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India Vs New Zealand, 1st Semi-final CWC2023, Highlights

November 15, India Vs New Zealand, 1st Semi-final CWC2023

The 1st Semi-final Match of the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup was played on November 15, 2023. Moreover, the opposing teams of this knockout stage were India and New Zealand. Furthermore, the venue for this Match was Wankhede Cricket Stadium, Mumbai

India decided to bat first after winning the toss. Later the Match took many twists and turns but India won this match at the end by the margin of 70 runs. Whereas New Zealand was now out of the race of CWC2023 finals. Mohammad Shami created a spell of his 7/57 wickets and was declared as the Man of the Match for his phenomenal Performance.

Match Brief

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 
ODI No.4703
Match No.1st Semi-final
Match dateNovember 15, 2023
VenueWankhede Cricket Stadium, Mumbai
TeamsIndia Vs New Zealand
TossIndia decided to Bat first after winning the toss
Match ResultIndia defeated New Zealand with 70 runs
Man of the MatchMohammad Shami 7/57
UmpiresRod Tucker, Richard Illingworth
Reserve UmpireAdrian Holdstock
TV UmpireJoel Wilson
Match RefereeAndy Pyctoft
Match Details

First Innings, India Vs New Zealand

India on 397 runs on the loss of 4 wickets in 50 0vers

Rohit Sharma (C) and Shubman Gill

At the beginning of the 1st Semi- final of CWC2023, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill were the openers of India. Whereas the bowler was Trent Boult.  Furthermore, on the 4th and 5th ball of the starting over, Rohit hit fabulous back-to-back boundary 4s. In addition, Gill followed him and shot 2 back-to-back boundary 4s during the 1st over too. Moreover, a remarkable boundary 6 was thrown by Rohit during the 2nd over. The match sped with full velocity as the captain Rohit of the Indian team was on fire and made remarkable runs.

During the 3rd over, Rohit again shot a fantastic pair of boundaries 4 and 6 flawlessly. Hence the 5 overs were completed for India with 47/0 after one more sensational 6 from Rohit. Rohit Sharma’s fantastic performance was not new for the spectators, yet it was very cheerful to see such brilliant batting. Later during the 5th over again a pair of spectacular 4 and 6 was played by Sharma.

Moreover, Gill too played a superb boundary 4 during the 7th over. However, the match stopped at the 2nd ball of the 8th over because the wicket of Rohit Sharma was dismissed. Furthermore, he was out on the ball by Tim Southee at 47/29 runs close to his half century.

India Vs New Zealand
India Vs New Zealand

Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli

Another marvelous player of the Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli was the next top order batsman. Hence, the match started again by a wonderful boundary 4 from Kohli. In addition, Gill initiated a pair of fantastic 4s during the 9th over. At 10 overs, the score of team India was 84/1.

During the 10th over, Gill again initiated a beautiful 4. Later, a pair of stunning boundaries 4 and 6 was played by Gill during the 12th over. At the 3rd ball of the 13th over, Gill’s half century was completed and at the 5th ball Kohli initiated a boundary 4. The total score became 118/1 for India at 15 overs. 

As 2 overs passed without any boundary hit, Gill again initiated a pair of 4 and 6 during the 16th over. 

Later, the 20 overs were completed (with the addition of a boundary 6 by Gill during the 19th over) at 150/1 for India. After 2 overs without any boundary hit, Kohli initiated a boundary 4 during the 22nd over. At this stage, the match halted because Shubman Gill walked off the field because he was retired hurt. Whereas his total scores were 79/65.

Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer

After the unfortunate injury of Shubman Gill, Shreyas Iyer was the next player on the field. Later by the addition of one more boundary 4 by Kohli during the 23rd over, the total score at 25 overs was 178/1. During the 26th over, Shreyas showcased his talent by a pair of fantastic 4 and 6. In addition, Kohli completed his half Century fantastically at the end of the 26th ball.

Further with the difference of an over, Kohli shot a boundary 4 at the start of the 28th over. Moreover, he played a superb boundary 6 during the 29th over.

Hence, at 30 overs the score became 214/1.

During the 30th and 31st over, Kohli played a boundary 4 in each over. In addition, Shreyas shot a stunning pair of 6s during the 32nd over and 33rd over respectively. Later the score at 35 overs was 248/1 for India. However, the score increased rapidly during the 35th overs by a pair of 4 and 6 from Shreyas and a humble 4 from Kohli. Moreover, during the 36th over, Shreyas’s half century was also completed.

