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Australia vs. South Africa Second ODI Highlights

Australia vs. South Africa played the second ODI from 5 ODI series. Prior to that they played first ODI on 7th September. Thus second was played on 9th September 2023. It was held on Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein. 

Before that Australia was defeated worse. South Africa scored 315 runs and won by 122 runs. Meanwhile in the second ODI, Australia triumphed. 

Toss Update.  

During Australia vs. South Africa match, South Africa won the toss. Hence, they chose to field first. However, it proved to be a worse decision. It led to the defeat of South Africa. Moreover, it has been found to be difficult for most teams to chase. The score in the first inning was found to be less pressurized. Yet the stress and pressure to chase more in fewer overs mostly led to bad performance.

Match Briefing.

StadiumMangaung Oval in Bloemfontein
SeriesAustralia tour to RSA
TossSouth Africa
Chose to ball first
Man of the MatchMarnus Labuschagne
ODI DebutTIm David
Aaron Hardie
UmpiresNitin Menon
Bongani Jele
Third UmpireRichard Kttleborough
Reserve UmpireAllahudein Paleker
Match RefereeRichie Richardson
Australia vs. South Africa Match Brief

First inning: Australia vs. South Africa, Australia scored 392/8 in 50 overs.

David Warner and Travis Head

Warner and Head started as opening batsmen for Australia. Marco Jansen attacked first. A good start from the duo. South Africans were unable to grab the wicket. Hence, the partnership reached 100 runs. Thus, in the 12th over, Head lost his wicket by making 64 runs on 36 balls. What a perfect inning he played! However, the daring batter played his best. Due to the hard work and proficiency of Shamsi and Miller, he was dismissed.

Shamsi threw the ball, and consequently, Miller, who was rushing back from midfield, caught it superbly! When the ball was thrown down the center, Head’s eyes lit up. So he attempted to counter the swing over midway. Yet he fumbled the inside of the bat. Hence, Miller sprinted back and dove to his left to make a fantastic catch.

David Warner and Mitchell Marsh

Marsh has come to the crease now. However, to his bad luck, Marsh, the skipper, lost the wicket on the first ball. Moreover, the LBW appeal was denied. Hence, they reviewed. It appeared to be close. Furthermore, he failed to reverse sweep, which ultimately pitched just beyond off and spun back into off. He was struck under the knee. Exactly before turning off. It was crashing through the middle’s top. Marsh was dismissed. Australia was 109/2.

David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne

What an unbreakable pair they were! None of the South African bowlers were able to dismiss any of them. They continued their strong partnership until the 33rd over. Hence, on the ball of Phehlukwayo, Warner lost his wicket. But with no regret, he left the crease. Thus, the batsman scored 106 runs on 93 balls. The flawless innings included 12 boundaries and three sixes.

Consequently, he faced a low ball. Ultimately defeating the batter’s pull and uprooting the stump. The batter grinned as his 106 runs reached an end and, hence, looked up. Thusly received standing ovations from the spectators and teammates.

Australia vs. South Africa
second ODI

Jos Inglis and Marnus Labuschagne

Though it was a big loss for Australia, they didn’t get depressed about it. Inglis also proved to be a good batsman. Jos scored 50 on 37 balls. During his flawless batting, he shot seven boundaries and one six. He and his co-player played so well. On the ball from Rabada, he was caught by van der Dussen. He tried to whip it off his hip. Even though it was short, instead, he threw it straight and flat to van der Dussen. Thus, he sprinted in and made a good catch.

Tim David and Marnus Labuschagne

Tim was on the crease after Inglis. He was dismissed on only one run. Actually, he was caught behind a thin edge. The good-length ball angled off. Meanwhile, the batter played it in the wrong line and hence pushed it through offside. Hence, it touched the bat and caught it.

Marnus Labuschagne and Alex Carey

Carey has come to the crease now. Though he didn’t play well, at least he secured the wicket for a few overs. Moreover, the Kangaroos faced a major setback when Labuschagne was dismissed. Yet it was not that much; the team had already reached 358. It is nearly impossible for the other team to chase. Furthermore, they still have 4 overs to make more. His flawless innings included 124 runs on 99 balls. Thus, he shot 19 boundaries and one six. Hence, on the ball of Shamsi, he lost his wicket.

