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Asia Cup 2023 – Pakistan vs. Nepal

The inaugural match of the 2023 Asia Cup kicked off on Wednesday, August 30, at 2:30 p.m. in Multan Stadium, Pakistan. When the Green Shirts won the toss, they chose to bat first. It’s true that the decision was smart. Pakistan amassed 342 runs in 50 overs while losing six wickets. Two Pakistani players reached the century mark. Thus, Pakistan won. Nepal just scored 104 runs and lost all of its wickets. By a score of 238, the Green Shirts prevailed.

Match details

VenueMultan Cricket Stadium
seriesAsia Cup
TossPakistan won, chose to bat first
Match NumberODI no. 4628
UmpiresChris Gafaney Masudur Rahman
Third UmpireLangton Rusere
Reserve UmpireAhmed Shah Pakteen
Match RefereeDavid Boon
Details of the Match

First Innings

Pakistan: 342 run by 50 overs; with loss of 6 wickets

BatsmenWicketRunsStrike Rate
Fakhar Zamanc Aasif Sheikh b Karan KC14/2070.00
Imam ul HaqRun out (Paudel)5/1435.71
Babar Azamc sub (S jora) b Sompal Kami151/131115.26
Mohammad RizwanRun out (Airee)44/5088.00
Agha Salmanc Bhurtel b Lamichhane5/1435.71
Iftikhar Ahmednot out109/71153.52
Shadab Khanb Sompal Kami4/2200.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 2, w 7)10 
Total50 Overs (RR: 6.84)342/6 
Pakistan Batting Squad
Asia cup 2023, 1st Match, Pak vs Nepal

Pakistan had a good start with the opening innings of Fakhar Zaman and Imam ul Haq. The Green Shirts scored nine runs in the first over, so overall it was a good over. But later on faced a major setback due to the loss of two opener wickets. As in the beginning, Fakhar Zaman, the opener, played well; he did 3 boundaries, but due to his hard luck, he could only do 14 on 20 balls and got out in the 6th over. Karan grabbed the maiden wicket. The ball was thrown by the fast bowler at a velocity of 132 kph. Instead of playing the ball in the direction of the ball, the batter played it directly by placing his front leg on the ground. The keeper, Aasif Sheikh, took advantage of the situation and sprang to catch it. The Captain Babar came to crease.

Pakistan lost its second wicket in the 7th over when Imam ul Haq was run out. When he played the ball thrown by Paudel. A direct effect and it turns away. He had already begun to make his way back. Imam pushed it nicely into mid-off when it went full just offside, maybe too much for a fast single. Paudel. However, he grabbed the ball after moving to the right and hitting it hard. Before the imam initiated the plunge, the wickets had been snapped off. Now, Mohamad Rizwan came to the wicket.

The 12th over would allow Pakistan to score fifty runs. Both batters finished their 50-run collaboration in the 14th over. The fielder’s poor handling allowed the Babar to score a boundary. Both hitters displayed composure. None of them rushed to get sixes or boundaries. When Rizwan was caught in the 24th over, the match had reached its climax. Ball was thrown by Lamichhane. The Rizwan had reached the 44 runs and was soon to reach the 50 because of his unfortunate luck. The hitter attempted to smash an outside off stump full toss for a boundary, but was caught out. While making an expected run, the fielder threw the ball to the wickets. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to put the bat on the ground and maintain the wicket. Salman Agha then arrived at the crease.

On 14 balls, Agha Salman only scored 5 runs. Then, in the 28th over. A ball from Lamichhance once more. The batsman was taken down. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the reverse motion, and Bhurtel, the fielder, successfully caught the ball. Four wickets were lost by Pakistan, earning them 124 runs. Iftikhar Ahmed now came to a wicket.

Babar reached his fifty in the following over on the 72nd ball he played. He did a boundary by slapping the whole straight shot against the midwicket fielder. Additionally, the partnership reached 100 runs. Iftikhar Ahmed also played very well. Poor fielding by Nepal also helped Pakistan score well. Iftikhar played with a strike rate of 153.52, as he played only 71 balls and completed his century. Till the end of the 44th over, the partnership reached 151 over 103 balls. Now Lamichhane, a good bowler from Nepal, faced two sixes in the same over from Babar. They both took the highest fifth wicket partnership for Pakistan. However, Babar completed a total of 14 boundaries and 4 sixes while remaining on the pitch till the last over. He hit 151 runs. Sompal Kami eventually succeeded in taking his wicket. Baber, though, scored his 19th ODI century in this game. Shadab came to the crease for the last two balls. He hit the ball for the boundary, but he also caught, so the inning ended with 342/6.

