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National Stadium Karachi

Location and Features of National Stadium Karachi

National Stadium Karachi is also known as the National Bank Cricket Arena. It is located in Karachi and is owned by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The stadium has the capacity of 34,228 people. The stadium was constructed in the 1950s under the direction of Mr. Kafil Uddin and Abdul Rasheed Khan; subsequently, it was formally launched in April 1955 with a match between two rivals, India and Pakistan.

Hence, it is about 68 years old. The Sindh Cricket Association operates it. Its coordinates are 24°53′46′′N and 67°4′53′′E. The stadium has two ends named Pavilion End and University End. It has flood lights. The first ODI was played here between the West Indies and Pakistan in November 1980. A 75-metre long and 44-metre-wide screen was installed in the stadium in 2007.

It cost 7 million rupees. The name National Bank Cricket Arena was assigned to it in 2022. The total area it consumes is 174.5 acres. Having a boundary size of 60–80 meters from the center pitch but it can be increased or decreased accordingly.

Fast Facts about National Stadium Karachi

NameNational Stadium,  National Bank Cricket Arena
OwnerPakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
Capacity34,228 people
Stadium EndsPavilion End, University End
Flood LightsYes
Field Size60-80meters from pitch
Directions24°53′46′′N and 67°4′53′′E.
Stadium facts

During the era of 1955-2000 about thirty four test matches were played here. Thus resulted in it being the cricket stronghold of Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan had drawn the 17 games, winning 17. In conclusion, Pakistan has never previously lost a test there.

In the meanwhile, it suffered it’s first-ever loss to England in 2001. The stadium is the fifth in Karachi and the eleventh first-class venue in Pakistan. The stadium is in circular shape.

Enclosures of National Stadium Karachi

The stadium is having 14 enclosures and stands. It is based on the names of legendary cricketers including Intikhab Alam, Majid Khan, Imran Khan, Wasim Bari, Waqar Hassan, Hanif Muhammad, Iqbal Qasim, Nasim Ul Ghani, Asif Iqbal, Wasim Khan, Muhammad Brothers and Quaid Enclosure.

National Stadium, Karachi
National Stadium, Karachi

Series Description of National Stadium Karachi

Test Series

Pakistan and New Zealand played their final test match here from January 2 to 6. While India and Pakistan played their first test match here from February 26 to March 1, 1955. Meanwhile, 48 test series were played here. Thus among them, first batting teams won seven. While on the contrary first bowling squads won 19.

Additionally, average score in first innings here is 310 runs. However average score in second innings is 337 runs. nevertheless average score in third innings is 261 runs. Yet average runs in fourth innings is 159. Here, the maximum total ever scored was 765 runs in 248.5 overs while losing 6 wickets.

The lowest total score ever recorded at this spot is 80 runs, with 10 wickets lost in 53.1 over. Here, Pakistan’s score versus Sri Lanka was the highest. The Australian Kangaroos performed least well against the green shirts.

Total Test Series48
First Batting Win7
First Bowling Win19
Average Score in First Inning310
Average Score in second inning337
Average Score in third inning261
Average Score in Fourth Inning159
Highest score765/6
Lowest score80/10
Test Stats


In 1980, Pakistan and West Indies played inaugural ODI here. On the contrary, Pakistan and New Zealand played last ODI here.

On the whole, A total of 70 matches played there. 33 matches won by first batting teams and 34 matches won by the first bowling. The average first inning score there is 237 runs. Meanwhile, the average score in second innings is 204.

The highest recorded total score is 374 runs with the loss of 4 wickets in 50overs. This was by India against Hong Kong. Pakistan Women Team made the least score 93/10 against the Sri Lankan Women team.

However, the Highest score chased there was 310/4 by India against Sri Lanka. The lowest defended score here is by Sri Lanka Women against Pakistan Women i.e., 123run with the loss of 10 wickets.

Total ODIs70
First Batting Win33
First Bowling Win34
Average Score in First Inning237
Average Score in second inning204
Highest score374/4
Lowest score93/10
Highest Score Chased310/4
Lower Score Defeated123/10
ODI Stats


In 2008, Bangladesh and Pakistan participated in the stadium’s inaugural T20 match. England and Pakistan played in the most recent T20 match in 2022. A sum of 11 T- twenty games have played here. While the first bowling squad only won four games, the first batting team won seven. The first inning’s average score is 189 runs, while the second inning’s average score is 148 runs.

The highest total score ever was 221 runs for 3 wickets in 20 overs against Pakistan by England. The lowest score ever was 60 runs versus Pakistan, which West Indies made with 10 wickets. The stadium’s highest pursued total, with three wickets lost, is 208 runs. The lowest defended total was 166 runs, which Pakistan versus England secured in 20 overs while losing 4 wickets.

