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Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Introduction of Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium 

The ground in the central city of Christchurch, New Zealand belongs to a very old Cricket Stadium of the Country which is Hagley Oval Stadium. It is also known as Hagley Park New. Hagley Oval is based at 57 Riccarton Avenue in the central city of 8011 Christchurch, New Zealand and also the largest stadium of New Zealand. As the Stadium was established back in 1851, thus it witnessed the ups and downs of time including World War I. Moreover, its establishment came into being by the Canterbury Cricket Association and the Canterbury Cricket Trust. Later the first Cricket Match played at this venue was also hosted by Canterbury Cricket team by inviting Otago Cricket Team in 1867.

Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium
Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Hagley Oval Stadium Details

Full Name Hagley Oval Cricket Stadium 
Establishment 1851
Location 8011 Christchurch, New Zealand 
Capacity 18,000
End NamesCity End, Port Hills End
Stadium Timings7 am-8:30 pm
Floodlights No
Home TeamsCanterbury Cricket Team
Curator Rupert Bool
Time ZoneUTC+13:00
Hagley Oval Brief

Early History of Hagley Oval

Hagley Oval is one of the earliest happenings in Christchurch as a new town in New Zealand. After the settlement of Canterbury, the locals needed to have their own cricket ground which later resulted in the establishment of Hagley Oval. Furthermore, this venue is of utmost importance for cricket both in Canterbury and New Zealand. At the starting years, it only served for the inter-provincial and few international level matches. However, after a few years it became the major venue of New Zealand to host all types of cricket matches in New Zealand. In addition, the venue also served as the home ground to host ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Pitch Report of the Hagley Oval

Hagley Oval had 11 widthway pitches. Out of 11, 10 are approved only for the Test Internationals. Furthermore, these 11 pitches are made up of kakanui clay and are 28m long and 34m wide. The boundaries at Hagley Oval are square, having length of 74 meters approximately. Moreover, the pitch is equally advantageous for the batters and the bowlers. In addition, the pitch’s condition may vary due to different factors. 


Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium
Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Hagley Oval Stadium isn’t able to host evening and night Matches due to the lack of Floodlights. However, in 2013, funds were granted to install 4 retractable lights at the stadium. Later the consent of installing 6 permanent lights was approved which was finalized after a few years in 2019. Finally at the end of 2020, 6 lights of 49m height were installed at the venue and improved its broadcast quality. These lights were used in January 2021 for the first time for a match between Central Districts and Canterbury.

End Names

Hagley Oval comprised two ends namely: Port Hills End and the City End.

Pavilions of the Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

There are two pavilions present in the Hagley Oval which are:

  • Hadlee Pavilion

Hadlee pavilion is open for all types of communities around the year. Furthermore, this pavilion also facilitates other sports. The building of this pavilion is architecture by leading architect of New Zealand Trevor Watt. However, it was built up by a South Asian construction company in a time period of less than one year.

  • Canterbury Cricket Umpires Association Pavilion 

This pavilion was built up in 1864 at the Dilloway’s ground for the purpose of welcoming an English 11 team. Later they won the match against Canterbury however, impressed by the facilities available at the north-west Corner of the South Hagley Park. After 2 years, the pavilion was moved to its present site and became the home of many clubs. Hence, it has served the spectators for almost 120 years. In 1988, it was restored by the Umpire’s association. In addition, it’s been the oldest cricket pavilion in the history of New Zealand. Furthermore, the building is recognized as the Category 2 building by Heritage New Zealand.

Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium
Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Resume of Cricket in Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Due to the severe earthquake at Christchurch in February 2011, massive damage has been witnessed in the town. The earthquake damaged the area badly including the Lancaster Park Stadium too. Previously, Lancaster Park Stadium hosted the international matches. After many years passed by, in 2013, the environment court granted approval to Canterbury for the development of Hagley Oval as an international venue for Cricket. Thus, in 2014 the resume of Cricket was started by a Test series between Sri Lanka vs New Zealand. Later the stadium hosted the ICC CWC2015.

