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NZ vs. BAN T20I III: Highlights

NZ vs. BAN T20I III was played on December 31, 2023. Moreover, Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui, was the venue of the match. It is to be noted that the T20I series of matches ended without any conclusion. One of the matches was not played due to rain. So the series ended with a tie. Bangladesh won one match. While New Zealand won the other through DRS,

Toss Update of NZ vs. BAN

It is to be noted that New Zealand won the toss. Yet they chose bowling first. Yet all Bangladeshi players could only score 110. Since they lost all their wickets in 19.2 overs, On the other hand, New Zealand scored 95/5 until the 15th over. So, the rain affected the match. Yet it stopped due to rain. Hence, through the DRS method, it ended with the victory of New Zealand.

Match Details

StadiumBay Oval, Mount Maunganui
TossNew Zealand, elected first batting
SeriesBangladesh tour to New Zealand
Man of the MatchMitchell Santner
Man of the SeriesShoriful Islam
Series ResultDrawn 1-1
UmpiresChris Brown Wayne Knights
Third UmpireShaun Haig
Reserve UmpireKim Cotton
Match RefereeJeff Crowe
Match Details

First Inning: NZ vs. BAN, Bangladesh scored 110/10 in 19.2 overs.

It was so hard for Bangladesh, yet none of their players could score much. Since they scored 110 altogether, Yet Najmul Hossain Shanto made the most of 17 runs against 15 balls. While most of the players could not even reach two-digit scores,

Soumya Sarkar and Rony Talukdar

Soumya Sarkar and Rony Talukdar began the inning with their batting from Bangladesh. On the other hand, Tim Southee did the attacking bowling for New Zealand. But despite their hard luck, Bangladesh lost its first wicket in the first over. It was Sourmya Sarkar against Southee. Thus, a huge appeal for LBW was made.

He played four balls. Yet scored 4. Moreover, his inning included one boundary. He had no doubt about the ball touching his pads. Yet the ball was to hit the middle stumps. Since it curved back in devilishly.

Rony Talukdar and Najmul Hossain Shanto

Najmul Hossain Shanto was on the crease now. The score moved to 31 in the 5th over. Moreover, credit went to both players. Unluckily, they lost another wicket. Shanto was off the crease. Since he made 17 runs against 15 balls, Moreover, he scored 4 boundaries.

This unfortunate ball, Shanto, was from Milne. Yet Allen made it impossible for him to stick to the crease.

It was a lengthy delivery to the stumps. So fortunate for New Zealand that they got two gems in powerplay.

Rony Talkudar and Towhid Hridoy

Towhid Hridoy was on the crease now. Bangladesh lost another wicket in the very next over. As in the 6th over, a massive appeal from LBW was made for Talukdar. Since he scored 10 on 10 balls, Moreover, he made two boundaries. Yet this ball was directed directly towards the leg and middle stumps. Hence it ended with the loss of another wicket. 

Towhid Hridoy and Afif Hossain

Afif Hossain was on the crease now. He played 13 balls. Yet scored 14. Moroeverr the inning included 2 boundaries. No six was there. It is to be discuss here that Santner threw the ball yet he could not judge it accurately hence it ended with the caught behind. 

NZ vs. BAN

Towhid Hriody and Shamim Hossain

Shamim Hossain was on the crease now. Yet in 11th over, they lost another wicket. Since Hridoy scored 16 on 18 balls. Moreover he shot 2 boundaries.

Shamim Hossain and Mahedi Hasan

Mahedi Hasan was the next on crease. Moreover the Bangladesh seemed in trouble. SInce they scored 78 only in 14.1 overs. Yet they lost another wicket. Mahedi Hsan was dismissed on the ball of Santner. Yet he played 13 balls and so unfortunate for him that he could score only 4. 

Shamim Hossain and Rishad Hossain

Rishad Hossain was on the crease now. Moreover Shamim could not manage to play much. Yet lost his wicket on scoring 9 only. It was Santner’s ball again. Since he grabbed 4 wickets including the two in this over. 

However the ball was directly towards the stumps. In order to save his wicket he went o knees and yet tried to sweep it towards the short fine leg. Bangladesh was 81/7.

Shoriful Islam and Rishad Hossain

Shoriful Islam was on the crease now. Moreover he could not stand much. Yet lost his wicket in just next over. Since he scored 4 on playing 5 balls. However the Sears threw the ball and Neesham caught it very well. As the ball was outside off hardly. 

Rishad Hossain and Tanvir Islam

Tanvir Islam was on the crease now. It was so cruical time for team bangladesh.Since they not even reach 100 by over 16. Yet they lost 8 wickets.  So Tanvir came to play. But so unfortunate for Bangladesh that even he could not play well. 

Moreover he was also dismissed. Yet he lost his wicket too on the ball of Southee. He scored 8 against 7 balls. Bangladesh was 105/9. 

