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IND vs. SL: Asia Cup 2023 Final Highlights

IND vs. SL, the final of the Asia Cup 2023, was played in R. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka. SL was defeated worse by India.

It should be mentioned that thirteen matches have been played so far in the Asia Cup 2023. Venues included Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Inevitably, the weather had a negative impact on the majority of the matches. Even the India-Pakistan game was called off.

IND vs. SL: Final Updates

The final should undoubtedly be impressive, as was to be expected. Furthermore, it was anticipated that the two would compete fiercely. But it was inverted. The final featured Sri Lanka performing the worst. Their players showed no signs of preparation.
Indian bowlers, on the other hand, drew acclaim for their outstanding performances. By getting six wickets, Mohammad Siraj in particular caught the attention of the spectators.

Toss Update

Sri Lanka won the toss. They chose to bat first. Yet it was worst decision on a wet pitch. It resulted in the worst performance of Lankans. However the pitch became more bowling-friendly. But the fact is that the Lankan bowlers were unable to claim even a single wicket.

Moreover, the Lankans, after taking their first batting turn, could score only 50. Giving the target of 51 runs. Indian batters chased the target in 6.1 overs, with 268 balls remaining.

Match Briefing

StadiumR. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
TossSri Lanka won the toss.Choose to bat first.
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchMohammed Siraj
Man of the SeriesKuldeep Yadav
Series ResultIndia won the Asia Cup 2023.
UmpiresAhmed Shah PakteenRichard IIIingworth
Third UmpireChris Gaffaney
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
Match RefereeDavid Boon
IND vs. BAN match brief

First Innings: IND vs. SL, Sri Lanka scored 50/10 in 15.2 overs

Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Pereera

It was not a good start for the Lankans, as they lost their major wicket in the first over. Kusal Perera, the second opener, just got out on the third ball of the over. He played two balls and was dismissed on the second. It was Bumrah’s ball. The ball edged, and hence KL Rahul caught it by diving to his left side. He threw a lengthy ball, angling towards Perera. Now Kusal Mendis was on the crease.

Nissanka and Mendis

The score could hardly crawl to 8, thus another set back to Sri Lanka. Nissanka also lost a wicket. On the ball of Mohammed Siraj, he was caught by Jadeja. Siraj threw a long ball on the outside. Nissanka hit it to move towards the square. Thus, Jadeja dived towards her right side to catch it. He could score only two on four balls.

Sadeera Samarawickrama and Mendis

Samarawickrama was on the crease now. But he was unable to live up to his potential. While he lost his wicket in the same over. It was an lbw. While playing, two balls returned for a duck. Actually, it was an LBW appeal, and the umpire thus raised his finger. Even the batter took the review, but all in vain. It showed that the ball pitched outside, thus hitting the knee roll on the front pad. Hence, the ball tracker showed it would ultimately touch the leg stumps. It was a poor beginning for Sri Lanka. They were just 8/3 in the major match.

Asalanka and Mendis

Asalanka was on the crease now. O Man! What a ball by Siraj. Next man down on the very next ball. Asalanka also went for duck. The bowler caught three in four balls now expecting to have a fourth one to have a hat trick. As he bowled, the batter hit it hard. Thus, he failed to maintain his shot’s height, and eventually it was caught directly by Ishan Kishan standing in cover. Sri Lanka was 8/4 in the 4th over.

Dhananjaya de Silva DDS and Mendis

Dhananjaya de Silva was on the crease now. Hence, Siraj could have a hat trick. But he got another wicket on the next ball. Sri Lanka was 12 for 5. DDS was also dismissed. He played two balls and made four runs on a boundary on first. And dismissed on the second.

IND vs. SL, Asia Cup 2023 Final

Thus laying in the channel. was somewhat fuller than fair length with seam, headed towards third. As it was pushed away by Dhanajaya. Then Rahul made an appropriate catch. Due to the ball drifting away towards the outside edge.

Shanaka and Mendis

Shanaka came to the crease now. Mendis, however, secured the wicket. Couldn’t score a single run and went for a duck in the 6th over. Again Siraj. He uprooted the stump. The ball was full and pitched in line with the off-stump. Shanaka pushed the ball casually as he pushed the recent ones. To his hard luck, ball after hitting his bat. Directly smashed the stumps. Dunith Wellalage was on the crease now.

