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Headingley Cricket Ground

The stadium is located in Leeds, England’s Headingley Stadium Complex. It was established in 1890. There are 18,350 seats available. St. Michael’s Lane is where it is situated. Yorkshire Country Cricket Club owned the stadium. In fact, it is in a sports complex that has venues for various sporting events. It is close to Headingley Rugby Stadium, and both sites are connected by a significant road. The cricket stadium’s entrance, however, is located the other way. Since 1899, the stadium has hosted test matches. Its terminus is known as Kirkstall Lane End. It’s been home ground for Yorkshire and Northern Superchargers since 1891 and 2019, respectively. It coordinates at 53°49′3.58′′N and1°34′55.12′′W.

Fast Facts

NameHeadingley Cricket Ground
Established in1890
AddressSt. Michael’s Lane, Headingley, Leeds
OwnerYorkshire County Cricket Club
Flood LightsYes
End NamesKirkstall Lane End


The sports complex was first built by sponsors and run by Lord Hawke. It was intended for six different sports, including cricket, football, bowling, rugby, cycling, and tennis. Cricket’s first professional game took place in September 1890. Originating in Sheffield’s Balla moor Street, which was ravaged by fire in 1932, Yorkshire performed around the nation. Since then, in 2018, it has been renovated. Football, Leeds Cricket, and Athletic Company sold the arena to Yorkshire Country Cricket Club in 2005. The Carnegie Pavilion had its initial renovation in 2010.

Headingley Cricket Ground
Headingley Cricket Ground


  • In 1902, Yorkshire, the host side, defeated Australia by five wickets. By 23, they had eliminated every player on the Australian team. George and Stanely Jackson both secured all four wickets.
  • Donald Bradman scored 334 runs in one inning during the 1930 Ashes. He scored 304 against Australia in an inning back in 1934.
  • Spinner Hedley Verity claimed all 10 wickets in a match between Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire for a total of just 10 runs. In professional cricket, this record is still inviolable. In 1931, at Headingley, he took all the wickets for Warwickshire.
  • Australia defeated England in the 1948 Ashes by scoring 404 against them despite losing three wickets. Bradman scored 173 runs, while Arthur Morris scored 182, and both players remained in the game to the very end.
  • John Edrich hit 310 unbeaten with 53 boundaries and five sixes in the third England-New Zealand game in 1965. Thus, according to captain M.J.K. Smith, before allowing Edrich to surpass Gray Sobers’  record of 365 runs scored, England had already won by one inning and 187 runs.
  • In 1975, during the four-match Ashes series, the chief pitchman, George Cawthray, saw that the protesters asked for the release of George Davis from imprisonment on the accusation of digging holes in the pitch and putting oil on one side of the wicket. due to which the game was over and a draw was proclaimed, denying England the opportunity to reclaim the Ashes.
  • In 1977, during the Ashes test series, Geoff Boycott achieved his 100th century in elite matches. Later on, England, after winning that game, won the series and regained the Ashes.
  • Against the West Indies, which included Curtly Ambrose, Walsh, and Marshall, Gooch made 154 not out while holding his bat till the second innings of 252 in a test match in 1991. The series was won by England.
  • Australia won the 1999 ICC ODI World Cup by defeating South Africa by 271 runs with seven wickets. Herschelle Gibbs dropped the catch out of Steve Waugh, to his hard luck, while celebrating the wicket, and thus he was unable to re-catch. He did 120 out of
  • In 2000, during a match between the West Indies and England, Andrew Caddick took four wickets in an over. After seven years, in 2007, England repeated its history and once again won. The West Indies faced their worst defeat as England won with an innings and 283 runs.
  • England chased 315 against Australia in 2001, with Butcher scoring an unbeaten 173, and they won by six wickets. Thus Australia won the series in the end.
  • In 2009, although Australia defeated England in 2.5 days by an inning and 80 runs, England still won the series.
  • During the match between England and India in August 2022, the Indian cricketers, including Ganguly, Dravid, and Tendulkar, slammed centuries.
  • In 2002, India’s Tendulkar and Ganguly hit 193 and 128 runs, respectively, to record their best total versus England. India forced follow-on, but England’s captain Hussain’s century was in vain, as India won the third Test by an innings and 46 runs.
  • With Adam Lyth recording the top personal score, the Yorkshire Vikings scored the greatest T20 score in England in 2017. Shai Hope became the first batsman in first-class cricket at Headingley to achieve a century in both innings after he struck two centuries in a single test match.
  • In the 2019 Ashes series, England scored 362-9, and in the 2023 Ashes, they defeated Australia by three wickets.
Headingley Cricket Ground
Headingley Cricket Ground


Currently, the stadium can accommodate 18,350 spectators, ranking it as the fifth-largest cricket stadium in the United Kingdom. A sizable media complex is located to the north. The Carnegie Pavilion, Emerald Stand, and East Stand all have commercial amenities. The banquet facilities and Headingley Lodge Hotel are both located near the East Stand. Additionally, floodlights on the pitch allow for night games.

Match Statistics

Test- Series

Matches Played81
Won by First Battings29
Won by First Bowling34
Won by Toss Winners31
Won by Toss Losers32
Drawn Matches18
Highest Team score in Innings653/4
Lowest Team score in Innings61
Highest chased score404/3
Test Stats

A total of 81 test matches were played. From them, 29 were won by the first batting team; however, 34 were won by the second batting team. The toss-winning teams won 31 matches. However, losing teams won 32 matches. 18 matches were drawn. The highest team score was 653 runs against 4 wickets, achieved by Australia. The lowest team score was by the West Indies, who scored 61 runs with the loss of all wickets. Australia chased the highest score of 404 runs with the loss of three wickets.

One Day International ODI’s

Total Matches Played43
First batting Winners17
First Bowling Winners26
Average score in first batting233
Highest score351/9
Lowest Score93/10
ODI Stats

A total of 43 matches were played at the stadium. Among them, the first batting team won 17 matches, while the second batting team won 26 matches. The average score of the first batting team was 233 runs. England scored the highest in an inning, which was 351 runs with the loss of nine wickets. However, England also scored the lowest here, which is 93 runs with the loss of all wickets.

Twenty-20 Matches

Total Matches Played1
First batting Winners1
First Bowling Winners0
Average score in first batting200
Highest score200/10
Lowest Score200/10
T20 Stats

Only one T20 match was played in the stadium. The first batting team won that match. ngland had the highest score there. It scored 200 runs with the loss of 10 wickets.

Domestic T20’s

Total Matches Played63
First batting Winners39
First Bowling Winners23
Average score in first batting181
Highest score260/4
Lowest Score82/7
Domestic Stats
Headingley Cricket Ground
Headingley Cricket Ground

A total of 63 domestic T20 matches were played there. Thirty-nine matches were won by the first batting team, while 23 were won by the first bowling team. One match was tied. 181 runs were the average score by the first batting team. The highest score was 260 runs by Yorkshire with the loss of 4 wickets, while the lowest score was 82 runs with the loss of 7 wickets by Yorkshire.

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