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Bangladesh VS Afghanistan, 3rd Match, CWC2023

3rd Match, CWC2023, Bangladesh VS Afghanistan, October 7

On October 7, 2023, the third match of the ICC ODI Men’s CWC2023 was place at HPCA Stadium. Furthermore, this match pitted Bangladesh VS Afghanistan. After winning the toss, Bangladesh Captain elected to bowl first.

Bangladesh Squad won this match thanks to their pacers’ outstanding bowling. Bangladesh triumphed by six wickets. Moreover, both teams played really well in this Match. Mehidy Hasan Miraz of team Bangladesh was named Player of the Match for his outstanding batting.

Bangladesh VS Afghanistan
Bangladesh VS Afghanistan

Match Features of Bangladesh VS Afghanistan

VenueHimachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala
TossBangladesh, elected to field first
SeriesICC Cricket World Cup
Player Of The MatchMehidy Hasan Miraz
Match numberODI no. 4660
Match daysOctober 7, 2023 – day (50-over match)
UmpiresKumar Dharmasena Joel Wilson
TV UmpireAhsan Raza
Reserve UmpireMarais Erasmus
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Points Afghanistan 0, Bangladesh 2
Match Summary

First innings: Afghanistan 156 runs in 37 overs

RahmanUllah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran

Rahmanullah and Ibrahimstarted this third ODI. In eight over Ibrahim lose his first wicket .He lost his wicket to Shakib Al Hasan. He played 25 balls and scored 22. His scored included 3 boundaries with 1 six. Strike rate of 88.00.although he played very well. On the other hand, his partner scored 47 on 62 balls with strike rate of 75.80. Rahmanullah played efficiently and scored very high. After the loss of first wicket rahmat shah was on crease.

Rahmat shah and Rahmanullah Gurbaz

Rahmat played smoothly and gain a score of 18 on 25 balls. He shot one boundary. On the other hand, Rahman scored 47 on 62 balls. He also shot four boundaries with one six. Unfortunately, rahmat lost his second wicket in fifteenth over. Hashmatullah Shahidi came on crease now.

Hashmatullah Shahidi and Rahmanullah Gurbaz

Consequently, both players were played well in this match. As hashmatullah runs are 18 on 38 balls .He shot two boundaries with the strike rate of 47.36. While, his partner scored was very high and played brilliantly to score more in this match. Applaud for his excellent performance. Hence, Hashmatullah lost his third wicket in 24th over. Najibullah Zadran was on crease now.

Najibullah Zadran and Rahmanullah Gurbaz

Najibullah cannot performed well. His scored was 5 on 13 balls. Strike rate of 38.46. Regretfully, Rahmanullah lost his fourth wicket in 25th over. Mohammad Nabi has arrived on crease.

Mohammad Nabi and Najibullah Zadran

Mohammad Nabi scored 6 on 12 balls. Strike rate of 50.00. On the other hand, his partner lost his fifth wicket against Taskin Ahmed. Azmatullah Omarzai on crease now.

Azmatullah Omarzai and Mohammad Nabi

Azmatullah scored 22 on 20 balls. He shot 4 boundaries with no six. He had a strike rate of 110. Unfortunately, Mohammad Nabi lost his six wicket in 30th over. Rashid Khan came on crease now.

Rashid Khan and Azmatullah Omarzai

Rashid scored 9 on 16 balls .He shot one boundary. Also, he had a strike rate of 56.25. Rashid khan lost his seventh wicket in 34th over against Mehidy Hasan Miraz. Mujeeb Ur Rahman was on crease now.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Azmatullah Omarzai

Mujeeb scored one point on four balls .He shot zero boundary. Strike rate of 25.00. In the 35th over, Azmatullah lost his eight wicket. Naveen-ul-Haq arrived on crease.

Naveen-ul-Haq and Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Naveen scored zero runs on six balls. Mujeeb was bowled out for the ninth time by Mehidy Hasan Miraz in his wicket. Hence,Fazalhaq Farooqi is presently on the crease.

Fazalhaq Farooqi and Naveen-ul-Haq

Fazalhaq scored 0 points on 3 balls. On the other hand, Naveen scored zero. Also, he lost his tenth wicket by Shoriful Islam. While fazalhaq did not out. Hence, the over now concluded with a total of 156.

