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Asia Cup 2023: India vs. Pakistan dropped due to rain

The most-awaited match between two rivals, Pakistan and India, started at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy, Sri Lanka on September 2, 2023. After winning the toss, India opt to bat first. Unfortunately, due to the rain, only the first inning could be played, while before the second inning, the rain started and didn’t stop to let the second inning begin.

It is to be noted that the last ODI between India and Pakistan was in the World Cup 2019, and after 4 years, both came against each other. The India washout made it easier for Pakistan to reach the Super Four. However, India still needs to defeat Nepal to reach the Super Four.

Match Briefing

StadiumPallekele International Cricket Stadium
TossIndia won the toss, chose to bat first
seriesAsia Cup 2023
UmpiresRuchira Palliyaguruge Richard IIIingworth
Third umpirePaul Wilson
Reserve UmpireJayaraman Madanagopal
RefereeJavagal Srinath
PointsPakistan:1 India: 1
Match Summary
IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023
IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023

India; 266 runs against Pakistan with the loss of all wickets in 48.5 overs

Hence, the match started with the opening pair of Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma. The pacer, Shaheen Shah Afridi, attacked. In the fifth over, playing against Shaheen, Sharma lost his wicket and could only manage 11 runs on 22 balls. The Indian captain had vanished. Afridi played well after the break. At the very top, this one just barely nudges in while continuing to be powerful and not on a half-volley. Beyond the inner edge, Virat Kohli came to a crease.

In the 7th over, again, Shaheen took the major wicket of Virat Kohli. He played his signature shot but forgot that he was facing Shaheen. Perhaps he played hurriedly, and the ball brushed up against the inner wicket after edging the leg stump. Shaheen’s second wicket against rivals.

There was so much pressure on the blue shirts as they lost their major wickets in just the beginning. In the 10th over, this time Haris with Fakhar preyed Shreyas Iyer. To his hard luck and the beyond-perfect fielding skills of Fakhar Zaman. India lost another wicket.

After losing these three wickets, India had a great partnership between Kishan and Pandya. Both played wonderfully. Kishan scored 82 runs on 81 balls, and Pandya scored 87 on 90 balls. Pakistan could not perform well in the middle. They should have been quicker for the fourth wicket, but not only pacers but also all-rounders could not help them achieve the next wicket. Babar Azam, the Pakistani skipper, trusted the pacers to take more wickets, and then he took the risk of a spinner, but all in vain. The Shadab’s low-length balls were easier to be played by the blue shirts.

After the 40th over, the batter’s pressure on the bowling squad increased. The skipper again gave the turn to Rauf. What a great decision! Rauf knocked out Ishan just near the century. Even on the short ball, Kishan tried to have a boundary or six. He just played the ball high. It was barely long enough to reach the boundary but just came in contact with the ground. Then Babar caught it. Hard luck and a bad decision by Ishan Kishan knocked him out on very near runs of the century.

IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023
IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023

Once again, it was Shaheen who took Pandya’s wicket on 87, much closer to a century. It was a good-length 119 kph ball. Pandya failed to understand the ball and just shot it in the air. Agha Salman was waiting for his prey. Well played, Green Shirts. Shardul Thakur came to a crease.

Thus, Shaheen took two wickets again in the first and last bowls of the over. Jadeja couldn’t score much—just 14 on 22 balls. He played the ball to Shaheen. Shaheen shattered the hope of Indians to reach 300 with this wicket. While barely moving, Jadeja flung his hands towards his target. Gained an outside edge, and Rizwan made his casual catch. Kuldeep Yadav came to the crease now.

In the next over, Tankur was also knocked out. He did only 3 on 3. Naseem Shah balled. Thakur crossed across and turned to face the square leg in an effort to assist. But all he could muster was an edge that became larger than the cover spot. Shadab made a perfect catch as he sprinted backward and dove full length to grab it. Bumrah came to the crease.

Meanwhile, Pakistani team was now overtaking Indian, and the pressure on the batters increased. But still, Bumrah did three boundaries and reached 16 points. Now during the Naseem Shah over, India lost nine wickets. Yadav departed.  Mohammad Rizwan caught Yadav’s short-length push. Now Mohammed Siraj was on the crease for the last wicket for India.

In the same over, Naseem threw a long ball. Bumrah deeply dove into the crease and attempted an aerial catch, but Salman ducks beneath it and succeeds in catching it. Thus, India lost all its wickets.

IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023
IND vs PAK, 3rd match Asia Cup 2023

Batting Summary

Batsmen Wicket byRunsStrike Rate
Rohit Sharmab Shaheen Shah Afridi11/2250.00
Shubman Gillb Haris Rauf10/3231.25
Virat Kohlib Shaheen Shah Afridi4/757.14
Shreyas Iyerc Fakhar Zaman b Haris Rauf14/9155.55
Ishan Kishanc Babar Azam b Haris Rauf82/81101.23
Hardik Pandyac Agha Salman b Shaheen Shah Afridi87/9096.66
Ravindra Jadejac Mohammad Rizwan b Saheen Shah Afridi14/2263.63
Shardul Thakurc Shadab Khan b Naseem Shah3/3100.00
Kuldeep Yadavc Mohammad Rizwan b Naseem Shah4/1330.76
Jasprit Bumrahc Agha Salman b Naseem Shah16/14114.28
Mohammed SirajNot out1/1100.00
Extras(b 2, lb 2, nb 1, w 15)20 
Total48.5 Overs (RR:5.44)266 
India Batting Squad

Bowling Summary

Shaheen Shah Afridi410
Naseem Shah38.5
Haris Rauf39
Shadab Khan09
Mohamamd Nawaz08
Agha Salman04
Bowling Summary

 Match dropped out due to the Rain Unfortunately, the game was not successfully finished. The teams were unable to play the second inning due to the rain. As a result, each team gained one point.

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