The remaining overs until the 40th over passed by slow runs with just 1 boundary 4 from Shreyas. So, 287/1 was the total score at 40 overs. Furthermore, during the 41st over, Kohli fabulously completed his 50th ODI Century and broke the record of Sachin Tendulkar. During the 42nd over, Shreyas shot a sizzling boundary 6. 

However, after a magnificent 6 from Kohli during the 43rd over, Kohli lost his wicket on the ball by Southee. At this stage, the total runs made by Kohli was 117/113.

Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul

After the loss of 2nd wicket, the next player to approach the field was KL Rahul. The 44th over showed the excellency of Shreyas as he shot 2 6s fabulously. However, Rahul initiated his 1st 4 during the 45th over and repeated it again during the 46th over. Later after a one more stunning boundary 6 during the 47th over, Shreyas amazingly completed his century.

In addition, Rahul shot a pair of 4 and 6 wonderfully during the 48th over along with a 4 from Shreyas too. However, at the end of the same 48th over, Boult dismissed the wicket of Shreyas Iyer at his 105/70 runs.

KL Rahul and Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar came as the next player and also got out after just 1/2 runs by Southee.

KL Rahul and Shubman Gill

Surprisingly, Gill again came to play at the start of the last over. KL Rahul however, made the most of it because he played 2 4s and a 6 splendidly. So, the 50 overs were completed for India with 397/4. Moreover, the total score of KL Rahul was 39/20 without going out.

The total target of score for New Zealand to chase was 398 runs in 50 overs.

Batting brief of India (India Vs New Zealand)

Rohit Sharma (C)47/29 (b/Southee, c/Williamson)4/4162.06
Shubman Gill80/66 (retired hurt)8/3121.53
Virat Kohli117/113 (b/Southee, c/Conway)9/2103.53
Shreyas Iyer105/70 (b/Boult, c/Mitchell)4/8150.00
KL Rahul39/20 not out5/2195.00
Suryakumar Yadav1/2 (b/Southee, c/Phillips)0/050.00
India Batting Summary

Bowling brief of New Zealand

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Trent Boult100861
Tim Southee1001003
Mitchell Santner101510
Lockie Ferguson80650
Rachin Ravindra70600
Glenn Phillips50330
New Zealand Bowling Summary
India Vs New Zealand
India Vs New Zealand

2nd Innings, India Vs New Zealand

New Zealand on 327 runs on the loss of 10 wickets in 48.5 overs

Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra

Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra began the 2nd innings as the openers of the New Zealand team. However, Jasprit Bumrah was the bowler here. In addition, the start was considered wonderful as Conway shot a splendid pair of boundary 4s on the 1st and 3rd ball of the innings. Moreover, during the 1st over, Ravindra also initiated a boundary 4.

Later Conway again played a boundary 4 during the 2nd over whereas, Ravindra hit a 4 during the 3rd over. Hence, at the 5 overs, New Zealand was on 30/0. Unfortunately, the wicket of Conway was dismissed on the strike of the great Mohammad Shami at 13/15 runs.

Rachin Ravindra and Kane Williamson (C)

After the loss of the 1st wicket, the captain Kane Williamson was the next player on the crease. Furthermore, he threw a spectacular 4 at the end of the 5th over. Later after 1 more 4 from Ravindra, he was out on the ball by Mohammad Shami during the 7th over at the 13/22 runs.

Kane Williamson (C) and Daryl Mitchell

Daryl Mitchell appeared on the field as the next player. The next 2 overs passed with slow runs without any boundary hit. At 10 overs, the score was 46/2. However, during the 10th over, Mitchell initiated a pair of boundary 4s amazingly. Later, Williamson again played a boundary 4 during the 12th over. The scoreboard of the New Zealand team showed rapid increase in score as Williamson shot a fantabulous pair of boundaries 4 and 6 during the 14th over.

Hence, the total score was 87/2 at 15 overs. Another over passed and during the 16th over Mitchell initiated a pair of boundaries 4 and 6 in a fantastic way. Further the 17th over passed with a boundary 4 from Williamson and the 19th over with a 4 by Mitchell. 

At the 20 overs, 124/2 was the total score for team New Zealand.