Bangladesh VS Afghanistan
Bangladesh VS Afghanistan

Batting Summary of Afghanistan team (Bangladesh VS Afghanistan)

BatsmenWicket ByrunsStrike rate
Rahmanullah Gurbazc Tanzid Hasan b Mustafizur Rahman47/6275.80
Ibrahim Zadranc Tanzid Hasan b Shakib Al Hasan22/2588.00
Rahmat Shahc Litton Das b Shakib Al Hasan18/2572.00
Hashmatullah Shahidi (c)c Towhid Hridoy b Mehidy Hasan Miraz18/3847.36
Najibullah Zadranb Shakib Al Hasan5/1338.46
Mohammad Nabib Taskin Ahmed6/1250.00
Azmatullah Omarzaib Shoriful Islam22/20110.00
Rashid Khanb Mehidy Hasan Miraz9/1656.25
Mujeeb Ur Rahmanb Mehidy Hasan Miraz1/425.00
Naveen-ul-Haqc Towhid Hridoy b Shoriful Islam0/60.00
Fazalhaq Farooqinot out0/30.00
Extras(w 8)8 
TOTAL37.2 Over (RR: 4.17)156 
Batting Summary

Bowling Summary of Bangladesh team

Taskin Ahmed16
Shoriful Islam26.2
Mustafizur Rahman17
Shakib Al Hasan38
Mehidy Hasan Miraz39
Bowling Summary

Second innings: Bangladesh 158 in 34 overs

Tanzid Hasan and Litton Das

The first two batter, Litton Das and Tanzid Hasan, were on the mound. Tanzid scored 5 points on 13 balls. Also, he shot one boundary with strike rate of 38.46. While Litton has two boundaries .His strike rate was 72.22. Unfortunately, tanzid lost his first wicket in the fourth over. Now comes Mehidy Hasan Miraz onto the crease.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Litton Das

Litton scored 13 on eighteen balls .He shot two boundaries with no six. His striking rate was 72.22 percent. On the other side, Mehidy played excellent in this match .As, he scored 57 on 73 balls. He shot five boundaries. Moreover, he had a strike rate of 78.08. Unfortunately, Litton lost his second wicket in 6th over. Najmul Hossain Shanto has arrived on crease.

Najmul Hossain Shanto and Mehidy Hasan Miraz

Najmul and mehidy played excellent to gain high score .As, Najmul scored 59 on 83 balls. He has three boundaries and one six .Strike rate hit by 71.08. While, mehidy scored 57 on 73 balls. Regretfully, mehidy lost his third wicket in 28th over. Shakib Al Hasan on crease now.

Shakib Al Hasan and Najmul Hossain Shanto

Shakib scored 14 on 19 balls. He shot two boundaries. Unfortunately, he lost his 4th wicket by the bowler Azmatullah Omarzai in 33th over. Mushfiqur Rahim came on crease now.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Najmul Hossain Shanto

Both of them played until the match end. Mushfiqur scored 2 on 3 balls. He had a strike rate of 66.66. Hence, the innings of Mushfiqur and Najmul ended the match in the 34th over. As a result, Bangladesh won by 158 runs in 34 overs.

Bangladesh VS Afghanistan
Bangladesh VS Afghanistan

Batting Summary of Bangladesh Team

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Tanzid Hasanrun out (Najibullah Zadran)5/1338.46
Litton Dasb Fazalhaq Farooqi13/1872.22
Mehidy Hasan Mirazc Rahmat Shah b Naveen-ul-Haq57/7378.08
Najmul Hossain Shantonot out59/8371.08
Shakib Al Hasanc Fazalhaq Farooqi b Azmatullah Omarzai14/1973.68
Mushfiqur Rahimnot out2/366.66
Extras(nb 1,lb 3,w4)8 
TOTAL34.4 Over (RR: 4.55)158/4 
Batting Summary

At the end, Bangladesh won a match by 158 runs.

Bowling Summary of Afghanistan team

Fazalhaq Farooqi15
Mujeeb Ur Rahman07
Rashid Khan09
Mohammad Nabi06
Azmatullah Omarzai12
Bowling Summary

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