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New Zealand VS Bangladesh, Match 11, CWC2023

October 13, New Zealand VS Bangladesh, Match 11, CWC2023

New Zealand and Bangladesh teams faced each other during the 11th Match of the ICC Men’s ODI CWC2023. Moreover, this match was hosted by MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai on October 13, 2023.

In addition, the toss was won by the NZ team, and they decided to Bowl first. Whereas the Bangladesh team did the batting first and made total 245/9 in 50 0vers. Later, the NZ team played the Match brilliantly and won the Match with 8 Wickets and made total runs of 248/2 in 42.5 overs. Lockie Ferguson was announced as the Man of the Match for his 3 Wickets in 49 overs.

Lockie Ferguson, Man of the Match, New Zealand VS Bangladesh
Lockie Ferguson, Man of the Match, New Zealand VS Bangladesh

Match Brief

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Season 2023-24
Match dateOctober 13, 2023
TeamsNew Zealand VS Bangladesh
Match No.11
ODI No.4668
VenueMA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
TossNew Zealand decided to Bowl first after winning the toss
Match ResultNew Zealand won by 43 balls and 8 Wickets remaining
Man of the MatchLockie Ferguson
UmpiresKumar DharmasenaNitin Menon
Reserve UmpireAlex Wharf
TV UmpireMichael Gough
Match RefereeRichie Richarson
Match Details

First Innings, New Zealand VS Bangladesh

Bangladesh on 245 runs on the loss of 9 Wickets in 50 Overs

Litton Das and Tanzid Hasan

Das and Tanzid were the opening batsmen of Bangladesh team. As soon as the first ball came from Boult, Das had to lose his wicket with 0 runs.

Tanzid Hasan and Mehidy Hasan Miraz

After the dismissal of 1st Wicket for Bangladesh, the next batsman was Mehidy on the Crease. Later on the 5th ball Boult received a classic 4 from Tanzid. Mehidy also hit a 4 to Henry at the end of 2nd over. Furthermore, the game started to flow steadily with three 4s from Tanzid and two from Mehidy until the 7th over. At 7.6 over Tanzid’s wicket dropped due to Ferguson’s strike at his 16/17 scores.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Najmul Hasan Shanto

At the start of the 8th over, 2 wickets were already down for the Bangladesh team. Later Najmul Hasan Shanto came in as the next player. Moreover at 10 overs, the total score for Bangladesh team was 46/2. Nextly Ferguson made Mehidy out at 11.4 over. Overall total scores for Mehidy at that time were 30/46.

Najmul Hasan Shanto and Shakib Al Hasan (C)

Mehidy left and the captain of the team Shakib Al Hasan came next. On the 3rd ball Shanto’s wicket dismissed by Phillips with his ⅞ runs.

Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim

The arrival of Mushfiqur on the pitch brought in some good runs with many 4s and 6s too for Bangladesh. In addition, Shakib also made some good 4s. The Partnership of these two players had stabilized the scores of Bangladesh team. However, 2 more 6s from Shakib and his wicket was lost by Ferguson at the end of the 29th over. Overall scores of Bangladesh team at 30 overs were 152/5 including 40/51 scores of Shakib.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Towhid Hridoy

Towhid joined Mushfiqur on the Pitch as the next batsman. The game flows slowly with occasional runs from both players. However, Mushfiqur hits a sensational 4 on the 35th over. Later his wicket was dismissed at the last ball of the 35th over by Henry at his 66/75 runs.

Towhid Hridoy and Mahmudullah

At 36th over, 6 Wickets were down for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah was the next batsman after Mushfiqur. After his arrival just 2 overs passed, and another wicket was down for Bangladesh. Unfortunately, Towhid’s wicket was dropped by Boult at his 13/25 runs.

Mahmudullah and Taskin Ahmed

Mahmudullah sets himself well at this stage of the Game and after not making any runs for 4 balls he hits a 4 at 38th over. Taskin also makes some slow runs. At the end of the 40th over, Bangladesh was on 189/7. Furthermore, at the 5th ball of the 40th over, Taskin hits a crunch 6 on Ravindra’s ball. Whereas Mahmudullah threw a 4 too. Later Taskin again hits a 6 before losing his Wicket at 44.6 overs by Ferguson with his total runs of 17/19.

Mahmudullah and Mustafizur Rahman

After the arrival of Mustafizur on 45th over, the game flowed slowly and then the Wicket of Mustafizur was dropped at 47.6 over by Henry at his 4/10 runs.

