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McLean Park, Stadium


McLean Park is a famous ground in Napier, New Zealand. The craze for it for now is due to the upcoming match between New Zealand and Bangladesh. It is to be known that New Zealand and Bangladesh are playing ODI series. After that, they will encounter each other in T20Is.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the stadium is for multiple sports. Yet famous for cricket and rugby. The significant feature of this stadium is that it’s one of the major cricket stadiums in New Zealand.

In addition, it has the largest outdoor stadium for cricket. As well as the indoor Rodney Green Centennial Events Center. Furthermore, Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union and the Central Districts Cricket Association are the home teams for the stadium. However, its proximity to the International Date Line made it the easternmost test match stadium.

Ground Features

McLean Park is saturated in Napier, New Zealand. Moreover, it was established in 1911. Yet it coordinates at 39° 30 7 S and d 176° 54′ 46However, it has a capacity of 19,700 spectators. Since Napier City Council owns it as well, they operate it.

Moreover, it is to be known that the Hurricanes, Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union, and Central Stags are the tenants of this stadium. However, Centennial Stand End and Embargo End are the two major ends of this stadium.


McLean Park is situated on Latham Street in Napier South. Just one kilometer south of CBD Napier. Moreover, in honor of Sir Douglas McLean, it was formerly named Sir Douglas McLean Park. Yet it is also spelled Maclean. Due to the fact that he donated ten acres in the memory of his father in the year 1910.

McLean Park

Ground Information

It is noteworthy that the stadium is more friendly for the batsmen. Yet its square shape provides the opportunity for them to hit higher scores. Prominently in the initial overs. Moreover, parallel to Centennial Stand, there is a variable-sized grassy bank and four covered stands.

Furthermore, the legendary players preferred to set objectives, yet the wicketstend grew slower over the day. Moreover, it has been hosting first-class matches since 1952. Nonetheless, the Test Matches have been held since 1979.

Moreover, the home team has won one test. Yet faced defeat in two and seven tests were tied. It has hosted a minimum of one ODI tournament per season.

McLean Park Stadium Brief

Situated inNapier, New Zealand
EndsCentennial Stand-End Embankment End
Established in1911
Ground Information



As has already been mentioned, the stadium is mostly used for the two sports. Since we will only discuss the details about cricket here, Yet the New Zealand national team played their first ODI here against Sri Lanka. Yet it was from the Rothman’s Cup of 1982–82.

Moreover, New Zealand triumphed over Sri Lanka by seven wickets.

McLean Park


After certain renovations of the park, Graham Lowe Stand opened on August 1, 2009. Hence, it was completed in a year. Since then, it has been followed by the Rugby World Cup 2011 and the ODI Cricket World Cup 2015. Moreover, certain technical issues led the match between Pakistan and England to move from January 2018 to February 2018.
Yet it came back to the highlights of the match between New Zealand and India in January 2019.



Total Matches10
First-batting win3
First bowling win0
Average Score in First Innings361
Average Score in Second Innings283
Average Score in Third Innings342
Average Score in Fourth Innings186
Highest Total619/9
Lowest Total51/10
Highest Chased0/0
Lowest Defended185/10
Test Stats

A total of 10 test matches have been played there. Among them, the first batting team won three matches. Yet the first bowling team did not win any. So it was designed to be a batsman-friendly wicket. Moreover, the average score in the first innig is 361. Yet 283 is the average score in the second inning. Moreover, 342 is the average score in the third inning. Yet 186 is the average score in the fourth inning.

However, New Zealand scored the highest total (619/10) against India. Zimbabwe made the lowest total of 51/10 against New Zealand. Moreover, the lowest defended score is 185/10 by New Zealand against Sri Lanka.

McLean Park


Total Matches47
First-batting win18
First bowling win25
Average Score in First Innings239
Average Score in Second Innings198
Highest Total373/8
Lowest Total126/10
Highest Chased289/3
Lowest Defended162/3
ODI Stats

The sum of 47 ODI has been played here. Among them, the first batting teams won 18 games. Moroeer 25 was won by the first bowling teams. Moreover, 239 is the average score in the first inning. However, 198 is the average score in the second inning.

Furthermore, New Zealand made the highest total (373/8) against Zimbabwe. Yet Pakistan made the lowest total of 126/10 against New Zealand. Furthermore, it is to be noted that Sri Lanka scored the highest total score (289/3) against New Zealand. Since New Zealand defended the lowest total (162/3 against Zimbabwe),.


Total Matches6
First-batting win2
First bowling win3
Average Score in First Innings169
Average Score in Second Innings138
Highest Total241/3
Lowest Total160/10
Highest Chased177/6
Lowest Defended1735
T20I Stats

A total of six T20Is have been played in the stadium. Yet the first batting team won two matches. Moreover, the first bowling team won three matches. Since the average score in the first inning is 169, Yet 138 is the average score in the second inning. 
However, England made the highest total, 241/3, against New Zealand. Moreover, New Zealand made the lowest total of 160/10. Moreover, Pakistan chased the highest total of 177/6 against New Zealand.

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