Deep mid-wicket gaps were present. Furthermore, Markram leaped up onto the rope at full length. Thus, it retained its balance. Yet he landed after nailing a slog sweep into the center. Although it hit shallower than he had intended, he grabbed it fantastically.

Alex Carey and Aaron Hardie

Hardie couldn’t play well, while losing his wicket after playing only five balls. Thus, the score paused somehow, but the Australian team was quite confident. On the ball of Jansen, Hardie was dismissed. Hence, the Kangaroos lost their seventh wicket. Sean Abbott was on the crease now.

Alex Carey and Sean Abbott

Furthermore, in the 48th over, Australia lost the 8th wicket. Carey, after scoring six, was dismissed on Shamsi’s ball. Meanwhile, it was straight down the neck of the deep square! Hence, Dussen successfully captured it while facing the sun. the outside leg was thrown up. Thus placing it in the slot to slog sweep onto the hill. Yet he tore it. Consequently, it missed the rope and landed directly in the fielder’s hands.

Australia vs. South Africa
second ODI

Nathan Ellis and Sean Abbott

Ellis was on the crease now. The score reached 392. Hence, it seemed quite difficult for the South Africans to chase. Abbott scored 7 on 8 balls. However, Ellis scored 14 on nine balls. Yet not a bad innings he played.

Batting summary of AUS: Australia vs. South Africa.

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
David Warnerb Phehlukwayo106/93113.97
Travis Headc Miller
b Shamsi
Mitchell Marshlbw
b Shamsi
Marnus labuschagnec Markram
b Shamsi
Josh Inglisc Van der Dussen
b Rabada
Tim Davidc de Kock
b Rabada
Alex Careyc Van der Dussen
b Shamsi
Aaron Hardiec Miller
b Jansen
Sean AbbottNot Out7/887.50
Nathan EllisNot Out14/9155.55
Extras(b 2, lb 1, nb 2, w 12)17 
Total50 Overs (RR: 7.84)392/8 
Australian team Batting Brief

Bowling Summary of RSA

Marco Jansen19
Kagiso Rabada29
Anrich Nortje05
Aiden Markram010
Tabraiz Shamsi410
Andile Phehlukwayo17
South Africa’s Bowling Brief

Second inning: Australia vs. South Africa, South Africa defeated by scoring 269/10 in 41.5 overs.

Quinton de Kock and Remba Bavuma

Kock and Bavuma began the inning with their opening. Moreover, Abbott attacked the first over. They had a good start. But still, they didn’t match the striking rate of Australians. Yet there was hope of winning. Meanwhile, Kock lost his wicket in the 10th over. He scored 45 runs on 30 balls. Thus, playing with a fast strike rate, he ultimately lost his wicket. Furthermore, he made six boundaries and two sixes.

Yet Elis made an outstanding diving catch. He leaped to the left and hence attempted to take it by gliding his hands. Yet it got trapped in his left glove. Prior to that, Kock played an aggressive shot on a slower-length ball projecting from offside. However, he tried it early, and ultimately the ball flew off the bat. Prior, he could block it. Ellis found it difficult, yet his efforts yielded fruitful results.

 Bavuma and Rassie van der Dussen

Soon after Kock, Bavuma was also dismissed. It is not a fortunate thing for RSA. yet they lost their second major wicket. However, he scored 46 runs on 40 balls. Hence, he played with a 115-striking rate. His inning included four boundaries and three sixes. To his hard luck, he played LBW.

Back-to-back reviews of LBW It was hence given this time! Moreover, a googly is quite full length. Subsequently, Bavuma made a good crossing and attempted to lap it. Thus, I lost track of it entirely. As a result, the ball struck him just over the knee. Because his front leg was angled. Bavuma was forced to leave after Hawk-Eye returned with three reds, hitting the leg stump. SA squandered a review.

Aiden Markram and Dussen

Markram was on the crease now. Hence, he couldn’t play well and scored only 3. Then, on the ball of Zampa, he was dismissed. He was caught at the boundary. Abbott shuffled a little on his tiptoes. Thus, he appeared to have accepted it. However, his feet were just a few centimeters away from cushioning.

Hence, it turned it to the right side. As a consequence, he rushed and reined himself in. I threw it up across the area and thus returned to wrap it. So the third umpire was called. While Markram was quite frustrated with this shot, Since he attempted to launch the googly ball, Yet he slashed it instead. Since having a wide bat face. Thus, it penalized his momentum.

