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PAK vs AFG 3rd ODI match

The first two One Day Internationals will be place in Hambantota, and the third in Colombo.

Afghanistan and Pakistan’s third one-day international game has begun after Pakistan choose to bat first.

Pakistan gave target of 269 runs to the Afghanistan in third ODI Match.

Everyone is familiar of the fact that Pakistan already won the ODI series from Afghanistan by 2-0 but today match is very important for Pakistan after winning this match Pakistan hold position of No 1 team in ODI.

Pakistan won the match by 59 runs.

Seal Series 3-0

What a thrilling performance by the whole Pakistani Team. It’s a very big beautiful moment to the whole Team and Pakistan.

Australia was No 1 ODI team but, after Pakistan snatch this position from Australia by winning 2nd ODI match against Afghanistan. Now both teams are equal on points table 118 but this match is going to finalize about the No. 1 team of ODI Match.

PAK vs AFG,3rd ODI

Batting of Pakistan

Pakistan player’s

  • Fakhar Zaman (Opening Batter)
  • Imam-ul-Haq (Top-order batter)
  • Babar Azam (Captain)
  • Mohammad Rizwan (Wicket-keeper batter)
  • Saud Shakeel (Middle order batter)
  • Agha Salman (All-rounder)
  • Shadab khan (All-rounder)
  • Mohammad Nawaz (All-rounder)
  • Faheem Altaf (Bowler All-rounder)
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi (Bowler)
  • Muhammad Waseem (All-rounder)

15-over record 58/2

Pakistan lost two wickets while scoring 58 runs in 15 overs. Fazalhaq Farooqui gave scored 25 runs in four overs. Mujeeb ur Rahman, a bowler, gave scored 19 in 6 overs. In 4 overs, Gulbadin scored 14 runs.

Rashid Khan consumed four runs in two overs.

Total two wickets drawn in 15 overs

In 8th over, the first wicket was lost. Fakhar zaman shot the ball but Riaz Hasan took the catch out ball by Gulbadin Naib. Both wickets were taken by Muhammad Gulbadin Naib.

Both Pakistani wickets were catch out.

  • As the second wicket was taken on the fifth delivery of the remaining 12 overs, as Imam-ul-Haq was similarly caught by Rahmanullah Gurbaz.

Partnership of Fakhar Zaman and Imam-Ul-Haq is Scored 34 runs into 54 balls.

Record of 16-30 overs 103/2

In the first 15overs, Pakistan scored 58 runs while losing two wickets.

Pakistan produced a relatively low total in the following 16 to 30 overs, managing only 45 from 90 balls, more runs, and only two fours in that Overs.

The Pakistani squad managed a very low score through 30 overs, but between 16 to 30 overs, no wickets were taken.

Imam-ul-Haq and Babar Azam played together for 16 to 30 overs.

  • Two of Afghanistan’s top bowlers, Rashid Khan and Fazal Haq Farooqui, finished the 16 to 20 overs with only one four and very few runs being scored.
  • 21–25 Gulbadin and Fareed Ahmed played the overs up until that point without making a four or a six.
  • Fareed Ahmed and Mohammad Nabi bowled the overs from 26 to 30, during this time more runs were scored than in any other over and two fours were hit but no sixes.

31-40 Overs Record 188/5

In the next 31-40 overs Pakistan scored more runs as compared to first 30 overs.

Pakistan scored 85 runs from 31 to 40 overs.

From the first 30 overs, this score was fairly good.

Total of 35 overs only two wickets fall. Rashid Khan claimed the wicket of Babar Azam on the fifth ball of the 36th over, Saud Shakeel on the third ball of the next 38 overs, and Mohammad Rizwan on the second ball of the 39 overs.

Pakistan scored 184 after 40 overs with 5 wickets lost overall.

Afghanistan teams bowling performance was very well, same goes to the fielding of Afghanistan. Pakistani Shaheens were equally as impressive for 40 overs. Pakistani cricketers scored seven fours and two sixes in this overs.

  • Partnership of Babar Azam and Imam-ul-haq is Scored 16 runs into 23 balls.
  • Partnership of Babar Azam and Mohamed Rizwan is Scored 110 runs into 145 balls.
  • Partnership of Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel is Scored 18 runs into 9 balls.
  • Partnership of Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-haq is Scored 34 runs into 54 balls.
Pak vs Afg, 3rd ODI

Record 41-50 overs 268/7

Pakistan played admirably in the last 10 overs.

