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Lahore Gaddafi Stadium

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, which was also known as Lahore Stadium in the old times. In addition, you must also be well aware that this ground is owned by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Obviously, its unique feature is the capacity of Twenty-seven thousand spectators. It is also considered the twenty-seventh largest cricket venue in Pakistan. Also, it was Pakistan’s first cricket ground to be furnished with a floodlight and a standby power generator.

Furthermore, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore serves as the home of the Pakistan national cricket team because the offices of the Pakistan Cricket Board are located there. Along with that, one more special thing about this venue is the flock of Lahore, which increase the entertainment level of every match.

Moreover, it is considered to be the favorite ground of the Lahore Qalandar team, as they used to give very good performances in this venue.

Information of Lahore Gaddafi Stadium

SituatedPakistan Punjab Lahore
FloodlightYes installed
Coordinates31°30′48″N 74°20′0″E
Also Known AsLahore Stadium
Ground Information

International Information of the Stadium

1st Women T20IBangladesh vs Pakistan  26, Oct 2019
Last Women T20IIreland Vs Pakistan 16, Nov, 2022
1st Women ODIBangladesh vs Pakistan 2, Nov 2019
Last Women ODIIreland Vs Pakistan 8, Nov 2022
1st T20Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan 22, May 2015
Last T20New Zealand Vs Pakistan 17, Apr 2023
1st ODIEngland Vs Pakistan 13, Jan 1978
Last ODIAustralia vs Pakistan 2, Apr 2022
1st TestAustralia vs Pakistan 21-26, Nov 1959
Last TestAustralia Vs Pakistan 21-26, Mar 2022
International information of Ground

This Stadium was constructed in 1959 by Mian Abdul Khaliq Company and Nasreddin Murat Khan, a Pakistan architect, and civil engineer who was born in Russia. Additionally, the stadium underwent renovations in reason is behind the 1996 World Cup was Scheduled in this city.

Alot of matches of Pakistan Super League (PSL) have been held in this field and along with this, national and international cricket promoted in Pakistan. Also season 2017 championship was its opening ceremony. Besides for financial concerns, the PCB started the procedure to rename this Stadium in March 2022 to incorporate a fresh sponsor’s name.

Ghaddafi Stadium Lahore, Pakistan

History of Lahore Gaddafi Stadium

Construction of the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

In 1959, Ground construction started and there was a very famous company named Mian Abdul Khaliq behind it. Also, he was a Pakistani man. He was born in Russia but was very famous for his work. By profession he was civil engineer and Architect. His name is Naseeruddin Murat Khan, and he performed his project satisfactorily.

Renaming of the Stadium

Previously ground was renamed from Lahore Stadium to Gaddafi Stadium. In 1974, the stadium was renamed in memory of Muammar Gaddafi after his demise. Muammar Gaddafi was the former ruler of Libya, when he defended Pakistan’s right to seek nuclear weapons during the second Setting up Islamic Conference in the city of Pakistan Lahore.

Clearly to promote the new Libyan government, the Pakistan Cricket Board considered changing the name of this stadium.

Particularly at the End of Oct 2011 when the Punjab Olympics Association petitioned the chief minister of the province. According to association secretary Idrees Haider Khawaja, “I do not consider his background to be inspiring enough to connect with the character of our cricket stadium” The stadium’s name, however, did not change.

Renovation of the Stadium

Firstly, the ground was furnished in 1995–1996 in preparation for the upcoming, 1996 Cricket World Cup. Also, it was done by Nayyar Ali Dada was exceptional architect by profession. He graduated from the National College of Arts. Also Arches and carmine, hand-crafted brickwork was used in stadium renovation.

Additionally, Nayyar Ali had benches made out of plastic to replace the old concrete ones. Furthermore, due to its speedy conversion into offices and boutiques, the lower portion of the stand had to be closed. Sadly, the capacity of this ground reduced from 65,250 to merely 27,000 spectators.

History of Lahore Gaddafi Stadium in Cricket

International Cricket History

Test matches opposing England Team were played, and they also encountered riots in 1968 and 1977, respectively.

On October 9, 1976, Peter Petherick of New Zealand who had scored three hat-tricks but his first was this one there. While playing Pakistani player Wasim Akram took, the second one on March 6, 1999, When the opposing was Sri Lanka, and Mohammad Sami also of Pakistan took the third one.

 However, in 1976 the 281-run 5thwicket set on a pitch between Asif Iqbal and Javed Miandad opposite team was New Zealand and Pakistan’s victory over New Zealand by 324 runs over one inning in 2002 are just two examples of the amazing moments Pakistan experienced on the pitch.

Attack on Sri Lankan team, 2009

Sadly, Armed militants ambushed the Sri Lankan team’s convoy at Liberty Roundabout, close to Gaddafi Stadium on March 3, 2009. Undoubtedly that day was the worst in the history of Pakistani cricket. Whereas it was the day third of the 2nd Test when the Sri Lankan team was attacked and eight of their players were seriously injured, including their captain, Mahela Jayawardena.

The Sri Lankan squad was airlifted from a neighboring airline back to their home country after leaving Gaddafi Stadium. Hence, after this incident, international cricket restricted in Pakistan.

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

Return of International Cricket in Pakistan

On May,19,2015. The Zimbabwean team was the only team to play in Pakistan with its full squad after the attack. They arrived at Allama Iqbal International Airport. Pakistani forces received the team with full protocol. And Zimbabwe got a lot of love and respect from the Pakistani people. Due to this cricket promoted in Pakistan. Both the T20I and ODI series were easily won by Pakistan.

 The PCB and ICC began improving Pakistani cricket internationally in August 2017. Then the Pakistan Cricket Board organized three T20 World XI matches in Pakistan under stern security. Pakistani people encouraged all the players to arrival in pakistan.

