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IND vs. BAN: Highlights

12th Match, IND vs BAN, Super Four, 15th September 2023, Asia Cup 2023

IND vs. BAN played the 12th match of the Asia Cup 2023 on September 15. It was held at the R-Premadasa Cricket Stadium. This match was not as worthy as the previous ones. Yet it was stunning and caught the public’s attention. While India didn’t lose any matches in the Super Four before that match. On the contrary, Bangladesh didn’t win any. Thus, the results were astonishing. Bangladesh defeated India by six runs.

Toss Updates: IND vs. BAN

India opt to field first after winning the toss. Certain changes occurred in the team squad. Perhaps it was not a good decision. As it led to the defeat of India. Suryakumar Yadav, Tilak Varma, Shardul Thakur, Prasidha Krishna, and Mohammed Shami were added to the team.

IND vs. BAN: Major Highlights

Bangladesh did the first batting. Thus giving the target of 265 runs in 50 overs. Further, they lost only eight wickets. However, the overconfidence of the Indian team snatched the victory from them. They couldn’t score well, and all were out on 49.5 overs by doing 250 only. Although Gill made 121 runs, all were in vain.

Match Briefing

StadiumR-Premadasa Cricket-Stadium
TossIndia won, choosing to ball first.
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchShakib al-Hasan
ODI DebutTazim Hasan SakibTilak Verma
UmpiresRichard IIIingworthAsif Yaqoob
Third UmpirePaul Wilson
Reverse UmpireRuchira Palliyaguruge
Match RefereeDavid Boon
PointsBangladesh 2India 0

First Innings: IND vs. BAN: Bangladesh gave the target of 265 runs in 50 overs.

Tanzid Hasan and Litton Das

Hasan and Das came to the crease as openers for Bangladesh. Shami came to attack the bowl. Tanzid gave him a boundary in the first over. Not a good start for him. Moreover, in the next over, Thakur started bowling and faced two boundaries. Meanwhile, in the next over, Shami took the first wicket. Litton Das! 

It seemed to wiggle. While it occurred over an ideal length and at Shami’s pace. There is much that can be done. Hence, the ball grabbed back in and touched the pad on its way across to the wicket. Liton fell on the wicket, barely off. Well, he was just on the deeper end of an adequate length.

Tanzid and Anamul Haque

Anamul Haque is at the crease now. But unfortunately, Bangla lost their next wicket as Tanzid also left the crease. Although he played very well and scored 13 on 12 balls, In his debut match, he hit three boundaries in the first three overs. Thus, it showed his expertise as a batsman. To his hard luck, he lost his wicket soon.

Thakur still had flair. Besides This time was a touch lucky, though. After seeing a short ball, Tanzid attempted to pull from the outside. Thus, he tried to secure a bottom edge on his wicket. The batting squad lost their second wicket at just 15. Shakib ul Hasan was on the crease now.

IND vs. BAN Asia Cup 2023

Shakib al-Hasan and Anamul Haque

The main batter, Shakib, played well. Had a good start. Yet on the 6th over, Thakur and Rahul dismissed Haque. On the ball of Thakur, he played in short length. Thus, we got a massive top edge for Rahul. He, with his dominant fielding skills, caught it. However, the batter could score only four on 11 balls. Not a good average. Mehidy Hasan Miraz was on the crease now.

Shakib al-Hasan and Mehidy Hasan Miraz

Miraz and Shakib stayed on the wicket for a long time, and this partnership did something exciting for their fans. But the point is that Shakib played very well, and Miraz, despite his previous performances, could not play that well.

Miraz is an emerging talent who got the spotlight in his previous performances in the Asia Cup 2023. He just lost his wicket on the slip edge. Axar considered him easier prey. He found it fun to dismiss the right-handed batter. Thus, he just pulls his length a bit shorter. Furthermore, the batter prodded it almost hesitantly. Thus delivering an easy catch to Rohit. Mehidy was powerless to stop the ball from traveling away since it was on the shorter side. He scored 13 on 28 balls. Towhid Hridoy was on the crease now.

Hridoy and Shakib

It was not a good attempt by India to dismiss the previous wicket. As Towhid and Shakib made a perfect partnership, They didn’t let us believe that they were knocked out, and India is No. 1. Shakib, after making 80 runs on 85 balls, was dismissed on Thakur’s ball. But his astonishing performance made it harder for the Indian team. His wonderful innings included six boundaries and three sixes. Later on, Thakur’s ball edged his stumps.

Actually, Shakib couldn’t judge the power of the ball and tried to edge it. He bowled a cross-seam. Bangladesh was hence 160/5 in the 34th over. Shamim Hussain came to a halt.