Pakistan scored 79 runs in these ten overs while losing three wickets.

The target was 269 runs with 8 wickets, while Pakistan’s total was 268.

In the third ODI, Pakistan set a goal of respectable runs.

This match is significant for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan and Australia are now tied. Pakistan will hold the top spot in ODI competition if it prevails in the third game.

Player of the Match:

Mohammad Rizwan is the player of Match. He scored 67 runs off 79 balls and was declared as the man of the match for playing an important innings.

Mohammad Rizwan says he felt it was tough and 240 runs was the expected score. Muhammad Rizwan says that he batted considering the conditions.

Mohammad Rizwan said that playing on this ground will help them in the Asia Cup. And I always try to do the best for the team and this time Allah’s grace is upon us.

And all Pakistani mothers have prayed for us that we have reached here today and won all match series against Afghanistan.

We as a whole team always strive for best performance.

Pak vs Afg ODIs August 2023

Scorecard of Pakistanis Team  

Batting of Pakistan Team

Batter’sRunsBallsWicket by6s and 4sStrike rate
Fakhar Zaman2733C Riaz Hassan b Gulbadin Naib0, 581.81
Imam-ul-Haq1e30C Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Gulbadin Naib0, 143.33
Babar Azam6086C Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Gulbadin Naib1, 469.76
Mohammad Rizwan6779Lbw by Fareed Ahmed1, 484.81
Saud Shakeel96Run out Rahmanullah Gurbaz0, 2150.00
Agha Salman3831Not out1, 4122.58
Shadab khan  3  8b Mujeeb-ur-Rehman0, 037.50
Mohammad Nawaz3025C Riaz Hassan b Fazalhaq Farooqi  1,2120.00
Faheem Ashraf22C Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Fareed Ahmed0, 0100.00
Shaheen Shah Afridi21Not out0, 0200.00
Pakistan Batting team

Pakistan made 268/8 runs in 50 overs.

It’s not a small task to the Afghanistan Team.

Bowling from Afghanistan

 Fazalhaq Farooqi74516.42
Gulbadin Naib93624.00
Rashid khan104214.20
Fareed Ahmed107027.00
Mohammad  Nabi41804.50
Afghanistan bowling team
  • Partnership of Babar Azam and Imam-ul-haq is Scored 16 runs into 23 balls.
  • Partnership of Babar Azam and Mohamed Rizwan is Scored 110 runs into 145 balls.
  • Partnership of Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel is Scored 18 runs into 9 balls.
  • Partnership of Mohammad Rizwan and Agha Salman is Scored 4 runs into 5 balls.
  • Partnership of Agha Salman and Shadab khan is Scored 5 runs into 10 balls.
  • Partnership of Mohammad Nawaz and Agha Salman is Scored 61 runs into 47 balls.
  • Partnership of Agha Salman and Shaheen Shah Afridi is Scored 2 runs into 1 ball.
  • Partnership of Agha salman and Faheem Ashraf is Scored 16 runs into 6 balls.
AFG vs PAK 3rd ODI

Batting of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Player’s

  • Rahmanullah Gurbaz (Wicket-keeper)
  • Riaz Hassan (Batter)
  • Ibrahim Zardan (Opening Batter)
  • Hashmatullah Shahidi (Captain)
  • Shahidullah (Batting All-rounder)
  • Gulbadin Naib (Batting All-rounder)
  • Muhammad Nabi (All-rounder)
  • Rashid Khan (Bowling All-rounder)
  • Fazalhaq Farooqi (Bowler)
  • Fareed Ahmed (Bowler)

1-15 Overs Record 52/2

Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Riaz Hassan are openers. Afghanistan lost two wickets.

While scoring 52 runs in 15 overs. Shaheen Shah scored 15 runs in Afridi’s four overs. Faheem Ashraf took the first wicket in the 9th over. And Faheem Ashraf also took the second wicket in the 10th over

Faheem Ashraf scored 18 runs in 6 overs. Shaheen Afridi scored 10 runs in 3 overs

8 runs were scored in Shadab Khan’s two overs

Two wickets fell in 15 overs.

