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IND vs PAK: Highlights

India won by 228 runs Against PAK

IND vs PAK, 9th Match of Asia Cup 2023, Super Four Round, dated September 10–11

The most anticipated match between the two rivals, IND vs PAK, was held at R. Premadasa Stadium. Actually, it was conducted on the 10th of September. But due to the washout, it was shifted to the next day. The 11th September was already reserved for the most significant match.

IND vs PAK Previous Encounter

Before that, they both came in for a match a week ago. That was also a washout. As we all know, the Asia Cup is played in two countries: Pakistan and Sri Lanka. However, the climate in Sri Lanka is not supporting the series. In that match, Pakistan was dominating India. But it had no conclusion. Thus, the IND vs PAK match was abandoned.

IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

IND vs PAK Super 4 Match Highlights

In the following IND vs PAK match, Pakistan lost the toss and decided to field first. The skipper couldn’t judge that it would be difficult to chase for the team on the batting wicket. Evidently, the Green Shirts were unable to perform well while chasing under pressure in many previous matches. So, they did not win, though.

 The Indian batter performed well on September 10 and scored 147 in 24.1 overs. Thus, the rain stopped the match, which resumed on Monday. The perfection in batting skills of Indian players made the pile 357 runs. It seemed impossible to chase under pressure.

 The results were as predicted. Pakistan lost in just 32 overs with a score of 128. It was the worst ever defeat of the Green Shirts by their traditional rivals.

The reason behind this was not only the enthusiastic performance of Indian batters but also the injuries of Pakistani players. Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah both retired hurt and couldn’t manage to play.

IND vs PAK, Match Briefing

StadiumR. Premadasa Stadium
TossPakistan won the toss and chose to ball first
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchVirat Kohli
UmpiresChris Gaffaney Ruchira Palliyaguruge
Third UmpireMasudur Rahman
Match RefereeDavid Boon
PointsIndia 2 Pakistan 0
Match Summary
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

First Innings IND vs PAK: India 356/2 in 50 Overs against Pakistan

Sharma and Gill

Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill welcomed the first over. Shaheen Shah Afridi was Pakistan’s attacking bowler. The skipper played a perfect inning against the green pacers. However, it is important to know that none of the Indian players scored below 50. Sharma played 49 balls and scored 56. The speedy strike helped them make more runs. Thus imposing more pressure on the opposing team.

Sharma’s score included six boundaries and four 6s. Moreover, Gill also performed well. He scored 58 on 52 balls. His score included 10 boundaries. The Indians lost their first wicket in the 17th over, i.e., Sharma. It was Shadab Khan’s ball. It was an edge delivery with modest flight.

The fielder sprinted towards his left side from the long side. with the intention of grabbing the catch. Previously, the batter surged forward and attempted to chip it wide. yet he didn’t follow through with the hit. Virat Kohli was on the pitch now.

Virat and Gill

In the next over, Shaheen Shah Afridi grabbed the wicket of Gill. It was a leg cutter at an adequate length. The batter moved forward to hit, but unfortunately, he got the shot off too soon. The ball stroked his upper part and moved towards the cover field. Nevertheless, he was tricked by the change. Just because he applied heavy hands and the ball did not deserve it.

Virat and Rahul

With the loss of the second wicket, India was on 123 runs. Rahul came to a halt. Thus, with the partnership of both strikers, the score went to 356. It is to be noted that Rahul was not supposed to play against Pakistan. But he played due to the injury to Shreyas Iyer. He suffered from back spasms during the warm-up match. So he replaced him. He had a glorious breakthrough. His sensational performance, along with Virat’s, made it the thing.

Virat Kohli played in his signature style. He took the initial score through doubles or singles. Then, after properly understanding the pitch and the bowler’s style, he made it harder for the opponents. Then he made it through 122 runs without going out. Pakistani bowlers failed to separate them due to their lack of bowlers, as the two got injured.

However, the negligence of the fielding squad was also responsible for this high score. Naseem misjudged Kohli’s catch on his 60. This then doubled until the end.

The IND vs PAK match was paused during the inning between Rahul and Kohli on Sunday. Then it continued on Monday. But unfortunately, the bowlers were unable to expel the batters. Kohli, in his innings, made nine boundaries and three sixes. He gave a spectacular performance in the last version, as he ended it with a stunning sequence of Four, Four, and Six.

1st Innings
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

Batting Summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rohit Sharmac Faheem Ashraf b SHadab Khan56/49114.28
Shubman Gillc Agha Salman b Shaheen Shah Afridi58/52111.53
Virat KohliNot out122/94129.78
KL RahulNot out111/106104.71
Extras(nb 1, w 8)9 
Total50 Overs (RR:7.12)356/2 
India team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

Shaheen Shah Afridi110
Naseem Shah09.2
Faheem Ashraf010
Haris Rauf05
Shadab Khan110
Iftikhar Ahmed05.4
Pakistan team Bowling Brief
2nd Innings of the Match
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

Second Innings: Pakistan defeated by scoring 128 in 32 Overs.

