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England vs Ireland, 2nd (ODI) Highlights

The first One-Day International (ODI) between England vs Ireland took place on September 20, 2023, at Leeds. Unfortunately, this match was canceled.

Furthermore, the second One-Day International (ODI) between England and Ireland was won by England by 48 runs.

Match Features

TossIreland, elected to field first
VenueTrent Bridge, Nottingham
SeriesIreland tour of England
Player Of The MatchWill Jacks
series resultEngland took a 1-0 lead in the three-match series.
Match numberODI no. 4653
Match days     23 September 2023 – day (50-over match)
ODI debutGeorge Scrimshaw Jamie Smith Sam Hain Tom Hartley
UmpiresDavid Millns Rod Tucker
TV Umpire      Paul Reiffel
Reserve Umpire     Mike Burns
Match RefereeChris Broad
Match Details
England vs Ireland
England vs Ireland

First innings: England vs Ireland

England 334 runs in 50 overs

Phil Salt and Will Jacks

Phil and will began their careers as England’s opening batters. Furthermore, Phil scored 28 on 21 balls. In addition, he hit 6 boundaries and zero sixes. As a result, the strike rate was 133.33 percent. Unfortunately, Phil lost his first wicket in the 6th over against Young. As a result, Zak Crawley was called to the crease.

Zak Crawley and Will Jacks

Will performed admirably, scoring 94 points on 88 balls. He actually shot seven boundaries and four sixes, Zak, on the other hand, collected 0 points on 2 balls. As a result, Zak lost his second wicket in the 6th over. Hence, Ben Duckett arrived at the crease.

Will jacks and Ben Duckett

Will played quite well, as seen by his excellence score in this match. On 88 balls, he scored 94 runs. He also hit seven boundaries and four sixes. Ben also played effectively, as he scored 48 runs on 49 balls. He also put effort to win this match. But he lost his third wicket in the 23rd over. Sam Hain has now entered the crease.

Sam Hain and Will jacks

Sam had 89 points on 82 balls. No doubt, He performed admirably in this match. He also played an excellent role to win this match. Hence, Saim also hit 8 boundaries with no six. He had a strike rate of 108.53.On the other hand, will also perform very excellent throughout the match. But he lost his fourth wicket against dock Rell in 31 over. Jamie Smith came on crease.

Jamie Smith and Sam Hain

Jamie scored 9 points on 10 balls. Therefore, the strike rate was 96.00 percent. As a result, Jamie fell for his fifth wicket in 35th overs against Dock Rell. Finally, Brydon Carse entered the crease.

Brydon Carse and Sam Hain

Brydon performance was good. He scored 32 points on 30 balls. He also hit two boundaries and one six. He has a 106.66 strike rate. Unfortunately, Brydon lost his sixth wicket too little in the 43 over. Rehan Ahmed has now entered the crease.

Rehan Ahmed and Sam Hain

Rehan scored 6 on 8 balls. He had a strike rate of 75 percent. On the other side, Sam played very well. Unfortunately, Rehan lost his seventh wicket by Adair in 46th over. Tom Hartley came on crease.

Tom Hartley and Sam Hain

Tom, on the other hand, received a score of 12. He scored 12 points on 9 balls. He played till the match end. Sam, on the other hand, performed admirably. He scored 89 points on 82 balls. As a result, in the 49th over, McCarthy claimed his eight wickets. Matthew Potts is on the crease.

Matthew Potts and Tom Hartley

Matthew and tom appeared at the end of the series. Matthew scored 3 on 3 ball at the end of the overs. In addition, the host team assigns a target of 334 to the guest team.

Batting summary (England vs Ireland)

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Phil Saltc Stirling b Young28/21133.33
Will Jacksc Balbirnie b Dockrell94/88106.81
Zak Crawley (c)lbw b Young0/20.00
Ben Duckettc Adair b Dockrell48/4997.95
Sam Hainc McBrine b McCarthy89/82108.53
Jamie Smith †c Little b Dockrell9/1090.00
Brydon Carsec Stirling b Little32/30106.66
Rehan Ahmedc McCarthy b Adair6/875.00
Tom HartleyNot out12/9133.33
Matthew PottsNot out3/3100.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 2, w 8)13 
TOTAL50 Over  (RR: 6.68)334 
Team England Batting brief

