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IND vs. NEP: Highlights

IND vs. NEP was played on September 4, 2023. The venue was Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Moreover the knockout matches for both Nepal and India for the Asia Cup 2023 got underway. India won the match with 10 wickets secured.

Following winning the toss, Indian captain Rohit Sharma decided to ball first. Eventually the rain arrived, ruining every plan.

The same rain danger loomed over IND vs. NEP in the ICC Asia Cup 2023. Just as was the case in the India-Pakistan match, which ended in a draw. The rain was off and on. Hence, reducing India’s goal to 145 in 23 overs only. However, disrupt Nepal’s winning celebration and advance India in the Super Fours stage. India scored without losing any wickets.

The fact that this game is among the three teams in the group explains why it is important. Pakistan has advanced to the following round. India and Nepal had to contend, though. The champion team would participate in the Super Four.

Match Details

StadiumPallekele International Cricket Stadium
TossIndia won the toss, chose to ball first
seriesAsia Cup 2023
UmpiresPaul Wilson Ruchira Palliyaguruge
Third umpireRichard IIIingworth
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
RefereeJavagal Srinath
Points India 2
Nepal 0
Match Details

First Innings: IND vs. NEP, Nepal scored 230/10 in 48.2 Overs

Bhurtal and Aasif

The match started. Bhrutal and Aasif Sheikh started as openers from Nepal. Attack bowler Shami started bowling. He did a straight swing, and the ball could barely reach him. The batters took the singles. The ball edged off Bhurtel’s bat. But to the Indians hard luck, Shreyas dropped the catch at second slip.

During the second over, once again, the fielders dropped the catch. The bad luck goes to Siraj, as Kohli loses the catch. The Aasif Sheikh marked the boundary. This was not a good start for India.

In the initial overs, India wasn’t quite as dominant. In only the first five overs, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, and Ishan Kishan missed three catches. Facilitated Nepal dominating and putting pressure on the Indian squad.

The Nepali opening pair did the partnership of 50 in the 9th over. Hardik did the ninth over as a replacement for Shami. He threw the first ball accurately. The ball swung nicely and made long contact with Bhurtel’s leg pad. The umpire declared an out. Because Nepal lacked leg stumps, they conducted a review. As it was yet unreleased, the review kept them alive thus far. The Nepalis rejoiced after their preserved wicket and subsequent boundary.

Finally, Shardul broke the partnership in the 10th over with the wicket of Bhurtel. Kishan Ishan caught the ball. So it was 65/1. Sharluk stroked in his first over. He smashed. The creases faced the setback from inside, having reasonable length. Bhurtel messed with that before giving it to Kishan, who handled it well. Finally, a benefit for India Kushal Bhurtel played very well, scoring 38 on 25 balls.

Bhim Sharki and Aasif

Now Bhim Sharki came on. However, India succeeds in building pressure on the opposing team. As the score holds there. They passed the next two overs with a minimal score. After that, they could do their first boundary in 15th over. When the fielder was much slower, they could run more.

In the 16th over, Jadeja was able to take a wicket from Sharki. A flat, outside stump. The batsman tried an attack but was only successful in getting the inside edge over the stumps. Sharki did only 7 on 17 balls. Now Paudel was on the crease.


Paudel and Aasif

In the 17th over, Aasif Sheikf faced a bouncer from Shardul. He managed to get a top edge on it before it flew for a boundary. Shiekh made a second boundary. in the 19th over, during Kuldeep Yadav’s over. The batter played an aggressive shot and was trapped in front; he was announced to be out by the umpire. But the review overturned the decision. However, they lost a wicket in the next over.

Again, it was Jadeja who didn’t let the Nepalis play. The batter played the ball, but Rohit Sharma made a quick grab at first slip after Paudel cut at one. The skipper was caught. Now Kushal Malla came to a crease. It was a long stay for opener Aasif, but his strike rate was not that high yet.

Kushal Malla and Aasif

Kushal Malla could not play much. Again, Jadeja got a wicket. Siraj was chipped! Midway through the off. For India, the spinners are performing their best. Fullest and deviated over the left arm’s stump. Malla attempted to climb above Siraj but could not find sufficient altitude. Nepal was 101 runs over 4 wickets.

Gulshan Jha and Aasif

Now Gulshan Jha was on the crease. In the 30th over, Aasif Sheikh caught out when Siraj attacked him with an old ball. He did 58 on 97 balls, but he secured the wicket for a long time. Kohli caught Aasif’s pass with only one hand, making up for his earlier blunder. Airee then arrived at the crease.

