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IND vs. AUS ODI 1, Highlights

IND vs. AUS ODI 1 of the three ODI series started on September 22. Australia made a trip to India for this series. Actually, all of the teams are competing to warm up for the 2023 World Cup. However, it will begin on October 5.
The first game between IND and AUS was played in Monali, India. Additionally, India won the toss. So they decided to play ball first. Australia, meanwhile, met the 276-run mark in the first inning. Further, India scored 281 runs in the chase, losing five wickets in the ensuing chase. Thus, India triumphed in the end.

Match Description

StadiumPunjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Monali in Chandigarh
Toss India won the tossHence they opt to ball first
SeriesAustralia tour to India
Man of the MatchMohammad Shami
ODI DebutMatthew Short
UmpiresKumar DharmasenaKN Ananthapadmanabhan
Third UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
Reserve UmpireAnil Chuadhary
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
IND vs. AUS match brief

First Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 1, Australia scored 276 runs in 50 overs.

Mitchell Marsh and David Warner

Marsh and Warner started the opening inning from Australia. Mohammed Shami was the attacking bowler from India. Subsequently, he took his first wicket on the fourth ball of the over. Marsh was dismissed. He played four balls, thus making four runs, including a boundary.

Taken upon initial slip. Subsequently, Shami displayed his talent by following up a somehow short ball with fuller length. Thus, he angled his right hand and bowled it to length. Additionally, the ball curved after pitching. Gill caught it, who was positioning at wide slip. Marsh guarded the stump.

David Warner and Steven Smith

Smith was on the crease. Both made a good duo. However, they played well. Yet they play slower. While they reach 100 in the 19th over, making a quite slow average. Warner scored 52 on 53 balls. Hence, he was dismissed by Jadeja. 

In his innings, he made six boundaries and two sixes. great innings. In the 19th over, Jadeja threw the ball. Thus, it moved to a wider side. Thus, the batter gave it away. Subsequently, he tossed up towards the outside.

Furthermore, he bent over to send a slog sweep. That could be higher than mid-thigh. Yet a little additional bouncing resulted in a misjudgement. Thus, I missed the ball on its wide, long side. Meanwhile, Shubman was already waiting for it. So it ended in a good catch barely inside the rope.

Marnus Labuschagne and Steven Smith

Labuschagne was on the crease now. Smith could manage to score 41. But he could not reach 50. Yet he lost his wicket. Further, he played quite slowly, with a striking rate of 68.33. Additionally, he made three boundaries and one six.

Thus, it was second for Shami. As he swept him up. The batter was defeated on the intended drive. Moreover, it appeared to be more of a vault at first sight. Yet it was delivered with a vertical seam. Hence touching the fourth and length stumps.

While it was so emblematic of Shami, Concurrently, the batter leaned into his shot. Meanwhile, the ball abruptly came back in to grab its inner edge. Ultimately shattered the stumps. Australia was 112/3.

Marnus Labuschagne and Cameron Green

Green has creased now. Labuschagne, who played flawless in the previous series, Yet he could not manage to maintain his own position. Thus ending in his dismissal on 39 runs. Furthermore, he played 49 balls and scored 39. His innings included three boundaries. Then, on the ball of Ashwin, his stumps crashed.

It first seemed to be caught by Rahul. Thus, after reviewing, the third umpire gave it not out. But wait, what? The review disclosed another story behind it. Actually, the ball seemed to touch the stumps. Nevertheless, the batter attempted to play a reverse sweep. Which was a horizontal seam.

Consequently, it ended up getting a little edge. Meanwhile, Rahul was unable to catch the ball. As it struck the batter’s right leg and thus fell onto the stumps. Marnus’ foot was not in any way beyond the crease. Hence, it ended in dismissal. Australia was 157/4.

Josh Inglis and Cameron Green

Inglis was on the crease now. Green was also playing much slower than the previous batters. However, they should play much faster. The strike rate and play were not matching Australia’s altitude. Australia is thought to be a wonderful team, but in the following match, they played at their worst.

