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AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights, CWC2023

October 16, AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights, CWC2023

Match 14 of the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 was on October 16, 2023, between Australia and Sri Lanka. Moreover, the match was hosted by Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka after winning the toss decided to bat first. During the first 20 overs, the opening batsmen of team Sri Lanka played amazingly. Later, as the opening batsmen lost wickets, the remaining batsmen failed to stay on the pitch for long. However, team Australia achieved the thrilling win with 5 wickets in 35.2 overs. Whereas the Man of the Match was awarded to Adam Zampa of the Australian team due to his 4/47.

AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights
AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights

Match Briefing

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Match dateOctober 16, 2023
TeamsAUS vs SL
VenueBharat Ratna Shri Atal Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow
Match No.14
ODI No.4671
TossSri Lanka after winning the toss decided to bat first
Match ResultAustralia won by 88 balls and 5 wickets remaining
Man of the MatchAdam Zampa
UmpiresJoel WilsonChris Ghaffane
Reserve UmpireAlex Wharf
TV UmpireChris Brown
Match RefereeRichie Richardson
Match Details

1st Innings, AUS vs SL

Sri Lanka on 209 on the loss of 10 Wickets in 43.3 overs

Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Perera

At the start of 1st innings of AUS vs SL Match, Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Perera were the opening batsmen of Sri Lanka team. Whereas the bowler from the Australia team was Starc. At the 4 balls of the 1st over, no runs were made by Nissanka. However, at the next 2 balls he hit 2 classical 4s. Later, Perera also hit 2 4s one after the other during the 3rd over. Both players played very well with occasional 4s from them and scored total 51/0 at 10 overs for Sri Lanka.

Perera and Nissanka made the game look steady for Sri Lanka without any worries till 20 overs. At the 20 Overs, the Score for Sri Lanka were 114/0 due to the excellent partnership of the opening players. Moreover, both Nissanka and Perera completed their half Centuries at this stage.

However, unfortunately at 21.4 overs, Nissanka had to lose his wicket due to the strike of Cummins with his total scores of 61/67 runs.

Kusal Perera and Kusal Mendis

At 22nd over, 1 wicket down for Sri Lanka and the next batsman was Mendis with Perera on the Crease. Furthermore, Perera was performing out class with back-to-back 4s and runs for the scoreboard. Mendis was a little slow with few runs in his side. Later Perera’s Wicket was dismissed on the ball of Cummins at 26.2 overs with his total scores 78/82.

Kusal Mendis and Sadeera Samarawickrama

Perera went and Sadeera was the next batsman. However, only with the difference of 1 over, Zampa dismissed Mendis’s Wicket with his 9/13 runs.

Sadeera Samarawickrama and Charith Asalanka

As soon as the game started again after the next player Asalanka came on the crease, another wicket was down with a difference of 1 over for Sri Lanka. Here, the wicket of Sadeera was dismissed by Zampa’s Lbw at 29.1 overs. The score of Sadeera was only 8/8.

Charith Asalanka and Dhananjaya de Silva

The game started again after the arrival of de Silva on the crease. Furthermore, the total scores of Sri Lanka were 166 on the loss of 4 Wickets. In addition, de Silva hit a 4 on 31.1 overs. As the 32 overs were completed, the game was stopped due to rain for some time.

As the game started again, after 2 balls de Silva had to lose his wicket because of Starc’s strike at 32.2 overs with 7/13 runs.

Charith Asalanka and Dunith Wellalage

Wellalage joined Asalanka on the crease as the next player. With the passage of 2 more overs, Wellalage’s wicket was dismissed by Starc at 34.5 Overs having 2/9 scores only.

Charith Asalanka and Chamika Karunaratne

Here, at this stage the game becomes slow for Sri Lanka due to the continuous loss of wickets. However, Chamika joined Asalanka on the crease. The game cheered up for Sri Lanka as Asalanka hit a boundary (6) on Zampa’s ball. Soon, the cheers calmed down due to the dropped wicket of Karunaratne at 37.6 overs. Furthermore, Zampa made Karunaratne out with his 2/11 scores.

Charith Asalanka and Maheesh Theekshana

At 38 overs, 7 wickets were down for Sri Lanka. Maheesh was the next player who lost his wicket by Lbw of Zampa on 39.2 overs on 0/5 runs.

Charith Asalanka and Lahiru Kumara

At the end of 40 overs, Sri Lanka was on 199/8. Furthermore, Lahiru hit a 4 on the 2nd ball of the 40th over. However, his wicket was dismissed by Starc at the 2nd last ball of the 40th over with 4/8 runs.

Charith Asalanka and Dilshan Madushanka

Asalanka and Dilshan played 2 more overs. After that the wicket of Asalanka was dropped by the ball of Maxwell at 43.3 overs having scores 25/39. However, Dilshan remained not out with 0/6.

AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights
AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights

Sri Lanka Team Batting Summary

Pathum Nissanka61/67 (b/Cummins, c/Warner)8/091.04
Kusal Perera78/82 (b/Cummins)12/095.12
Kusal Mendis9/13 (b/Zampa, c/Warner)0/069.23
Sadeera Samarawickrama8/8 (Lbw b/Zampa)1/0100.00
Charith Asalanka25/39 (b/Maxwell, c/Labuschagne)0/164.10
Dhananjaya de Silva7/13 (b/Starc)1/053.84
Dunith Wellalage2/9 (run out by Cummins)0/022.22
Chamika Karunaratne2/11 (Lbw b Zampa)0/018.18
Maheesh Theekshana0/5 (Lbw b Zampa)0/00.00
Lahiru Kumara4/8 (b/Starc)1/050.00
Dilshan Madushanka0/6 not out0/00.00
Batting brief of team Sri Lanka

Australia team Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Mitchell Starc100432
Josh Hazlewood71360
Pat Cummins70322
Glenn Maxwell9.30361
Adam Zampa81474
Marcus Stoinis20110
Bowling brief of team Australia

2nd Innings, AUS vs SL

Australia on 215 on the loss of 5 in 35.2 Overs

Mitchell Marsh and David Warner

At the start of 2nd innings, Marsh and David were the opening batsmen from the Australian team. Here, the crowd cheered up after the sizzling 4 by Marsh on the 1st ball from Kumara. In addition, David also hit a fantastic 6 on Kumara’s ball at the last ball of 1st over. Later in the 2nd over too, Marsh hits back-to-back two 4s to Theekshana. However, at the start of 3rd over, Warner’s wicket was dismissed on the ball of Madushanka at his 11/6 score.

Mitchell Marsh and Steven Smith

After the loss of 1st wicket, Smith was the next top order batsman from Australia. However, he lost his wicket without making any run after an over on 3.6 over also on the ball of Madushanka.

Mitchell Marsh and Marnus Labuschagne

Smith went and Labuschagne came on the crease. Starting from the 4th over, the partnership of Marsh and Labuschagne goes farthest. Many 4s from Marsh as well as from Labuschagne with a lot of runs for the score board of Australia. At 10 overs, the total score for Australia was 64/2.

Later during the 14th over, Marsh lost his wicket on run out by Mendis and Karunaratne at his 52/51 runs.

Marnus Labuschagne and Josh Inglis

Inglis came and breathed fire by throwing straight two 4s on the 1st 2 balls he got by Theekshana. From here, a steady game flows with stable scores from the players. At 20 overs, Australia was on 109/3. Furthermore, Inglis and Labuschagne played very wisely and carefully with the steady runs. Later, Inglis hit two 4s and a fantastic 6 to Kumara. Labuschagne hit a 4 to Wellalage.

After making a total of 40/62 runs, Labuschagne’s wicket was dismissed by the ball of Madushanka at the 2nd last ball of 28 overs.

Josh Inglis and Glenn Maxwell

Maxwell was the next batsman. After a 4 from Maxwell, 30 overs were completed with 163/4 scores for Australia. Maxwell strikes and hits back-to-back three 4s to Madushanka in the 30th over. In addition, he hit two classical 6s to Theekshana during the 31st over. Inglis was only able to make a few runs before he lost his wicket during the first ball of the 33rd over. At this stage, he was on 58/59 runs.

Glenn Maxwell and Marcus Stoinis

Stoinis came and hit a straight two 4s to Wellalage during the 33rd over. As the Australian team was close to target scores, Stoinis hit a full boundary 6 and ended the game with a total 20/10 runs in his side. However, Maxwell succeeded in making 31/21 runs.

And just like this, Australia chased the target score of 209 runs while making 215 runs and won the game by 88 balls (at 35.2 overs) and 5 wickets remaining.

AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights
AUS vs SL, Match 14 Highlights

Australia team Batting Summary

Mitchell Marsh52/51 ( run out by Karunaratne/Mendis)9/0101.96
David Warner11/6 (Lbw b Madushanka)0/1183.33
Steven Smith0/5 (Lbw b Madushanka)0/00.00
Marnus Labuschagne40/62 (b/Madushanka, c/Karunaratne)2/066.66
Josh Inglis58/59 (b/Wellalage, c/Theekshana)5/198.30
Glenn Maxwell31/21 not out4/2147.61
Marcus Stoinis20/10 not out2/1200.00
Batting brief of team Australia

Sri Lanka team Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Lahiru Kumara40470
Dilshan Madushanka92383
Maheesh Theekshana70490
Dunith Wellalage9.20531
Chamika Karunaratne30150
Dhanajaya de Silva30130
Bowling brief of team Sri Lanka

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