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AUS vs PAK, Match 18 Highlights, CWC2023

October 20, Match 18, AUS vs PAK, ICC ODI CWC2023

Australia and Pakistan teams faced each other during the 18th Match of the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023. Furthermore, this match was on October 20, 2023, at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore

Moreover, team Pakistan decided to do fielding first after winning the toss. However, the Australian team played very well and gave a huge target of 367 runs to Pakistan. Later, Pakistan team played brilliantly till the 30th over, but after that their batting line crashed and they only scored 305/10 in 45.3 overs. So, the Aussie team won the match fabulously by 62 runs. In addition, David Warner became the Man of the Match due to his excellent 163/124.


Match Briefing

SeriesICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Match DateOctober 20, 2023
TeamsAustralia VS Pakistan
VenueM Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore
Match No.18
ODI No.4675
TossPakistan decided to field after winning the toss
Match ResultAustralia defeated the Pakistan team by 62 runs
Man of the MatchDavid Warner
UmpiresChris Brown, Richard Illingworth
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
TV UmpireMichael Gough
Match RefereeRichie Richardson
Match Details

First Innings, AUS vs PAK

Australia on 367 runs on the loss of 9 Wickets in 50 Overs

David Warner and Mitchell Marsh

At the start of 1st innings, David Warner and Mitchell Marsh were the opening batsmen from Australia. Whereas Shaheen was the bowler from Pakistan team. Starting from the first ball till 4th, only 1 run was made. However, at the 5th ball of Shaheen, Marsh hit an amazing 6. The flow of scores eventually started from 1st over. Following Marsh, Warner also hit a sizzling 6 on Hasan Ali’s ball. Later, both batsmen hit a lot of 4s to every bowler in front of them. 

At 8th over Warner, again hit a sensational 6 to Haris. After that Marsh hits 3 consecutive 4s to Haris. In addition, Warner hit a 6 again, although Marsh hit 2 more 4s in the same 9th over. At this stage, 10 overs were completed with a total 82/0 score for Australia without any wicket loss.

During the 11th to 20th over, both Aussie Batsmen breathed fire and made a huge pile of runs for their team. Both players completed their half centuries during these overs. Furthermore, the score becomes 158/0 with 0 wickets for Australia at 20 overs.

The spectators witnessed the flagger basted display of partnership by the Opening Batsman of the Aussie team. From the 20th to 30th overs, the scoreboard of the Australian team was filled with more and more scores due to the excellence of Warner and Marsh. At 30 overs, Australia was on 208/0 scores.

As the 30th over starts, Warner completed his century with a perfect grace and on the next ball of the same 30th over, Marsh also completed his century with a classic 4 on the ball by Nawaz.

After that, Warner hit four 4s and a 6. Whereas Marsh hits 3 beautiful 6s before losing his wicket at the end of 33rd over by Shaheen Shah Afridi. However, Marsh succeeded in scoring 121/108 runs. 


David Warner and Glenn Maxwell

After the loss of 1st wicket for Australia, the next batsman was Glenn Maxwell. However, Maxwell was unable to make any runs because he was dismissed on the 1st ball, he received by Shaheen Shah Afridi.

David Warner and Steven Smith

Maxwell went and Smith came as the next batsman. The game began again with the steady flow of runs for Australia until the 38th over. Furthermore, Warner again hit 3 beautiful 4s during these overs. However, at the 1st ball of the 38th over, Smith’s Wicket was dropped on the ball and caught by Usama Mir with his 7/9 runs.

David Warner and Marcus Stoinis

Marcus Stoinis joined Warner on the crease as the next player for Australia. On the other hand, Warner hit a 4 before the completion of 40 overs. So, at 40 overs the score board showed 297/3 for Australia.

At the start of 40th over, Warner and Stoinis both hitted a pair of sizzling 6s. Further, Warner again hitted a 6 and on the next ball his wicket got dismissed by Haris Rauf at 42nd over.