Asia Cup 2023,1st Match, Pak vs Nepal
Sompal Kami10852
Karan KC9541
Gulsan Jha4350
Lalit Rajbanshi10480
Sandeep Lamichhane10691
Dipendra Singh Airee6400
Kushal Bhurtel1100
Nepal team bowling Squad

Babar Azam and Shadab Khan were the two key wickets Sompal destroyed, but it wasn’t all that helpful because he could have done it in the final over. Lamichhae, however, beat Agha Salman.

 Second Innings

 Nepal: 104 run by 23.4 overs; with loss of all wickets

BatsmenWicketRunsStrike Rate
Kushal Bhurtelc Mohammad Rizwan b Shaheen Shah Afridi8/4200.00
Aasif Sheikhc Iftikhar Ahmed b Naseem Shah5/6100.00
Rohit Paudellbw b Shaheen Shah Afridi0/10.00
Aarif Sheikhb Haris Rauf26/3868.42
Sompal Kamic Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Rauf28/4660.86
Gulshan Jhac Fakhar Zaman b Shadab Khan13/2356.52
Dipendra Singh Aireeb Mohammad Nawaz3/1127.27
Kushal Mallac Iftikhar Ahmed b Shadab Khan6/4150.00
Sandeep Lamichhaneb Shadab Khan0/20.00
Karan KCNot Out7/6116.66
Lalit RajbanshiLbw b Shadab Khan0/20.00
Extras(lb 4, w 4)8 
Total23.4 Voers (RR: 4.39)104 
Nepal team batting Squad
Asia Cup 2023, 1st Match, Pak vs Nepal

The second inning started with the batting of Bhurtel and Aasif. Shaheen threw the ball and faced two boundries in his first over. But it was the luck of Bhurtel that he was caught by Rizwan, and Shaheen could attain his first wicket in the very first over. The wicketkeeper lunged through to grab the ball with both his hands, but it was being chocked on the leg side. Bhurtel was barely able to gain an edge over the ball that was down the side of his leg.

The skipper, Rohit Paudal, came to the crease now. The ball slammed into Paudel’s front pad even before he could balance his striking position. Shaheen didn’t appeal because he was damn sure that it was an out. He simply glanced at the umpire. Paudel nevertheless chose the review. He may have assumed it was over, but after seeing the first replay, he immediately began to walk towards the pavilion. Later, it would have collided with the middle and fallen off.

The third wicket in the next over was taken by Aasif Sheikh from Naseem Shah. Iftikhar makes an appropriate catch at the wicketkeeper as Aasif attempts to strike a ball of length in the opening without paying attention to the ball’s pitch.

Now, Aarif Sheikh and Sompal Kami were on the crease. Both played for about 15 overs. Aarif scored 26 on 38 balls with five boundaries. Then in the 15th over, Haris knocked out the Aarif. Prior to the ball’s arrival, Aarif cleared a path so that Haris could bang over it touched the bat and bounced over the middle stump towards the off side as it fell between off and middle. Haris exclaims with joy.

The next prey of Haris was Sompal Kami in the 17th over. With a pace of 145 kph. He edged the ball, and the wicketkeeper changed his style. He flew to his right and caught the ball. Iftikhar also tried by moving down, but he couldn’t distract Rizwan. Sompal attempted an even push and gained an outside edge.

Gulshan Jha and Dipendra Singh Airee were on the crease. In over 21, Airee was bowled by Nawaz. A ball from length came around the arm side. The batter attempted to protect his wicket, but an inside edge caused the stumps to crash in.

In the next over, on the ball of Shadab Khan, Jha was also caught by Fakhar Zaman. Jha tried to play a slog sweep but got on top edge regarding deep in midwicket. Fakhar moved forward. He flew in the air and caught the catch. He took the wicket of Lamichhane in the same over.

Shadab took another wicket, that of Kushal Malla. By lowering the googly’s speed, Shadab coaxed it towards the surface, grounded it, and then spun it off. Making some space, Kushal attempted to send it beyond mid-off, which had been present but had gaps there. Sandeep came to the crease and could play only two balls as he tried a wild slog, which was totally missed, and ultimately the ball crashed against the stumps. Shadab knocked out Rajbanshi by lbw. He took review. But it was straight forward. The ball grounded in line and flew straight. 

Shaheen Shah Afridi5272
Naseem Shah5171
Haris Rauf5162
Shadab Khan6.4274
Mohamamd Nawaz2131
Pakistan team Bowling

Pakistan played a marvelous game against Nepal. It was all about the struggles of bowlers and fielders that led to the match ending within 24 overs. The performances of Babar Azam and Iftikhar were also appreciable. Haris and Shaheen took two wickets each. However, Shadab could take four wickets. Furthermore, Naseem and Nawaz took single wickets.

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