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IND vs. AUS ODI 2: Highlights

IND vs. AUS ODI 2 was played on 24th September 2023. Indore was the venue of this match. The first match of the 3-ODI series has been played before on September 22.

Toss Update

Team Australia won the toss. However, they chose to ball first. Perhaps it turned out to be the worst decision for them. India gave up the target of 399 runs with a loss of 5 wickets. Meanwhile, the rain affected the match. So it was reduced to 33 overs and 317 runs. But Australia was defeated, as they could only score 217. So through the DLS method, India triumphed.

Match Description

StadiumHolkar Cricket Stadium in Indore
TossAustralia won the tossHence chose to ball first
SeriesAustralia’s tour of India
Man of the MatchShreyas Iyer
ODI DebutSpencer Johnson
UmpiresKumar DharmasenaJayaraman Madanagopal
Third UmpireJayaraman MadanagopalKumar Dharmasena
TV UmpireKN Ananthapadmanabhan
Reserve UmpireAnil Chaudhary
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
IND vs. AUS ODI 2 Brief

First Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 2, India scored 399/5 in 50 overs.

Ruturaj Gaikwad and Shubman Gill

Gaikwad and Gill started the opening inning. Spencer Johnson, the young man, hit his debut ball. The Indian batter, Gaikwad, lost his wicket in the 4th over. He played 12 balls and scored 8 runs. Furthermore, he became prey for Hazlewood. Thus, the bowler threw him a terrific ball, leading to a stunning catch.

In short, the ball was directed to the fourth stump. Nevertheless, it was a good-length ball. Hence, Jagged was a little bit close. Further, the ball took the outside edge. While the batter tried to play a defense shot. He aimed to block the ball with his mass. Yet Carey caught it successfully by diving right.

Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill

Iyer has come to the crease now. Thus, the worst time for the Kangaroos started. The bowlers were unable to dismiss any of these batters. They reached 30 overs with only one dismissal.

Gill played 97 balls and yet scored 104. The batter shot six boundaries. While 4 sixes. A good striking rate boosts the score. However, Shreyas Iyer, the young batter, played 90 balls. Moreover, he scored 105. His score included 11 boundaries along with three sixes.

Subsequently, he lost his wicket in the 31st over. On the ball of Abbott, he hit the ball, which thus led to a catch.

Iyer hoped to deposit this slot ball over the cow corner with a full ball on off. Yet his toe ended it. Further, the deep midfielder was able to run in. Thus finishing the job. As the fielder caught it jumping up.

Shubman Gill and KL Rahul

The score jumped much faster. Hence, we reached 243 in the next 4 overs since the last wicket loss. Now on the ball of Green, Gill also lost his wicket.

Gill attempted to immediately cream it back, though it was full. Yet because the sky was also looking gray, the ball flew higher in the air. Thus making it difficult to catch. Yet Carey made a wonderful one. Ended in the collapse of GIll.

Ishan Kishan and KL Rahul

Another setback for India Kishan was also defeated. Yet he played Zampa’s ball, leading to a good catch by Carey. Earlier, Kishan made 31 runs on 18 balls. Yet leading to a higher strike rate. Nevertheless, the batter shot 2 boundaries and 2 sixes. Furthermore, Zampa’s ball touched the top edge of his bat, resulting in another good catch.

Kishan literally attempted to slog sweep on a googly ball. Moreover, the ball went higher towards the midwicket. Ultimately, it reached so high that Carey flew above behind the stumps and caught it. Another achievement of Australia Hence, the score reached 302/4.


Suryakumar Yadav and KL Rahul

KL Rahul, after playing 38 balls and making 52 runs, I finally got dismissed. He in his innings shot three boundaries and three sixes. Green, with his ball, touched the leg stump. Rahul actually swung a full-length ball. But it was a bit slow, hence his dismissal. Meanwhile, India reached 355/5. Ravindra Jadeja was on the crease now.

Suryakumar Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja

 Additionally, Yadav and Jadeja secured the wicket until the end. Nevertheless, Yadav played 37 balls and scored 72 runs. What a huge strike rate he played with! Besides, he shot six fours and six sixes. Thus, he boosted the score much higher.

On the contrary, Jadeja just secured the wicket by giving Yadav more chances to play. He played only nine balls and scored thirteen, including one boundary.

Batting Summary of India: IND vs. AUS ODI 2

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Ruturaj Gaikwadc Carey
b Hazlewood
Shubman Gillc Carey
b Green
Shreyas Iyerc Short
b Abbott
KL Rahulb Green52/38136.84
Ishan Kishanc Carey
b Zampa
Suryakumar YadavNot Out72/37194.59
Ravindra JadejaNot Out13/9144.44
Extras(nb 1, w 13)14
Total50 Overs (RR:7.98)399/5
India’s Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

Spencer Johnson08
Josh Hazlewood110
Sean Abbott110
Cameron Green210
Adam Zampa110
Matthew Short02
Australia’s Bowling Brief

Second Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 2, Australia scored 217 runs in 28.2/33 overs.

Matthew Short and David Warner

Short and Warner started the second inning with their opening. Nonetheless, Prasidh Krishna did the opening. However, he threw a perfect ball, which resulted in his first dismissal.Short was out. On 8 balls, he made 9 runs. Meanwhile, his score included two boundaries.

