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England VS Bangladesh, Highlights, Match 7 CWC2023

England VS Bangladesh, October 10, Match 7 ICC CWC2023

The 7th Match of ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup held at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamshala. Moreover, the Competing teams here were England VS Bangladesh.

At first, Bangladesh team decided to bowl first after they won the toss. Later, players of team England represented a high-class batting. Furthermore, they won the Match with a huge margin of 137 runs.

Dawid Malan becomes the man of the Match for his outstanding century and 140/107 runs.

At the end, the total score for the England team was 364/9 in 50 overs. Whereas the total score for Bangladesh was 227/10 in 48.2 overs.

England VS Bangladesh
England VS Bangladesh

Match Briefs of England VS Bangladesh

SeriesICC Men’s ODI CWC2023
Match date10 October 2023
TeamsEngland VS Bangladesh
Match No.7
ODI No.4664
VenueHimachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium
TossBangladesh won the toss and decided to bowl first
Match ResultTeam England achieved a brilliant Victory with 137 runs
Man of the MatchDawid Malan
UmpiresAhsan Raza Paul Wilson
Reserve UmpireKumar Dharmasena
TV UmpireAdrian Holdstock
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath
Match Summary

1st Innings, England VS Bangladesh

England on 364 runs on the loss of 9 Wickets in 50 Overs

Jonny Bairstow and Dawid Malan

At the start of 1st innings were started by 2 fabulous batsmen of the England team: Bairstow and Dawid Malan. Dawid hits a nice 4 to Mustafizur on the last ball of 1st over. On the next ball Bairstow also hits a 4 to Taskin. Moreover, the game flow becomes steady. In addition, Bairstow and Dawid hit 4s occasionally to the bowlers and Malan also hit sizzling 2 6s during 1st 10 overs. 

At the end of the 10th over, the scores for England were 61/0. In addition, both Batsmen played very well until the 17.4 over. After that, on 17.5 overs the wicket of Bairstow was dropped by Shakib. However, the total scores for Bairstow were 52/59.

Dawid Malan and Joe Root

After the 1st wicket loss, the next batsman for England was Joe Root. Two more 4s from Malan and the England team was on 128/1 in 20 overs. Root also started hitting good runs with many 4s and a 6 too. At the start of 31st over, Malan completed his century. Whereas at 31st overs, England was on 193/1. 

 Furthermore, Malan was on fire as he hit sensational 4s and two 6s on one ball after the other. In addition, their partnership continued fantastically until the 37th over. Later, Malan lost his wicket on the next ball by Mahedi Hasan on his 140/107 runs.

Joe Root and Jos Buttler

At 37 overs, 2 Wickets were gone for England. Later Buttler came next to Malan and hit a sizzling 6 on Mahedi’s ball. Root hit two 4s and Buttler hit a 4 with a short interval. At 39.4 overs, Shoriful Islam dismissed Buttler’s Wicket. His total scores were 20/10.

Joe Root and Harry Brook

Next to Buttler, Brook came on the crease. With 3 Wickets gone, the score of England was 298 in 40 overs. As Brook became stable, the wicket of Root was dismissed by Shoriful Islam at 41.5 overs. Whereas his total scores were 82 on 68 balls.

Harry Brook and Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone comes and goes in the blink of an eye. As his wicket was dismissed by Shoriful Islam on the first ball he received.

Harry Brook and Sam Curran

The play started again with Curran on the pitch. In addition, Brook hit three 4s with the interval of balls. Curran also hits a 4. Sadly, Brook’s wicket was lost by Mahedi Hasan on 44.3 overs at 20/15 runs.

Sam Curran and Chris Woakes

Chris Woakes started playing after Brook. But with a little interval Curran’s wicket was lost by Mahedi on 46.4 0vers on his 11/15 runs.

Chris Woakes and Adil Rashid

Rashid was the next batsman. Woakes and Adil hit 4s one after another. However, Adil’s wicket was also dropped on the ball of Mahedi at 48.3 overs on 11/7 runs.

Chris Woakes and Mark Wood

Wood and Woakes both players hit a pair of 4. After that Woakes wicket was gone by Taskin on 49.2 overs at his 14/11 runs.

Mark Wood and Reece Topley

At the end, Wood and Reece both remained not out. At the end, 50 overs were completed for the England team with their 364 runs.

