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New Zealand VS Netherlands, Match 6, ICC Men’s ODI CWC2023

October 9, New Zealand VS Netherlands, Match 6, CWC2023

The 6th Match of ICC Men’s ODI CWC2023 was held at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad. The opponent teams were New Zealand and the Netherlands. Also, a fantastic display of cricket was witnessed by the spectators here. The Netherlands team decided to field first after winning the toss.

 Both teams worked hard to win the Match. Furthermore, the Netherlands team bowled very well just like a big team. Whereas the NZ team’s batting line was superb.

However, at the end the New Zealand team won this match by a huge margin with 99 runs. Also, the Man of the Match was Mitchell Santner due to his superb performance and 36*/17 and 5/59.

New Zealand VS Netherlands
New Zealand VS Netherlands

New Zealand VS Australia Match Brief

SeriesICC CWC2023
Match DayOctober 9, 2023
TeamsNew Zealand VS Netherlands
Match No.6
ODI No.4663
VenueRajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
TossNetherlands decided to bat first after winning the toss
Match ResultNew Zealand won with 99 runs
Man of the MatchMitchell Santner
UmpiresPaul ReiffelRod Tucker
Reserve UmpireNitin Menon
TV UmpireJoel Wilson
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Match briefing

First Innings

New Zealand VS Netherlands

Netherlands on 322 runs on the loss of 7 Wickets in 50 Overs

Devon Conway and Will Young

At the Start of 1st innings, Conway and Young were the opening batsmen from New Zealand. Whereas Dutt was the Bowler from Team Netherlands. In the First over, no run was made by Conway on Dutt’s balls and in the 2nd over there was no run from Young on Klein’s balls either. Moreover, the same goes in the 3rd over too. However, Young hits two crisp 4s with the interval of 3 balls in the 4th over on Klein’s balls.

With 5 more 4s and one sizzling 6 from Conway, and three 4s and one 6 from Young NZ’ score was 63 in 10 Overs. The flow of runs was steady until the Wicket drop of Conway at the Start of 12th over by Van der Merwe. Conway’s total scores were 32 on 40 balls.

Will Young and Rachin Ravindra

After the major Wicket loss for NZ, the 3rd Batsman on the Crease was Rachin Ravindra. The game once again started with a slow pace. Will Young tried consistently to hit 4 or 6. Furthermore, with Will’s 2 more 4s, NZ scores were 102/1 in 20 Overs. After this Ravindra hits 2 4s and one 6. In addition, Young also hits a 6 on Ackermann’s ball. But at 26.1 over, Young lost his wicket on Van Meekeren’s ball with his 70 runs on 80 balls.

Rachin Ravindra and Daryll Mitchell

The next batsman after Young was Daryll Mitchell. Mitchell started hitting runs just at the beginning of his innings. Moreover, he throws a classical 4 and 6 to van Meekeren, then a crisp 4 to Klein. And just like these 30 overs for the New Zealand team were completed with 171/2.

Ravindra also hit a 4 to Klein but after that his wicket was dropped on the ball by van Merwe. His total scores were 51/51.

Daryll Mitchell and Tom Latham(c) 

Tom Latham was the next batsman after Ravindra. After one 4 to Merwe in 34.2 overs, Tom hit 3 consecutive 4s to de Leede with so much brilliance. With that Mitchell also hits 2 more 4s and a sizzling 6. Both of them put great pressure on the bowlers. But later at the Start of the 40th over where NZ’s Scores were 238/3, Mitchell’s wicket was dropped by Meekeren at his 48/47 overs.

Tom Latham and Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips appeared on the crease after Mitchell. The game once again started to cheer with a 4 from Phillips but in the next over Phillips’s wicket was dropped by de Leede on 4/4.

Tom Latham and Mark Chapman

Phillips left and Chapman came next. But Chapman only made 5 on 13 and then he was out on the ball of Dutt.

Tom Latham and Mitchell Santner

At this stage 6 wicket were down for New Zealand. Santner came and the play started again. On his 2nd ball, he threw a beautiful 4 to Dutt. Then Latham who was a little slow during the previous overs also hit a 6 and a 4. Later his wicket was lost by Dutt in 48.4 overs at his 53/46.

Mitchell Santner and Matt Henry

Henry came and created uproar with his sensational 6 on the first ball from Dutt. With that Santner also hit a 4 to de Leede. Moreover, Santner hit 2 6s at the last 2 balls of 49th over Gracefully. The total scores for NZ were 322/7.