Shamim and Hridoy

Not a good inning for Shamim. While he lost his wicket soon on one score. On the ball to Jadeja, he was LBW out. Thus, Jadeja took his 200th wicket. It was not a good decision by Shamim to play a quick delivery. The ball touched the ground. Thus, he turned back in to touch the inside edge. Consequently, he hit his pad. The batting team was hence 161/6. An alarming situation for them. Nasum Ahmed was on the crease.

Nasum and Hridoy

Once again, a perfect partnership by Nasum and Hridoy A wave of happiness and enthusiasm in Banglis. Then Hridoy, in the 42nd over, lost his wicket with 54 runs on 81 balls. Not a good attempt to play on a deep square leg.

The ball headed for the longer edge of the pitch. Eventually, it rose rather high. subsequently settled it at this time after observing it carefully. In fact, the bowler tried to bowl him on the back leg, just outside off. Yet the ball barely bounced off the batsman’s waist. Hence, the batter continued to draw a swipe, but it only connected to the tip of the bat.

Mahedi and Nasum

Mahedi Hassan has come to the crease now. A perfect combination of two hitters They both led the score that high. But Nasum lost his wicket in the 48th over on the ball of Krishna. He scored 44 on 45 balls. His marvelous performance included six boundaries and one six. Thus, on the ball of Prasidh Krishna, he was dismissed.

The bowler successfully floated one while traveling at barely 95 kph. Consequently, as a useful stand drew to an end, the bottom edge continued to poke the leg stump. Ultimately, the bowler ended up full and wide after angling the ball across. The batter tried to defend him, yet it took so long to arrive because he had been sliced.

Tanzim and Mahedi

They took the last wickets and made it till the end. Mahedi scored 29 on 23 balls. His innings included three boundaries. On the other hand, Tanzim made 14 on 8 balls. Briefly, they made the target of 265 on an 8-wicket loss.

Batting Summary of Bangladesh: IND vs. BAN

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Tanzid Hasanb Thakur13/12108.33
Litton Dasb Mohammed Shami0/20.00
Anamul Haquec Rahulb Thakur4/1136.36
Shakib Al Hasanb Thakur80/8594.11
Mehidy Hasan Mirazc Sharmab Patel13/2846.42
Towhid hridoyc Tilak Varmab Mohammed Shami54/8166.66
Shamim Hossainlbwb Jadeja1/520.00
Nasum Ahmedb Prasidh Krishna44/4597.77
Mahedi HasanNot Out29/23126.08
Tanzim Hasan SakibNot Out14/8175.00
Extras(b 1, lb 3, w 9)13 
Total50 Overs (RR:5.30)265/8 
Bangladesh’ batting brief

Bowling Summary

Mohammed Shami28
Shardul Thakur310
Prasidh Krishna19
Axar Patel19
Tilak Varma04
Ravindra Jadeja110
Indian team bowling brief

Second Innings: IND vs. BAN, India could made only 259 on losing all wickets in 49.5 Over

Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill

 Rohit and Gill started as openers for the Indian side. While Tanzim was the attack bowler for Bangladesh. On the very second ball, big fish Rohit was pried. Rohit for a duck.

Hence the broad delivery that tantalized. Rohit was working hard at it. Thus checking his shot rather early in the shoot. Ultimately, he lifted it up to cover-point. Tilak Verma was on the crease now.

Tilak and Gill

Not a good shot again, and now in the 3rd over, Tilak also lost his wicket. He made only five with a boundary. Then, on the ball of Tanzim, he was dismissed. On a perfect ball, which even didn’t extend fully on the front foot. He left the ball alone. Even his guard was on his leg. Subsequently, the ball hit the top edge. Leaving the batter shocked. KL Rahul was on the crease now.

KL Rahul and Gill

As compared to his previous match, Rahul did not play that well. However, Gill was fully in form. The bowling squad was unable to dismiss him. The partnership lasted a long time. Resulting in high scores for Shubman, but Rahul, on playing 39 balls, could score only 19. Hence, he was dismissed in the 18th over.

Rahul gave him a charge in an effort to escape. Yet he went too close to the ball’s pitch. Although he hammered it straight to the middle stump, Thus, he timed it nicely. All the credit goes to the bowler. His score included only two boundaries. Ishan Kishan was on the crease now.

IND vs. BAN, Asia Cup 2023

Kishan and Gill

Unfortunately for the Indian squad, Kishan also could not play well. He played 15 balls and scored only five runs. In the 24th over, he was lbw. Mehidy dismissed him harshly. As the strain increased, Kishan did not appear to be at ease. He tried to escape by executing a reverse sweep. But Mehidy stood upright and defeated him by executing a knee roll. Suryakumar Yadav was on the crease now.

