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England VS New Zealand, 1st Match, ICC ODI Men’s CWC2023

5 October 2023, 1st Match, England VS New Zealand, CWC2023

The most awaited Event in ODI Cricket ICC  CWC2023 begins with the 1st Match between England and New Zealand on October 5, 2023. Whereas, the Venue for this Match is Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

However, the New Zealand Squad amazed the Audience with their powerful performance. But, the batsmen of New Zealand took the lead in the Victory by their flabbergasting batting. Captain Tom Latham of New Zealand won the toss and decided to go for fielding first.

 Further England Batsmen with the full efforts tried to give a good score of 282 runs to the team New Zealand. Joe Root is on the top with his 77/86 runs. However, team New Zealand Chased this Score with their fine display of Cricket. And then chased this 283/1 total in 36.2 overs with 9 Wickets. Rachin Ravindra was named as the Man of the Match for his 122/95.

England VS New Zealand
England VS New Zealand

Match Details of England VS New Zealand

SeriesICC ODI Mens Cricket World Cup
Match ResultNew Zealand Won the Match with 9 Wickets
Man of the MatchRachin Ravindra
Match dayOctober 5, 2023
Match No.4658-ODI
TeamsEngland VS New Zealand
Match Number1
VenueNarendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, India
TossNew Zealand won the toss and elected to field first
UmpiresKumar Dharmasena, Nitin Menon
TV UmpirePaul Wilson
Reserve UmpireSharfuddoula
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
Match Details

England VS New Zealand, 1st Innings

England on 282 runs with the loss of 9 Wickets in 50 Overs

Jonny Bairstow and David Malan

Bairstow and David started the 1st innings as opening batsmen of Team England. Here, the bowler from the New Zealand team is Trent Boult. On his 2nd ball Bairstow hits a fantastic 6. At 3rd over Malan also hits a beautiful 4. 

After not making any runs on the 3rd ball, Bairstow again hits a 4. After the 2.6 overs Matt Henry is on the field for Bowling, and slow play of the game is started. During the 7th Over England lost its 1st Wicket as Malans ball was caught out by Tom Latham after making 14 runs on 24 balls including two 4s.

Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root

Bairstow lost partnership with Malan but again starts the game with a good flow. Along with Bairstow, Root played beautifully and after the 11th over he hit a fantastic 6 by Reverse-scoop on the ball of Boult. On the other hand Bairstow lost his Wicket on the ball of Santner by making 33 runs on 35 balls as his ball was caught by Mitchell at the end of the 12th over.

Joe Root and Harry Brook

After the loss of 2nd Wicket, Harry Brook is on the crease with Root.As the game again proceeds with good flow of runs, Brook hits a fabulous 6 on the ball of Rachin Ravindra at the end of 16th over. At the next ball, in trying to again hit a 4 or 6 Brook lost its Wicket at 25 runs on 16 balls. Moreover, this ball was bowled out by Ravindra and catched beautifully by Conway.

Joe Root and Moeen Ali

 As the 100 runs are completed for England, Root hits a fabulous 4 on the slow ball of Neesham. At this Stage Moeen Ali was on the Pitch with Root. This time Moeen hits a 4 with the speed of 131 kph on Neeshams ball. Further by making 11 runs on 17 balls at 21.2 overs, he lost his wicket on the ball of Glenn Phillips.

Joe Root and Jos Buttler

After the 4th Wicket loss, Jos Buttler came on the crease. Starting with the 21.3 Overs, an amazing partnership of runs started by Root and Buttler. In the 26th over, Buttler hits a whistling 6 on the ball of Ravindra. Also 150 runs are up for England at this over including the 50 runs of Root. 

At the start of 31 Over, on the ball of Matt Henry, Buttler hits a sizzling 4. Later he was bowled out by Henry on 33.2 Overs by making a total of 43 runs on 42 balls including 2 (6s) and 2 (4s). His ball was catched by Latham.

Joe Root and Liam Livingstone

Livingstone is on the crease after the loss of 5th Wicket. Root agains hits a 4 on 36.1 overs. In addition, Livingstone also hits 3 (4s) before the 38.5 overs. Then his ball was caught by Matt Henry and he lost his wicket on the ball of Trent Boult. At this stage the scores of Livingstone are 20 on 22 balls.

Joe Root and Sam Curran

Sam Curran approached the crease with the loss of 6 Wickets for England. The play starts again. Unfortunately Root is bowled out by Glen Phillips after making 76 runs on 86 balls in 41.1 overs.