Total T20’s13
First Batting Win4
First Bowling Win9
Average Score in First Inning139
Average Score in second inning133
Highest score212/3
Lowest score120/10
Highest Score Chased212/3
Lower Score Defeated96/7
Average strike rate136.2
T20 Stats

World Cup Matches

Pakistan conducted two world cups, in 1987 and 1996. Among those World Cup matches, six were played in the National Stadium in Karachi.

World Cup YearTeam ATeam BWinner
13th October 1987Sri Lanka
West Indies
West Indies won by 191 runs
20th October 1987Pakistan
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
30th October 1987Pakistan
West Indies
West Indies won by 28 runs
29 February 1996South Africa
South Africa won by 5 wickets
3rd March 1996Pakistan
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
11 March 1996South Africa
West Indies
West Indies won by 19 runs
World cup Stats

Three teams had the most matches of the World Cup there: South Africa, the West Indies, and Pakistan. Since its home ground for Pakistan, they still won 50% of the matches of the World Cup here, while the West Indies won every match played here. South Africa won only once.

National Stadium, Karachi
National Stadium, Karachi

International Information of National Stadium Karachi

First TestIndia vs. PakistanFebruary-March 1955
Last TestNew Zealand vs. PakistanJanuary, 2023
First ODISri Lanka vs. PakistanNovember, 1981
Last ODINew Zealand vs. PakistanMay, 2023
First T20IBangladesh vs. PakistanApril, 2008
Last T20IEngland vs. PakistanSeptember, 2022
Only Women’s TestWest Indies vs. PakistanMarch, 2004
First WODINetherlands vs. PakistanApril, 2001
Last WODIWest Indies vs. PakistanNovember, 2021
First WT20IWest Indies vs. PakistanOctober, 2008
Last WT201Pakistan vs. West IndiesOctober, 2008
International Information

PSL Matches

Since the PSL matches have been played in Pakistan, the National Stadium in Karachi has also been used as a venue. It’s also named as the home ground for the Karachi Kings, a PSL team representing the Sindh region. 

Return of International Cricket

International cricket in Pakistan’s National Stadium returned in 2017 when Najam Sethi, Chairman of the PCB, announced the final of the PSL venue in Karachi National Stadium. The match was planned to be conducted on March 25, 2018. However, the VIP boxes and dressing rooms were renovated for the final, along with the outfield and pitch.

Approximately 800 CCTV cameras were installed, and several elevators were installed. This entire renovation cost about 1.5 billion rupees, which happened for the first time since the 1996 Cricket World Cup. The historical match was played between the Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United. So this match took international cricket back to Pakistan after a heartbreaking 9 years. The crowd welcomed the teams warmly.


Test Matches

Highest chased run315/9
Highest Partnership437, by Jayawardene and Smaraweera
Records of test Matches

One Day International Cricket  

Highest Run Chase344/8 by Pakistan against India, 2004
The highest run achieved310/4 by India against Sri Lanka, 2008
Highest individual score181 by Richards against Sri Lanka in 1987
Highest Partnership201 by Jasuriyaa and Sangakkara against Bangladesh
Records of ODIs

T20 International

Highest individual scoreBabar Azam, 101, against England in 2022
Highest Partnership203 by Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam against England in September 2022.
Records of T20s
National Stadium, Karachi
National Stadium, Karachi

National Stadium, Facilities

  • A 34,228-seat capacity that was raised from 20,000 following a significant restoration in 1984. And planned to increase to 50,000.
  • Floodlights, which render it possible to organize daytime and nighttime matches.
  • An enclosure specifically for members, offering them access to food and sitting areas.
  • A contemporary press hub with amenities for reporters and media monitoring cricket games.
  • A contemporary scorecard that shows the outcome, the amount of innings bowled, along with additional significant data.
  • A sizable lot with space for hundreds of automobiles.
  • Numerous eateries and drink stands provide patrons with a variety of refreshments, meals, and snacks.
  • Stalls that offer antiques and goods linked to cricket.
  • To give emergency aid and healthcare help to fans during games, there is a medical Centre and experienced doctors on duty.
  • There are multiple accessibility services and sitting locations for fans with impairments.
  • A cutting-edge CCTV system and skilled security professionals made it possible to protect the players and spectators.
  • Wi-Fi that enables fans to interact and communicate while watching games
  • There are various exclusive areas and cabins that provide lavish seating and food options for elite visitors.
  • Participants employ a variety of practice amenities, like nets and practice fields, throughout rehearsals.

Future Plans for the Stadium

Throughout its history, the venue has experienced a number of alterations. And in order to keep it suitable for international cricket, more adjustments are expected in coming years. 

National Stadium Karachi, Pakistan

Seating Capacity Expansion

The stadium plans to expand its amenities in the future to enhance the experience of players and fans. Expand not just the number of seats but also the scoreboard, parking options, floodlights, accessibility amenities, and AV systems.

Practice Facilities

The stadium hosts several exhibition games. It entails the construction of practice fields, gyms, and training spaces. The government is working to give players with access to top-notch facilities so they can train for higher-level competitions. The venue is a representation of the sport’s history and has proven essential to the growth of cricket.

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