England VS Bangladesh
England VS Bangladesh
Jonny Bairstow52/59 (b/ Shakib Al Hasan)8/088.13
Dawid Malan140/107 (b/Mahedi Hasan)16/5130.84
Joe Root82/68 (b/Shoriful Islam, c/Mushtafiqur Rahim)8/1120.58
Jos Buttler20/10 (b/Shoriful Islam)1/1200.00
Harry Brook20/15 (b/Mahedi, c/Litton das)3/0133.33
Liam Livingstone0/1 (b/Shoriful Islam)0/00.00
Sam Curran11/15 (b/Mahedi, c/Shanto)1/073.33
Chris Woakes14/11 (b/Taskin Ahmed, c/Mahedi)2/0127.27
Adil Rashid11/7 (b/Mahedi, c/Shanto)1/0157.14
Mark Wood6/5  Not out1/0120.00
Reece Topley½ not out0/050.00
Batting brief of England team

Bangladesh team Bowling brief

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Mustafizur Rahman100700
Taskin Ahmed60381
Shoriful Islam100753
Mahedi Hasan80714
Shakib Al Hasan100521
Mahidy Hasan Miraz60550
Bowling Summary of Bangladesh team

2nd Innings,

England VS Bangladesh

Bangladesh on 227 on the loss of 10 Wicket in 48.2 overs

Litton Das and Tanzeed Hasan

Das and Tanzeed were the opening batsmen for 2nd innings from Bangladesh. At his 3rd ball Das hits 3 consecutive 4s one after the other. But in the 2nd over, Tanzid was gone by Topley after just his ½ runs.

Litton Das and Najmul Hossain Shanto

Shanto came after Tanzeed and was gone in a blink of an eye also by Topley.

Litton Das and Shakib Al Hasan (Captain)

After 2 overs Bangladesh was on 14/2. Next batsman for Bangladesh was Shakib Al Hasan.

At 3.1 overs, Das hit a 4 on Topley’s ball then on Woakes ball at 4.4 overs. Moreover, Shakib also tried to make some runs, but his wicket was dismissed by Topley in 5.4 overs. At the end, the total score for Shakib was 1/9.

Litton Das and Mehidy Hasan Miraz

After the loss of 3 wickets, Mehidy appeared on the crease. The play becomes stable for a while as both Das and Mehidy hits a pair of 4s until 8.3 over. Mehidy’s wicket was lost at 8.3 overs on the ball of Woakes at his 8/7 score. 

Litton Das and Mushfiqur Rahim

Mehidy was gone and Mushfiqur joined Das on the pitch. Moreover, at 9.6 overs, Das hits his first 6 of the innings. After the addotion of these 10 overs were up for Bangladesh with 57/4. In addition, partnership of these two players went smoothly with occasional 4s from Mushfiqur and a 4 & 6 from Das. At 20 overs the scores for Bangladesh were 116/4.

But at the last ball of the 20th over, Das’s Wicket was dropped by Woakes at his 76/66 score.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Towhid Hridoy

Towhid was the next batsman with Mushfiqur. Further the game went again steadily for a while. With slow runs and a 4 from Mushfiqur, and a 4 from Towhid. So, Bangladesh was at 155/5 at 30 overs.

But Mushfiqur’s wicket was gone on the ball of Topley at 30.6 overs with his 51/64 runs.

Towhid Hridoy and Mahedi Hasan

Mahedi Hasan came on the crease to join Towhid. After that the game went slow and careful by both Batsmen until 37.2 overs where Towhid hits a 4 on the ball of Wood. But at 39.1 overs, the wicket of Towhid was dismissed by Livingstone with his 39/61 runs.

Mahedi Hasan and Taskin Ahmed

At the end of the 40th over, Bangladesh was on 191/7. Mahedi and Taskin started playing again. In addition, Mahedi hits a 4 to Rashid and then loses his wicket by Rashid on 40.5 overs at his 14/32 runs.

Taskin Ahmed and Shoriful Islam

The play started again by Taskin and Shoriful. Here, Taskin threw a 6 and Shoriful hit a pair of 4s with intervals. At 45.4 overs, the wicket of Shoriful was dropped on the ball of Wood at 12/14 score.

Taskin Ahmed and Mustafizur Rahman

The match ended at 48.2 overs with the wicket loss of Taskin on Curran’s ball.

At the end, scores for Bangladesh were 227/10. And just like this Bangladesh team was defeated by the England team with 137 runs.

England VS Bangladesh
England VS Bangladesh

Batting brief of Bangladesh team

Litton Das76/66 (b/Woakes, c/Buttler)7/2115.15
Tanzid Hasan½ (b/Topley, c/Bairstow)0/050.00
Najmul Hossain Shanto0/1 (b/Topley, c/Livingstone)0/00.00
Shakib Al Hasan (c)1/9 (b/Topley) 0/011.11
Mehidy Hasan Miraz8/7 (b/Woakes, c/Buttler)1/0114.28
Mushfiqur Rahim51/64 (b/Topley, c/Rashid)4/079.68
Towhid Hridoy39/61 (b/Livingstone, c/Buttler)2/063.93
Mahedi Hasan14/32 (b/Rashid)1/043.75
Taskin Ahmed15/25 (b/Curran)0/160.00
Shoriful Islam12/14 (b/Wood)2/085.71
Mustafizur Rahman3/9 not out0/033.33
Bangladesh team Batting Summary

Bowling brief of England team

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Chris Woakes80492
Reece Topley101434
Sam Curran7.20471
Mark Wood100291
Adil Rashid100421
Liam Livingstone30131
England team Bowling Summary

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