Prasidh makes a move upon his return! Moreover, Ashwin made a quick grab from deep third while moving to his left. Short attempted to loft a long ball that was spinning away beyond cover. However, the ball took a sharp turn and flew to Ash. Short had a brief stay on the wicket.

David Warner and Steven Smith

Steven Smith was on the crease now. But he got the Golden Duck! What perfect bowling by Prasidh Krishna!

He grabbed the second wicket on the next ball. Hence, Australia was 9/2 in the first over. It was a major setback for the team as they lost their captain.Prasidh received a long ball from outside. I just continued to jab.

Additionally, Smith chased for the ball while looking for bat contact. Hence, the thick edge of his intended slap caused Gill to catch it. So Gill slipped onto a reverse cup catch close to his forehead.

David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne

Labushagne was on the crease now. Finally, the wicket got some breath. The batters stayed on the wicket. Also, they boost the score somehow. Yet the higher target put pressure on the team. Then, in the 13th over, Labuschagne lost his wicket by securing 27 runs on 31 balls.

The batter shot four boundaries. Thus, on playing a ball from Ashwin, his stumps were beat. A time to celebrate for India


Josh Inglis and Warner

Ingis was on the crease now. The score merely crawled and hence reached 100 in the 15th over. But wait, what? The Kangaroos faced another setback. The only hitter till time Warner lost his wicket. Meanwhile, after scoring 53 on 39 balls, he got dismissed. He shot seven 4’s and one 6. Yet on the ball of Ashwin, he was out due to LBW.

The batter literally played a reverse sweep, but the ball touched his pad. Warner was not interested in reviewing it. The stunning performance came to an end. However, replay showed that the batter got an edge at the bottom. Australia was 100/4.

Josh Inglis and Alex Carey

Alex Carey was on the crease now. Yet it is not a good play by Inglis. In the same over, he also lost his wicket. The interesting fact was that it was also lbw. Ashwin, your beauty made a perfect over. Inglis played nine balls and scored only six, including one boundary.

Inglis missed a sweep and was given LBW. He was sure that it was not out, so he took the review. Thus, the review showed the absence of a bat or glove, hence the ball smashed the wickets. Australia was 101/5.

Alex Carey and Cameron Green

Green has come to a crease now. The score reached 128 in the 19th over. Meanwhile, Australia lost another wicket. Carey was dismissed on the ball by Jadeja. However, he played 12 balls and scored 14. His innings included two boundaries.

Thus, he lingered on! He attempted to create a little space for himself. However, he went to drive a ball outside, and it exploded off the inner edge.

Cameron Green and Sean Abbott

Abbott was on the crease now. Unfortunately, Green lost his wicket. He played 13 balls and scored 19, including one six and one boundary. He actually ran out. Kishan threw a direct hit on the wickets, so he was dismissed.

The ball had a thick inside edge on the pad. Consequently, it moved in Kishan’s direction and allowed him to run. Until then, he slightly reached the crossing line, and the ball touched the wickets. Greens’ lackadaisical attitude might be the reason for this.

Adam Zampa and Sean Abbott

Zampa has come to the crease now. Despite his hard luck, he could not perform well. Henceforth, he was dismissed in the next round. It is to be noted that he played five balls and scored five as well. However, his score included one boundary.

He made some space for him towards the outside leg. But the ball swung past the bat. Ultimately, it touched the middle stumps. It happened several times. Likewise, it resembled the test pitch in March.


Sean Abbott and Josh Hazlewood

Hazlewood has come to the crease now. The hitter played so well. Subsequently, he scored 23 on 16 balls. His stunning play included two boundaries and two sixes. But perhaps nature didn’t want the victory for Australia, so they faced another setback.

One after another, they lost another gem. Mohammed Shami dismissed the hazlewood. He threw a great ball. That was much fuller and straighter. Thus, the slower ball touched the leg and went to the middle stump.

Abbott and Spencer Johnson

Johnson has come to the crease now. It was a wonderful job by Jadeja as he took another wicket. In the next over, after Shami,he dismissed Abbott. The batter was boosting the score. Abbott played 36 balls and scored 54 on them. However, his score included 4 boundaries and 5 sixes. Thus, his dismissal resulted in India’s triumph.

Batting Summary of Australia: IND vs. AUS ODI 2

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Matthew Shortc Ashwin
b Prasidh Krishna
David Warnerlbw
b Ashwin
Steven Smithc Shubman Gill
b Prasidh Krishna
Marnus Labuschagneb Ashwin27/3187.09
Josh Inglislbw
b Ashwin
Alex Careyb Jadeja14/12116.66
Cameron GreenRun Out
(Ishan Kishan)
Sean Abbottb Jadeja54/36150.00
Adam Zampab Jadeja5/5100.00
Josh Hazlewoodb Mohammed Shami23/16143.75
Spencer JohnsonNot Out0/0—-
Extras(b 1, lb 3, w 3)7
Total28.2 Overs
(RR: 7.65)
Australia’s Batting Brief

Bowling Summary

Mohammed Shami16
Prasidh Krishna26
Ravichandran Ashwin37
Shardul Thakur04
Ravindra Jadeja35.2
India’s Bowling Brief

IND vs. AUS ODI 2, India won

The rain spoiled the match, so Australia was given 33 overs. The target was also reduced to 317 runs. Hence, the team failed to fulfil the target. Leading to the triumph of Team India.

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