanRun out Mohammad rizwan / Zaman Khan1/333.33
Matheesha PathiranaNot out0/0 
Extras(b 1, lb 4, w 5)10 
Total42 Overs (RR 6.00)252/8 
Sri Lanka team Batting brief

 Bowling Summary

Shaheen Shah Afridi29
Zaman Khan06
Mohammad Wasim03
Mohammad Nawaz07
Shadab Khan19
Iftikhar Ahmed38
Pakistan team Bowling brief

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