Green could score only 31 on 52 balls. However, he played with a strike rate of 59.61. In his innings, he made three boundaries. Yet he lost his wicket in the 40th over. Furthermore, runout was the reason for his dismissal. Rahul, Iyer, and Yadav all put in effort to grab his wicket.

Actually, Green wanted two runs. However, Inglis was more focused on the ball. Thus, Green dashed one and rushed for a second. While Indians didn’t. To his hard luck, he ran to the three quarters and, seeing no interest in Inglis, ran back.

Although the throw was much wider, Yet the Sky backed it up towards the non-striker’s end. Hence, pick it up to flick towards the stumps. As a result, the ball was pitched towards Rahul. While he dismissed the batter. Australia was 186/5.


Marcus Stoinis and Josh Inglis

Stoinis came to the crease. Hence, he played much faster and scored up to 29 on 21 balls. He and Inglis made a good partnership. Thus, they reached 248 runs. Unfortunately, Stoinis lost his wicket. Again on the ball of Shami, the batter was bowled. What a flawless bowler he is!

Stoinis, in his inning, shot five boundaries. Thus, he played well for his team. Shami threw him a 138-kph ball. He hit it, intending to make it higher. Unfortunately, it didn’t deviate much and ended in his dismissal.

Matthew Short and Josh Inglis

In the next round, Inglis was also dismissed. He made 45 on 45 balls. In his innings, he made three boundaries and two sixes. Bumrah threw him a much slower ball, yet it ended in his dismissal. Furthermore, he made 128 kph.

Additionally, it was slower off-cut. Though the batter expected an on-speed ball, Thus, he tried to loft over cover. Yet it was through the shot. Hench chipped up to the cover. Making an easy catch for Iyer. Australia was 250/7. Pat Cummins was on the crease now.

Matthew Short and Pat Cummins

Again playing against Shami, another batter was dismissed. Matthew Short played four balls and scored only two. Yet he lost his wicket. However, it was right down the throat of mid wicket. Hence, he tried to loft the slower one. He made 122 kph off a cut ball over the midfield. Nevertheless, it did not hit harder. SKY was there to catch the deep inside the rope.

Seam Abbott and Pat Cummins

Seam Abbott could not stand much. In the same over, after playing two balls, he lost his wicket. Shami cut it up. Thus possessing five wickets. However, he threw a much slower ball. Actually, he attempted to push it up. Moreover, it pulled it towards the stumps. Substantial length is wide off. Thus, it clinged and spun a little. Australia was 259/9.

Adam Zampa and Pat Cummins

Zampa has come to the crease now. Thus, Cummins made 21 runs on nine balls. Hence, he boosted the score. His score included two boundaries and one six. Maybe my score could increase greatly. Yet the other wicket was also dismissed.

Moreover, Zampa ran out.It was wide and full. Cummin reached out and hacked the ball behind the point. Sky made the save on the rope. Thus, he flipped the ball towards Jadeja. He first missed the ball. Yet he recovered and threw it well to defeat Zampa. Actually, he tried to pinch the third.

Batting Summary of Australia: IND vs. AUS ODI 1

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Mitchell Marshc Shubman Gill4/4100.00
b Mohammed Shami
David Warnerc Shubman Gill52/5398.11
b jadeja
Marnus Labuschagnest Rahul39/4979.59
b Ashwin
Cameron GreenRun out31/5259.61
(Rahul, Iyer, Yadav)
Josh Inglisc Iyer45/45100.00
b Bumrah
Marcus Stoinisb Mohammed Shami29/21138.09
Matthew Shortc Yadav2/450.00
b Mohammed Shami
Pat CumminsNot Out21/9233.33
Sean Abbottb Mohammed Shami2/2100.00
Adam ZampaRun Out2/2100.00
(Yadav, Jadeja, Rahul)
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 1, w 1)8 
Total50 Overs (RR: 5.52)276 
Australia team Batting against India

Bowling Summary

Mohammed Shami510
Jasprit Bumrah110
Shardul Thakur010
Ravichandran Ashwin110
Ravindra Jadeja110
Indian Bowling in first Innings

Second Innings: IND vs. AUS ODI 1, India scored 281 runs in 48.4 overs.