Overall, scores for Warner were 163/124.

Marcus Stoinis and Josh Inglis

After Warner, Josh came on the crease and hit a 4 on the 1st ball he got by Haris. Later he hit 2 more 4s on the balls by Hasan Ali. However, at the 2nd ball of the 44th over, his wicket was taken on the ball by Haris at his 13/9 runs.

Marcus Stoinis and Marnus Labuschagne

At this stage, 5 wickets were down for team Australia. Labuschagne was the next batsman. In addition, Marnus and Stoinis both hit a pair of 4s along with some steady scores. At the completion of 47 overs, Australia was on 354/5. However, on the next ball by Shaheen, the wicket of Stoinis was dismissed at his 21/24 runs.

Marnus Labuschagne and Pat Cummins (C)

As Cummins started playing, on the next over Labuschagne’s wicket was dropped on the ball by Haris at his 8/12 runs.

Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc

Mitchell joined Cummins at the 4th ball of the 48th over. However, after 3 balls his wicket was taken on the ball by Shaheen at his 2/3 runs.

 Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood

Hazlewood came and went in the blink of an eye on 0 scores due to his wicket lost by Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Pat Cummins and Adam Zampa

Adam Zampa and Cummins both remained not out as the 50 overs for Australia were completed with a total score 367/9. However, the total score by Zampa was 1/1 and by Cummins 6/8.

Pakistan team Bowling
Pakistan team Bowling

Australia team Batting Summary

David Warner163/124 (b/Haris Rauf, c/Shadab)14/9131.45
Mitchell Marsh121/108 (b/Shaheen Shah, c/Usama Mir)10/9112.03
Glenn Maxwell0/1 (b/Shaheen Shah, c/Babar Azam)0/00.00
Steven Smith7/9 (b & c Usama Mir)0/077.77
Marcus Stoinis21/24 (Lbw b Shaheen Shah)1/187.50
Josh Inglis13/9 (b/Haris Rauf, c/M.Rizwan)3/0144.44
Marnus Labuschagne8/12 (b/Haris, c/Shadab)1/066.66
Pat Cummins (C)6/8 not out0/075.00
Mitchell Starc⅔ (b/Shaheen Shah, c/Saud Shakeel)0/066.66
Josh Hazlewood0/1 (b/Shaheen Shah, c/M.Rizwan)0/00.00
Adam Zampa1/1 not out0/0100.00
Australia Batting brief

Pakistan team Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsWickets
Shaheen Shah Afridi101545
Hasan Ali80570
Iftikhar Ahmed80370
Haris Rauf80833
Usama Mir90821
Mohammad Nawaz70430
Pakistan Bowling brief

2nd Innings, AUS vs PAK

Pakistan on 305 on the loss of 10 wickets in 45.3 overs

Abdullah Shafique and Imam-ul-Haq

At the beginning of the 2nd Innings, Abdullah and Imam were the opening batsmen from the Pakistan team. Whereas Starc from the Australian team was the bowler here. During the 1st 6 balls runs were slow. However, Imam hit a classical 4 on the first ball of 1st over. Following Imam, Abdullah also hit 2 excellent 4s during the 2nd over. In addition, Imam also hit 2 more 4s during the 3rd over.

 Both players fulfilled an amazing partnership with lots of runs and 4s until the 10th over. At 10th over, Pakistan was on 59/0 score.

Furthermore, during the 11th over Abdullah hit a 4 and then a sensational 6 on Cummin’s ball. Later Imam hitted more and more 4s and additional runs. Whereas Abdullah again hit a brilliant 6, many 4s and Additional runs until the 20th over.  Later at 20th over, the total score for Pakistan was 131/0. Here, both Imam and Abdullah had completed their half centuries.

However, the game had to stop at the first ball of the 21st over because of the wicket dismissal of Abdullah by the ball of Stoinis. Overall, the score for Abdullah was 64/61 at this stage.


