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Australia VS New Zealand, Match 27 Highlights, CWC2023

October 28, Match 27, Australia VS New Zealand, ICC CWC2023

The 27th Match of the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 was played between Australia and the New Zealand teams. Furthermore, the match was hosted by the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium, Dharamsala.

Moreover, the toss was won by the NZ team, and they decided to ball first. After an exciting and thrilling match, Australia finally won the Match by 5 runs. Although the New Zealand team also played very well, surely this was not a lucky day for them. In addition, Travis Head was announced as the Man of the Match for his 109/67.

Australia VS New Zealand
Australia VS New Zealand

Match Brief

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Match dateOctober 27, 2023
ODI No.4684
Match No.27
TeamsAustralia VS New Zealand
VenueHimachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium, Dharamsala
TossTeam New Zealand decided to bowl first after winning the toss
Match ResultTeam Australia won the match by 5 runs
Man of the MatchTravis Head 109/67
UmpiresMarais Erasmus, Sharfuddoula
Reserve UmpireMichael Gough
TV UmpireNitin Menon
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Match Details

First Innings, Australia VS New Zealand

Australia on 388 runs on the loss of 10 Wickets in 49.2 overs in this Australia VS New Zealand Match

David Warner and Travis Head

At the beginning of the 1st innings, David Warner and Travis Head were the openers from team Australia. Whereas Matt Henry was the bowler from the New Zealand team. After the first 2 balls, Warner beautifully played 2 boundary 4s on the 3rd and 5th ball of the over. In addition, Head also initiated the 1st 4 on the last ball of the first over. Furthermore, a pair of 2 flawless boundary 6s were initiated by Head with a 6 from Warner too during the 2nd over.

By the addition of 2 4s and a 6 from Head along with a 6 and a 4 from Warner, 5 overs were completed with a marvelous 60/0 score for team Australia. It’s a perfect partnership to obtain higher scores for the team as both players rocked the game with their boundary hits.

After a 4 from Head at the 5th over, Warner again hit 2 boundary 6s fabulously during the 6th over. However, Head also threw a beautiful 4 on the last ball of the 6th over. Later with the addition of 26s and 2 4s from Warner and a 4 or 6 by Head, 10 overs were completed with 118/0 for Australia.

After the 10 overs, the game went at full speed with the addition of four boundary 4s and a 6 from Head until the 19th over. Later at the 1st ball of the 19th over, the wicket of Warner was dismissed by the strike of Phillips at his 81/65 runs.

David Warner
David Warner

Travis Head and Mitchell Marsh

At the 20 overs, Australia was on 177/1. Here, Mitchell Marsh joined Travis Head on the crease. Moreover, Head completed his Century during the 21st over and again initiated 2 boundary 6s. At the 2nd ball of the 23rd over, Head lost his wicket on the ball by Phillips at his 109/67 runs. 

Micthell Marsh and Steven Smith

Steven Smith came next after the wicket loss of Head. In addition, he shot a fantastic 4 during the 24th over. After that the game went slow until the 28th over. At the first ball of the 28th over, Smith again initiated a 4. However, his wicket was gone on the ball by Phillips during the 29th over at his 18/17 runs.

Mitchell Marsh and Marnus Labuschagne

At the 30 overs, Australia was on 230 with the loss of 3 Wickets. Marnus Labuschagne was the next player of the Australian team. At the 4th ball of the 31st over, Marnus hitted his first 4. Later, on the 5th ball of the 34th over, Marsh also threw 2 fantastic 4s. During the 34th and 36th over. However, at 36.3 overs, Marsh’s wicket was dropped by the ball of Santner with his 36/51 runs.

Marnus Labuschagne and Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell was the next player to join Marnus Labuschagne on the crease. At the 4th ball of the 37th over, he played a fabulous 4. Later the game stopped again at the first ball of the 38th over due to the wicket loss of Labuschagne at his 18/26 runs on the ball by Santner.

Glenn Maxwell and Josh Inglis

After the drop of the 5th wicket, Josh Inglis approached the crease as the next batsman. Maxwell at this stage again hit a 4 and after a pair of 4s by both players 40 overs were up for Australia. At 40 overs, Australia was on 292/5 runs.

