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BAN vs. SL Highlights: Super 4 Match Asia Cup 2023

BAN vs. SL, astounding match was played on September 9. This was the eighth match of the Asia Cup 2023 series. The match was played in Premadasa Stadium Colombo, Sri Lanka. Both teams have reached the Super 4. Now, to qualify for the final, they have to defeat each other. The teams with the highest score will advance to the Final.

Unfortunately, BAN lost all two matches they played in the Super 4 round. But still, other teams have to perform. Thus, this losing streak will ultimately disqualify BAN from the Asia Cup. However, it was the first match for Sri Lanka in Super 4. Prior to that, BAN was defeated by Pakistan.

In this BAN vs SL match, BAN won the toss. They chose to ball first. Thus, the Lankans got the opportunity to bat first and set a high target for the opposing team. The Lankans reached their target of 257 runs for the loss of nine wickets. The chasing team lost all their wickets in 48.1 overs, taking 236. Thus, they lost with a 21-run lead.

Match Description: BAN vs. SL

VenueR Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
TossBangladesh won the toss and elected to ball first
SeriesAsia Cup 2023
Man of the MatchSadeera Samarawickrama
UmpiresPaul Wilson Jayaraman Madanagopal
Third UmpireLangton Rusere
Reserve UmpireAhmed Shah Pakteen
PointsSri Lanka 2 Bangladesh 0
Match Briefing

First Innings: BAN vs. SL, Sri Lanka 257/9 in 50 Overs

Pathum Nissanka and Dimuth Karunaratne

The match began with the opening innings of Nissanka and Karunaratne. Taskin was the attack bowler. The ball edged the pad of Nissanka, and the bowling squad appealed. The umpire gave it out. But the Lankans took the review, and thus they proved right. It was not out. The batter celebrated his life. 8 run in the first over. Shoriful came to attack. But he did miss the first ball wide. Nissanka found it difficult to face Shoriful, but he passed over in peace.

Lanka lost their first wicket in the 6th over. On the ball of Hasan, Karunaratne participated. By an on-drive, he first drove Hasan to the midwicket boundary. He then continues in a smooth, straight line. Bowler, though, has the final laugh. He smashed it aside from the left-handed pitcher after hitting one in the middle and leg. The batter was only able to prod it towards the wicketkeeper. Nothing playable from Hasan

Karunaratne played 17 balls and could have scored 18 runs. Additionally, his score included three boundaries. A good play by him. If he stayed longer, the bowling squad could find him troublesome. Kusal Mendis was on the crease now.

Kusal Mendis and Nissanka

The new hitter played against Shoriful for four balls, hitting him back-to-back for four runs. It was troublesome for the batters to play against Hasan. He did silk-covered bowling with no space for the batters. Shakib did the ninth over for the first time. The batters could reach a half-century in the 10th over.

The Lankans were on strike in the 11th over. A boundary from Mendis to Shakib. Thus, Taskin was in the next room. He played the Yorker swing to jam the Nissanka. But he passed it over just through singles. Thus, the batting squad could reach 70 runs only in the 15th over. Because the tight fielding did not allow them to play fast. Finally, they made a four in the 17th over, which helped the Lankans release some pressure.

The stopping ball didn’t allow the batters to have a good arc. In the 19th over, Hasan drew an edge from Nissanka, but the misfielding of Mushfiqur Rahman cost him the wicket. Thus, the partnership reached 50 runs. Nasum did the maiden over. The batsmen were trying to loosen the pressure, so they made a boundary in the next over.

In the 22nd over, during Shoriful’s over, it was a missed catch by Shamim. As a result, it was the first six of the match. Misfielding would have heavy results. In the 24th over, Nissanka lost his wicket while playing against Shoriful. The bowler was pinned after hitting the inner edge. But the batter missed a length ball outside off. The ball hit the stumps, and the umpire called it out.

Nissanka made 40 runs on 60 balls, including five boundaries and no sixes. Sri Lanka was 108/2. Sadeera Samarawickrama came to a crease now.

Samarawickrama and Mendis

Mendis played a boundary against Shoriful. Thus, he reached 50. Now the bowler threw him the ball, but he blocked out the straight delivery. Thus ultimately ended with an OUT. The batter had uppercut it down on Taskin near the boundary. After directing a slower bounce in the right direction. A big achievement for the bowling team

BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023

Charith Asalanka and Samarawickrama

Asalanka was on the crease now. He hit a boundary in the first over against Shoriful. Now it was Mahedi in attack bowling, and he passed the over without any major score. Thus an aggressive four in the 31st over. With a slow strike rate from batters, they reached 140 in 31 overs.

In the 34th over, Taskin took another wicket. He did an outside off slot. He ran his fingers over the ball and made it slower. The batter attempted to slice that straight, but instead sliced it over mid-on. The midfielder took a solid grab while rushing towards the right side. Sri Lanka was 144/4. Dhananjaya de Silva came to the pitch.

