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New Zealand VS Afghanistan, Match 16 Highlights, CWC2023

October 18, Match 16, New Zealand VS Afghanistan, CWC2023

New Zealand and Afghanistan were the opposing teams of the 16th Match of ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023. Furthermore, this Match was hosted by MA Chidambaram Stadium on October 18, 2023. At the Start, the Afghanistan team decided to Bowl first after winning the Toss. However, New Zealand team Bats amazingly and gave the target of 288 runs to the Afghanistan team to Chase.

But the Batting line of Afghanistan team crashed due to the Dismissal of wickets one after the other. Later, they were only able to make 139 runs. At last team New Zealand Brilliantly won the victory and defeated the Afghanistan team with a huge margin of 149 runs. In addition, Glenn Phillips becomes the Man of the Match for his 71/80 score.

New Zealand VS Afghanistan
New Zealand VS Afghanistan

Match Brief

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Match dateOctober 18, 2023
Match No.16
ODI No.4673
TeamsNew Zealand VS Afghanistan
VenueMA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
Toss ResultAfghanistan decided to bowl first after winning the toss
Match ResultNew Zealand won the Match by 149 runs
Man of the MatchGlenn Phillips
UmpiresJoel Wilson, Paul Wilson
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
TV UmpireRichard Illingworth
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
Match Details

First Innings, New Zealand Vs Afghanistan

New Zealand on 288 runs on the loss of 6 Wickets in 50 Overs

Devon Conway and Will Young

At the start of 1st innings, Devon Conway and Will Young were the opening batsmen of the New Zealand team. Whereas the bowler from Afghanistan team was Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Conway brings a thrill in the game by hitting two 4s with the distance of an over. Furthermore, Young also causes uproar by his spectacular 6 during 4th over.

 Later Conway hits one more 4 before losing his wicket during the 6th over by the Lbw b Mujeeb. However, Conway’s total score was 20/18.

Will Young and Rachin Ravindra

Conway went and Rachin Ravindra was the next top order batsman of the New Zealand team. Once again, the game began with careful and good runs by Young and Rachin. In addition, young hit two 4s before the end of 10 overs too. At the end of 10 overs, New Zealand’s score was 43/1.

Later, Young breathed fire by hitting back-to-back three 6s to M.Nabi and a 4 to Rashid Khan during 11th to 15th overs. Following him Ravindra also hit two 4s until the completion of the 20th over. At this time, the Score of NZ was 109/1. However, the wicket of Ravindra was dismissed by Azmatullah after the start of the 20th over with his 32/41 runs.

Will Young and Daryll Mitchell

After the arrival of Mitchell on the crease, the game began again. Whereas it was soon stopped again at the last ball of the 20th over due to the wicket loss of Will Young by Azmatullah. However, Young succeeded in completing half century with 54/64.

Daryll Mitchell and Tom Latham (C)

After 2o overs, New Zealand lost back-to-back 2 wickets. Tom Latham was the next batsman with Mitchell. However, during the 21st over, Rashid Khan dismissed Mitchell’s wicket with his 1/7 run.

Tom Latham and Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips joined Latham on the crease as the next batsman. Starting from 22nd over, an amazing display of partnership was seen by the spectators between Latham and Phillips. Both players Perfectly and steadily carried the game to the 30 overs with two 4s from Phillips. So, at 30 overs NZ was on 138/4.

In addition, consistent runs from them made the scoreboard go upward for NZ. Later, Latham hit a 4, Phillips hit 4 and 6 both during 30 to 40 overs. So, at 40 overs, the score of New Zealand was 185/4. After the 40 overs, both players increased their speed of making runs with 3 brilliant 6s and a 4 from Phillips. Whereas Latham also hit back-to-back two amazing 6s and two 4s too.

However, at the 1st ball of the 47th over, with his 71/80 runs, Phillips had to lose his wicket on the ball of Naveen.

Tom Latham and Mark Chapman

After the dismissal of Phillips wicket, the next batsman was Chapman. However, only after one more ball, Latham’s wicket was dismissed also by Naveen with his 68/74 runs.

Mark Chapman and Mitchell Santner

Mitchell Santner came on the crease as the next player. Here, Chapman hitted a 4 and a 6 beautifully to Azmatullah. Whereas Santner was only able to hit one 4 and few runs due to the completion of the 50 overs. Furthermore, both players remained not out. Santner scored 7/5 runs and Chapman scored 25/12 runs.

So, the target of 289 runs was given to the Afghanistan team to Chase by the New Zealand team.