Mitchell shot a spectacular 6 during the 20th over. Whereas Williamson played a boundary 4 at the end of the 21st over and Mitchell completed his half century at the start of the next over. Later during the 24th over, Mitchell threw a sizzling boundary 6. Furthermore, the half century of Williamson was completed during the 25th over. 

During the 26th over, Mitchell again shot a fabulous 6 and a 4 during the 27th over. Later the 30 overs were completed with 199/2 after the additional two 4s from Mitchell and a 4 from Williamson.

In addition, the 30th over brought a boundary 4 from Williamson and a 6 by Mitchell. Whereas Williamson repeated a boundary 4 again during the 31st over. At the first ball of the 32nd over, Mitchell’s 2nd century of this CWC was completed gracefully. However, on the next ball Williamson went out on the strike by Mohammad Shami at his 69/73 runs.

Daryl Mitchell and Tom Latham

Tom Latham came as the next player whereas he came and went after the difference of a ball. Moreover his score was 0/2 and he was out on the Lbw by Mohammad Shami. In addition, this wicket was the 50th World Cup wicket of Mohammad Shami.

Daryl Mitchell and Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips was the next player after the loss of the 4th Wicket. Later the match passed with slow runs without any boundary hit by the players until the 35th over. However, during the 35th over, Phillips played his first 4 of the innings. Moreover, Mitchell initiated a fantastic boundary 6 during the 37th over. During the 38th over, both players shot a pair of boundary 4s. 

Later the 40 overs were completed for the New Zealand team by the addition of a classical boundary 6 by Mitchell. Hence, the total score was 266/4 at the 40 overs.

Phillips bat threw lots of runs during the 40th over where he shot 2 back-to-back boundary 6s and a Marvelous 4. However, after the addition of one more 4 by Phillips, his wicket was gone on the ball by Bumrah during the 42nd over. The total score for Phillips was 41/33 runs.

Daryl Mitchell and Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman was the next player. However, during the 43rd over, he also got out at 2/5 on the ball by Kuldeep Yadav.

Daryl Mitchell and Mitchell Santner

Mitchell Santner came after the loss of Chapman’s wicket. Another over passed without any hit and with slow runs. Later, on the 2nd ball of the 45th over, Daryl Mitchell’s wicket was dismantled by Mohammad Shami at his 134/119 runs.

Mitchell Santner and Tim Southee

After Daryl Mitchell went, Tim Southee came on the field as the next player. Nextly, the 46th over passed with slow runs. Moreover, Southee initiated his 1st boundary on the 2nd ball of the 47th over. However, Santner lost his wicket at the 5th ball of the 47th over on the ball by Mohammad Siraj. His total score was 8/10.

India Vs New Zealand
India Vs New Zealand

Tim Southee and Trent Boult

Boult came and after a ball Southee went after losing his wicket by the ball of Shami. The total score of Southee was 9/10 runs.

Trent Boult and Lockie Ferguson

Lockie Ferguson came as the last player and shot a fantastic 6 on the 4th ball of the 48th over. However, he went out on the next ball of the over by the strike of Mohammad Shami at 6/3 runs.

Whereas Trent Boult remained not out with 2/2.

Hence, India defeated New Zealand with 70 runs.

Batting brief of New Zealand

Devon Conway13/15 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Rahul)3/086.66
Rachin Ravindra13/22 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Rahul)3/059.09
Kane Williamson (C)69/73 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Yadav)8/194.52
Daryl Mitchell134/119 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Jadeja)9/7112.60
Tom Latham0/2 (Lbw b Mohammad Shami)0/00.00
Glenn Phillips41/33 (b/Bumrah, c/Jadeja)4/2124.24
Mark Chapman2/5 (b/Yadav, c/Jadeja)0/040.00
Mitchell Santner8/10 (b/Mohammad Siraj, c/Sharma)0/080.00
Tim Southee9/10 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Rahul)1/090.00
Trent Boult2/2 not out0/0100.00
Lockie Ferguson6/3 (b/Mohammad Shami, c/Rahul)0/1200.00
New Zealand Batting Summary

Bowling brief of India

BowlerOverMaiden OverRunsWickets
Jasprit Bumrah101641
Mohammad Siraj90781
Mohammad Shami9.50577
Ravindra Jadeja100630
Kuldeep Yadav100551
India Bowling Summary

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