Wellalage and Mendis

Now stability could be seen in the wicket. As previously, it was expected that they would all be out until the 10th over. But it does not happen that way. Mendis shot three boundaries, and hence the score reached 33 in the 12th over. Again, Siraj was on the bowling attack. One more wicket. Siraj shined and got his sixth wicket. Furthermore, he took the major wicket. Perhaps Mendis crawled the score to 100, but to his hard luck, he was dismissed.

The ball was pitched similarly to previous ones. Yet it nipped back from the outside. Mendis was expecting a boom call, but the ball went through the stumps and smashed the offside and middle. Dushan Hemantha was on the crease now.

IND vs. SL, Asia Cup 2023 Final

Hemantha and Wellalage

Again, wicket-loss streak. Sri Lanka lost the next wicket in the next over. Wellalge could not digest standing without Mendis, so he was also dismissed. Hardik Pandya claimed the wicket this time. Meanwhile, the ball directly bounced towards his chest. He made a simple, lovely shot but couldn’t understand what actually happened. The ball flew in the air and went directly into Rahul’s hands. Madushan was on the crease now.

Madhushan and Hemantha

Hemantha pulled the score somewhat close. But the Madhushan could not stand much and went out on Pandya’s ball. On the outside of the ball. Thus it seemed to drive and went directly towards Kohli, standing on the first slip. He jumped and caught his head-high catch. Only one wicket left. Matheesha Pathirana came to crease.

Pathirana and Hemantha

Hemantha scored 13 on 15 balls, including one boundary. Hence, he secured his wicket, but alas, he could not manage to play alone. Obviously, she needed the other wicket to be saved, which was not. Then on the very next ball Pathirana was caught. Pandya threw a short, outside ball. The ball slicked straight to the point. Lanka could only manage to score 50 on a 10-wicket loss.

Batting Summary of Sri Lanka: IND vs. SL

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Pathum Nissankac Jadejab Mohammed Siraj2/450.00
Kusal Pererac Rahulb Bumrah0/20.00
Kusal Mendisb Mohammed Siraj17/3450.00
Sadeera Samarwickramalbwb Mohammed Siraj0/20.00
Charith Asalankac Ishan Kishanb Mohammed Siraj0/10.00
Dhananjaya de Silvac Rahulb Mohammed Siraj4/2200.00
Dasun Shanakab Mohammed Siraj0/40.00
Dunith Wellalagec Rahulb Pandya8/2138.09
Dushan HemanthaNot Out13/1586.66
Pramod Madushanc Kohlib Pandya1/616.66
Matheesha Pathiranac Ishan Kishanb Pandya0/10.00
Extras(lb 2, w 3)5 
Total15.2 Overs(RR:3.26)50 
Sri Lankan team batting brief

Bowling Summary of India

Jasprit Bumrah15
Mohammed Siraj67
Hardik Pandya32.2
Kuldeep Yadav01
Indian team bowling brief

Second Innings: IND vs. SL: India chased the target in 6.1 overs.

Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill: IND vs. SL

The two openers for India, Kishan and Gill, ended the game. Hence, the Sri Lankan bowlers could not dismiss them. They completed the target in 6.1 overs only. However, Kishan played 18 balls and made 23 runs, including three boundaries. Thus, Shubman Gill made 27 runs on 19 balls, including six boundaries. The target was much easier for Indian players to achieve. They don’t need to work much. The Indian team scored 51 with a run rate of 8.27.

IND vs. SL, Asia Cup 2023 Final

Batting Summary of India: IND vs. SL

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Ishan KishanNot out23/18127.77
Shubman GillNot out27/19142.10
Extras(lb 1)1 
Total6.1 Overs(RR:8.27)51/0 
Indian team batting brief

Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Washington Sundar, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav and Mohammed Siraj did not bat.

Pramod Madushan02
Matheesha Pathirana02
Dunith Wellalage02
Charith Asalanka00.1
Sri Lankan team bowling brief

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