New Zealand VS Netherlands
New Zealand VS Netherlands

Batting Summary of team New Zealand

Devon Conway32/40 (b/van Merwe, c/de Leede)5/180.00
Will Young70/80 (b/van Merwe, c/de Leede)7/287.50
Rachin Ravindra51/51 (b/van Merwe, c/ Edwards)3/1100.00
Daryl Mitchell48/47 (b/van Meekeren)5/2102.12
Tom Latham (Captain)53/46 (b/Dutt, c/Edwards)6/1115.21
Glenn Phillips4/4 (b/de Leede, c/Edwards)1/0100.00
Mark Chapman5/13 (b/Dutt, c/van Merwe)0/038.46
Mitchell Santner36/17 not out3/2211.76
Matt Henry 10/4 not out0/1250.00
NZ team Batting brief

Bowling brief of team Netherlands

BowlingOversMaiden OversRunsWickets
Aryan Dutt102622
Ryan Klein71410
Paul van Meekeren90592
Reolof van der Merwe90562
Colin Ackermann40280
Bas de Leede100641
Vikramjit Singh1090
NED team Bowling brief

2nd Innings

New Zealand VS Netherlands

Netherlands on 223 runs on the loss of 10 Wickets in 46.3 Overs

Vikramjit Singh and Max O’Dowd

At the start of the 2nd innings, the opening batsmen from Netherlands were Vikramjit and O’Dowd. Whereas the bowler from the New Zealand team was Trent Boult. From the start, the flow of scores was stable and slow, then during the 3rd over Vikramjit threw a 4 on the ball of Henry. Later O’Dowd also hits a 4 on Boult’s ball. However, at 5.6 overs the wicket of Vikramjit was dropped by Henry on his 12/20 runs.

Max O’Dowd and Colin Ackermann

Ackermann was the next top-order batsman from Netherlands and played some careful and slow innings until the 9th over. At 9.1 overs, he hits a 4 on the ball of Henry. And just like these 10 overs for Netherlands were passed with 35/1. O’Dowd also hits a 4 on Santner’s ball and his wicket later dropped in the same over by Santner. The total runs for O’Dowd were 16/31.

Colin Ackermann and Bas de Leede

Next batsman on the crease was de Leede with Ackermann. Leede hits a 4 on his 2nd ball from Ferguson. By hitting two more 4s de Leede was performing very well but unfortunately his wicket was lost by Ravindra on 16.4 overs on his 18/25 runs.

Colin Ackermann and Teja Nidamanuru

Leede is gone and Nidamanuru joins Ackermann. Here, the 20 overs are completed for the Netherlands including a 4 from Nidamanuru. The total scores were 76/3. Nidamanuru hits a 4 and a 6 to Ravindra and Santner. Then Ackermann also threw a 4 to Santner and again a 4 to Boult. The game becomes steady at this stage but turns again in turmoil with the wicket down of Ackermann by Boult on his 69/73 runs.

Teja Nidamanuru and Scott Edwards (captain)

At this stage 4 wicket were lost for the Netherlands team. Scott Edwards came next to Ackermann. With 2 more 4s from Edwards, Netherlands were 131/4 at 30th overs. However, Santner made Nidamanuru out on his 21/26 runs in 32.5 overs.

Edwards and Sybrand Engelbrecht

Later, after Nidamanuru, Sybrand Cames on the crease. And hits a sizzling 4 on his 3rd ball from Ferguson. Edwards also hits a beautiful 6 and 4 to Santner. However, Santner strikes again, and Edwards loses his wicket on his 30/27 runs at 34.5 overs.

Sybrand Engelbrecht and van der Merwe

Merwe was the next batsman from the Netherlands team. But he stays on the crease for a short period of time and his wicket was lost by Santner on his ⅙ runs at 36.3 overs.

Sybrand Engelbrecht and Ryan Klein

Later Both Ryan and Sybrand played very carefully and just like these 40 overs were up for the Netherlands on 196/7 runs. And at 41st over, Klein was out on Santner’s strike on his 8/15 runs.

Sybrand Engelbrecht and Aryan Dutt

Dutt was the next batsman from the Netherlands team. He played for a while and then hit a 6 to Ravindra. Later Sybrand loses his Wicket by Henry on 44.6 overs. His scores were 29/34 at this stage.

Dutt and van Meekeren

Meekeren only able to hit a 4 because the game was ended at 46.3 overs on the wicket drop of Dutt by Henry.

New Zealand VS Netherlands
New Zealand VS Netherlands

Batting brief of Netherlands team

Vikramjit Singh12/20 (b/Henry)1/060.00
Max O’Dowd16/31 (Lbw by Santner)2/051.61
Colin Ackermann69/73 (b/Santner, c/Henry)5/094.52
Bas de Leede18/25 (b/Ravindra, c/Boult)3/072.00
Teja Nidamanuru21/26 (run out by Ferguson & Latham)2/180.76
Scott Edwards (captain)30/27 (b & c by Santner)2/1111.11
Sybrand Engelbrecht29/34 (b/Henry, c/Conway)3/085.29
Roelof van der Merwe1 /6 (b/Santner, c/Henry)0/016.66
Ryan Klein8/15 (b/Santner Lbw)0/053.33
Aryan Dutt11/20 (b/Henry)0/155.00
Paul van Meekeren4/3  not out1/0133.33
NED team batting brief

Bowling brief of New Zealand Team

BowlerOverMaiden OverWicketsRuns
Trent Boult80034
Matt Henry8.30340
Mitchell Santner100559
Lockie Ferguson80032
Rachin Ravindra100146
Glenn Phillips20011
NZ team Bowling brief

The New Zealand team achieved a stunning Victory and won this Match by 99 runs.

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