At 41st over, Maxwell initiated 2 back-to-back 4s. However, he played 2 full velocity 6s during the 42nd over flawlessly. Unfortunately, Maxwell was out on the ball of Neesham at the 3rd ball of the 44th over with his 41/24 runs.

Josh Inglis and Pat Cummins (C)

Pat Cummins, the captain played captain’s innings as the next Batsman. As he performed magnificently, starting with a 4 on the 3rd ball he got, he hit many boundaries. Josh Inglis was also on fire after 40 overs. Josh Inglis threw 3 4s and 2 sizzling 6s during the 45th to 47th over. In addition, Cummins also played 4 crunchy 6s and a 4 during these overs. Later at the start of the 48th over, Inglis’s wicket was dismissed by the ball of Boult at his 38/28 runs.

Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc

Starc came and Cummins went back as his wicket was dropped on the ball also by Boult at the 3rd ball of the 48th over. At this point, his total scores were 37/14 runs.

Mitchell Starc and Adam Zampa

Adam Zampa was the next player. However, he also got out during the last ball of the 48th over without making any runs.

Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood

The 48th and 49th overs were the score stopper for the Australian team as on the 2ND ball of the 49th over, Starc lost his wicket. Moreover, Starc’s wicket was dismissed by Henry at his ⅓ runs. However, Josh Hazlewood remained not out without playing.

Australia VS New Zealand
Australia VS New Zealand

Batting Brief of team Australia

David Warner81/65 (b and c by Phillips)5/6124.61
Travis Head109/67 (b by Phillips)10/7162.68
Mitchell Marsh36/51 (b/Santner)2/070.58
Steven Smith18/17 (b/Phillips, c/Boult)2/0105.88
Marnus Labuschagne18/26 (b/Santner, c/Ravindra)2/069.23
Glenn Maxwell41/24 (b/Neesham, c/Boult)5/2170.83
Josh Inglis38/28 (b/Boult, c/Phillips)4/1135.71
Pat Cummins (C)37/14 (Lbw b Boult)2/4264.28
Mitchell Starc1/3 (b/Henry, c/Neesham)0/033.33
Adam Zampa0/3 (b/Boult)0/00.00
Josh Hazlewood0/0 not out0/00.00
Australian team Batting Summary

Bowling brief of team New Zealand

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Matt Henry6.20671
Trent Boult100773
Lockie Ferguson30380
Mitchell Santner100802
Glenn Phillips100373
Rachin Ravindra80560
James Neesham20321
New Zealand team bowling Summary

2nd Innings, Australia VS New Zealand

New Zealand on 383 runs on the loss of 9 wickets in 50 Overs

Devon Conway and Will Young

The start of the 2nd innings, Devon Conway and Will Young were the openers of the New Zealand team. On the 2nd and 6th ball by Starc, Conway played 2 beautiful 4s. In addition, Conway again hit two boundary 4s back-to-back on the 4th and 5th ball of the 1st over. However, Young initiated a sizzling 6 on the 5th ball of the 3rd over. After 2 more 4s from Conway, 5 Overs were completed for NZ with 46/0.

After 5 overs, and on the 1st and 3rd ball of the 5th over Young further initiated tw0 4s again. Later during the 7th over, Conway’s wicket was dismissed by the ball of Hazlewood at his 28/17 runs.

Australia VS New Zealand
Australia VS New Zealand

Will Young and Rachin Ravindra

Rachin Ravindra appeared on the crease as the next player. However, after a few runs and 2 more 4s from Young, his wicket was dropped by Hazlewood at his 32/37 runs.

Rachin Ravindra and Daryl Mitchell

After the loss of 2nd wicket 10 overs were completed for team NZ with 73/2 runs. Mitchell again played a fantastic boundary 4 on the 4th ball of the 10th over. In addition, Ravindra too hitted a 4 during the 11th over.

Later the game flowed smoothly until the 20 overs with the addition of the four fabulous 4s and a 6 from Mitchell. So, at 20 overs, the score was 142/2 for team New Zealand. Later during the 21st to 23rd over, Mitchell again hit a wonderful boundary 4 and completed his half century along with the 3 fabulous 4s of Ravindra. However, at the last ball of the 23rd over, Mitchell’s wicket was out on the ball by Zampa at his 54/51 runs.