New Zealand VS Afghanistan
New Zealand VS Afghanistan

New Zealand team Batting Summary

Devon Conway20/18 (Lbw b Mujeeb Ur Rahman)3/0111.11
Will Young54/64 (b/Azmatullah, c/Ikram Alikhil)4/384.37
Rachin Ravindra32/41 (b/Azmatullah Omarzai)2/178.04
Daryl Mitchell1/7 (b/Rashid Khan, c/Ibrahim Zadran)0/014.28
Tom Latham68/74 (b/Naveen Ul Haq)3/291.89
Glenn Phillips71/80 (b/Naveen Ul Haq, c/Rashid Khan)4/488.75
Mark Chapman25/12 not out2/1208.33
Mitchell Santner7/5 not out1/0140.00
Batting brief of New Zealand team

Afghanistan team Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Mujeeb Ur Rahman100571
Fazalhaq Farooqi71390
Naveen Ul Haq80482
Mohammad Nabi81410
Rashid Khan100431
Azmatullah Omarzai70562
Bowling Brief of Afghanistan team

2nd Innings, New Zealand VS Afghanistan

Afghanistan on 139 runs on the loss of 10 Wickets in 34.4 Overs

Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran

At the Start of 2nd Innings, Rahmanullah and Ibrahim were the opening batsmen from Afghanistan team. Whereas Boult was the bowler from the NZ team. Beginning of the Innings was slow as the Afghan batsmen were playing very Carefully while making some slow runs. Zadran initiates the game a little by hitting two 4s during the 3rd and 4th over. Later, Gurbaz also hit a boundary 6 to Henry’s ball.

However, Henry in the 2nd last ball of the 5th over dismissed the wicket of Gurbaz with his 11/21 runs.

Ibrahim Zadran and Rahmat Shah

After the 1st wicket loss at the end of 5 overs, Rahmat Shah was the next top order batsman from Afghanistan team. However, just after the start of 6th over, Zadran’s wicket was also dropped by the ball of Boult with his 14/15 runs.

Rahmat Shah and Hashmatullah Shahidi (C)

Here, at 6 overs 2 wickets were already down for the Afghanistan team. Hashmatullah, the Captain came on the crease as the next batsman. Further the game went with slow runs again. At 10 overs, the score of Afghanistan team was 28/2. Later in the 10th over, Hashmatullah hit a lovely 4 and cheered up the game. However, the cheers went silent again after the wicket dismissal of Hashmatullah by Ferguson at his 8/29 runs.

Rahmat Shah and Azmatullah Omarzai

Hashmatullah went and Azmatullah came next. Once again, the game came in the flow with slow runs. At the completion of 20 overs, Afghanistan was on 68/3 runs. However, after 20 overs, the speed of making runs was initiated a little by the Players. In addition, Azmatullah hit 2 back-to-back 4s too. But Azmatullah’s wicket was taken by Boult at the end of the 25th over. The total score of Azmatullah was 27/32 at that time.

Rahmat Shah and Ikram Alikhil

Ikram joined Rahmat on the crease next. In addition, he hit a 4 on Ravindra’s ball at the end of 26th over. Unfortunately, Rahmat went out on the ball of Ravindra at 28th over with his 36/62 runs.

Ikram Alikhil and Mohammad Nabi

M.Nabi was the next batsman on crease. Ikram helped to complete 30 overs for Afghanistan by hitting two 4s. Afghanistan’s score at 30 overs was 121/5. In addition, Nabi also hit a 4 and on the next ball lost his wicket by Santner with 7/9 runs.

Ikram Alikhil and Rashid Khan

Rashid was the next batsman after M.Nabi. The game started again with slow runs. However, Rashid hit a sensational 6 at 32nd over. Later, in the next over, Rashid’s wicket was taken by Ferguson on his 8/13 runs.

Ikram Alikhil and Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Mujeeb came, hit a 4, caused an uproar and went out after a ball by Ferguson at his 4/3 runs.

New Zealand team Bowling
New Zealand team Bowling

Ikram Alikhil and Naveen Ul Haq

Naveen was the next batsman. However, he was out on the 1st ball he received by Santner with 0 score.

Ikram Alikhil and Fazalhaq Farooqi

Fazal Haq was the last batsman from Afghanistan who came and went also in the blink of an eye. In addition, his wicket was dismissed by Santner at his 0 runs.

So, at the end Afghanistan team only made 139/10 runs in 34.4 overs. And the NZ team won the match by a huge margin of 149 runs.

New Zealand VS Afghanistan
New Zealand VS Afghanistan

Afghanistan team Batting Summary

Rahmanullah Gurbaz11/21 (b/Henry)0/152.38
Ibrahim Zadran14/15 (b/Boult, c/Satner)2/093.33
Rahmat Shah36/62 (b & c Ravindra)1/027.58
Hashmatullah Shahidi (c)8/29 (b/Ferguson, c/Santner)1/027.58
Azmatullah Omarzai27/32 (b/Boult, c/Latham)2/084.37
Ikram Alikhil19/21 not out3/090.47
Mohammad Nabi7/9 (b/Santner)1/077.77
Rashid Khan8/13 (b/Ferguson, c/Mitchell)0/161.53
Mujeeb Ur Rahman4/3 (b/Ferguson, c/Young)1/0133.33
Naveen Ul Haq0/1 (b/Santner, c/Chapman)0/00.00
Fazalhaq Farooqi0/2 (b/Santner, c/Mitchell)0/00.00
Batting brief of Afghanistan team

New Zealand team Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Trent Boult71182
Matt Henry52161
Mitchell Santner7.40393
Lockie Ferguson71193
Glenn Phillips30130
Rachin Ravindra50341
Bowling brief of New Zealand team

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