Heinrich Klaasen and Dussen

Klaasen was on the pitch now. Dussen made 17 runs in 19 balls, including a boundary. But he was expected to play much better. Meanwhile, he lost his wicket in the 18th over against Hardie. It was an off-inside edge, pulled on. Yet he drove up to catch the inside edge. Thus, it crashed into off as it slanted in but wide on off. Consequently, it barely nibbled or held a touch. Hence RSA were 119/4

Australia vs. South Africa
second ODI

Heinrich Klaasen and David Miller

Miller was on the crease now. Finally, RSA got a flawless duo. They both played fast and scored 177 for RSA in the 27th over. Then, unfortunately, Klaasen lost his wicket. He made 49 on 36 balls. It was such a heartbreaking thing that he lost his wicket at 49, just 1 below half century. However, he made three boundaries and three sixes.

On the ball of Zampa, he was dismissed. The bowler treated him gloriously wrong! very outstanding! Klaasen returned to try to crush an edge over mid wicket.Nevertheless, I got the wrong one at 86 kph. However, much slower than the first ball of over, 94 kph leg break. Thus, it exploded off the leg.

Marco jansen and David Miller

This led to the perfect partnership till 35.1 overs. Miller played 52 balls and scored 49 balls. His magnificiant innings included 6 boundaries. Enormous appeal not answered. The Australian team took review. What matters most here is probably whether it was pad or bat first, yet Miller was attempting to defend against a full ball on off with his bat down. However, Ellis’ lightning-quick pace caused it to crash off the pads.

 Marco Jansen and Andile Phehlukwayo

Phehlukwayo came to the crease now. In 36.2 score reached 241, hence team lost their next wicket in 37th over. Jansen was dismissed. On Zampa’s ball, lbw was granted. Thus Jansen took the review. If there was any chance for his wicket’s survival.

Despite surviving the reverse sweep, the full ball pitched on offside. Thus hitting the top of the batter’s foot. He then popped to Carey’s right, and he took the catch. Hawk Eye predicted that it struck midway. Review wasted. 

Kagiso Rabada and Andile Phehlukwayo

Phehlukwayo scored only one on nine balls. He clipped straight to midwicket. Early charges from Phehlukwayo Thus, Hardie drove hard into the pitch. Ultimately causing the bat face to slightly narrow as he whacked the ball. Hence, they lost 8 of 243 runs in the 38th over. Anrich Nortje came to the crease now.

Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Nortje

Thus, the score reached 269 runs. Hence, Nortje lost his wicket, scoring 10 runs on 13 balls. His inning included one boundary. The bowler pierced him and landed in the center. The ball was a quarter of the length of 135 kph. The batter attempted to clip it away. While standing leg side, I was overcome by speed. Before the batter finished firing. Thus, bail was sent on a flight.

Kagiso Rabada and Tabraiz Shamsi

Rabada scored 17 runs on 15 balls including 2 sixes. To hard luck of RSA, last wicket also lost on next ball. Abbott dismissed Tabraiz by lbw. Shamsi had little control over this. As it tended to kept a bit low. Shortish ball travelled at 132kph slided through. Thus the batter survived the flick but then ball strucked in pads. 

Australia vs. South Africa

Australia defeated South Africa by 123 runs. A substantial difference between the two. Hence, exacted retribution for previous setback.

Batting Summary of RSA: Australia vs. South Africa

BatsmenWicket byRunsStrike Rate
Quinton de Kockc and b Ellis45/30150.00
Temba Bavumalbw
b Zampa
Rassie van der Dussenb Hardie17/1989.47
Aiden Markramc Abbott
b Zampa
Heinrich Klaasenb Zampa49/36136.11
David Millerlbw
b Ellis
Marco Jansenlbw
b Zampa
Andile Phehlukwayoc Labuschagne
b hardie
Kagiso RabadaNot out17/15113.33
Anrich Nortjeb Abbott10/1376.92
Tabraiz Shamsilbw
b Abbott
Extras(lb 3, w 6)9 
Total41.5 Overs(RR: 6.43)269 
South Africa’s Batting Brief

Bowling Summary of AUS

Sean Abbott27.5
Travis Head04
Nathan Ellis28
Aaron Hardie210
Adam Zampa49
Marnus Labuschagne03
Australia’s Bowling Brief

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