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IND vs SL:Highlights

IND vs SL, 10th Match of Asia Cup 2023, Super 4 Round, 12 September

The flabbergasting show of power between Sri Lanka and India, IND vs SL was hosted by Premadasa Stadium. Here, Indian team elected to bat first after winning the toss. Although the Sri Lankan team did its best, Still India achieved the Victory. India scored 213 runs in 49.1 Overs. However, Sri Lanka failed to Chase and scored only 172 runs IN 41.3 Overs on all the Wickets loss.

 Yet, the Player of the match Dunith Wellalage belongs to Sri Lanka.Wellalage Cast his Wicket taking spell and took 5 wickets of Indian team.

Actually this is a very high Velocity Match Because of the amazing performance of both teams.

Also, the competition was very close but there is only the best one who is Winner. Like this India is now Qualified to play the finals of Asia Cup 2023.Moreover, this match was interrupted due to sudden Rain. Later, it continued again.

IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
Venue R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka
TossIndian team won the toss and elected to bat first
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchDunith Wellalage
UmpiresRichard Illingworth(England), Masudur Rahman(Bangladesh
3rd UmpirePaul Wilson(Australia)
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath(India)
WinnerTeam India won the Match
Match Summary

1st Innings (IND vs SL):

India made 213/10 in 49.1 Overs

Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill

Firstly, Rohat Sharma and Shubman Gill made the start of innings as Opening Batsman of India.Whereas, Dunith Wellalage was the Sri Lankan Bowler. Later, Rohit lost his Wicket by Wellalage on making a total of 53 runs in 48 balls including 7(4s) and 2(6s).

Instead, Shubman Gill did not perform much well and made a total of 19 runs on 25 balls including 2(4s).After that Gill lost his Wicket on the ball by Wellalage.

Virat Kohli and Ishan Kishan

After Rohit and Gill, Virat Kohli and Ishan Kishan started Batting to proceed to the 1st Innings.

However, Kohli failed to cast his spell and lost his Wicket in 3 runs on 12 balls also by Wellalage(c.Dasun Shanaka).

Whereas,Kishan became stable on the crease and succeeded in scoring 33 runs on 61 balls.Charith Asalanka who was the next Sri Lankan bowler, succeeded in taking the wicket of Kishan(c.Dunith Wellalage).

KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya

After the 4 Wickets loss, India’s middle Order Batsman KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya came on the Crease. KL Rahul managed to get 39 runs on 44 balls including 2(4s).However, he was dismissed by the ball of Dunith Wellalage. On the other hand, Wellalage who was on strike also took the Wicket of Pandya just after his 5 runs/18 balls.Moreover the ball was catched by Kusal Mendis.

R. Jadeja and Akshar Patel

R. Jadeja came next to Pandya, where the bowler was Charith Asalanka. Despite desperate struggle, Jadeja managed to score only 4 runs on 19 balls.On dismissal of Jadeja the ball was catched by Kusal Mendis. 

Whereas, A.Patel somehow managed to stand on the crease for little longer, where Maheesh Theekshana was bowling. Patel scored 26 runs on 36 balls before his Wicket loss and his ball was catched by Sadeera Samarawickrama.

Jaspreet Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav

Now, there are only 3 wickets left for India. So, J. Bumrah is the batsman alongwith K.Yadav.

These are the Strenuous moments for the Indian team.Charith Asalanka was the bowler at this time. However, Yadav was out without making any score, when his ball was catched by Dhananjaya De Silva.

 Whereas, Bumrah stayed on the crease for a short time and only scored 5 runs on 12 balls before his wicket loss.


Siraj was the 11th player of the Indian team.Leads to the End of 1st innings he scored 5 runs by 19 balls. Furthermore, he was the only player who remained not out.

Rain also interrupted the end of the First innings. But it was only for a short time. Later the game began again when the rain stopped.

IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023

Batting Summary

BatsmenWicket byScoresStrike Rate
Rohit Sharmab. Dunith Wellalage53/48110.42
Shubman Gillb. Dunith Wellalage19/2576.00
Virat Kohlib.Dunith Wellalage, c.Dasun Shanka3/1225.00
Ishan Kishanb.Charith Asalanka,c. Dunith Wellalage33/6154.10
KL RahulC & b Dunith Wellalage39/4488.64
Hardik Pandyab.Dunith Wellalage,c.Kusal Mendis5/1827.78
R. Jadejab.Charith Asalanka,c. Kusal Mendis4/1921.05
A.Patelb. Maheesh Theekshana,c.Sadeera Samarawickrama26/3672.22
J.Bumrahb. Charith Asalanka5/1241.67
K.Yadavb.Charith Asalanka,c.Dhananjaya de Silva0/10.00
M.SirajNot out5/1926.32
India team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

D.Wellalage510.0 Silva010.0
Sri Lanka team Bowling Brief
IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
IND vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023

2nd Innings (IND vs SL):

Sri Lanka made 172/10 in 41.3 Overs

P.Nissanka and D.Karunaratne

At the beginning of 2nd innings, P.Nissanka and D.Karunaratne were the Opening batsmen of Sri Lanka. Whereas, Bumrah was the bowler from India. As the Match started, Bumrah gave a tough time to the batsmen.

 After only 6 runs( including a 4)  from 7 balls, Nissanka lost his wicket. Whereas, Karunaratne stayed for a little more time with the 3rd batsman K.Mendis and made just 2 runs on 18 balls. Later, he bowled out by the strike of next Indian bowler M.Siraj.

Kusal Mendis and S.Samarawickrama

Kusal Mendis came next to Nissanka during Bumrah’s bowling over. In addition he gave fast 15 runs on 16 balls including three 4s. Yet, Bumrah strikes again which results in the loss of Kusals Wicket.

After Karunaratne, Samarawickrama came to the Crease. Here, the bowling over was of K.Yadav. Samarawickrama played very carefully. Along with Charith Asalanka, Samarawickrama made 17 runs including one 4 on 31 balls.Then he was bowled out by K.Yadav

Charith Asalanka and Dhananjaya de Silva

 Asalanka made 25 runs with two 4s on 35 balls. Here, Samarawickrama was bowled out and D. de Silva came next. Asalanka was also clean bowled by K.Yadav. Later, Silva started the rain of runs by giving hard time to the bowlers. After Asalanka, D.Shanaka was on the crease with Dhananjaya. De Silva gave amazing five 4s with a total of 41 runs on 66 balls. R.Jadeja strikes and Dhananjaya loses his wicket.

D. Shanaka and Dunith Wellalage

Shanaka just started playing steadily in the intense pressure when his ball was catched by Rohit Sharma. Whereas, the bowler here was Jadeja. So, Shanaka only made 9 runs on 13 balls. On the other hand, Wellalage(also the best pacer) sets himself on the crease.

Along with M.Theekshana, Wellalage played fabulously and proved himself as a best batsman to play in intense situations.He made a total of 42 runs(three 4s and one 6) on 46 balls and remained not out till the end.

M.Theekshana and K.Rajitha

Theekshana made only 2 runs on 14 balls then bowled out by Hardik Pandya. Whereas, K Rajitha was also bowled out immediately after Theekshana but the bowler was K.Yadav. Rajitha too only made 1 score on 2 balls

Matheesha Pathirana

Pathirana was also bowled out by K.Yadav without making any score on 2 balls.

Batting Summary

BatsmanWicket byScoresStrike Rate
P.Nissankab.Japrit Bumrah,c.KL Rahul6/785.71
D.Karunaratneb.M Siraj,c.Shubman2/1811.11
S.Samarawickramab.K Yadav,st.KL Rahul17/3154.85
C.Asalankab.Yadav,c.KL Rahul22/3562.86 Silvab.Jadeja,c.Shubman41/6662.12
D.WellalageNot out42/4691.30
K.Rajithab.K Yadav1/250.00
M.Pathiranab.K Yadav0/20.00
Sri Lanka team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

India Team Bowling Brief

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