Yadav and Gill

It could be seen that except for Gill, none of them could perform well. Most of them lost on dots and one-digit scores. Yet Yadav played slightly better and scored 26 on 34 balls. He made three boundaries. Subsequently, he lost his wicket in over 33. Shakib al-Hasan dismissed him. His perfect bowl allowed him to bowl.

Given the way Surya had continuously attempted to block whatever he pitched, Thus, it was virtually inevitable. Like he did practically each time, which showed his slow speed. So the bowler hooked ahead on a length again on off and middle stump. Subsequently, it caused the ball to angle out significantly. However, earlier in the sweep, the batter touched the off stump with the ball.

Gill and Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja was on the crease now. Again, not a good inning for the Indian batter. He made seven runs on 12 balls. He made a swing that missed. He attempted to heave beyond the line for a powerful shot. But he was defeated when the middle stump was uprooted. Furthermore, Mustafizur went on the shorter side. He angled the ball to the left. The ball was not different or that hard. Still, Jadeja missed it, and it collapsed with the middle stumps. India was 170/6.

Gill and Axar Patel

Finally, after playing a wonderful inning, Gill was dismissed. He made 121 on 133 balls. He proved to be hard prey for Bangladeshi bowlers. His score included 8 boundaries and 5 sixes. Thus, in the 44th over, on the ball of Mahedi Hasan

The bowler changed the angle of the ball, and the results were as required. He tossed the ball and flung it harder. Hence, the batter shot it for a fast hit again. Thus, it resulted in a flat attempt to shoot, so Towhid Hridoy caught it. A major setback for India. Perhaps his presence in the crease would lead to India’s win. Shardul Thakur was on the crease.

IND vs. BAN, Asia Cup 2023

Thakur and Patel

The partnership worked for a while. Hence, the score reached 249, an alarming situation for Bangladesh. But Mustafizur Rahman changed the situation on the 180-degree axis. He took Thakur’s wicket. He threw a low, full toss in the middle line. Resulting in an easy catch for the square-leg fielder. He could score 11 on 13 balls. Mohammad Shami was on the crease now.

Shami and Patel

Again, a major wicket in the same over Maybe Patel changed the game, yet he was also caught. He scored 42 on 34 balls. His score included 3 boundaries and 2 sixes. A major setback for India. The bowler went full and a bit wider offside. The batter tried to loft down the pitch. Indeed, he was trying to hit a boundary, but wait, what? Tanzid Hasan caught it. Prasidh Krishna is on the crease now.

Krishna and Shami

Last wicket left. Hence Shami, in the next over, in greed of catching more runs, lost his wicket. The bowler threw a big yorker towards Shami’s center. He jammed it against his fine leg. When he made a second attempt. Shamio ran out. Due to the throw’s proximity to the striker’s end stumps. They didn’t have any other choice. Hence, Shami was not the target. Yet Littleton whipped the wicket. Resulting in India’s defeat by six runs.

Batting Summary of India: IND vs. BAN

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rohit Sharmac Anamul Haqueb Tanzim Hasan Sakib0/20.00
Shubman Gillc Towhid hridoyb Mahedi Hasan121/13390.97
Tilak Varmab Tanzim Hasan5/955.55
KL Rahulc Shamim Hossainb Mahedi Hasan19/3948.71
IShan Kishanlbwb Mehidy Hasan Miraz5/1533.33
Suryakumar Yadavb Shakib Al Hasan26/3476.47
Ravindra Jadejab Mustafizur Rahman7/1258.33
Axar Patelc Tanzid Hasanb Mustafizur Rahman42/34123.52
Shardul Thakurc Mehidy Hasan Mirazb Mustagizur Rahman11/1384.61
Mohammed ShamiRan out (Tanzid Hasan/ Litton Das)6/6100.00
Prasidh KrishnaNot out0/20.00
Extras(b 2, lb 3, w 12)17 
Total49.5 Overs (RR:5.19)259 
Indian team batting brief

Bowling Summary

Tanzim Hasan Sakib27.5
Mustafizur Rahman38
Nasum Ahmed010
Shakib Al Hasan110
Mahedi Hasan29
Mehidy Hasan Miraz15
Bangladesh team bowling breif

IND vs. BAN, Bangladesh won

Bangladeshi players played flawlessly, and as a result, they won. It was difficult to dismiss everyone as a target. The Indian squad took things easier, which is why many significant players didn’t even play. What a severe setback for India!

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