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IND vs. AUS ODI 3: Highlights

The IND vs. AUS 3-ODI series started on September 22, 2023. India won both the first and second ODI’s. So technically, they won the series. Hence, the third ODI was held to decide whether it was a washout or not. Thus, Australia won the match but could not triumph in the series.

Toss Update of IND vs. AUS ODI 3

Team Australia won the toss. Consequently, they chose the first batting. However, they made a total of 352 runs on the loss of 7 wickets. India in the second inning could score only 286. Subsequently losing all their wickets.


Match Briefing of IND vs. AUS ODI 3

StadiumSaurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
TossAustralia won the tossHence opt to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of India
Man of the MatchGlenn Maxwell
Man of the SeriesShubman Gill
Series ResultIndia won the series
UmpiresKumar DharmasenaAnil Chaudhary
Third UmpireVirender Sharma
Reserve UmpireKN ANanthapadmanabhan
Match RefereeJavaal Srinath
Match Summary

First Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 3, Australia scored 352/7 in 50 overs.

David Warner and Mitchell Marsh

Warner and Marsh started as the opening players from Australia. Jasprit Bumrah started as the attacking bowler from India. Moreover, Australia had a flawless start. Yet they reached near 80 in the ninth over. However, unfortunately, they lost their first wicket. Warner was dismissed on the ball of Prasidh Krishna.

Although he made 50 runs on 34 balls, Due to his perfect batting against Indian bowlers. He shot six 4’s and four 6’s. Thus, when he was dismised, it was caught behind an appeal, which the umpire agreed upon.

To enumerate, Warner made a daring start, thus ending in his demise. The ball was resting on the middle stumps for quite some time. Accordingly, the batter crossed the border in search of a scoop. Once the ball landed on the ground, the ball darted through his gloves. Consequently, the wicketkeeper caught it. But it also has a little top edge.

Mitchell Marsh and Steven Smith

Steven Smith came to a crease. In addition, this duo made the perfect partnership. Resulting in the score reaching 215. No further wicket loss till then. Nevertheless, the duo broke with the dismissal of Marsh in the 28th over. Furthermore, the credit for this major wicket goes to Kuldeep Yadav.

Further, the batter scored 96 runs on the 84 balls. Yet his score included 13 boundaries and three 6’s. Hence, the ball directly went to cover. Even though he was so unfortunate that he missed a century just for four runs, Yet he played so well that the score jumped by two.

Nevertheless, his hit was wrong from the outside. Thus, it went and looked so clear towards the offside. In spite of having no field on the deep end, Still, Prasidh made no mistake. Subsequently, he was caught.

Steven Smith and Marnus Labuschagne

Labuschagne has come to a crease now. But another major setback for Australia Likewise, Australia is another gem. Hence, Smith was dismissed on the ball of Siraj. Nevertheless, he made 74 runs on 61 balls. His scoring included eight boundaries and one six.

To his surprise, the ball touched his pad. So the opposing team made a loud appeal for LBW.  He felt like the umpire was also waiting for the decision, so he lifted his finger upwards. Thus, SMith was also not interested in reviewing

However, it seemed to be in line with the decision. It was a drifingly lengthy ball on the offside. Thus, it got across and seemed to flick it across the line. Yet it missed, and hence it was to hit the stumps. Such a victory for Siraj.

Marnus Labuschagne and Alex Carey

Carey has come to the crease now. Unfortunately, he could not stand much. Likewise, he played 19 balls and scored 11 runs. His innings included only one boundary. Then, on the ball of Bumrah, he was dismissed. Actually, he tried to hit, but it chipped the cover, hence Kohli caught it.

Bumrah, in fact, threw the clever slower ball with a speed of 124 kph. On the other hand, Carey didn’t spot it. Since he drove on the upside, Thus, grip the ground a touch. Subsequently, he sliced it straight towards the cover. Australia was 267/4.

Glenn Maxwell and Marnus Labuschagne

Maxwell has come to the crease now. Just like the former, he also could not stand much. Thus losing his wicket. Bumrah, hence, was dismissed on just five runs. Furthermore, he was bowled on a yorker. A 142.3 kph ball touched the stumps. Yet it speared at the offside base. Moreover, Australia was 281/5.