Ruturaj Gaikwada and Shubman Gill

Gaikwada and Gill started the opening inning. However, Pat Cummins performed as an attack bowler. They played good innings. Moreover, in the 22nd over, India lost its first wicket. Moreover, Gaitwad played 77 balls and made 71 runs. His score included 10 boundaries. Then, in the 22nd over, he was dismissed as LBW. Zampa threw him the ball.

The bowling squad made a guaranteed appeal for LBW. Thus, it appeared to be pretty simple. Moreover, Zampa continued his length in the middle, causing it again. Gaikwad tried to sweep early. While down, but failed after being struck in the right thigh. Hence, Australia took a bold step to raise their hopes.

Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer

Gill secured the wicket. Yet Iyer lost his wicket soon. He played eight balls and, after doing three runs, lost his wicket. He ran out at the striking end. Due to the confusion between the batsmen, they lost the wicket. Gill and Iyer stuttered as they headed back.


Yet he strained to cover a full ball around him before launching himself. While Iyer moved to the middle of the field. Thus, the ball landed on Green’s left side; that was his incorrect side. However, Gill sent Iyer back after concluding that no run was possible there. Iyer dove, nevertheless, by the point the stumps snapped. Yet he was far behind.

 KL Rahul and Shubman Gill

Gill, after making his team proud. Yet lost his wicket in the 26th over. Hence, the score reached 151 with the partnership of KL Rahul and Gill. He made 74 runs on 63 balls. Furthermore, his score included 6 boundaries and 2 sixes. Hence, the stumps were uprooted. Again, it was Zampa.

Gill tried to cut that. Yet there was not much room. Thus, he turned around. While he continued chipping at the somewhat short ball. Thus, while pitching offside and skidding, Moreover, the middle and off wickets were rattled. Ultimately, Gill failed to attempt a cut. Thus, Australia sniffed a comeback. Zampa found his touch following three quick wickets.

 Suryakumar Yadav and KL Rahul

Suryakumar and Rahul made a flawless duo. Thus, the score reached 265 runs in the 47th over. All of a sudden, Yadav was dismissed. He played 49 balls and scored 50 on them. His score included five boundaries and one six.

However, Abbott threw the ball. It was a deep square stroke. Thus, Mars caught it. Sky was so frustrated. He intended to flick it over a long square boundary. Thus ended with a full and tailing-down leg. Yet he didn’t hit it far enough.

It should not be that tense. As the score has already reached 265 runs, There isn’t much left to pursue.


Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul

Rahul thus played a wonderful inning. He secured the wicket. Yet he did not go out. He scored 58 runs on 63 balls. His innings included four 4’s and 1 six. Jadeja, however, made 3 on 6 balls. Hence, the game ended with India’s triumph.

Batting Summary of India: IND vs. AUS ODI 1

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Ruturaj Gaikwadlbw71/7792.20
b Zampa
Shubman Gillb Zampa74/63117.46
Shreyas IyerRun out3/837.50
(Green/ Inglis)
KL RahulNot Out58/6392.06
Ishan Kishanc Inglis18/2669.23
b Cummins
Suryakumar Yadavc Marsh50/49102.04
b Abbott
Ravindra JadejaNot Out3/650.00
Extras(lb 1, w 3)4 
Total48.4 Overs(RR: 5.77)281/5 
Indian Team Batting Against Australia

Bowling Summary

Pat Cummins110
Marcus Stoinis05
Sean Abbott19.4
Cameron Green06
Matthew Short08
Adam Zampa210
Australia’s Bowling in Second Innings

India won, IND vs. AUS ODI 1

In IND vs. AUS ODI, India made 281 runs in the loss of 5 wickets. Hence, they completed it in 48.4 overs with a run rate of 5.77. The series winner would be decided after playing the remaining matches.

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