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Arun Jaitly Cricket Stadium, Delhi India

History and Location

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, now known as Arun Jaitly Stadium, was built in 1883. Based on the neighboring Kotla fort, the name was adopted. However, it was subsequently renamed in honor of the last DDCA President and Finance Minister. Given its dated foundation It has an extensive background. The District and Delhi Cricket Association (DDCA) is in charge of running the venue. It is situated on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, close to Delhi Gate, in Delhi. It can accommodate roughly 41,842 people. Its building cost was approximately $114.5. The location is at 28°38′16′′N and 77°14′35′′E. It hosted multiple matches of Test series, T20’s, ODIs, IPL, WT20I, and WODIs.

Fast Facts

NameArun Jaitly Stadium
Previous NamesFeroze Shah Kotla Stadium
OwnerDistrict and Delhi Cricket Association (DDCA)
Capacity48,000 people
Stadium EndsPavilion End, Stadium End
Flood LightsYes
Field Size80-85 meters for straight boundaries 60-65 meters for square boundaries
Directions28°38′16′′N and 77°14′35′′E
Ground Facts

Despite being the second-oldest stadium, it is smaller than others. Although the exact dimensions are unknown, they fall between 80 and 85 meters for linear boundaries and 60 to 65 meters for squared boundaries.

It has been highlighted as the Indian team’s favorable field due to India’s seven consecutive test series victories between 1993 and 2007. India only drew one match and did not lose any of the previous ten tests played here. India dropped the last test here in 1987. India was defeated by 75 runs only in the first inning. So it was the worst defeat they ever faced. Additionally, the Indian cricket team’s ODI records aren’t inadequate in this area. Here, the Blue Shirts took all six of the ODIs. In its most recent setback, Pakistan defeated India by 159 runs. In conclusion, Pakistan won the series 4-2.

Arun Jaitley Stadium


The stadium’s four sections were given honorary names by the DDCA in 2017 in honor of previous Indian captain Bishan Singh Bedi, erstwhile all-rounder Mohinder Amarnath, and former India and Delhi batsman Gautam Gambhir. The locker rooms for the host squad and visiting team respectively bear the names Raman Lamba and Prakash Bhandari.

Series Description

Test Series

A total of 37 Test matches have been played at the stadium. From them, only 20 matches concluded, while others were drawn. However, the first Test match in this stadium was played in 1948, in November, against the West Indies. While the last test match to date was played in February 2023 against Australia, The West Indies made the highest score (644/8) in a test series in this stadium in 1948. The second-highest score (613/7), made by India in 2008, With 673 runs, Dilip Vengsarkar holds the record for most runs scored in this stadium . The next top two scorers are Sachin Tendulkar (643 runs) and Sunil Gavaskar (668 runs), respectively. In addition, Anil Kumble took the most wickets, 58, ahead of Kapil Dev with 32 and Ashwin with 27.

Total Test Series37
First Batting Win6
First Bowling Win14
Average Score in First Inning340
Average Score in second inning315
Average Score in third inning233
Average Score in Fourth Inning163
Highest score644/8
Lowest score76/10
Test Stats


In 1987, 1996, and 2011, the venue served as the site of three ODI World Cups. Only twice in the history of this stadium has a team scored 300 runs or more in an inning. West Indies’ 330/8 versus the Netherlands at the 2011 ICC World Cup was the highest score ever recorded in this stadium. A total of eight batsmen, including Roy Dias, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Nick Knight, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Usman Khawaja, and Kane Williamson, hit century. In addition, Viv Richards grabbed six wickets of India in this match in 1989.

Total ODIs28
First Batting Win13
First Bowling Win14
Average Score in First Inning223
Average Score in second inning203
Highest score330/8
Lowest score99/10
Highest Score Chased281/4
Lower Score Defeated174/7
Average strike rate80.1
ODI Stats


The 2016 ICC T20 World Cup was place on this field. Here, the semi-final and three Group A matches were played. The first Twenty-20 World Cup match that took place at this venue was between England and Australia. However, a total of thirteen matches were held in this venue, and four of those matches were triumphed by the team that batted first and 9 of those matches were won by the team that bowled first. The mean total in the first innings was 139 runs, whereas an average score in the second inning was around 133 runs. In this venue, 212 for 3 wickets stand as the highest total ever. The lowest score ever recorded is 120 runs for every 10 wickets. The best chase result is 212/3. Lowest defend score is 96/7.