Mahmudullah and Shoriful Islam

At 48th over Mahmudullah hits 2 classical 6s. However, Shoriful was unable to make any 4 or 6 because the 50 overs were completed for the Bangladesh team. Furthermore, both players remained not out with 41/49 scores for Mahmudullah and ⅔ scores for Shoriful.

And Bangladesh completes 50 overs with 245/9.

New Zealand VS Bangladesh
New Zealand VS Bangladesh

Bangladesh Team Batting brief

Litton Das0/1 (b/Boult, c/Henry)0/00.00
Tanzid Hasan16/17 (b/Ferguson, c/Conway)4/094.11
Mehidy Hasan Miraz30/46 (b/Ferguson, c/Henry)4/065.21
Najmul Hasan Shanto⅞ (b/Phillips, c/Conway)1/087.50
Shakib Al Hasan (c)40/51 (b/Ferguson, c/Latham)3/278.43
Mushfiqur Rahim66/75 (b/Henry)6/288.00
Towhid Hridoy13/25 (b/Boult, c/Santner)0/052.00
Mahmudullah41/49 not out2/283.67
Taskin Ahmed17/19 (b/Santner, c/Mitchell)0/289.47
Mustafizur Rahman4/10 (b/Henry, c/Latham)0/040.00
Shoriful Islam⅔ not out0/066.66
Bangladesh batting Summary

New Zealand Team Bowling brief

BowlersOversMaiden oversRunsWickets
Trent Boult100452
Matt Henry100582
Lockie Ferguson100493
Mitchell Santner101311
Glenn Phillips20131
Rachin Ravindra70370
Daryll Mitchell10110
New Zealand Bowling Summary

2nd Innings, New Zealand VS Bangladesh

New Zealand on 248 runs on the loss of 2 Wickets in 42.5 Overs

Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra

At the start of the 2nd inning, Conway and Ravindra were the opening batsmen for the New Zealand team. Both players started the game with a slow and steady flow of runs without showing any despair to throw hits. However, at the first and 3rd ball of 2nd over Ravindra hits a pair of 4s to Mustafizur. However, on the 4th ball of the 2nd over, his wicket got dismissed by Mutafizur with his 9/13 runs.

Devon Conway and Kane Williamson (C)

After the loss of 1st Wicket for NZ, the Captain of team Williamson came on the Crease. Furthermore, the game becomes strong for New Zealand from here because of the excellent Partnership between Williamson and Conway. In addition, with the help of a pair of 4s from Conway and a pair of 4s from Williamson, NZ were on 37/1 in 10 overs.

At 20 overs, the total score of team New Zealand was 92/1. However, at the start of 20th over, Conway had to leave the game because of his dropped Wicket by Shakib Al Hasan. The total Scores for Conway were 45/59.

Kane Williamson and Daryll Mitchell

Mitchell was the next batsman to join Williamson on the Pitch. However, Mitchell hits a sizzling first 6 of the innings on his first ball from Shakib. Later, Williamson also hits a 6 to Shakib on the 2nd last ball of the 22nd over. Later with more good runs from both players the New Zealand team goes towards victory very smoothly. On the 28th over, half a century was completed. In addition, total scores for NZ were 146/2 on 30 0vers.

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson

This partnership made the scoreboard for the New Zealand team fuller with a lot of runs including many 4s and 6s too.

Williamson retired hurt and left the pitch with his 78/107 runs.

Whereas the scores of NZ are 198/2 here.

Daryll Mitchell and Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips filled the space for Williamson. Mitchell was on fire hitting many 4s and runs for his team. In addition, Phillips also hit a 6 at the end of 41st over. Later at the 5th ball of 42nd over, Mitchell too hit a 6 with the target scores completed for NZ.

Mitchells scores were 89/67 and Phillips was on 16/11 at the end of 2nd innings.

The New Zealand team won this match with the huge margin of 43 balls and 8 Wickets Remaining.

New Zealand VS Bangladesh
New Zealand VS Bangladesh

New Zealand team Batting brief

Devon Conway45/59 ( Lbw b/Shakib)3/076.27
Rachin Ravindra9/13 (b/Mustafizur, c/Mushfiqur)2/069.23
Kane Williamson (c)78/107 (retired hurt)8/172.89
Daryll Mitchell89/67 not out6/4132.83
Glenn Phillips16/11 not out1/1145.45
New Zealand Batting Summary

Bangladesh team Bowling brief

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Mustafizur Rahman80361
Shoriful Islam7.51430
Taskin Ahmed80560
Shakib Al Hasan100541
Mehidy Hasan Miraz90580
Bangladesh Bowling Summary

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