Fakhar and Imam ul Haq

Since the beginning of the second inning, Fakhar Zaman and Imam Ul Haq have been at the crease. Jasparit Bumrah also made an assault in the opening over. The hitters lacked enthusiasm in their play. Despite returning to ODI action after a lengthy absence, Bumrah upset the top-order players. Green shirts were vulnerable against their ferocious stroke and seam action. The hitters were unable to play him.

Bumrah’s stunning come back

Bumrah grabbed the opening wicket. Imam scored just nine for 18 balls while departing the crease. The bowler’s whole delivery obscures his motives. The ball was overlooked by the hitter. Thus, he played it at an angle that caused it to straighten out. Thus taking the outside edge. Standing on second slip, Gill managed to catch the ball.

Babar and Fakhar

Babar Azam was now on the crease. Rain affected the match. But after a short while, they came back to continue. Credit goes to Pandya, who just smashed the stumps, for another wicket loss in the eleventh over. The middle stump was where the ball was heading. During the bowler’s long outside-off delivery. The confused straight throw also responds by biting. That went through the opening Babar’s bat left.

Pandya struck out the star batter with a miraculous delivery. The skipper could only score 10 runs on 24 balls.

Rizwan and Fakhar

Mohammad Rizwan was on the crease now. It seemed much slower than expected. Rizwan didn’t give bowlers a tough time. Hence, he just lost the wicket after securing five. While playing against Thakur, he hit the ball. It resulted in being caught behind. Thus, it was a lengthy ball towards the fourth stump line. Batter tried to fend down the wrong line. He pushed the ball onto the midline, and Rahul caught it. 3 wickets were lost only in the 12th over for just 47 runs.

Agha and Fakhar

Agha Salman was on the crease now. The score moved somehow, but in the 20th over, Fakhar lost his wicket. He scored 27 runs on 50 balls. However, Kuldeep Yadav just hit the middle stump. The batter faced an expansive slog. He missed the ball, so it crashed into the middle stump. The score reached 77 with the loss of four wickets. Iftikhar Ahmad was on the crease now.

Agha and Iftikhar

It seemed like a bad day for Pakistani players. In the first inning, Naseem and Haris got injured while fielding. Agha got hurt on the face, right below the eyes. He bled too. The rain made the pitch friendly for Yadav. He grabbed five wickets. Now he grasped Agha’s wicket. It sounds like an LBW, and so the umpire raised the finger.

Salman had requested a review. The ball was swept once again, went under the bat, and missed the inner edge. Kuldeep’s stock ball taped the front pad. The on-field out call had sufficient justification. Since the ball-tracking system returned the umpire’s call on leg stump. He made 23 runs on 32 balls. His score included two boundaries. Shadab Khan came to the crease.

Iftikhar and Shadab

Unfortunately, Shadab could not stand much longer and lost his wicket after playing 10 balls. Further, he scored only 6. Then, while playing Kuldeep Yadav, he lost his wicket. Thakur caught it at long range. The batter attempted to clear long on. Yet it was thrown up and outside, making no turn in any direction. Hence, Pakistan lost six wickets. Faheem Ashraf was on the crease now.

Faheem and Iftikhar

Iftikhar lost his wicket just after scoring 23 runs on 35 balls. He crossed one boundary. Again, it was Yadav. He drove to his right and collected the return catch. Back of length, and it turned into Iftikhar, who popped it back towards the bowler. Shaheen was on the crease now.

Faheem and Shaheen

Faheem also lost a wicket against Yadav. This was another wrong turn for Pakistan. The batter played the ball and missed it. He scored four on 12 balls. Shaheen left not out with 7 on 6 balls, including a SIX. Naseem and Haris were absent, so the match ended with the loss of eight wickets.

2nd Innings
IND vs PAK, Super 4 Round, Asia Cup 2023

 Batting Summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Fakhar Zamanb Kuldeep Yadav27/5054.00
Imam ul Haqc Shubman Gill b Bumrah9/1850.00
Babar Azamb Pandya10/2441.66
Mohammad Rizwanc Rahul b Thakur2/510.00
Agha Salmanlbw b Kuldeep Yadav23/3271.87
Iftikhar Ahmedc and b Kuldeep Yadav23/3565.71
Shadab Khanc Thakur b Kuldeep Yadav6/1060.00
Faheem Ashrafb Kuldeep Yadav4/1233.33
Shaheen Shah AfridiNot out7/6116.66
Naseem ShahAbsent hurt
Haris RaufAbsent Hurt
Extras(lb 3, w 14)17 
Total32 Overs (RR: 4:00)128 
Pakistan team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

Jasprit Bumrah15
Mohammed Siraj05
Hardik Pandya15
Shardul Thakur14
Kuldeep Yadav58
Ravindra Jadeja05
India team Bowling brief

At last, after a hectic Match between IND vs PAK, Indian team achieved a marvelous Victory.

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