Bowling summary

Mark Adair110
Josh Little110
Craig Young27
Barry McCarthy110
Andy McBrine05
George Dockrell38
Ireland team bowling brief
England vs Ireland
England vs Ireland

Second innings: England vs Ireland

Ireland 286 runs in 46 overs

Andy Balbirnie and Paul Stirling

Andy and Paul began their careers as Ireland’s opening batters. However, He scored 14 points on 14 balls. He also hit two boundaries. He had a strike rate of 100.00 percent. Likewise, Paul scored 25 points on 17 balls. He hit 4 boundary and one six-pointer. Strike rate increased by 147.05. Thus, in the third over, Andy lost his first wicket by against scrimshaw. Hence, Curtis Campher has now appeared on the crease.

Curtis Campher and Paul Stirling

Curtis got 9 points on 14 balls, hitting two boundaries. The strike rate was 64.28 percent. Paul, on the other hand, scored 25 on 17 balls. Similarly, Paul lost his second wicket to Potts in the 4th over. Harry Tector has now entered the crease.

Harry Tector and Curtis Campher

Harry scored 39 from 40 balls, despite hitting five boundaries. His strike rate was 97.50. He played extremely well. Curtis lost his third wicket in the 8th over. Lorcan Tucker came on immediately.

Lorcan Tucker and Harry Tector

Lorcan scored 11 points on 19 balls. Further, he also crossed one boundary. On the other hand, the strike rate is 57.89. In the 14th over, Lorcan was bowled for the fourth time by scrimshaw, and as a result George Dock Rell entered the game at this point.

George Dockrell and Harry Tector

George scored 43 on 54 balls. He shot three boundaries with two sixes. The strike rate was 79.62. Unfortunately, harry lost his fifth wicket to Rehan in the 19th over. Andy Mcbrine entered on crease.

Andy McBrine and George Dockrell

Andy scored 4 points on 12 balls. He has a strike rate of 33.33. George, on the other side, plays and scores 43 points on 54 balls. As a result, Andy lost his sixth wicket in the 23rd over to Rehan. Mark Adair has now entered the crease.

Mark Adair and George Dockrell

Mark scored 12 points on 8 balls. He has 1 boundary and one six. He had a strike rate of 150.00. Meanwhile, mark lost his seventh wicket to Rehan. Barry McCarthy entered the game.

Barry McCarthy and George Dockrell

Barry scored 41 points on 38 balls. As a result, he shot four boundaries and one six. Also increase the strike rate by 107.89. George, on the other hand, scores 43 runs off 54 balls. Unless George loses his 8th wicket to Rehan. Craig Young followed on the crease.

Craig Young and Barry McCarthy

Craig scored 40 runs on 44 balls with a strike rate of 90.90. He also shot two boundaries with two sixes. Barry lost his ninth wicket in the 38th over due to his batting. Craig played to the end of the match. Josh little has now been creased.

Josh Little and Craig Young

Josh scored 29 points on 29 balls. He hit four home runs with one six. He had a strike rate of 100.00. Unless he lost his 10th wicket to scrimshaw in the 46th over. As a result, Ireland only completed 286 runs and failed to complete goal assigned by England. Finally, England won by 48 runs.

England vs Ireland
England vs Ireland

Batting summary

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Andy Balbirniec Duckett b Scrimshaw14/14100.00
Paul Stirling (c)b Potts25/17147.05
Curtis Campherc †Smith b Potts9/1464.28
Harry Tectorc Jacks b Rehan Ahmed39/40  97.50
Lorcan Tucker †c Duckett b Scrimshaw11/1957.89
George Dockrellc Salt b Rehan Ahmed43/5479.62
Andy McBrineb Rehan Ahmed4/1233.33
Mark Adairlbw b Rehan Ahmed12/8150.00
Barry McCarthyb Carse41/38107.89
Craig YoungNot out40/4490.09
Josh Littlec Carse b Scrimshaw29/29100.00
Extras(b 3, lb 1, nb 9, w 6)19 
TOTAL46.4 Over  (RR: 6.12)286 
Ireland team batting brief

Bowling summary

Matthew Potts27
George Scrimshaw38.4
Brydon Carse18
Rehan Ahmed410
Tom Hartley010
Will Jacks03
England team bowling brief

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