Gulshan Jha and Airee

After the first two overs, the Nepalis lost the next wicket due to bad luck and inexperience. Jha made a stroke against Siraj’s fast ball. He was fairly certain that he had a six. But the ball landed on the ground before it had crossed the border. Ishan Kishan, therefore, successfully caught the ball. India took yet another wicket. Nepal scored 144/6.

Airee and Sompal Kami

Rain was on and off. Airee played 25 balls and hit 29. He hit three boundaries. Then in 42 overs, the score reached 194. Airee was lbw on Pandya’s ball. A decision was made on Pandya’s appeal, but Nepal took the third umpire. Slender up front. Airee manoeuvres around the leg cutter that Hardik throws in as the ball thumps onto the ront pad. Nepal reviews, but the playback shows three reds. Lamichhane was on the crease.

Lamichhane and Kami

Kami played 56 balls and scored 48 runs. He made two sixes and one boundary. In the 48th over, the score reached 229. Kishan made a great catch while jumping to his side. It got large on Kami as he attempted to direct it from the centre to the deep third on a short. Kishan must lift his arms in the middle of his dive to accomplish the grab because of the thick edge that continues to rise as he throws himself to his right.

Nepal lost another wicket in the same over, that of Lamichhane. To get to the wickets and have extra cover, he sprinted rapidly. He may not have considered Axar’s left-handedness. He had reached about halfway down the pitch when he began to sprint. Already finished. It was 230/10. Finally, all wickets were lost.

Batting Summary of Nepal: IND vs. NEP

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Kushal Bhurtelc Ishan Kishan
b Thakur
Aasif Sheikhc Kohli
b Mohammed Siraj
Bhim Sharkib Jadeja7/1741.17
Rohit Paudelc Sharma
b Jadeja
Kushal Mallac Mohammed Siraj
b Jadeja
Gulshan Jhac Ishan Kishan
b Mohammed Siraj
Dipendra Singh Aireelbw
b Pandya
Sompal Kamic Ishan Kishan
b Mohammed Shami
Sandeep LamichhaneRun out
AR Patel/ Ishan Kishan
Karan KCNot out2/2100.00
Lalit Rajbanshib Mohammed SIraj0/3.00
Extras(lb 6, w 3)9 
Total48.2 Overs (RR:4.75)230 
Nepal Team Batting Summary

Bowling Summary: IND vs. NEP

Mohammed Shami17
Mohammed Siraj39.2
Hardik Pandya18
Shardul Thakur14
Ravindra Jadeja310
Kuldeep Yadav010
Indian team Bowling Summary

Rain Affected the Match: IND vs. NEP

As it rained continuously for almost an hour. After the pitch dried, the 50-over game could not be finished. In order to pursue the score, it was agreed to reduce the overs. India had to bat 23 overs to achieve 145.

Second Innings: IND vs. NEP, India chased the score with no wicket loss

There was no consideration of reducing the overs or score when the inning began. Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill were India’s opening combination. Attack bowler Karan KC represented Nepal at the outset. He made a wide ball to begin. Then, Rohit Sharma got the lbw appeal  in his over. But the review showed that it wasn’t.

India didn’t lose any wicket during the entire match. But they managed to reach the target in 21 overs. Sharma and Gill’s collaboration allowed them to reach 147. Seven bowlers from Nepal were tried, but unfortunately none of them managed to pick up a wicket.

When playing against spinners, Indian players were extremely mindful. After an hour, the game resumed after being stopped during the third over. In 59 balls of play, Rohit Sharma scored 74 runs with a strike rate of 125.42. Shubman Gill had a strike rate of 108.06 while playing 62 balls and hitting 67.

Lalit, Karan, and Lamichhane each completed four overs. Their lacklustre bowling allowed India to score about 90 runs.  The lowest score was given to the Malla, which were 11 runs in 3 overs with just one boundary and no sixes.

The Indian openers were able to bat till the end since all other bowlers faced 3-5 boundaries and 2-3 sixes in their overs. To top it off, Nepal’s misfielding contributed greatly to their failure to get a wicket.

Hence, the match ended with India’s victory. India reached the Top Four along with Pakistan, while Nepal was disqualified for further matches.


Batting Summary of India: IND vs. NEP

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rohit SharmaNot out74/59125.42
Shubman GillNot out67/62108.06
Extras(lb 1, w 5)6 
Total20.1 Overs (RR:7.28)147/0 
Indian team Batting Summary

Bowling Summary: IND vs. NEP

Karan KC04
Sompal Kami02
Lalit Rajbanshi04
Sandeep Lamichhane04
Dipendra Singh Airee02
Kushal Malla03
Gulshan Jha01.1
Nepal team Bowling Summary

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