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NZ vs ENG, 4th ODI, Highlights

4th ODI of Series, 2023

NZ vs ENG, ENG won the match by 100 Runs

The initial One-Day International (ODI) was played in Cardiff between England and New Zealand. The visiting team, New Zealand played excellently and won by 297 runs in 45.4 overs .Only two wickets were lost .The ODI took place at Kennington oval in London.

Moreover, the second One-Day International (ODI) between England and New Zealand will be played at Southampton on September 10th as part of a four-match ODI series. New Zealand opted to play ball. England triumphed by a score of 79 runs.

However, the third One-Day International (ODI) between England and New Zealand, played at Kennington Oval, London. Nonetheless, New Zealand elected to bowl in this encounter .England won by a score of 181 runs.

Following this, the fourth and last One-Day International (ODI) played between England and New Zealand at Lord’s, London. In this match England won by 100 runs.

ENG vs NZ, 4th ODI of Series 2023
NZ vs ENG, 4th ODI of Series 2023

Match Briefing NZ vs ENG

VenueLord’s, London
TossNew Zealand, elected to field first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of England
Player Of The MatchDawid Malan
Series resultEngland led the 4-match series 3-1
Match numberODI no. 4647
Match days15 September 2023 – day (50-over match)
UmpiresAdrian Holdstock Martin Saggers
TV UmpirePaul Reiffel
Reserve UmpireAlex Wharf
Match RefereeChris Broad
Match Summary

First Innings, NZ vs ENG

England scored 311 runs in 50 Overs                                                                                         

Jonny Bairstow and Dawid Malan

Jonny Bairstow and David Malan started the fourth ODI. During the first over, Bairstow lost his first wicket in fourth over. He lost his wicket to Henry. Although he played 16 ball and scored 13. His score included a one boundary. Strike rate of 81.25. While his partner scored very good with a strike rate of 111.40. Dawid Malan played efficiently and scored very well. Furthermore After the loss of the first wicket, Joe Root was on the crease.

Joe Root and Dawid Malan

Dawid Malan played smoothly and gained a good score of 127 on 114 balls. Furthermore he shot 14 boundaries and 3 six. On the other hand, Joe Root scored 29 on 40 balls. He also shot two boundary and one six.  Strike rate of 72.50. Unfortunately, Root lost his second wicket in the 20th over. Later, Harry Brook came on the crease now.

Dawid Malan and Brook

Consequently, Dawid’s runs are 127 on 114 balls. While harry brook scored 10 on 15 balls. Strike rate of 66.66. His score was very low, and he played with effort to score more in this match. But unfortunately, brook lost his third wicket in 24th over. Up next, Jos Buttler was on the crease now.

Joes Buttler and Dawid Malan

Dawid performance was very excellent. He scored very high in this series. His strike rate was 111.40. On the other hand, Jos Buttler scored 36 on 31 balls. He shot three boundaries and one six. Regretfully, Buttler lost his fourth wicket in the 40th over. Liam Livingstone has arrived on the crease.

Dawid Malan and Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone scored 28 on 38 balls. Strike rate of 73.68. In the second ODI, Liam Livingstone played excellently. Furthermore, Dawid was the player of the match. As such, he scored 127 on 114 balls. In addition he shot 14 boundaries with a strike rate of 111.40. Unfortunate, He lost his fifth wicket to Ravindra in the 40th over. Moeen Ali is on the crease now.

Moeen Ali and Liam Livingstone

Moeen Ali scored three on eight balls. Although, he shot zero boundary and no six. Unfortunately, Moeen Ali lost his six wickets in the 42th over. Sam Curran came on now

Sam Curran and Liam Livingstone

Sam Curran scored 20 on 13 balls. He shot three boundaries. Livingstone lost his seventh wicket in the 45th over against Jamieson. David Willey was on the crease now.

Dawid Willey and Sam Curran

David Willey scored 19 points on 11 balls. Here he shot the two boundary and one six. Strike rate of 172.72. In the 46th over, Sam Curran lost his eighth wicket. Brydon Carse arrived at the crease.

Brydon Carse and David Willey

Brydon scored 15 runs on 13 balls. The strike rate was 115.38 percent. David Willey was bowled out for the ninth time by Mitchell. Reece Topley is presently on the crease.

Reece Topley and Brydon Carse

Unfortunately, Reece Topley scored 1 points on 1 shots. The over has now concluded with a total of 311.