Rachin Ravindra and Tom Latham (C)

At 25 overs, the score was 171/3 for the NZ team. Whereas Tom Laham was the next batsman. At the first ball of the 27th over, Ravindra initiated a fine boundary 6 on the ball by Starc. Later in the next over, Latham and Ravindra both shot a pair of lovely boundary 4s. Before the completion of the 30 overs, Ravindra again initiated a boundary 4 and the total score for NZ was 208/3 runs.

At the first ball of the 30th over, Ravindra Played a fantastic 6 on the ball by Marsh. In the same over Latham too hits a boundary 4. However, at the 2nd ball of the 31st over, the wicket of Latham was dismissed by Zampa’s ball at his 21/22 runs.

Rachin Ravindra and Glenn Phillips

After the 4th wicket lost for NZ, Phillips was the next batsman. At this stage, Ravindra was playing like a pro batsman giving many boundary hits. During the 32nd over, Ravindra again shot a sizzling 6 and a fabulous 4. Moreover, the match went smoothly with the increasing number of runs for the New Zealand team. 

After a one more classical 4 at the 35th over, and a crunch 6 during the 35th over, Ravindra completed his Century during the 36th over that too with a sensational 6. Later during the same over, Phillips lost his wicket on the ball by Maxwell at his 12/16 runs.

Rachin Ravindra and James Neesham

James Neesham appeared on the crease next. After an exciting boundary 6 from Neesham and 2 more 4s by Ravindra 40 Overs were completed on 292/5 for New Zealand. However, on the 2nd ball of the 40th over, Ravindra was out on the ball by Cummins at 116/89 runs.

James Neesham and Mitchell Santner

Mitchell Santner was the next player after Ravindra. In addition, he played a beautiful boundary 4 during the 42nd over. Whereas Neesham to hit a 4 during the 43rd over. However, after one more 4 by Santner his wicket was dropped by the strike of Zampa during the 43rd over at 17/12 runs.

James Neesham and Matt Henry

The Match started again after the arrival of Matt Henry on the crease as the next player. Neesham hit a 4 and a magnificent 6 during the 44th and 45th over. Whereas Henry was only able to hit a single boundary 4 because at the next ball his wicket was lost by the ball of Cummins with the total score of 9/8.

James Neesham and Trent Boult

Trent Boult was the next player. At the first ball of the 47th over, Neesham played a sizzling 6. Later Boult also initiated a 6 during the 48th over. However, after a one more 4 of Neesham during the 48th over, his wicket was dismissed by Starc at the 5th ball of the 49th over with 58/39 runs. 

Lockie Ferguson

Lockie Ferguson was the next player however he does not play as the 50 overs were completed.

Australia team Bowling
Australia team Bowling

The total runs for New Zealand after 50 overs was 383. They lost the match by 5 runs.

After a hectic and nerve challenging game, Australia achieved the success by winning the match with 5 runs.

Batting brief of New Zealand team

Devon Conway28/17 (b/Hazlewood, c/Starc)6/0164.70
Will Young32/37 (b/Hazlewood, c/Starc)4/186.48
Rachin Ravindra116/89 (b/Cummins, c/Labuschagne)9/5130.33
Daryl Mitchell54/51 (b/Zampa, c/Starc)6/1105.88
Tom Latham (C)21/22 (b/Zampa, c/Hazlewood)2/095.45
Glenn Phillips12/16 (b/Maxwell, c/Labuschagne)1/075.00
James Neesham58/39 (run out by Labuschagne & Inglis)3/3148.71
Mitchell Santner17/12 (b/Zampa, c/Maxwell)1/1141.66
Matt Henry9/8 (b/Cummins, c/Hazlewood)1/0112.50
Trent Boult10/8 not out0/1125.00
Lockie Ferguson0/1 not out0/00.00
Batting Summary of team New Zealand

Bowling brief of team Australia

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Mitchell Starc90890
Josh Hazlewood90702
Pat Cummins100662
Glenn Maxwell100621
Adam Zampa100743
Mitchell Marsh20180
Bowling Summary of team Australia

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