Samarawickrama and Dhananjaya de Silva (DDS)

Sri Lanka reached 150 in the 34th over. Moreover, they lost another wicket in the 38th over. DDS must be fired since it was a bad shot. It was a delivery with a wobbling seam. That fell short of a fair length and jagged away a little bit after pitching. One of Mushfiqur Rahim’s easier career catches came. As De Silva attempted to play an overtime cut but was given an outside edge. He scored only six on 16 balls. Dasun Shanaka was on the crease now. They were 164/5.

Samarawickrama and Shanaka

Dasun Shanaka is in a crease now. In his first attempt, he made a fair cut of four. Again, Nasum gave tough times to rivals.

Hence, the partnership reached 50 runs in the 42nd over. Obviously, this over led to 10 runs and favored the batters. In over 43, Lankan reached 200 after hitting four. Sadeera completed his 50 runs in the 45th over.

Furthermore, the bowlers grabbed another wicket in the 47th over. This time, the skipper changed the bowling theme. Meanwhile, Hasan was on the attack again. Through his perfect bowling, he once again smashed a wicket.

Evidently, there is no movement within but a slight external movement. Letting him attempt to paddle across stumps. Yet he was only capable of acquiring an inside edge. Subsequently, the stumps were deflected. Shanaka continued his apathetic run. Wellalage came to crease.

BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023

Samarawickrama and Shanaka

Although they again provide open ground for the batters to shoot more shots. The misfielding helped the batters reach this score line. Hence, it was again a boundary.

Furthermore, in the 49th over, Sadeera made a SIX. Then the bowler threw a fine yorker that ended in a leg bye. Thus, he threw the ball on the stumps, resulting in the wicket loss. Wellalage ran out. Maheesh Theekshana was on the crease now.

Theekshana and Samarawickrama

Another loss in the next over, and Theekshana had to leave the crease. Since he played frantically at the ball. While it went short on offside. Thus, he merely tried to deflect it while looking at the ball. Soon it expanded from his gloves and was grabbed. Rajitha was on the crease now.

Rajitha and Samarawickrama

Sadeera made a four. Then he made six. He was now confronted with a long face. He again hit the ball, and this time he was out. The mid-wicket fielder caught him. On the whole, he played a perfect inning. Meanwhile, he played 72 balls and made 93 runs.

Batting Summary of Sri Lanka: BAN vs. SL

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Pathum Nissankalbw
b Shoriful Islam
Dimuth Karunaratnec Mushfiqur Rahim
b Hasan Mahmud
Kusal Mendisc Taskin Ahmed
b Shoriful Islam
Sadeera Samarawickramac sub (Afif Hossain)
b Taskin Ahmed
Charith Asalankac Shakib Al Hasan
b Taskin Ahmed
Dhananjaya de Silvac Mushfiqur Rahim
b Hasan Mahmud
Dasun Shanakab Hasan Mahmud24/3275.00
Dunith WellalageRun out (Hasan Mahmud)3/3100.00
Maheesh Theekshanac Mushfiqur Rahim
b Taskin Ahmed
Kasun RajithaNot out1/1100.00
Extras(lb 1, w 9)10 
Total50 Overs (RR: 5.14)257/9 
Batting Summary of Sri Lanka Team

Bowling Summary

Taskin Ahmed310
Shoriful Islam28
Hasan Mahmud39
Shakib Al Hasan010
Nasum Ahmed010
Mehidy Hasan Miraz03
Bowling Summary of Bangladesh team

Second Innings: BAN vs. SL, Bangladesh was 236/10 in 48.1 Overs

Mohammad Naim and Mehidy Hasan Miraz

Subsequently, the second inning started. Mohammad Naim and Mehidy Hasan Miraz were on the opening pitch. Rajitha was an attacking bowler. Bangalis could make only three runs in the first over. Although the second over let them score more runs. Facing the bowling squad of Sri Lanka, they ultimately scored 50 runs for their team. But not so worthy that they could do it in 11 overs.

Concurrently, in the next over, they lost their first wicket. A gentle rebuke for the well-formed man although it was short, Mehidy was already pulling. Chips caught midwicket, which made a slight leap and lifted the ball over his head. He scored 28 on 29 balls. Thus, Litton Das was on the crease now.

Naim and Litton Das

Simultaneously, they lost another wicket just after an over. Again, Skipper made it. The batter considered the hook. So he attempted to pull out late on this brief 129 kph flight. This had no strokes that resulted in a top edge. Thus raised straight upwards into the air. Subsequently, the wicketkeeper grabbed straight. He scored 21 runs on 46 balls. Shakib Al Hasan was on the crease now.

