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Kingsmead Cricket Ground

Kingsmead cricket stadium is a cricket ground located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. There is a capacity of 25,000 specified. Even though the viewing area includes grass terracing. The Old Fort Road End (south) and the Umgeni End (north) are the “end names.” Hence, It is the Hollywood bets Dolphins’ home field.

Further, The ground was named Hollywood bets Kingsmead Stadium until August 2024 when Hollywood bets was revealed as the naming rights sponsor in October 2019.

Kingsmead Cricket Ground Initial matches

The location played host to the South African cricket team’s first home Test following their re-admission into international cricket. Moreover, It also hosted the English cricket team’s Test in 1939, which was canceled due to concerns that the English team would miss their ship home. Therefore, The Test took place from March 3rd to March 13th.

South Africa and England played their first Test match here on January 18, 1923, and it ended in a draw on the fifth day.

Moreover, It’s well known as a seamers pitch, and there’s a well-known tale about how the tide changes the batting conditions there. Since, the beach is not far from the ground. In the past, several batting collapses in games have been mockingly attributed to tidal shifts.

Kingsmead Cricket Ground
Kingsmead Cricket Ground

During the World Twenty20 contest between India and England on September 19, 2007, Yuvraj Singh hit six straight sixes off Stuart Broad’s over, setting a record for the fastest fifty in the history of cricket.

NameKingsmead Cricket Ground
Home toKwaZulu-Natal, Natal
Also known asSahara Stadium, Kingsmead
TenantsHollywood bets Dolphins
EndsUmgeni End, Old Fort End


 Kingsmead Cricket Ground history

 A memorable moment in Kingsmead’s history was South Africa’s innings and their 129-run thumping of Australia. While ,Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards scored 274 and 140 in February 1970, respectively. They completely destroyed the Australian bowling attack.

Kingsmead Cricket Ground high and lows

There have undoubtedly been highs and lows on the ground. Hence, In 2003, South Africa scored 658 against the West Indies. Whereas in 1996, India was defeated by just 66 points. Therefore, India and Kenya played in the World Cup semi-final in Kingsmead in 2003.

Kingsmead Cricket Ground Test Matches

Total matches46
Matches won bowling first13
Average 1st Inns scores298
Average 2nd Inns scores260
Average 3rd Inns scores258
Average 4th Inns scores197
Highest total recorded658/9 (166.2 Overs) By WI vs RSA
Lowest total recorded53/10 (19 Overs) By RSA vs BAN
Highest score chased340/5 (104.5 Overs) By AUS vs RSA
Lowest score defended166/10 (79.3 Overs) By RSA vs NZ
test match
Kingsmead Cricket Ground
Kingsmead Cricket Ground

Kingsmead Cricket Ground ODI Match

Total matches51
Matches won batting first25
Matches won bowling first19
Average 1st Inns scores233
Average 2nd Inns scores186
Highest total recorded372/6 (49.2 Overs) By AUS vs RSA
Lowest total recorded91/10 (29.1 Overs) By RSA vs IND
Highest score chased372/6 (49.2 Overs) By AUS vs RSA
Lowest score defended200/9 (50 Overs) By PAKW vs RSAW
ODI match

Kingsmead Cricket Ground T20 Match

Total matches22
Matches won batting first11
Matches won bowling first9
Average 1st Inns scores153
Average 2nd Inns scores135
Highest total recorded226/6 (20 Overs) By RSA vs AUS
Highest score chased191/5 (17.5 Overs) By RSA vs AUS
Lowest score defended125/6 (20 Overs) By WIW vs RSAW
T20 match



What is the T20 record at the cricket stadium in Durban?

In the five T20Is that India has played in Durban so far, they have won four of them. The rain caused the September 13, 2007 match against Scotland to be abandoned.

In which nation is Kingsmead located?

South Africa’s Kingsmead Cricket Ground is located in Durban.

What is meant by Kingsmead?

The following possible place-name elements in this name have been found by the ARCHI place-name interpreter (a machine): Kin in Kingsmead can mean head (Scots Gaelic Irish); ings in Kingsmead can represent marsh; meadow (Old Norse) ings in Kingsmead can indicate people of (Ingas) (Old English (Anglo-Saxon)).

Kingsmead Cricket Ground
Kingsmead Cricket Ground

What principles does Kingsmead uphold?

Our goal is for every student to attain exceptional results and grow as a person by applying the RIME values of employability, resilience, innovation, and mindfulness.

What is the origin of the name Kingsmead?

Dave Davidson first opened Kingsmead in 1993, across from the Kingsmead Cricket Ground.

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