Partnership of Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Riaz Hassan is 17 runs into 32 balls.

Record of 16-30 overs 83/6

Total 30 over score is 83 runs and 6 wickets into 30 overs. Afghanistan’s score from 16 to 30 overs was 31. Total six wickets fell and Four wickets altogether fell in these overs.

Afghanistan also competes fiercely and diligently! It is, but there is fierce rivalry. Only 31 runs were achieved by Afghanistan in those 15 overs, much below the mark.

And Afghanistan need more speed to make high score. Then Afghanistan have chance to won the match.

Record of 31-50 overs  [209/10 in 49 Overs]

Afghanistan tried to play very well in the last 20 overs but Pakistan showed strong fielding and good bowling.

There is no doubt that the players of both the teams are playing very good.

But Afghanistan lost despite making a good innings in these 20 overs, all the players of Afghanistan were out in 49 overs. Pakistan won the match and became the number 1 team in ODI matches

Between these 20 overs, Pakistan players Muhammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan took one wicket each while Shaheen Shah Afridi took 2 wickets.

  • 97/7 Rashid Khan out in 32.1 overs Mohammad Nawaz takes the wicket.
  • 154/8  Shahidullah out in 39.1 overs Shadab khan took the wicket.
  • 199/9 Mujeeb-ur-Rehman out in 45.6 overs Shaheen Shah Afridi took the wicket.
  • 209/10 Fareed Ahmed out in 48.4 overs Shaheen Shah Afridi took the wicket.

Batting of Afghanistan Team

[Target: 269 runs within 50 Overs]

BattingRunsBall’sWicket bySixes and FoursStrike Rate
Rahmanullah Gurbaz515Lbw  b Faheem Ashraf0, 033.33
Riaz Hassan3466C  Fakhar zaman b Shadab khan0, 551.51
Ibrahim Zardan011C Muhammad Rizwan b Faheem Ashraf0, 00.00
Hashmatullah Shahidi1331C Imam-ul-haq b Shadab khan0, 141.93
Shahidullah3765Lbw b Shadab khan0, 256.92
Gulbadin Naib03C Mohammad Rizwan b Agha salman0, 00.00
Mohammad Nabi315C Imam-ul-haq b Mohammad Nawaz0, 020.00
Rashid Khan1612C Shaheen Shah Afridi b Mohammad Nawaz1, 1133.33
Mujeeb-ur-Rehman6437C Shaheen Shah Afridi b Mohammad Nawaz5, 5172.97
Fareed Ahmad1729b Shaheen Shah Afridi0, 158.62
Fazalhaq Farooqi68Not out0, 175.00
Afghanistan Batting Squad

    Total         209     48.4 Ov (RR:4.29)

Bowling from Pakistan

Bowler  OversRunsWicketECON
Shaheen Shah Afridi9.43123.20
Faheem Ashraf84325.37
Mohammad Wasim103503.50
Shadab khan104234.20
Agha salman2311.50
Mohammad Nawaz94525.00
Pakistan bowling Squad
  • Partnership of Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Riaz Hassan Scored 17 runs into 32 balls.
  • Partnership of Ibrahim Zardan and Riaz Hassan Scored 13 runs into 28 balls.
  • Partnership of Hashmatullah Shahidi and Riaz Hassan Scored 30 runs into 61 balls.
  • Partnership of Hashmatullah Shahidi and Shahidullah Scored 1 run into 3 balls.
  • Partnership of Gulbadin Naib and Shahidullah is 1 run into 6 balls.
  • Partnership of Mohammad Nabi and Shahidullah Scored 13 runs into 42 balls.
  • Partnership of Shahidullah and Rashid khan scored 22 runs into 21 balls.
  • Partnership of Shahidullah and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman is 57 runs into 42 balls.
  • Partnership of Fareed Ahmed and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman is 45 runs into 41 balls.
  • Partnership of Fareed Ahmed and Fazalhaq Farooqi scored 10 runs into 16 balls.


Pakistan won the match by 59 runs. Pakistan climbs as the No.1 in ODIs matches.

In this time, The credit not only goes to the Captain instead it goes to the whole Shaheen Pakistan’s team.Hard work of full team that’s why we reach at the No.1 team in ODIs matches.

Afghanistan first match 59 runs all out and this match Afghanistan lost by 59 runs.

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