Litton Das and Shakib Al Hasan

Again, Pathirana’s over. Litton made a four on his ball, followed by a single. Shakib was on strike now. The baller threw the ball. Wait, what? It edged. The batter hacked at the ball as it travelled across him. Therefore, the fielding squad made an appeal. However, they took a review. Showing that a sound must be present there.

The batting skipper must go since the ultra-edge has spiked. Thus, a huge victory for the Lankans. He made only three runs on seven balls. Mushfiqur Rahim was on the crease now.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Litton Das

They hardly reached 80 in the 19th. Even much slower than the first inning. Thus losing another wicket. Litton Das had started to lag. When the ball was sent up towards the outside, there was no spin. Hence, the batter dropped low and tried to make a wide drive. Yet he only succeeded in getting a thin inside edge, which bounced off Mendis’ legs. Subsequently, Mendis caught him. He made 15 on 24 balls. The chasing team was 83/4 in the 19th over.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Towhid Haridoy

Towhid Haridoy was on the crease now. They reached 149 in 34 overs. Here, Pathirana made a no-ball, hence giving them a free hit. Haridoy hit a boundary on a free hit. So in 36 hours, they were up to 150. Still, the batters had pressure to chase.

Following this, they lost a wicket in the 38th over. Mushfiq was out on Shanaka’s ball. It was a lengthy ball with an outside swing. Subsequently, the batter approached the ball, intending to go inside out. Yet he merely managed to get a toe edge. Thus, he chipped it towards the right side of mid-off.

Hence, Skipper, on his birthday, could manage to get three wickets. The batter scored 29 runs on 48 balls.

Towhid Haridoy and Shamim Hossain

Shamim Hossain was on the crease. Not a good over of Theekshana. Hridoy was on strike and scored 13 in an over. It included two boundaries. Consequently, they got another wicket in 42 overs. The batting squad could hardly manage 183 and lost another wicket.

So the carom ball pitched on the middle length. It resulted in straightening of Shamim’s flick attempt. So before even touching the bat, it touched his front knee roll. Ultra-edge verification verified that no bat was there. Also, it seemed to hit the middle stump. Nevertheless, Theekshana, despite being expensive, provided a significant breakthrough for his team. The batter could score five runs on ten balls.

BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023
BAN vs SL, Super 4, Asia Cup 2023

Towhid Haridoy and Nasum Ahmed

Nasum Ahmed was on the crease now. Haridoy made a six again. But wait, he lost his wicket. Theekshana’s comeback in the match stopped the batters’ obstruction. While sticking the carom ball in the inner edge. Hence, the review proved the absence of bats. It resulted in an OUT. He played 97 balls and scored 82.

Nasum and Taskin

Taskin was on the pitch now. Finally, at over 44, the score reached 200; all credit goes to Towhid Hridoy. He preyed on another in the same way. The batter missed his slog. Hence the ball angled in from the outside. The replay showed that the ball flew through the middle. Subsequently putting an impact on front off. Shoriful was on the crease.

Shoriful and Nasum

Pathirana made the Yorkers win the match. Thus, he ended up dead. It approached the wicket at an angle from outside the crease. Sri Lanka was just a wicket away from a historic triumph. Because Shoriful attempted to go inside out. Yet could manage only the outside edge on to the stumps.

Nasum and Hasan Mahmud

Hasan Mahmud was on the crease now. He made a boundary, hence 47 overs completed with a 224 score. Then, in the next over, Nasum made a six. But they lost their last wicket in 48.1 balls. Nasum was out. Sri Lanka cleaned them up and maintained their winning streak.So, in BAN vs SL , Asia Cup 2023 Sri Lanka won.

Batting Summary of Bangladesh: BAN vs. SL

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Mohammad Naimc Mendis b Shanaka21/4645.65
Mehidy Hasan Mirazc sub (MADI Hemantha) b Shanaka28/2996.55
Litton Dasc Mendis b Wellalage15/2462.50
Shakib Al Hasanc Mendis b Pathirana3/742.85
Mushfiqur Rahimc Rajitha b Shanaka29/4860.41
Towhid Hridoylbw b Theekshana82/9784.53
Shamim HossainLbw b Theekshana5/1050.00
Nasum Ahmedb Pathirana15/15100.00
Taskin Ahmedlbw b Theekshana1/333.33
Shoriful Islamb Pathirana7/7100.00
Hasan MahmudNot Out10/7142.85
Extras(lb 8, nb 4, w 8)20 
Total48.1 Overs (RR: 4.89)236 
Batting Summary of Bangladesh team

Bowling Summary

Kasun Rajitha07
Maheesh Theekshana39
Dasun Shanaka39
Matheesha Pathirana39.1
Dunith Wellalage110
Dhananjaya de Silva04
Bowling Summary of Sri Lanka team

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