Thilanga Sumathi Pala Sri Lankan cricket Team president said that among the three T20 matches being played in Lahore in August 2017, they will participate at least in one match. In March 2009, as the team Sri Lanka was traveling toward the Lahore Gaddafi Stadium, they were attacked by terrorists. Only Zimbabwe has since made a Test match excursion to Pakistan; this took place in May 2015.

Two current Sri Lankan players, Chamara Kapugedera and Suranga Lakmal, may have been included in the T20I team for this series Unfortunately, these two players are on this bus, which was attacked in 2009 by terrorists.

Scheduled Matches in Return of International Cricket

Lahore was selected to host the series’ last T20I game when the schedule was finalized in Sep 2017 Sri Lanka assertion those participants have a “contractual commitment” to travel to Pakistan to engage in the match in Lahore, but it was improbable to penalize anyone player who decided not to participate.

But the team Sri Lankan stated that they would rather not travel to Pakistan on October 14 and requested that the match be moved to an equitable venue.

Despite the players’ concerns, the manager of team Asanka Gurusinha thought a strong team would be chosen. On October 19, 2017, Sri Lanka’s head selector, Graham Labrooy, said that it is that players who are not willing to go and play in Lahore will be chosen for the final two T20I games. Thisara Perera was selected as the team’s skipper, and the T20I squad for matches was unveiled two days later.

When the Sri Lankan team arrived in Lahore, the buses in which they were transported to the hotel in extraordinary security were unaffected by bombs and completely safe. Before the T20 in Lahore, president, of Sri Lankan cricket Thilanga Sumathipala, remarked that our team was fortunate to be in Pakistan and we should would encourage Pakistan to host future excursions. Najam Sethi, the chairman of the PCB, predicted that by the end of 2020, every country would have played in Pakistan. The comeback of international cricket to the country would begin with this game. Pakistan ultimately won this series  by (3-0.)

Rain forced the cancellation of the match against Bangladesh at this venue on January 27, 2020 with out play any ball. Three important matches were also held  in this stadium  as section of 2018 Blind  World Cup of cricket.

History of domestic Cricket in Stadium

The final of Pakistan Super League 2017 was played at Ghaddafi Stadium Lahore and the interesting thing about it was that it was the first Super League final to be played at this ground. And after the success of PSL final match, PCB decided that 2 more matches of Pakistani Super league held in this stadium in 2018. And then this ground was also selected for the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy season matches in September 2019, which had been held in 2019-20.

Stats and Records


  • Total Highest Team score in 1989 by pakistan 699/5 against team India.
  • The total lowest Team runs by New Zealand was 73 in 2002 against Pakistan
  • Individual Runs by Inzmam Ul Haq 329 opposite was the New Zealand team in 2002.


  • Total Highest Team England 209/3 With Pakistan in 2022.
  • The total lowest team runs Pakistan 101 opposite was Sri Lanka in 2019.
  • Individual Runs Muhammad Rizwan 104 Against South Africa in 2011.


  • Total Team Highest Pakistan 375/3 with Zimbabwe in 2015.
  • Total Team Lowest Pakistan 75 Against Sri Lanka in 2009.
  • Individual Runs Ijaz Ahmad 139 opposite  India in 1997.


  • Total Match: 17
  • First batting won:10
  • Second batting won:7
  • Tie:0
  • Average runs in first batting: 161
  • Highest runs Pakistan: 197/5
  • Lowes runs Pakistan: 101/10

ODI Stats

  • Total match :63
  • First batting won:32
  • Second batting won:29
  • Tie:1
  • Average runs in first batting :250
  • Highest runs Pakistan:375/3
  • Lowest runs Pakistan:75/10

Test Stats

  • Total match:40
  • First batting won:3
  • Second batting won:15
  • Tie:0
  • Average runs first batting :321
  • Average batting second batting:341

Highest runs by Pakistan 699/5agains India.

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

World Cup Cricket

 One Day International (ODI) six matches, including the championship game between Australia, and Sri Lanka, took place in this venue between the 1987 and 1996 Cricket World Cups.

Asia Cup 2023 matches 3 out of 13 are also Scheduled in this Stadium, Which is So good news for Lahore Spectators.


The stadium’s basic shape is circular. With a circle of about 260 meters, The distance around the outside of Gaddafi Stadium’s pitch is roughly 75 to 80 meters.

However, depending on the style of cricket played here, it might be shrunk or increased. By walking to Hafeez Kardar Rd, Block E 2 Gulberg III from the Ferozepur Road in Lahore, one can get to the Gaddafi Stadium

Asia Cup 2023 Scheduled Matches

Actually, Asia Cup 2023 was scheduled in Pakistan. But, due to the concerns of BCCI, some matches are shifted to be played in Sri Lanka. Moreover, just 4 Matches were played in Pakistan. Among which PAK vs BAN and AFG vs BAN were held in Gaddafi Stadium.

Pitch Report of the Stadium

The pitch of the Gaddafi Stadium varies from match to match. For instance, some matches have a level, grass-less terrain to support the batsmen, while other matches may have a little grass to support the bowlers.

Gaddafi Stadium Stand and Enclosures

Each of the 12 enclosures of the Gaddafi field is designated by a distinct color, and most of them are named after renowned Pakistani cricket players

  • Wasim Bari enclosure
  • Zaheer Abbas enclosure
  • Nasimul Ghani enclosure
  • Waqar Hassan enclosure
  • Wasim Akram enclosure
  • Majid Khan enclosure
  • Intikhab Alam enclosure
  • Iqbal Qasim enclosure
  • Imran Khan enclosure
  • Brothers enclosure
  • Fazal Mahmood enclosure
  • Hanif Muhammad enclosure

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