Cameron Green and Marnus Labuschagne

Green has come to crease now. Likewise, in the previous two, he also could not perform well. Yet he could only score nine on 13 balls. Thus, on the ball of Kuldeep Yadav, he was dismissed as Iyer caught him up. He literally needed to get it, yet he could not clear the rope.

So he tossed up above and a wrong un. Ultimately, he skipped down and read the wrong thing. Yet he got it off the toe of his bat. Because he tried to launch a higher long over. Additionally, it felt a couple of meters short. Iyer took the catch comfortably. Australia was hence 299/6.

Pat Cummins and Marnus Labuschagne

Cummins has come to the crease now. The wicket is somehow stable. So the score reached 345 runs in the 49th over. Unfortunately, Australia faced another setback. Labuschagne was dismissed. Furthermore, he played 58 balls and scored 72 runs. Thus, his innings included nine boundaries but no six.

However, on the ball of Bumrah, he was out. The bowler threw him a 124-kph slower ball. Although it was full and wide, The batter stepped outward. He literally tried to launch for too long. So he hit it normally. Unfortunately, the ball reached the boundary and was at the height. Then it came down. Shreyas Iyer was already prepared to grab the prey. So Australia made 345/7.

Mitchcell Starc and Pat Cummins

Starc has come to the crease now. Cummins, hence, made 19 on 22 balls. Thus, it is up to 352. The Cummins shot aboundary. Although Starc scored only 1, The innings ended with a target score of 352.

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
David Warnerc Rahul
b Prasidh Krishna
Mitchell Marshc Prasidh Krishna
b Kuldeep Yadav
Steven Smithlbw
b Mohammed Siraj
Marnus Labuschagnec Iyer
b Bumrah
Alex Careyc Kohli
b Bumrah
Glenn Maxwellb Bumrah5/771.42
Cameron Greenc Iyer
b Kuldeep Yadav
Pat CumminsNot Out19/2286.36
Mitchell StarcNot Out1/250.00
Extras(lb 1, w 8)9
Total50 Overs
(RR: 7.04)
Australia team batting summary
Jasprit Bumrah310
Mohammed Siraj19
Prasidh Krishna15
Ravindra Jadeja010
Washington Sundar010
Kuldeep Yadav26
India’s Bowling Summary

Second Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 3, India lost by scoring 286/10 in 49.4 overs.

Rohit Sharma and Washington Sundar

Sharma and Sundar started the second inning as opening batters. However, Mitchell Starc started as an attacking bowler from Australia. Moreover, he had a good start. Yet they did not lose a wicket till the 11th over. But the score could barely reach 74 until then. Suddenly, Sundar lost his wicket. Maxwell grabbed the wicket.

Furthermore, he could score only 18 on the 30 balls he played. Thus, his score included one boundary and one six. It was a brilliant catch, indeed. In the first place, Maxwell threw the ball. It tossed up. Consequently, Sunar shot the ball by moving inside out. Thus resulting in the perfect catch by Labuschagne. He ran to his right side and dove to pick up the turf.

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

Kohli came to the crease. The duo made the perfect partnership as usual. But what? They didn’t score as much as expected. Since it reached 144 until 21st over, Following a major setback for India. Rohit Sharma was dismissed.

What a perfect bowl, caught by Maxwell. Rohit played 57 balls and scored 84. Furthermore, his innings included five 4’s and six 6’s. The stunning strike rate was a witness to his marvellous performance. Yet he could not make it to a century.

Spanked back at Maxwell immediately after he racketted up a knockout. However, it was a defensive maneuver. Though the bowler simply raised his right hand, Yet he attempted to get out of the path. So the disc was stuck.

Likewise, everyone on the pitch was perplexed. Still, he was faster to bowl at the stumps. Thus, Rohit shot it back at the bowler, who managed to hang on.


Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer has come to the crease now. Kohli could not play much after Sharma. So he was dismissed in the 27th over. He scored 56 runs on 61 balls. On the ball of Maxwell, he was out. Furthermore, in his innings, he made five boundaries and one six.

Maxwell took the third wicket. This time, Kohli was his prey. The ball was shorter than he had anticipated. Yet he was quick on the leg stump. Additionally, he looked towards the pull. Instead, he received a top edge that blew upwards.

Yet from midwicket, Smith dashed back. He appeared to have lost the ball for a little while. But he quickly gathered himself and settled underneath the catch.

KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer

KL Rahul came to crease now. Soon after scoring 26 points, he was dismissed. The credit for his dismissal went to Starc. Hard luck to India! They reached 223/4 in the 36th over. Rahul, in his innings, made two boundaries and no six.

On the ball of Starc, he made a higher shot. Thus, the ball moved straight upwards. Consequently, Carey caught it. However, it was a good-length slow ball that went to the top of the middle. Actually, he tried to launch over midwicket against the angle. Ultimately, it came off the top edge. Hench flew higher into the night sky. Carey shuffled under it and caught it well.

Shreyas Iyer and Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav has come to the crease now. Unfortunately, he could not secure the wicket for long. THus losing his wicket on 8 runs after playing only 7 balls. Hazlweood miscued him to mid wicket. By throwing him a 126-kph shorter ball. Simultaneously, it bounced more than SKY expected. Soon after touching the ball, it directly went to the hands of Maxwell, an easy catch. Hence, India was 233/5.

Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Yadeja

Iyer soon lost his wicket. He, after scoring 48 runs on 43 balls, was bowled. Maxwell grabbed the fourth wicket. It was just 96 kph. A faster off-break on the offside has good length. Iyer literally tried to drive upside down. Yet he played for turn as some balls gripped the quick pace.

Thus, it moved behind the outside edge and crashed off the stump. India was hence 249/6.

Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav was on the crease now. But could not perform up to mark. So he lost his wicket soon after scoring two on 12 balls. It was Hazlewood who dismissed him. Lingered on. The leg stub collapsed. He thus swang furiously. Angling the bat at a jumbled seam and thus offering wide off As a consequence, he got an aggressive inside edge that slammed into the leg stump.


Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja

Bumrah was on the crease now. He played 11 balls, thus scoring only 5 runs. His innings included one boundary. To India’s hard luck, he also lost his wicket. Moreover, it was a deep square. Labuschagne caught it. Cummins threw a good, slower ball on the surface. The batter literally tried to loft over the leg side. The fielder therefore caught it 20 metres inside the rope. India, as a result, was found to be in trouble. As it was 270/8 in the 46th over.

Ravindra Jadeja and Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj was on the crease now. Soon after the score reached 286, India faced another setback. Jadeja was also dismissed. On the ball of Sangha, he was left out. Nevertheless, he scored 35 runs on 36 balls. His score included three boundaries and one six.

After the LBW appeal, Jadeja took the review. He was found to be adjacent, though. Yet he stepped outside. In order to attempt and flick fine, As a result, the ball pitched on the middle stumps. Additionally, it spun back to hit the pad in front of the leg. Hence, the ball tracker had a clipped leg. India wasted their review as it was still an out.

Prasidh Krishna and Mohammed Siraj

Krishna was on the crease now. The last wicket is left. Moreover, the mountain-like score was still there. Krishna played three balls and could score nothing. Similarly, Siraj also scored only 1 on 8 balls. Subsequently, he lost his wicket. On the ball of green Siraj advanced the outer leg. Thus, he scoped a slower ball, which ultimately curled into his leg. Meanwhile, Cummins rushed back from mid off and grabbed it well.

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rohit Sharmac & b Maxwell81/57142.10
Washington Sundarc Labuschagne
b Maxwell
Virat Kohlic Smith
b Maxwell
Shreyas Iyerb Maxwell48/43111.62
KL Rahulc Carey
b Starc
Suryakumar Yadavc Maxwell
b Hazlewood
Ravindra Jadejalbw
b Sangha
Kuldeep Yadavb Hazlewood2/1216.66
Jasprit Bumrahc Labuschagne
b Cummins
Mohammed Sirajc Cummins
b Green
Prasidh KrishnaNot Out0/30.00
Extras(lb 1, w 5)6
Total49.4 Overs
(RR: 5.75)
Indian’s Batting Summary
Mitchell Starc17
Josh Hazlewood28
Pat Cummins18
Cameron Greeen16.4
Glenn Maxwell410
Tanveer Sangha110
Australia’s Bowling Summary

IND vs. AUS ODI 3, Australia won

Australia made a higher target. It seemed impossible for the chasing team. So ultimately, they were all out on 286 runs only. Thus, they already reached the end. So it was already won by Australia. However, India won the series. Yet could not grab the last match.

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