Imam-ul-Haq and Babar Azam (C)

After the dismissal of 1st Wicket, Babar Azam was the next top order batsman from Pakistan team. In addition, he hit 2 4s during the 21st over. Imam also initiated a 4 and later his wicket was dropped by the ball of Stoinis at the 4th ball of the 23rd over with his 70/71 score.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan

Imam went and M.Rizwan was the next player on the crease. Here, Babar once again hit a 4. Along with this Rizwan also hit two brilliant 4s and the game sped up. Later, it halted again because the wicket of Babar was dismissed by Zampa at the 2nd ball of the 26th over. Moreover, the total score of Babar was 18/14.

Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel

Another wicket was down, and the new player was Saud Shakeel. Furthermore, Saud also threw two 4s along with many runs. At the completion of 30 overs, the score for Pakistan was 200/3.

The game also went steady with good runs until the 34th over. At the 2nd ball of the 34th over, Cummins dismissed Saud’s wicket at his 30/31 runs.

Mohammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar was the next batsman. In addition, he initiated 3 consecutive 6s and sped up the game. Moreover, Rizwan also hit a 4. But unfortunately, Iftikhar’s wicket was dropped on the ball of Zampa at the 2nd last ball of the 38th over at his 26/20 runs.

Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Nawaz

Another wicket was down for Pakistan before the completion of the 40th over. At 40 overs, the score of Pakistan was 272/5. Unfortunately, at the 2nd last ball of the 40th over, Rizwan’s wicket was taken by Zampa at his 46/40 runs.

Mohammad Nawaz and Usama Mir

Usama was the next player on crease. However, he was dismissed without making any score by Hazlewood at the 2nd last ball of the 41st over.

Mohammad Nawaz and Shaheen Shah Afridi

Shaheen joined Nawaz on the crease as the next player. However, with the difference of 1 over and with one 6 from Nawaz, his wicket was dropped. In addition, Zampa was the wicket taker of Nawaz too at his 14/16 score.

Shaheen Shah Afridi and Hasan Ali

Sudden loss of wickets for Pakistan team stopped the game to an extent. Hasan was the next batsman. Shaheen hitted a 4 and Hasan hit two 4s. Later at 44.5th over Hasan’s wicket was dismissed by Starc at his 8/8 runs.

Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf

At 45 overs, Pakistan was on 301/9. Haris came and Shaheen’s wicket was dropped by Cummins at his 10/8 during the 3rd ball of the 45th over. However, Haris remained not out without making any runs.

And just like this, the Pakistan team was defeated, and Australia achieved a sensational Victory by the margin of 62 runs.

Pakistan team Batting Summary

Abdullah Shafique64/61 (b/Stoinis, c/Maxwell)7/2104.91
Imam-ul-Haq70/71 (b/Stoinis, c/Starc)10/098.59
Babar Azam (C)18/14 (b/Zampa, c/Cummins)3/0128.57
Mohammad  Rizwan46/40 (Lbw b Zampa)5/0115.00
Saud Shakeel30/31 (b/Cummins, c/Stoinis)5/096.77
Iftikhar Ahmed26/20 (Lbw b Zampa)0/3130.00
Mohammad Nawaz14/16 (b/Zampa, c/Inglis)0/187.50
Usama Mir0/3 (b/Hazlewood, c/Starc)0/00.00
Shaheen Shah Afridi10/8 (b/Cummins, c/Labuschagne)2/0125.00
Hasan Ali8/8 (b/Starc, c/Inglis)2/0100.00
Haris Rauf0/1 not out0/00.00
Pakistan batting brief

Team Australia Bowling Summary

BowlerOversMaiden OverRunsSR
Mitchell Starc80651
Josh Hazlewood101371
Pat Cummins7.30622
Adam Zampa100534
Glenn Maxwell50400
Marcus Stoinis50402
Australia Bowling brief

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