Sam Curran and Chris Woakes

With the loss of another Wicket, Chris Woakes appeared on the crease. The game became slow at this stage and later Chris lost his Wicket in 44.6 overs on the ball of Santner. He scored 11 runs on 12 balls with 1 four. The total score for England here is 250.

Sam Curran and Adil Rashid

Adil cames on the crease after the loss of another wicket. But at the end of 45th over, Sam Curran is bowled out by Santner by making 14 runs in 19 balls.

Adil Rashid and Mark Wood

Adil made a total of 15 runs in 13 balls including 1 four. Whereas, Mark scored 13 on 14 balls.

With this 50 Overs of Team England are Completed. Here the total scores of them are 282/9.

England VS New Zealand
England VS New Zealand

England Squad Batting Summary

Jonny Bairstow33/35b/Santner, c/Mitchell4/194.29
David Malan14/24b/Henry, c/Latham2/058.33
Joe Root77/86b/Glenn phillips4/189.53
Harry Brook25/16b/Ravindra, c/Conway4/1156.25
Moeen Ali11/17b/Glenn phillips1/064.71
Jos Buttler43/42b/Henry, c/Latham2/2102.38
Liam Livingstone20/22b/Boult, c/Henry3/090.91
Sam Curran14/19b/Henry, c/Latham0/073.68
Chris Woakes11/12b/Santner, c/Will Young1/091.67
Adil Rashid15/13 (not out)0/1115.38
Mark Wood13/14 (not out)0/092.86
Batting brief of England Squad

New Zealand Squad Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OversRunsWickets
Trent Boult101481
Matt Henry101483
Glenn Phillips30172
Bowling brief of New Zealand Squad

England VS New Zealand, 2nd Innings

New Zealand won by 9  Wickets in 36.2 Overs

Devon Conway and Will Young

At the Start of the 2nd innings, Conway and Will Young came on the Crease. Both of them are New Zealand’s top-order opening Batsman. Whereas, Chris Woakes is the Bowler from England. On the first ball of Woakes, Conway hits a blasting 4 and an amazing start of 2nd innings is seen. With the gap of 3 balls, on 5th ball Conway once again hits 4 on a swinging ball of Woakes. At the start of 2nd over, Will Young lost his Wicket on a golden duck with the leg-side ball of Sam Curran.

Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra

After the loss of 1st Wicket, New Zealand’s another Batsman Rachin Ravindra in place  of Williamson came on the Crease. Due to his excellent bowling Sam Curran limited the runs from New Zealand until the end of 2nd Over. After the 2nd over, Ravindra somewhat made himself Comfortable on the pitch and hit 2 sizzling 4s to Chris one after the other. Chris got 2 more 4s from Ravindra in the 4th over with the gap of 1 ball. Overall 27 runs were scored by New Zealand in 5 overs with the loss of a Wicket.

Later, at the end of 10 overs New Zealand’s scores were 81/1 with 47 runs (two 6s, three 4s) of Ravindra and 33 runs (four 4s) of Conway. From here, the sensational partnership of Conway and Ravindra started. With two 6s and six 4s from Conway and one 6 and one 4 from Ravindra (making a half century for him) the total score was 154 at the end of 20th over. Whereas the total scores of Conway are 82/64 and Ravindra on 71/55. However, bowlers on the field are Rashid and Woakes.

Now, only 129 runs are needed in 30 overs by New Zealand to win this match. To this point Conway and Ravindra seem like the guardian angels of team New Zealand. Until the end of 30 overs, the scoreboard for NZ is 211/1, with a century from Conway whereas Ravindra is just 2 runs away from his Century. Liam Livingstone bowled very well during these overs with 1-0-1-0. However, Moeen got 7-0-43-0.

With 5 more 4s and 1 fantastic 6 by Conway and two 4s and one 6 of Ravindra, between 30th to 36 overs, NZ chased the Score beautifully with 283/1 in 36.2 Overs.

England VS New Zealand
England VS New Zealand

Batting Summary of New Zealand Team

Devon Conway152/121Not Out19/3125.61
Will Young0/1b/Curran, c/Buttler0/00.00
Rachin Ravindra123/96Not Out11/5128.12
New Zealand Team batting brief

Bowling Summary of England Team

BowlerOversMaiden OversRunsWickets
Chris Woakes60450
Sam Curran62471
Mark Wood50550
Moeen Ali 9.20600
Adil Rashid70470
Liam Livingstone30240
England team Bowling brief
New Zealand team Won
New Zealand team Won

So, in this England VS New Zealand 1st Match of ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023, New Zealand Squad achieved a brilliant Victory.

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