Total T20’s13
First Batting Win4
First Bowling Win9
Average Score in First Inning139
Average Score in second inning133
Highest score212/3
Lowest score120/10
Highest Score Chased212/3
Lower Score Defeated96/7
Average strike rate136.2
T20 Stats
Arun Jaitley Stadium

Indian Premier League (IPL)

There have been 84 IPL games played. During the IPL, 26487 runs were scored in total. The IPL’s best score was 231, while its lowest was 44, for an overall average of 315.3. 19068 balls have been batted in total at the stadium, with an average strike rate of 138.9. Only thirteen matches had scores between 200 and 249, and none of those matches crossed above.

Average first inning score164.8
Average first inning winning score180.9
Batting first winning average45.2
bowling first winning average51.2
IPL Stats

International Information of Arun Jaitly Stadium

First TestWest Indies vs. IndiaNov, 1948
Last TestAustralia vs. IndiaFeb, 2023
First ODISri Lanka vs. IndiaSeptember, 1982
Last ODISouth Africa vs. IndiaOctober,2022
First T20IAfghanistan vs. EnglandMarch, 2016
Last T20ISouth Africa vs. IndiaJune, 2022
First Women’s TestWest Indies vs. IndiaNovember, 1976
Last Women’s TestAustralia vs. IndiaJanuary, 1984
First WODINew Zealand vs. IndiaFebruary,1985
Last WODISri Lanka vs. IndiaDecember, 1997
First WT20ISri Lanka vs. New ZealandMarch, 2016
Last WT201England vs. New ZealandMarch, 2016
International information of Stadium

ICC World Cup and Arun Jaitly Stadium

India will host the ICC ODI World Cup in 2023. Five of the forty-eight matches are scheduled in Delhi’s Arun Jaitly Stadium. The 4th, 9th, 13th, 24th, and 38th matches shall all be played at the Arun Jaitly. The table below discusses the details.

Date Match Details                                                    
7th OctoberSri-Lanka vs. South Africa
11th OctoberAfghanistan vs. India
15th OctoberAfghanistan vs. England
25th OctoberNetherlands vs. Australia
6th NovemberSri Lanka vs. Bangladesh
ICC World cup Stats of the Stadium
Arun Jaitley Stadium

World Cup Match Played at Arun Jaitly Stadium

Three World Cups took place in India. Only three games were played in this venue during the tournaments. In 1987, India defeated Australia in this match by a large margin of 57 runs. There was no World Cup match held here in 1996. However, two games of the 2011 ICC ODI World Cup were played here. One of them involved Kenya and Canada. By five wickets, Canada won. The next match was between the Netherlands and India. By five wickets, the Netherlands were defeated. Due to its limited capacity, this stadium does not see much action during World Cups, but that doesn’t mean it has never been utilized.

Pitch (an incident of 2009)

At first, it was believed that the field was batter-friendly, but in 2009, the Arun Jaitly stadium, then called as Feroz Shah Kotla, faced a crucial period. There was an ODI series between India and Sri Lanka at the time. The ball bounced unevenly on the dangerous surface, it was discovered. In order to safeguard the players, the game was stopped when Sri Lanka had 83 runs and had lost five wickets. The referee mentioned the idea of shutting the stadium even then, which would have prevented it from serving as the site of the 2011 World Cup. However, the stadium’s suspension was only in effect for a year before it was reopened in time for the 2011 World Cup.

General Stats

Indian won 10 out of 18 matches played here. Here is the general statistics of the series played here

Overall Most winning teamIndia (10 wins)
Most wining visiting teamEngland (3 wins)
Highest Inning Runs644/8 by West Indies in 1959
Lowest Inning Runs75/10 India in 1987
First Batting Wins5
First Bowling Wins13
Average Inning Score285
Highest Runs759runs by Sachin Tendulkar
Highest Score in single match243runs by Virat Kohli against Sri Lanka in 2017
Most Successful BowlerAnil Kumble with 58wickets
General Stats

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