NZ vs. BAN

Mustafizur Rahman and Rishad Hossain

Mustafizur Rahman was the last wicket of team Bangladesh. Moreover he came to crease now. Since the team was in huge trouble. He could score only 3 on 4 balls. Hence the match ended with the dismissal of Rishad. As he lost his wicket on the ball of Milne. He scoed 10 on 13 balls he played. 

Not a good target from team Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s Batting Summary, NZ vs. BAN

BatsmenWicket ByRunsStrike Rate
Soumya Sarkarlbw
b Southee
Rony Talukdarlbw
b Sears
Namul Hossain Shantoc Allens
b Milne
Towhid Hridoyc Seifert
b Santner
Afif Hossainc Seifert
b Santner
Shamim Hossainc Southee
b Santner
Mahedi Hasanc Seifert
b Santner
Rishad Hossainb Milne10/1376.92
Shoriful Islamc Neesham
b Sears
Tanvir Islamc Sodhi
b Southee
Mustafizur RahmanNot Out3/475.00
Extras(lb 2, w 9)11
Total19.2 Overs (RR:5.68, 97 Mins)110
Batting Summary

New zealand’s Bowling Summary

Tim Southee42
Adam Milne3.22
Ben Sears42
Mitchell Santner44
Ish Sodhi40
Bowling Summary

Second Inning: NZ vs. BAN, New Zealand scored 95/5 in 14.4 overs.

Finn Allen and Tim Seifert

Finn Allen and Tim Seifert came for opening batting from New Zealand. Tanvir Islam began the attack, bowling from Bangladesh. The match began so smoothly, as they scored 14 until the end of the second over. But unfortunately, they lost a wicket too. Tim Seifert was dismissed on the ball of Mahedi Hasan.

Yet he scored one on three balls. However, the wicketkeeper was confirmed to have been dismissed. Yet the umpires were confused. Moreover, he was proved right. As the replay displayed, his back foot was out of crease. While the bat was in the air.

Daryl Mitchell and Finn Allen

Daryl Mitchell came to crease now. Yet both players made the duo to win.But unfortunately, he could not score much. While he was dismissed on the 4th over, he lost his wicket just by scoring 1 on 5 balls.

Moreover, it is to be mentioned that Mahedi Hasan threw the ball. Yet it was slowed by the length of the stumps. It was so unfortunate for Mitchell that he tried to play. The team lost two just by scoring 26.

Finn Allen and Glenn Philips

Glenn Philips was on the crease now. Moreover, he played four balls yet lost his wicket by scoring only one. It is to be mentioned that it was the 5th over when New Zealand lost its 3rd wicket. Shoriful Islam hit the stumps of the Phillips. So it was cut in half. While flattering the stumps. NZ was 30/3.

NZ vs. BAN

Mark Chapman and Finn Allen

Mark Chapman was on the crease now. It is so unfortunate for New Zealand. Another wicket loss just for scoring 1. He was the fourth player with only one goal. Furthermore, New Zealand was discovered to be in trouble. Some waves of spark revolve around Bangladesh. As it puts hope in winning. Moreover, it was a run-out. New Zealand is 38/4.

Finn Allen and James Neesham

James Neesham has come to the crease now. The duo somehow boosted the score. The point was in the favor of New Zealand that the target was not much higher. Allen, however, lost his wicket on 38 runs in the 9th over. He shot four boundaries and two sixes.
Furthermore, it was to be discussed here that, on the ball of Shoriful Islam, he lost his wicket. Since he made lengthy deliveries on the middle leg stumps, NZ was 49/5.

Mitchell Santner and James Neesham

Mitchell Santner has come to the crease now. Moreover, Neesham and Santner made it to 95 in 14.4 overs. Moreover, it included 28 runs by Neesham against 20 balls. However, his inning included 1 boundary and 2 sixes. Yet Santner’s innings included 18 runs against 20 balls. Yet he made only one boundary.

New Zealand Won

However, the rain affected the match so harshly. They made a decision through the DRS method. It could be seen that the chances of New Zealand’s win were much higher. So the ball was in their court.

New Zealand’s Batting Summary, NZ vs. BAN

BatsmenWicket ByRunsStrike Rate
Finn Allenb Shoriful Islam38/31122.58
Tim Seifertst Rony Talukdar
b Mahedi Hasan
Daryl Mitchellc Najmul Hossain Shanto
b Mahedi Hasan
Glenn Phillipsb Shoriful Islam1/425.00
Mark ChapmanRun Out
(Afif Hossain/Mustafizur Rahman)
James NeeshamNot Out28/20140.00
Mitchell SantnerNot Out18/2090.00
Extras(lb 2, w 5)7
Total14.4 Overs
(RR: 6.47)
Batting Summary

Bangladesh’s Bowling Summary

Tanvir Islam10
Mahedi Hasan42
Shoriful Islam3.42
Mustafizur Rahman30
Rishad Hossain20
Najmul Hossain Shanto10
Bowling Summary

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