ENG vs NZ, 4th ODI of Series 2023
NZ vs ENG, 4th ODI of Series 2023

Batting Summary of England ( NZ vs ENG)

BatsmenWicket ByrunsStrike rate
Jonny Bairstowc Mitchell b Henry13/1681.25
Dawid Malanc †Latham b Ravindra127/114111.40
Joe Rootb Ravindra29/4072.50
Harry Brookc Phillips b Ravindra10/1566.66
Jos Buttler (c)†c sub (TA Boult) b Mitchell36/31116.12
Liam Livingstonelbw b Jamieson28/3873.68
Moeen Alic sub (TA Boult) b Ravindra3/837.50
Sam Curranb Henry20/13153.84
David Willeyc sub (TA Boult) b Mitchell19/11172.72
Brydon CarseNot out15/13115.38
Reece TopleyNot out1/1100.00
Extras(lb 3, w 7)10 
TOTAL50 Ov  (RR: 6.22)311 
England team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary of New Zealand

Matt Henry210
Tim Southee04
Ben Lister06
Kyle Jamieson110
Rachin Ravindra410
Glenn Phillips03
Daryl Mitchell27
New Zealand team Bowling Brief

2nd Innings

New Zealand defeated and scored only 211 in 38 Overs.

Will Young and Devon Conway

The first two batter, Devon Conway and Will Young, were on the mound. Will Young did better than Devon. Conway scored 7 points on 12 balls .While young has 1 boundary .His strike rate was 58.33. Unfortunately, Will convay lost his first wicket in the fifth over. Despite the fact that he scored 7 points on 12 balls. Now comes Henry Nicholls onto the crease.

Henry Nicholls and Will Young

Young scored 24 on 31 balls .He shot three boundaries with no six. His striking rate was 77.41 percent. Young lost his second wicket in 8th over. Daryl Mitchell has arrived on crease.

Daryll Mitchells and Henry Nicholls

Henry Nicholls scored 41 on 48 balls. He has two boundaries  and one six .Strike rate hit by 85.41.while Daryl Mitchell scored 4 on 14 balls .He has zero boundary .His strike rate was 28.57.Daryl lost his third wicket in 11th over. Tom Latham on crease now.

Tom Latham and Henry Nicholls

Tom Latham scored 13 on 22 balls. Unfortunately, he lost his 4th wicket by the bowler Ali in 18th over. Glenn Phillips came on crease now.

Henry Nicholls and Glenn Phillips

Glenn scored 25 on 32 balls, hitting two boundaries with no sixes, with a strike rate of 78.12. Meanwhile, Henry lost his fifth wicket in the 24th over to the bowler Ali, and Rachin Ravindra came on to bat.

Glenn Phillips and Rachin Ravindra

Rachin also performed admirably. He gained 61 on 48 balls .He hit three home runs. He has 4 sixes .The strike rate was 127.08 percent. Unfortunately, Glenn lost his sixth wicket in the 29th over to bowler Livingstone .Kyle Jamieson has now entered the crease.

Kyle Jamieson and Rachin Ravindra

Kyle scored 15 points on 18 attempts. The strike rate was 83.33.However, he lost his seventh wicket in the 34th over. Matt Henry   has now entered the crease. Despite this, Rachin performed admirably.

Rachin Ravindra and Matt Henry

Henry scored 0 on 1 attempts .strike rate was also 0.00. And, he lost his 8th wicket by Ali.Ben Lister entered the game at this point.

Ben Lister and Rachin Ravindra

Lister stayed till the match end .He scored 5 on 4 balls .he shot one boundary. The strike rate was 125.0 percent .In the 38th over, Rachin lost his 9th wicket. Therefore, guest team could not fulfill the target .as host team targeted 311 runs in 50 overs .new Zealand hit only 211 scored in 38th over.

Batting Summary of New Zealand

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Devon Conwayrun out (†Buttler)7/1258.33
Will Youngc †Buttler b Willey24/3177.41
Henry Nichollslbw b Ali41/4885.41
Daryl Mitchellb Carse4/1428.57
Tom Latham (c)†b Ali13/2259.09
Glenn Phillipsc Brook b Livingstone25/3278.12
Rachin Ravindrab Curran61/48127.08
Kyle Jamiesonc & b Ali15/1883.33
Matt Henryc Root b Ali0/10.00
Ben ListerNot out5/4125.00
Tim SoutheeAbsent Hurt
Extras(lb 3, w 13)16 
TOTAL38.2 Ov  (RR: 5.50)211 
New Zealand team Batting brief

At the end, England won a match by 100 runs.

ENG vs NZ, 4th ODI of Series 2023
NZ vs ENG, 4th ODI of Series 2023

England Bowling Summary

David Willey16
Reece Topley05
Brydon Carse17
Sam Curran13.2
Moeen Ali410
Liam Livingstone17
England team Bowling Brief

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