International Cricket Matches in Hagley Cricket Oval Stadium

Test Internationals

The first test which was hosted by the Hagley Oval Stadium was between the New Zealand and Sri Lanka teams on December 26-29, 2014. Whereas the last Test Match was also played between the New Zealand and Sri Lanka teams on March 09-13, 2023.

Test International Stats

Total No. of Matches13
Average 1st innings score291
Average 2nd innings score310
Average 3rd innings score 271
Average 4th innings score172
Highest total score659/6 (by NZ vs PAK) in 158.5 overs
Lowest total score95/10 (by RSA vs NZ) in 49.2 overs
Matches won by batting first 4
Matches won by bowling first 8
Highest chased score 286/8 (by NZ vs SL) in 70 overs
Lowest defended score 227/10 (by NZ vs RSA) in 93.5 overs
Test Stats

One Day Internationals

In 2014, Hagley Oval hosted its first ODI match between Canada and Scotland on January 23, 2014. Until now, a total of 31 ODI matches were played at Hagley Oval. Whereas the last ODI match played here was on November 30, 2022, between New Zealand and India.

One day Internationals Stats

Total No. of Matches 31
Average first inning score 243
Average second inning score 178
Matches won by bowling first 15
Matches won by batting first 14
Highest total score455/5 (by NZW vs PAKW) in 50 overs
Lowest total score 47/10 (by PAKW vs NZW) in 23 overs
Highest chased score 275/5 (by NZ vs BAN) in 48.2 overs
Lowest defended score 131/4 (by NZ vs WI) in 23 overs 
ODI Stats

Twenty20 Internationals

The New Zealand and England teams played the first T20I match at this venue on November 1, 2019. Whereas the last T20I was played between Pakistan vs New Zealand on October 14, 2022.

T20I Stats

Total No. of Matches 11
Average first inning score 164
Average second inning score 134
Matches won by bowling first 6
Matches won by batting first 5
Highest total scores 208/5 (by NZ vs BAN) in 20 overs 
Lowest total scores 32/10 (by BANW vs NZW) in 14.5 overa
Highest chased score 177/3 (by PAK vs BAN) in 19.5 overs
Lowest defended score 167/5 (by PAK vs BAN) in 20 overs 
T20I Stats

Women’s International Matches at Hagley Oval

1st Women’s TestMarch 7-10,1969 (NZ vs ENG)
Last Women’s Test February 28 to March 03,1995 (NZ vs AUS)
1st WODIJanuary 23,1992 (NZ vs AUS)
Last WODIDecember 18,2023 (NZ vs PAK)
1st WT20November 15,2015 (NZ vs SL)
Last WT20December 2,2022 (NZ vs BAN)
WI Matches Stats

Scheduled International Fixtures at Hagley Oval

January 19, 2024Friday 11:10 AMNew Zealand vs Pakistan, 4th T20I
January 21, 2024Sunday 5:00 AmNew Zealand vs Pakistan, 5th T20I
Scheduled Matches at Hagley Oval


Q: What is the other name of Hagley Oval Stadium?

A: The Stadium is also known as Hagley Park New.

Q: What is the location of Hagley Oval?

A: Hagley Oval is located at the 57 Riccarton Avenue, central city of Christchurch 8011, New Zealand.

Q: What are the timings of Hagley Oval?

A: Hagley Oval is open from 7 AM-8:30 PM all days of the week.

Q: What is the Pitch report of Hagley Oval?

A: The pitch at Hagley Oval is grass, equally good both for the batters and the bowlers. However, its condition may vary from time to time due to the weather and climatic conditions.

Q: What is the ticket price of Hagley Oval Stadium?

A: The ticket price of Hagley oval may vary for different matches. However, for the scheduled upcoming match Between PAK and NZ, the ticket price for adults is 30.00 $ per person. furthermore, the also give discounted packages according to the number of individuals.

Q: What is the capacity of spectators in Hagley Oval?

A: The venue holds the capacity of up to 20,000 Spectators.

Q: What is the name of the home team of Hagley Oval?

A: Canterbury Cricket Team is the home team of Hagley Oval.

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